A Suspenseful, Long Awaited Arrival

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It’s an unusual friendship that the two of us have. The last time we saw each other, there was no sexual chemistry between the two of us at all, but that was years ago. But within the last couple of weeks, we started texting and video calling more and more, and as we ran out of the regular stuff to talk about, both of us were weirdly pretty immediately comfortable sharing more and more personal and intimate details of our personality. From that point on, there was an electrically charged vibe between the two of us, and it wouldn’t last long before we realized, that we find each other attractive, basically have the same kinks, and can’t wait to live out what only had been hypotheticals.

And now you’re on the train on the way over, and even then we send each other texts about when it will finally be time to rip the clothes off each other and do what feels like long overdue.

But it’s not just the time from the central station to my home we have to be patient for, but there is also a little work party in between as well.

“I can be your +1” you said smirkingly a couple of days ago, but now we both wish we could have this Friday night all to ourselves and not start it with my boss and colleagues in their fancy pants in this large hotel ballroom, that the big boss rents out every year like it’s gonna repair our salaries.

“We have to be there for at least an hour” I said, inferring that staying brave for an hour together in the same room is going to be tonight’s challenge.

I’m heading to the station to pick you up, awaiting under the big clock in the main hall, with this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach: It’s like my body can’t differentiate between ‘nervous’ and ‘excited’ right now. And then, there you come, wearing a bright smile, and a coat, that looks unexpectedly elegant on you. I’m smiling too, especially as you speed up the last two paces before you fall into my arms. We have a moment to look at each other after the initial, tight embrace, which feels like somebody stretched the temporal length of probably only two seconds to its paramount and it feels like, there should like a play-by-play sports announcer in a booth above us commenting: “Are they gonna kiss?!”.

Instead, our smiles just get a bit brighter and a passionate “Hi!” leaves our mouths before another tight hug.

I really like how your waist pressed against mine feels, and even after the hug is over and we start walking out of the station my hands linger a bit around your waist and lower back.

We get into a taxi outside the station.

“Aw, no limo?” you say with a mischievous grin on your face, “I expected more from you, Mr. Lee”.

“With the money this guy has, this is probably Mr. Lee’s taxi” I jokingly respond and get in the car.

“The Fair Western hotel” I tell the driver and turn back to you. Any previously released tension is now back as I look into your eyes.

“You look good in any lighting” I think to myself, but I feel that my face is already communicating a similar idea. The car leaves and, for a moment, neither of us says anything, and then our hands find each other between us. You switch from my hands to my knee and I use mine to go over your shoulder upwards to the back of your neck to the base of your skull. I like the brief moment of power I have over your head motion and pull it slightly towards me. You now lean a bit more on my leg as well and finally, we kiss.

And some more. And some more. Our hands stay somewhat subtle in terms of our public display of affection, but that’s only because all of my focus is on the kiss itself. You also seem to be very “in the moment” because as our taxi makes a turn towards your side, you are not minding to hold your upper body up against the momentum and descend into my chest, holding onto my shoulder for support. We both fully embrace this cutesy, little hug, which allows you to kiss my neck with passion and in full knowledge, that I love every second of that.

“Oh my god” I say quietly and on an inhale, as you come up to eye level again. You show me that you’re really good at smiling seductively, I lustfully let my lower lip sleep through my teeth, and your smile turns into an intense, almost serious-looking face before we make out again.

And then we’re there. “Okaaay…” I say as I ruffle my shirt and pants and get out of the car. As the taxi drives off and I look up at the entrance, I try to turn my mind back to “normal society mode” a switch that will last for only a couple of seconds, as you walk up next to me and we exchange more wild kisses, that make my hand automatically grip your sexy, plump butt cheeks, and leaves your fingers to chaotically run all over and around my lower torso. The kissing ceases, we both take a deep breath in, and you say “Come on. Let’s go”.

As you’re walking your first step towards the entrance my hand spankingly grabs your ass one last time, making you let out a muffled noise that I’ve so far only imagined.

I can feel my cock pulsating in front of my tingling legs Balıkesir Escort as we walk up the steps and into the venue. We make our way into the ballroom, luckily everyone is engaged in conversation and no one actually makes notice of us entering. I hang my jacket on the long line of coat hooks behind the door, as suddenly my boss emerges in my field of vision and grabs me by my shoulder. “Heeey, good to see you, I was just about to show the new guys around, I mean look at this place” he says as he points to the numerous oil paintings, ornaments on the wall, and a chandelier that fills out about half the room with enlightened, glassy knick-knacks. As he goes to address the group, I have a look back at you, standing by the door still, in a sweet blue-and-black cocktail dress, that is even revealing a bit of cleavage. I walk back over to you.

“It’s like, every time I look at you, you become even hotter” I say with a half-smile.

“Just wait till later then” you respond with a wink, and as you walk past me, I manage to quickly kiss your cheek.

Mr. Lee is now addressing the half-circle that has gathered around him, remarking on the history and tradition of why this annual get-together has found its home in the Fair Western, waving the crowd to follow him like a tourism guide for guests in a museum. Mr. Lee is a connoisseur of the fine arts and, fortunately, has a knack for losing his focus in it, which means that neither he nor anyone else notices that, our focus, in the back of the group, has very much stayed in between us. At first, it was only looks and a gravitational pull that made us stand closer together. Then you whispered “You look sexy in this shirt” and by the time Mr. Lee slips into an Old English accent for his anecdote on how this place was used back in those times, your hand is feeling up my biceps and my hand is going through your soft hair on the back of your head, leaning into it few times and smelling your hair with graceful appreciation.

I remember how much you said you liked it when a man knows how to handle your hair, neck, and head just right. “Be soft, be gentle, be elegant” you said, “but know how to make a statement, when you want me…hard”. Urges to do so bubble up inside me, that once again get interrupted by Mr. Lee.

“Please follow me around the corner to the bar” he says. We make sure, we are the last couple to walk around said corner. Within the first split second that everybody is already out of sight, I begin to kiss you on the lips, but you one-up me: As we’re kissing, your hands firmly push me into the wall and grab into my crotch in search for a confident hold on my dick that gets hard rapidly. My one hand is strongly holding your head by the back of your neck, my other is not letting go of your thigh. My sexual energy is so high that your breaths sound like moans to me, and my mind has no choice but to wander into the “I can’t wait to have sex with this woman” territory.

Finally, we turn the corner towards the others, where we immediately get handed a glass of champagne and salute Mr. Lee and my coworkers “to another fantastic year of working together”. We drink and a couple, that was standing next to us, that I don’t think I’ve ever seen, turns our way and the woman says “Quite a place, huh? Did you get what he said about the mayor and the horse races around here?”.

We share that we have no clue, and as the woman finishes summing up Mr. Lee’s words on the matter, you find my gaze and say “Excuse me,…do you know where I can find a bathroom around here?”. For a second I’m a little befuddled by your formal politeness toward me, then I finally pick up and play along.

“Yes it is…” I say while waving with my arms, “Here, let me show you, Miss”. I make a face at my two supposed coworkers that hopefully communicates an “I’m sorry, I’ll be right back” and take you away from the bar, across the room into a little dark alley, where I remember the actual bathrooms to be. As we walk past a few piled-up beverage cases, I can hear your breath as loudly, as back when you were kissing my neck right by my ear. This time I’m grabbing you by your hips with confidence and we make out there, in the dark, away from the crowd. My hands have now fully reached your breasts, which you enjoy so much that you stop the kiss and your eyes roll back in mesmerization.

Then, you fully lean onto me, give me one more, sloppy kiss and your hands slide down my torso and rapidly grab my belt, undo the buckle, and in almost perfectly fluid motion you slide down to your knees along with my pants that you’re pulling down with you. You waste no time. The dick is in your mouth, and you love it. Your ambition in sucking and licking my rock-hard penis makes me able to only breathe through my open mouth. I can’t believe it. The girl, I’ve been wanting to have all to myself for so long is sucking my dick right now, hidden behind some beer and soda cases, in an alley, away from everyone I know from work.

It feels unbelievable. I knew Balıkesir Escort Bayan you were kinky and sexual, but I love *how* kinky and sexual you are. You take my balls in your mouth and suck on them, you kiss my cock along its side and say “Fuck, I love your dick already”.

I take your jaws in the palm of my hands, you swallow him all the way in your mouth, and as you release him, I begin to fuck your mouth in sexual ecstasy. I love that you look up and into my eyes as I do so, communicating your full trust in me, a trust, that I would never abuse.

You come up to my face again and wrap your leg around my waist, as I begin to kiss both your beautiful, wet lips, as well, as your warm, pretty tits in the cleavage of your dress. I whisper how much I love tasting your boobs and I love even more that you press them all over my face.

As we kiss some more and exchange sweet, muted moans in between the kisses, you ask me with your mouth open “How long do we have to be here, baby?”, a sentence that makes me want to lift you up onto my cock and drag you out of the building and possibly all the way home that way.

Instead, I respond with a moan that is full of pathos, before my brain begins to think rationally again.

“Ahem…He probably wants to do a little speech at the table, I think after that we should probably be good to go” I say. Your “Okay” is accompanied by an agreeing nod and a tight pressing of my hands in yours. I add “I think I can pull the old trick, where I talk to him quickly after so that he will remember me being there”.

“Alright” you say laughingly and we exchange one more tongue kiss as I close up my pants again, and we leave back to the room, where the crowd is already gathering around the long U-shaped dinner table. We also take a seat on it, and our hands immediately find each other’s thighs under the table. I’m so full of sexual potential, I feel like I haven’t fully closed my mouth the whole time that I had with you. But what can I do? Your hand that is sneakily massaging the inside of my thigh is making me feel like I’m about to lift up the entire table with my erection alone. It is like you can feel me getting harder just by the tension of my pants, and thus, you move your hand up my leg, and into my crotch, where you’ve just been sucking on two minutes ago. I claw my fingers into your upper thigh and desperately fight over the controls of my facial muscles that shall not show how turned on I am.

Luckily, Mr. Lee begins speaking. I will not remember what he said. I just try to look like I’m listening, but really, I am more focused on what’s happening under the table, out of sight from all eyes. I feel up your legs, on your smooth skin, all the way to where two of my fingers can feel on your underwear how wet you already are.

“All for you, baby” you whisper into my ear, and I slip the bit of cloth to the side to get half of a finger in. You inhale violently and have to bite your own hand to stop yourself from making a noise. I now help you out a little bit, as I undo my fly and let you slowly, but with a firm grip, stroke my hard cock underneath the table, shielded from prying eyes through a hanging tablecloth. I mouth the words “Fuck, Baby” to you, to which you subtlely lick over your own teeth.

Applause rips us out of the moment. People are standing up. I quickly zip my fly back to order, we also get up, and as we join in on the clapping, you lean into me and say “I can’t wait to suck your cock again, baby” into my ear, and I make way for a subtle ass grab, almost as an automatic response. We wink at each other and I symbolize that I’m making my way over to my boss.

„OK. You just need confidence. And then you’re out of this”, I say to myself, as I use figurative as well as literal “Big Dick Energy” to make my way through polite co-workers who still look rather unsure of what’s going to happen next. As I’m getting Mr. Lee’s attention and congratulating him on a “good speech” and “great party”, I begin to be unsure of whether I want to make this sound like a “goodbye” or not. My mind starts running hot, then I make it back to the original plan; I start to tell him, that I had lunch with “Fisherman & Partners”, our long-time business partner that has left us for the competition, and gave him some shtik on how I might be able to get them back on board.

“Tell him something memorable” I tell myself the whole time, I’m talking to Mr. Lee. “And I better be hearing some Queen songs through these boxes later!” I say to end the conversation, mimicking smoking a cigarette and pointing to the door. I leave the small group around my boss, knowing full well that I just shamelessly abused the knowledge that Mr. Lee is a huge Queen fan and that he doesn’t smoke and won’t seek me there.

I rejoin you at the door, we grab our coats and sneak off. We rush down the stairs and to the near metro station, every step is with purpose. The train comes in only one minute, great. The ride will be about 10-12 minutes, then Escort Balıkesir maybe three more ’till we’re at my door. We get in, it’s kind of crowded. We stand and mainly hold on to each other, our hands constantly caressing what is under our coats. Luckily, after only two stops a whole group of people leaves, leaving the train car almost perfectly empty other than one old man who is sitting with his back to us. I take a seat on a four-seater and you follow me, but don’t sit down next to me, instead, you lower your back on me, seductively grinding your ass on me and my crotch. I hold you by your hips and let my hands wander up to the bottom of your breasts. Your grind turns into a bounce, then you finally slide onto the seat next to me and we make out.

A stop is approaching and people are getting on the train again. You try to make it seem casual that your leg is resting on mine, and as soon as we feel like we’re not being watched, our hands continue to explore the parts of our bodies that are currently hidden in plain sight.

Finally, our stop is coming, and I grab your tits from the back as we’re exiting like I’ve been waiting to do so all day. There’s an elevator that goes up to the ground floor, that I drag you into and we make out some more while my hands are so tightly around your neck, it resembles a chokehold. You start moving more energetically, and as we’re going up, you go down into a squat, and violently kiss and bite into the bulge in my pants that my dick is forming down there. As we’re about to come up to the ground floor, I pull you up and lean you forward and down, so I can hug your ass with one arm and spank it with the other hand, leaving you to let out a high-pitched, sighing moan every time that I treat you like the dirty girl that you want to be treated as.

We grab ourselves and make out another four full times after we leave the elevator: One time at a random stoplight, another as soon as we made our way into my side street leaning against a car, another time leaning on the front door and then another really freaky time just outside my apartment door. Boobs in my face, cock in your hands, everything.

We take off our jackets and I go into the bedroom first, walking to the opposite end of the bed. As you come into the room and kneel on the bed, you begin to sexily crawl towards me.

“Oh my god, you sexy bitch” I say as you open up my pants and take my rock-hard dick back into your mouth, where it belongs. “Suck it, baby, suck it” I encourage you, but the noises that you make already tell me that you love pleasuring me with your mouth so much, it really isn’t needed to say anything. I undress first myself and then you. I slide under you and lick your pussy that is all that I can see above me. I love that you spit on my dick and stroke it as I do so. You leave your sitting position on my face with the words “I’ve been waiting for this dick for too long…” and so I get up, I strongly lift you up, and lay you down before me. I waste no time putting it in you.

I’m not gentle. I’m here to fuck you. I’m here to press you down into the mattress and make you moan out loud. I don’t care about my neighbors. We waited for too long. There’s nothing on your body, that I don’t wanna touch. I’m here to fuck your fucking brains out. Your eyes are only half open, as if in trance, then I make you open them up widely, by climbing a bit upon you and now fully fuck you from the above. I go up and down into your warm, wet pussy. Then I go out of it but leave your butt and pussy arched up like that to eat you out some more. When I’m done, I roll you back towards me, we exchange two sloppy, beautiful kisses and you hop onto me. If you thought what I can do to you, when you’re underneath me at my mercy was wild, you have no idea because now that you’re interchangeably riding or squatting on top of me, I have the liberty to hold your body by your ass and fuck you as hard and fast as I want. And I want you hard and fast. I want you the whole night. I love that you not only press your tits into my face at times when you’re riding me, letting my mouth and tongue reach the nipples and every curve of your weighty boobs and chest, but you actually feed them to me with your hands.

“So sexy” I utter in the tiny moments that my mouth isn’t occupied with them.

We wildly kiss some more while you’re laying on top of me. Finally, I grab your neck with both arms and give you fast, powerful strokes that make your mouth gape wide open and your eyes roll back. I can hear a repeated “yes!” in between our loud fucking, then I hug you tightly towards me and make you say sweet nothings into my ear, before finally lifting you up by your legs, and laying you down just the way I want you. I am now standing by the corner of the bed, you lay in front of me with your legs stretched apart. My throbbing, hard cock slips into your tight, perfect pussy, you moan the words “Please, fuck me!”, and I do so. Your moans are loud, the bed is shaking, and we’re both loving every second of it. I want you to cum, you want me to cum. I want to feel your body vibrating, almost exploding under me, and you want every last drip of my cum. And in a time frame that one cannot reasonably put a metric on, because the length of every moment makes the whole night feel fast, we both cum for each other.

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