A Unique Vacation Experience

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Jan and I have a great relationship. It hasn’t always been that way during our twenty years of marriage and we’ve had struggles along the way like any other couple. But my time with my wife has been worth the effort, and we do enjoy each other in so many ways. She has become more secure in her sexuality over the years and has enjoyed being a bit more of an exhibitionist. Perhaps exhibitionist is not the correct term in this regard. Jan is more of an entertainer since it’s really about the performance she likes to provide other people who are lucky enough to get a front-row seat and catch her act. This all started on our anniversary night when we found ourselves behind the restaurant, celebrating in front of a seemingly captive audience. Afterwards, they did voice their approval with boisterous applause. Perhaps that’s where Jan got the “acting” bug. She has spoken about that night quite often and has said how much she enjoyed the attention we received. I suppose that’s where she got her latest idea, a.k.a. the scheme.

My wife, Jan, never really had to work much since I made enough money in my import/export business, dealing mainly in medical supplies, to support us and our two teenage children. I have to travel extensively in order to maintain my business contacts and, sometimes, Jan will travel with me. I never have had a problem with her accompanying me on my travels, but I am always afraid that she will get bored. Even though my trips might take me to Spain or Norway or Great Britain or any other destination around the world, she always seems to take them in stride and enjoys her stay. I do feel secure in the fact that, if Jan and I are both gone, our kids can stay with my parents for that period of time.

Well, it was time for another business trip and Jan wanted to go along. So, we made arrangements for our kids, packed our bags, and boarded the plane for Africa…destination Dar es Salaam, on the coast of Tanzania. We stayed in a quaint hotel, near the water, while I concluded my business there. We had arranged to be abroad for ten days and, knowing the trip to Tanzania would be concluded within two, we decided to take some leisure time for just the two of us. Because of my busy schedule, I had asked Jan to make the vacation arrangements for a location close to where I would be working. I wanted to spend my time relaxing, rather than traveling too far. We had discussed the variety of resorts that appealed to both of us and she started making our plans. I trusted her implicitly and knew that she would find the ideal spot where we could unwind. However, even though she assured me that the resort would be close by, she would not reveal its location until we had landed in Tanzania. After my work was concluded and we had repacked our bags, she instructed me to go with her to board a launch which would take us to our vacation hideaway, Seychelles. Seychelles is a group of islands northeast of Madagascar. It could not be more remote and secluded. I was really looking forward to this retreat with my wife, an escape from the everyday to blissful rest. Finally, the green shores of the island of Mahe came into view. I was curious about where we would stay and the plans that she had made, but she pulled me aside before we landed to tell me about the resort and what she had arranged.

Jan had made arrangements for us to stay at the Hilton. However, it was a little known fact that Hilton had another resort area other than the main hotel. It was off the beaten path and few knew of its existence. Those who did know about this place had deep connections because of its patrons’ desire for privacy. Evidently, Jan had such a connection because we were about to experience it first-hand. A van from the Hilton picked us up at the dock and delivered us to the hotel. There was another, unmarked, van waiting for us when we arrived. Our luggage was transferred over to the waiting van and we climbed in to find our seat. As we started, Jan continued her description of the resort to which we were being driven. The “Hilton Hedon” was a resort for naturalists, those who would rather exist without being constricted by clothing. It was frequented by people from all over the world, representing all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. My interest was piqued as she continued to describe how she had checked on available ısparta escort activities and amenities in which we could partake while there. What surprised me was that Jan had contacted the resort prior to our visit because there was a temporary need for a massage therapist. She had worked her way through college, partially as a licensed massage therapist, and had considered renewing this as a possible career. Since it had been a few years, she felt this would give her the additional experience she needed and would help some with our finances. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to spend as much time with my wife as I wanted, but I supported her decision. We would just have to work around it as best we could.

As I looked out the window, I noticed we had pulled onto a side trail, relatively overgrown and secluded. The van lurched forward about fifty yards and pulled into a clearing. There were several buildings in the middle of the clearing with thatched roofs. On the right were smaller bungalows with matching thatched roofs, which I figured were the guest quarters. Off to the left, I noticed a group of co-ed guests playing volleyball in the nude. Past that, I saw a swimming pool surrounded by groves of trees under which was, what looked like, a tiki bar. Several guests were lounging beside the pool, enjoying the rays of the sun. We pulled in front of the largest of the buildings, which appeared to be the main office. Exiting the van with our luggage, we entered the lobby area and checked in at the front desk. I was already in relaxation mode, sensing my tension melting away in the cool breeze stirred up by the bamboo ceiling fans placed throughout the room. Seth, the resident manager, warmly welcomed us and asked Jan if she would like to see where she would be working as the massage therapist. He escorted us to a small, intimate room down the hall. There were two massage tables in the space and a gurgling fountain in the corner of the room. Adding to the ambience were lit candles placed strategically along the walls which gave the room a relaxing glow. Jan was obviously pleased.

We left the main building and walked to our assigned accommodations to dress, or rather undress, appropriately for our stay. Jan still looks great after all these years. Her large, natural breasts demand your attention and her body is difficult to ignore, even when she is wearing clothes. I noticed that she had trimmed her pubic hair for the occasion and I kept thinking about her strolling through the grounds totally naked for all to see. I was definitely proud of my good fortune in having Jan by my side, especially now. We left the bungalow to walk though the resort to get a feel for the place and to meet other guests. After some inane conversation with the men and women around the pool, Jan needed to break away to start her side-job as the local massage therapist. I watched as she walked toward the main building, my lust growing with each step. Without clothes with which to cover, it’s hard to hide a man’s lustful feelings very well. However, I noticed that the other guys around me felt the same as we all watched Jan walk away. After she entered the building, we regained our senses and went back to our conversations. They filled me in on some of the additional activities of the resort and some of the things Jan and I could expect while there, including a show. It all sounded like fun and I was relieved that Jan had made such a selection for our vacation. After a while, they told me that the aforementioned show was going to be starting soon and that we needed to be early in order to get a good seat.

I noticed that other groups were starting to form and move towards a section of the clearing where there was a coliseum-style structure, constructed entirely of local bamboo. As I entered the main door, I saw tiered seating surrounding a stage-like floor. I estimated that the structure could hold about a hundred plus people and was surprised at how fast it was filling up. There was no roof except for the canopy of stars which appeared as the sun slowly slipped away in the night. The only remaining light was provided by torches ringing the stage. Glancing around I could see that it was truly a place of multi-ethnic and racially diverse people. Men and women from Europe, Africa, Asia, kastamonu escort and the Americas were in attendance, creating a nude human mosaic of sorts. As people filed in, I found a seat about eight rows up where I could see whatever was happening on stage. As the seats filled, I looked around for Jan. I didn’t want her to miss this unique experience and was disappointed when the canned music started without her being seated by my side. After a while the music stopped and Seth walked out to make opening comments and introductions to what was in store for the evening’s entertainment. He welcomed all to the resort and explained everything that could be expected during our stay there. He then lamented the fact that the regular massage therapist had to be away for the week, but that there was another who was aptly filling in for her during this time. My mind began to wander as I again looked around me at the other guests who were present, since this was all information that I had heard before.

I was brought back to reality when Seth introduced my wife, Jan, who walked out to the center of the room. As cheers rose from the crowd of onlookers, I noticed that a massage table had been set up in the center of the stage. Jan walked around the perimeter of the stage as the crowd, seemingly, could not get enough of the sight of my nude wife. I was astounded at this turn of events, unsure of what to think…not knowing what to expect. After making the second round of the stage, she found me in the stands and shrugged as if to say, “This is not what I expected when I signed up.” Her smile, however, indicated that she liked the attention and would do what she could to please the crowd. Soon the gathered throng quieted as Seth continued. He made a few more introductions, which I didn’t really hear. My head was swimming with the possibilities of what all this meant. I figured this must be a normal ritual here since the others had made reference to “the show.” Seth finished his speech and walked off-stage. Jan turned towards the door through which he had exited and then suddenly realized why she was there.

In walked a tall African man, clothed only in a white towel wrapped around his waist. As he approached Jan, I noticed from the reaction of those gathered around me that he must have been preselected for this honor, perhaps through a drawing or a lottery of some sort…I wasn’t quite sure. He strolled to the table, loosened the towel slightly and laid down on his stomach placing his face in the cradle at the head of the table. The towel was discreetly covering his ass as my wife approached his side. As Jan begin to slowly massage his muscular body, the gathered crowd inched toward the edge of their seats as if in anticipation. This struck me as odd. What could they be waiting for…why the interest…why this ritual???? It was truly baffling, but Jan was focused on her work and did not acknowledge the throng surrounding her, the intense scrutiny with each move of her hands. She took her time with this man, making sure he was truly relaxed and at peace. This was who she was, intent on pleasing others. After about thirty minutes, she lifted the towel so that this African man could roll over on his back. Not realizing the irony of the situation, she turned her head to the side, which was routine in a normal session to insure the customer’s privacy. This irony was not lost on the man on the table who smiled as he rolled over, and she again placed the towel to cover him. He closed his eyes as she began massaging his arms and chest. Working her way down, I could see the muscles in his body relax with each massaging touch. Jan was careful to avoid disturbing the towel, unsure about the expectations of Seth and the crowd. I could tell that she didn’t want to make any assumptions since we were the new residents of the resort. I could tell that Jan’s touch had some affect on the man lying on the table before her. In spite of being covered with the towel, there was a hint of an erection, which was growing larger as the massage progressed. Because she was focused on the work she was performing, I was unsure if she had noticed. However, it was hard to miss as its growth seemed to never end. Finally, Jan stopped. She looked down at the towel and slowly removed it and dropped it in a heap on the floor. kayseri escort

An audible gasp escaped Jan’s lips as she gazed upon the largest cock she probably had ever seen. The crowd relished in gazing at this awesome sight…my beautiful, buxom, totally nude and very Caucasian wife standing before this young, handsome, muscular, and very hung black man. Her hands resumed their work until, hesitatingly, she reached for his cock. Cradling his heavy balls in her left hand, she wrapped her fingers around his hard shaft and slowly began to stroke what had to be at least eight to ten inches. Watching her, engrossed in stroking this man’s cock, gave me a sudden sense of inadequacy. Granted, my cock is not comparable in size, but it’s not tiny either. I continued to watch her and the crowd around me, becoming more aware of the expectation in their eyes. Then it started…a slow murmur, an almost guttural sound starting to my right. I couldn’t make out the words. What were they saying? It was hard to tell. Mo…….h…..Mo……h….. It started to build and fill the night air around me. The words became clearer as they rose, resembling a long-forgotten primeval chant. “Mount him…Mount him…Mount him…Mount him….” I looked around me in startled amazement, wondering what I could do. I seemed helpless, surrounded by people intent on seeing my wife fuck this stranger. “Mount him…Mount him…Mount him….” My gaze shifted to my wife who was staring back at me, her hand still wrapped around the girth of this man’s cock, unsure of what she should do. “Mount him…Mount him…..” This was a new situation for both of us. “Mount him….” I shrugged my shoulders and nodded to give her the go-ahead, and I joined in the chant with the other guests.

Lifting herself onto the table with the help of this man with whom she was to have this public sexual encounter, she straddled his cock. Jan leaned forward, placing both hands on his chest, to make it easier for him to enter. He raised his cock and slowly entered my wife’s waiting pussy. Obviously, due to the ease of insertion, this man had a definite affect on my wife. With this, an eerie silence fell over the crowd as we all watched. She slid down his member and began a slow, rhythmic movement up and down his hard cock. Her eyes closed, her rhythm intensified, her large breasts swaying with each stroke. The man reached up, gently holding her breasts in his hands, toying with the nipples, sucking one into his mouth. The pleasure was etched in her face as the audience became more aware of the moans escaping her lips. He released her tits and they fell back into the rhythm of their sexual dance. Reaching around Jan’s gyrating body, he grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks, inserting a finger. This was more than either could take and they began to fuck each other harder, the man pumping up into my wife, her meeting every thrust with her own. Her cries of ecstasy filled the air as she came again and again, her pussy tightening around his shaft with each orgasm in turn. The man kept pumping into my wife harder and harder until he gave one last thrust. With a low sound of pleasurable release, he emptied his load into Jan’s pussy. I could see his balls tighten as his cum filled her, heightening the experience even more. As she collapsed on this stranger with whom she had just had a seemingly amazing sexual encounter, the crowd erupted. Applause and cheers surrounded me as I looked on. Jan peered up with a smile, acknowledging the crowd’s appreciation. She removed herself from the table. The man got up, gave my wife a hug and a kiss on the cheek, grabbed the towel which was still on the ground, and walk toward the door from which he had originally entered the arena.

Surprisingly, I had also enjoyed the show and was amazed at my increasing arousal during its progress. I had been so intent on seeing my wife’s every move on that massage table that I had not noticed the growing line of men at the end of the arena stage awaiting their turn, each with furnished towel in hand. This was rather unexpected, but the resort had blown our expectations long before this moment. I was unsure about what to do next, with my wife about to experience so many men after that initial scene and the resulting raucous display by those watching from their seats. So I did what any self-respecting husband would do after watching his wife have sex with a total stranger. I grabbed a towel and got in line.

This was a vacation that will long be remembered by both of us. We met some great people and had mind-blowing sex, just not always with each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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