A Tale to Tell

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“I can’t believe it happened myself!” I said to Jack in self-amazement.

“If it really is true, aren’t you worried that you’re out here on the road and your wife’s back home with perhaps even more opportunity to do it again?”

Jack was another computer techie like me, out on the road getting shit done for people who didn’t have time or inclination to read the manuals.

“Sure, it crosses my mind, but it was very spontaneous and she said it only happened because I was there; she could never initiate something like that on her own.”

“I don’t know Greg. If it’s true, I say she’s back home fucking their brains out while you’re away.” Jack insisted. Then he turned to and called out, “Jeremy, you gotta hear this! But after you do, you’re going to have to pick up someone at this bar to settle your wicky stick!” Jack laughed and invited Jeremy over.

I’d met both Jack and Jeremy on the road a few years back. We became casual friends after crossing paths at hotels and conferences several times each year. Well actually, at the hotel bar in our off hours. We worked for different companies and on different hardware, but serviced many common companies and attended industry trade shows.

I’m not sure why I told Jack this recent story about Lisa, but I had felt bad for Jack, who was worried that his wife was fucking the lawn guy while he was away, and I’d had a few pints, so I figured I would commiserate with him. It strange how people like to put themselves in the same light as others. It’s a common social behavior that makes people want to feel they’re all in the same circumstance. I had always frowned upon it, yet here I was doing the same thing.

It was probably a stupid thing to do because I didn’t know where this story would go; I could just see someone at some company pointing and whispering about me, ‘Did you hear about Greg and his wife?’ But I thought the better of it because Jack wouldn’t appreciate that turnabout was fair play. Still, you never know where stories (or email and pictures) will end up going!

Jeremy, on the other hand, was normally a quiet guy around strangers. Around people he knew he was mainly rude. He generally referred to his ex-wife as, the bitch, and was more likely confused with the Unabomber. If he told anyone this story, they would think he fabricated it just to portray someone’s wife as a wanton slut.

Now that I’ve characterized my wife that way, let me continue it as I recounted it to Jack and Jeremy over interruptions of: No shit! No fucking way? And other remarks of incredulity. The following is my tale to tell, as you will see.


“So there we were. It was a Saturday, about five weeks ago. My wife and I were caught up on our chores, a very rare occasion. At the same time, our children were over a friend’s house at play and were to be away for five hours, another rare event. Then, like the perfect wave, everything lined up just the right way and the events started to snowball.”

“You called me over for this Jack?” Jeremy grumbled, “Sounds like an episode of Family Ties.” He always was an impatient chap when he could be doing something more interesting. Most times, there was nothing more interesting than another beer at the hotel pub.

“Patience my boy!” Jack piped up, “This is worth the buildup – go ahead Gregory.

“Anyway, we weren’t alone in the house because we had some contractors finishing our basement. They were a little behind their timeline …”

“Just like your stupid ass company, Greg.” Jeremy interrupted again (you can’t prevent it so you just need to get used to it and move on).

“Right, so they were behind and had to work a Saturday to catch up. Now usually, the Mrs. is off doing chores, shopping, dealing with the kids or whatever it is that keeps us from having time together. This time, she wasn’t. Most times, when she finally finds a few hours to enjoy she does two things. One is she eats and watches a movie, the other is that she finally gets around to thinking about us having sex.”

“And this time?” Jack piped in to lead on our friend Jeremy.

“Well, this time she starts getting that look in her eye. She asks a few times when the contractors are leaving, but I tell her that they’re planning being around until the kids get back home five hours later. I don’t think much of it and realize I’ve lost my shot at some sex for at least a few weeks. Trying to salvage the dream, I say, “Well honey, the contractors are pretty much secluded in the basement. What say we sneak off to the bedroom awhile to take advantage of our privacy?”

“It’s not privacy when there are two men in the basement.” Lisa dissuaded me.

“I meant because our children will be away from home for a few hours.”

“I thought privacy meant just me and you?” She questioned.

“I know. I was only egging you on because I wish we could take advantage of the time.” I winked.

“I know, I was actually thinking it would be a good time too!” Lisa giggled.

“You çanakkale escort too? Damn.” I sighed.

“Well look, we can still do something fun together in the meantime. We can’t leave the house, so let’s get some games out to keep us occupied.” She volunteered.

Now I’m not much for idle games, but I figure I have to do something to keep my mind off the obvious.

“The obvious? Are you that pussy whipped or what?” Jeremy shook his head in macho disgust.

“Take a gander at this.” Jack showed Jeremy a picture I had taken of Lisa a few years back. She was playfully trying on a very tiny Corona Bikini-girl bikini and her obvious charms were apparent. Somehow she allowed me to snap the picture. I’d never showed it to anyone before, but started to keep it in my wallet.

“Hello? That’s your wife?” Jeremy said a little too excitedly making some other patrons crane their necks to see the picture Jack was holding. “You must have a big one to get a woman like that. I can’t see any other reason!” Jeremy laughed sarcastically.

“Yeah, I guess I do!” I figured that should shut him up some.

“She looks to be a thirty-four D-cup. I’d say twenty-six waist, thirty-five hips?” Jack guessed.

“Uh yeah, you nailed it! Pretty good Jack. Now give me back my picture.”

Jack pulled his hand away. “No, no, I want to look at it as you tell the story again.”

That was mistake number two in telling the story. Between the picture and the story, these guys were surely thinking about sex with my wife. Undeterred, and another pint later, I went on:

“So anyway, I have no idea what games she wants to play, so I let her pick. But after she starts taking out Monopoly and some others that are covered with dust, I think the better of it and say, “Let’s just play cards or something simple.”

“Okay, that sounds fine.” Lisa goes into the closet and gets a deck of cards.

We start to play an amalgamation of poker, rummy, blackjack, and some other simple games that we can remember and are having a good time of it. At this point Lisa mentions that it’s pretty warm in the living room. So, I tug on her woolen socks and tell her that she would be about ten degrees cooler without the socks.

“Go ahead then, pull them off.” Lisa smiles and wiggles her feet at me.

“No, let’s do this the right way.” I say. “If I win, I get to take them off.”

“Ah, you want that kind of wager, huh?” Lisa laughs. “Good thing it’s only socks with those two gentlemen working in the basement!”

Not believing she would actually play the game with them down there I say, “Ah, they’ll be down there for hours, you could take your top off and they wouldn’t even know.”

“Okay then fella!” Lisa pushed her sock covered foot towards my face and looked at me with a devilish grin, “Go for the sock!” I started getting a woody just imagining her taking off some of her clothes with the contractors downstairs, but never took her seriously.

After I won the first game, I said, “You lose, I get the sock.” So Lisa sticks her foot out and I pull it off very slowly. I am actually surprised at this point that she’s even pretending to play the game. “Alright then, that’s a good start, let’s see what else goes.”

“What else? You mean the other sock.” She says with certainty.

“Actually I was thinking of making it more interesting. Like whoever wins gets to request their opponent remove an article of clothing.”

“We’ll see.” She counters.

I’m pretty surprised by that but don’t let on my excitement because she’s been known to tease then suddenly back off when it gets to put up time. I won another game and remove the second sock. Another and she removed her ring. Another and she removed her necklace.

“You’re running out of things to remove. Next time it’s something a little more substantial!” I smile and nod approvingly.

“I didn’t know you were such a card shark?” Lisa returns a discerning stare.

“I never played for anything worthwhile until now.” I reply.

Lisa won the next two games and I choose to remove my socks. Then I won again and said, “Time for truth or dare!” To my shock, Lisa pulled her top off, showing off her beautiful cleavage framed by a lacy white bra; a strap over each shoulder is responsible for holding her up her breasts. “Wow!” was all that came out of my mouth, but other parts of my body reacted even more.

As we played the next hand, some hammering noises come from the basement and I look down at Lisa’s lacey bra and then up at her face. We both snapped back to the realization that there really are two men working in our basement and my wife is sitting in the living room in her bra.

“Wow that was pretty bold Lisa. Thanks for the treat.” I said expecting her to put her top back on.

“Rules are rules, Greg. I lost and this is the result.”

“And you’re planning on staying that way?” I said with a voice that crossed between unconvinced, yet challenging.

“You’re the çeşme escort one who wanted the game to be more interesting!” Lisa equally challenged me.

Now she had me. I loved the game and the fact that she went through with it, but was I crazy enough to let her go on with the possibility of some guy coming up the basement steps and catching her in her state of undress?

Now the safety net was gone, I had won the next hand. Lisa reached behind her back, unsnapped the clips and slowly let the straps of her bra fall from her shoulders. Her tits were now fully exposed. They looked beautiful to me and I reached across to touch.

“Not until the game is over!” She slapped my hand and sat there teasingly.

It was surreal that she was sitting there topless, as the hammering continued in the basement. What would happen if one of contractors somehow made it up to the living room at this point? Could she, or would she, get her blouse back on in time? My only solace was that the stairway to the basement was at the end of the hallway that led into the living room, so they would have to come through the door and then cross twelve feet of hallway before emerging into our living room.

Suddenly I was about to find out because I could hear footsteps coming up the basement steps. Lisa just said, “Hit me” and I handed her two more cards. She won.

“Well, what’s coming off?” I sat there stunned because she didn’t move for cover though we both could hear the basement door creaking open.

She looked at my nervous expression, “Okay, new rule. The winner can choose to put clothing back on OR ask their opponent to remove something.” A stroke of genius on her part to bail me out, but I was thinking the contractor was going to be appearing out of the hallway at any moment; my wife still topless.

Lisa quickly slipped her top back on knowing there was no time to replace her bra. Moments later, we heard the clanking of a toolbox and realized with relief that the contractor was still at the end of the hall. My face was red, but Lisa’s chest and neck were red too knowing she really pushed the envelope with her teasing.

While we were composing ourselves, relieved by her choice, one of the men suddenly walked through our living room on his way to retrieve something from his truck. “Good timing there.” I said I took a deep breath.

“Yeah, this time!” She opened her mouth in mocked surprise and raised her eyebrows teasingly, watching my reaction of disbelief.

The contractor came back through door, but this time noticed Lisa as she faced his direction. She filled her blouse brilliantly and if he took even five seconds to focus, it was obvious she was bare underneath her top. I could not help staring. Dobry, the contractor, couldn’t help notice either.

He stopped to chat for a moment or two, as was his habit, when I saw his eyes scan the scene with a little more attention. I’m not sure if he picked up on what was going on, but there were cards on the table and Lisa and I were in t-shirts and shorts. Lisa’s protruding nipples made her breasts look delicious. I knew the situation was the cause.

The other hint was the white garment at the side of the coffee table. Dobry focused on it, then at Lisa’s chest. His eyebrows rose up and he mumbled something about getting back to work downstairs. No sooner that he was gone, Gerik, his partner, came up the stairs to ask for some water.

“Sorry to bother you, but we left our water out in the truck and now it’s warm. Can we bother you for some cold water?”

Now I wasn’t sure what to do at this point and neither was Lisa. Gerik was looking from the bra to Lisa’s nipple raised blouse now too. Did Dobry send him up to take a look? I wasn’t sure if I should get their water, leaving Lisa alone in the room with Gerik and his obvious gaze, or if Lisa should get up and which might make her charms even more noticeable. At this point though, I was really excited by the entire situation and reacted much differently to this situation than either Lisa or I was accustomed. “Lisa, do you mind?”

She stared at me, tilted her head down a bit and rolled her eyes up at me as if to say, “Are you sure about that?”

I winked my okay.

She leaned forward as she rose from her seat and her breasts noticeably hung down into her blouse. She looked at us staring, straightened up and, incredibly, stretched her shoulders back causing her blouse to stretch tightly across her breasts. Although the move was very casual and normal, without her bra on it came across as “Let me show you my tits.”

Gerik did little to hide his gaze, even with me in the room. As Lisa walked to the kitchen I realized that her shorts were pulled up higher across her bottom and her wiggle seemed more pronounced. Gerik happily followed her into the kitchen. I’m not sure if it took longer than I anticipated because of my anticipation or because Lisa was away longer than it would normally take for her to get some water.

She diyarbakır escort came back into the room holding three glasses and leaned down to let me take one from her hands. Again her breasts hung down, her nipples now pointing toward the floor. The bottom of her shirt flared away from her tummy. I think if someone were standing behind her, they might get a glimpse of her breasts peeking from under her shirt. She turned just the top of her body toward Gerik reaching to hand him the other glass. That made her shirt stretch across her breasts again. I heard her nervous giggle, which happened whenever she was flirting.

“There you go. That should cool you both off.” She said with an obvious double entendre. After a pause, Gerik and I quickly downed half of our water before Lisa said. “How’s it coming along down there?”

She was looking right at the erection pushing at my shorts and I took that a double entendre as well. Gerik understood she meant the work in the basement.

“Okay, I guess. You want to see?” Gerik interrupted. He was quite excited either for his work or his audience. I think the latter.

“We have to take your friend his water anyway, so let’s see what you’ve done.” Lisa quickly volunteered.

I had never seen her act this way before, but I liked the sudden change; it was exciting. We went down the stairs and somewhere along the way Lisa held the cold glass of water to her chest (coincidence?) pretending to keep it from spilling. A three inch circle on her shirt, nothing too overt, was wet and clearly showing some bare skin behind it. The patch was at the top of her cleavage. It absolutely hinted at a wet T-shirt and I’m sure all of our imaginations hoped she spilled the glass over more of it.

As she pulled the glass away and reached out to Dobry, she looked down at the wet area.”Oh, now look what I did!” She said chiding herself. And we were happy to oblige. Lisa brushed at it, and then pulled the shirt away from her skin a bit causing her breasts to move so that it was even more obvious she wore no bra. With all eyes on her chest and actions, she went on as if it wasn’t there.

“Thank you … for the water.” I’m sure Dobry said it that way intentionally. Then he and Gerik began to show how they had laid out the new ceiling. Lisa, looking up, didn’t notice the two of them staring right at her chest. They moved around the room and showed her the frame for the wall that would separate the basement from the furnace area. As Lisa knelt, leaned, and turned first this way, then that way, her breasts moved sexily. Between the spills and the way her breasts moved behind her shirt she had our complete attention.

After we went up the stairs, I turned back to close the door and heard Gerik tell Dobry that he had to wait a minute before going back to work so that his pecker wouldn’t get caught in the equipment. “Damn, did you see those teeets?” Gerik asked Dobry in his heavy accent.

Following Lisa back into the living room I blurted out, “Well, that was interesting! I think I have a permanent hard on. I’m sure they have the same problem. Since when did you have the courage to do that?”

“Do what?” She teased. Then she giggled and left it at that.

“Well, then I think you should take me up on that initial invitation to the bedroom.” I decided that she was too hot and what the hell if those guys were downstairs, things were pretty exciting because of it.

“We have to finish our game first.” Lisa laughed devilishly. I knew Lisa was particularly horny. I’m not sure what got into her, but I was very excited I wasn’t thinking clearly.

“All right then! Let’s get to it!”

After a quick hand, this time Rummy, Lisa lost her shorts. Another and there went her panties. Now she was bottomless. I took a peek under the table and her pussy glistened. I reached my foot under the table and brushed my big toe against her pussy. She was so wet it covered the tip of my toe. Lisa leaned her head back as if to let me get her off with my toe, but took a deep breath, tapped away my foot, and dealt the cards again.

Lisa won the next hand and decided to leave me clothed and put her shorts on, sans panties. “Nobody said what order the clothes had to come off.” She cooed.

“I think it’s sexier that way.”

“You’re just afraid we’ll get caught.” She countered.

“And you’re not?” I said in surprise.

“Nope.” Lisa face was flush and her eyes had a wild look in them.

“I’m starting to believe that.” I said nodding slowly.

Lisa raised her knees up higher so that her entire bottom was facing me. I moved my toes around the loose edges of the shorts and pushed the material toward middle revealing the hairs of her crotch.

As I was sliding my toes back under her shorts, we could hear the basement door open again. Gerik and Dobry’s steps were a little faster this time so there was no time for Lisa to adjust her shorts. They walked into the living room a few moments later and told us they were taking a break and would be back in an hour. They both paused, probably trying to get another peek at Lisa, saw us holding the cards, then decided to tell us what card games they played in their homeland. We didn’t ask, but it was obvious they were hoping to see more of her.

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