A Vice Admiral’s Wife Ch. 03

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I was fortunate, my goodness was I? A whole two weeks without Ripper…in the care of Able Seaman Dusty Miller. The day Ripper left for Malta, Dusty had provided an excellent service to me on the moors and now, each waking moment was spent considering how best to use the Watch Keeper. My vulva was barely dry, always lubricated in anticipation.

The morning was particularly gorgeous when my next adventure, well the one I am going to tell you about anyway, occurred. I was at breakfast, Jenkins the Steward was serving me, I eat sparsely most of the time because when dining with Ripper, officially, the meals were what could be termed substantial.


“Yes Madam.”

“Would you be so kind, send for the Watch Keeper please?”

“Certainly Madam, do you require the car?”

“No Jenkins, not for the moment.”

“Very good Madam.”

Jenkins departed and shortly Able Seaman Miller arrived dressed in his eights, (working dress) with a large sponge in his hand.

“What are you doing Miller?”

“Cleaning the car Madam.”

“Do you sail Miller?”

“Occasionally Madam.”

“Can you handle a dinghy?”

“Certainly Madam, do you wish to sail today?”

“Well, it is a lovely day, and I think its ideal.”

“Quite right Madam, would you like me to book a dinghy?”

“Not necessary, I will contact the jetty and get them to prepare Ripper’s boat.”

“What time do you require me madam and what dress of the day?”

“Ten o’clock, and boating rig. Make that casual if you like.”

“Very well Madam.”

“Dismiss.” He turned and left.



“Can you provide me with a bag meal for two, bottle of white and a coffee flask please, for ten o’clock.”

“Very well Madam.”

Ten o’clock and Dusty was at the door with the car, and typical ‘Jack Tar’ off duty, very smart, very tiddly. Jenkins was in the hall with the bag meals etc in a small hamper which he handed to Dusty to stow in the car.

It was a short drive to the jetty, a few formalities, and Dusty stowed our clothing and meals in the dinghy as I was gaining clearance. There were certain benefits to being Ripper’s wife today I was cashing in. I was given the movement orders for vessels in the area.

Dusty set the sail, I cast off the bow line, and very nearly came to grief as the boat moved away from the jetty, I almost split my difference and just managed to get my right leg into the boat as we started moving away from civilisation.

The boat was rocking a bit as well as surging forward, so in Dusty’s words, I have been learning a few of his more coarse terms, aren’t they erotic, I landed on my arse in the bottom of the boat.

My legs of course were everywhere, the only reason he was not looking at my vul sorry, pussy was the thin strip of fabric which formed the gusset of my cotton shorts. Recovering my balance, I managed to perch myself on a seat in the bow.

It was a lovely feeling of freedom, the breeze blowing through my hair cooling my face, and my midriff, I unbuttoned my blouse then tugged the tie at the waist, allowing the garment to blow in the wind.

Dusty, on the helm, was smiling broadly…

“More! More!” he shouted.

What the hell, I thought, we are alone, there was no other vessel anywhere near us, so reaching behind I undid the clasp of my brassier and divested myself of the encumbrance. Now with my breas sorry tits exposed to the air the tingle started, my nipples stiff, I was feeling quite needy, it had been about a week since my visit to the moors with Dusty when I had a very fulfilling day’s exercise.

“Come Fanny, sit here.” Dusty indicated a seat by his side.

I moved down the boat, my tits, as I was not in the first flush of youth were swaying gently as I moved. I sat where Dusty had intended.

“Where are we to go, or are we just to sail around?”

“Ginger Mount Isle.”

“That’s not on the tourist trail, no one ever goes there.”


We laughed together.

We were close enough for Dusty to snake out his tongue and lick if not suck my nipples. That only served to increase my needs, I shuddered, the frisson of stimulation. I couldn’t resist the urge to reach out and fondle the treasure enclosed within his shorts, a hand up the leg made the task less of a task than a pleasure. A naughty enjoyable pleasure.

I suppose that we had been on the water about half an hour when we beached the dinghy on Ginger Mount the sudden stop as we hit the beach was sufficient to throw the two of us in a heap in the bottom of the boat, rattling the wine bottles.

I was in no great rush to get out of the boat, I was quite happy with him nestled between my thighs, I engaged his lips, and made suggestive movements of my hips. We only stayed like that for a few minutes before he removed himself and assisted me from the boat.

Two duffle bags and the hamper were disembarked, and between us we moved them off the beach, I lead the way, because I had been on Ginger Mount before, and I had Sivas Escort a fair idea where to find the secret hollow.

Dusty left me in the hollow and returned to the beach, it was essential that he secure the dinghy, we wouldn’t be watching it and didn’t want it to drift away. While he was gone, I rummaged in the bags and found the rug, which I spread on the ground in the secret hollow.

The hollow was a decent size, the surround was somewhat higher than the middle part and between the middle and the sides there were numerous rock formations of varying sizes and arrangements. By the time Dusty returned I had cast off my upper garments and greeted him with bouncing tits, the freedom was delicious.

Approaching me, I turned my back to him, he snuggled up to me his hands came round and cradled my tits, his thumbs teasing my erect nipples. I shivered, I could feel his hardness against my shorts, attempting to snuggle between my buttocks. I leaned my head back alongside of Dusty’s, turning slightly to kiss him.

I could but sigh as I savoured the sensations his hands engendered in me, positioned as we were it was not possible to kiss fully and was therefore far from satisfactory.

I turned in his arms, my tits pressed to his still covered chest, and now, to my great pleasure his cock was pressed against my mons and belly. We kissed deeply, deeply, tongues engaged in tonsil tickling fencing each trying to spear the other.

Slowly we sank to our knees, the mouth contact not breaking, I, wrestling his shirt from his body to cast it aside on the soft sand. My tits enjoying the coarse rasping of his chest hair to tease them to even further stiffness.

We rolled onto our side, fondling, groping, kissing tongue fencing, Dusty’s hands were more than active. I too had needs, firstly to touch him, to demonstrate in that touch the affection I had developed for this sturdy Able Seaman and then to sate my lust for him.

Freeing my arms from their entrapment between us, I worked them down his muscular form till I reached the top of his shorts. We did not cease our osculations as I rolled him onto his back, well not until that is, that I climbed onto the tops of his thighs. I leaned down to dangle my tits near his mouth in the hope that the hint, the offer to suckle would not be missed, while I busied my fingers to unbutton Dusty’s shorts.

I wasn’t too disappointed, to the extent that the suckling distracted me from my intended task and it was a real effort to concentrate on revealing the weapon of choice for the up coming battle of the genitals.

Dusty’s fingers intruded up the leg of my shorts, striving no doubt to engage the furrow he had ploughed a few times in the past. Whilst he did get to the target area, the invasion was thwarted by the tight pair of briefs I was wearing, having considered that French knickers were unsuitable to wear under shorts.

Climbing from him, I lay beside him, and took his weapon in my hand, he undid my shorts waist and delved within still the briefs defeated him and he failed to reach his, and my, objective. I stood, my shorts fell to my ankles and I stepped from them. I was clad now in a pair of transparent nylon briefs which certainly displayed my auburn curls yet protected the vital furrow.

His hand grasped the waistband of the briefs and made a little space, suddenly the briefs were invaded, the curls parted and the furrow teased open. On an instant, I orgasmed one almighty shudder coursed through me, a simple touch to that vital part had formed the overture to the early matinee performance.

Panting I rolled away, his finger left me and as I lifted my hips to help, he stole my protection away throwing the nylon briefs towards a nearby rock. As I lay recovering from my first ecstasy of today’s encounters, the first of several I hoped, Dusty opened the hamper and selected the first of our bottles of red.

We both drank deeply from the bottle, ignoring the provided glasses, it felt so decadent. Both my upbringing and my station in the service as an Admiral’s wife demanded a rather higher level of behaviour than I admit I was displaying here.

Dusty burped noisily and lay back on the rug I tried to emulate his burp and almost threw up, god how embarrassing, then joined him on the rug. It was so relaxing, listening to the waves lapping on the beach the gulls whirling, shrieking overhead the few light clouds drifting across the otherwise clear blue sky.

Dusty moved a little closer and slipped his arm around my shoulders, he brushed my ear with his lips, stopping to nibble on the lobes. I shivered. He moved on kissing and licking down under my chin and along my throat.

From my throat, his lips caressed down over my warm sun kissed chest until he reached and kissed my tits.

“We must protect these delicate little nibbles.” He sucked the nearest nipple into his mouth and nibbled, whilst fondling the other and tweeking its nipple.

Have you ever noticed ladies that when a gentleman handles your goods, and you start to get, well, Sivas Escort Bayan a little excited, a peculiar phenomenon takes place, it happens to me, when my tits are fondled, my hand is automatically drawn to the gentleman’s appendage.

I’m not complaining, I enjoy it, I just wonder, is it me or are you all the same. Anyway, back to the story.

“So how do we ‘protect’ them?”

His hand dropped to my knee. My naked knee I may add, as soon as he touched the inside of my knee, my legs parted…wide!

“Like this.” He slipped quietly between my legs and with his body shaded my ‘delicate little nibbles’.

Of course that placed Dusty’s peni… sorry, cock in close contact with my curly auburn covering. That was somewhere that it could not remain, I slipped my hand between us, a wriggle, his cock was captured another wriggle and it was home.

Before he had any chance of escape I locked my legs about him, and levered him full length into my vitals. It started as a gentle rocking, the pace increasing until my furrow was being vigorously ploughed. I matched Dusty thrust for thrust, every thrust was enjoyed both going in and coming out.

Fifteen minutes of the most energetic f… sorry, copulation, I still can’t say that word and it was delicious, absolutely delicious the conclusion flushing my innards with floods of semen. Jizz he called it, I didn’t care what he called it, so long as I got it. His eruption triggered mine and there was a mingling of our juices

When it was over, this orgasm I mean, I released him, eventually. He slackened within me, and when I moved, if you remain coupled for too long the juices get sticky and uncomfortable, he slithered from me, rolling off me onto the rug, his cock trailing wetly across my bare leg.

We had beached the boat on a shallow sandy beach, a little further round, there was a lovely pool, sheltered and just like a large bath tub, deep enough to be able to stand and not too many creepy crawlies.

We scrambled over the rocks and into the pool standing almost to our necks in the warm sea water. We hugged together, and his cock started to stir, poking at my sticky wet curls.

We douched each other washing away the evidence of our recent abandon, the act of which was singularly stimulating and enjoyable. Washing a cock, and scrotum is unavoidably stimulating to both parties and I soon had a tight sac and a stiff cock in my hands, thank you Dusty.

Equally industriously Dusty applied himself to cleansing my ‘pussy’ firstly flushing away the evidence of our copulation from my vagina then washing the ‘shampoo’ from my curls and the tops of my thighs.

When all was clean, he lifted me in his strong arms and perched me high on one of the surrounding rocks. I eased back, just a little because there wasn’t a great deal of space, and to be frank I didn’t feel that secure in my seat.

Dusty parted my knees and stepped between them draping my legs over his shoulders. Moving forward he placed a thumb on either side of my ‘pussy’ and eased my curls apart before burying his tongue between my lips.

It took just a few moments I am sure for him to discover the hard nub of my clitoris, but once found he chastised it with a tongue lashing the likes of which neither it nor I had ever experienced.

The result was inevitable, a crashing orgasm of immeasurable proportions which itself had an inevitable result, as it hit, I bucked my hips, my head went back with a sharp crack against the rock, which resulted in me slipping from my seat, the thrust of which put Dusty off balance sending him backwards.

My legs over his shoulders meant that I was pulled away from the pool side to receive a ducking as we both sank beneath the surface to disconnect and resurface coughing and spluttering into the sunlight.

Dusty climbed from the pool, and reaching down assisted me in gaining access to dry land. To be honest even that was to prove somewhat hazardous as his now erect cock threatened to spear my face. We did however manage and lay back on out rug laughing.

If I had a flag, probably an ensign, or even the Admirals pennant, I could have flown it, heck Dusty had a flag pole to die for. It looked cute, I was so tempted to kiss it, what am I saying I ‘was’ tempted? In truth, it looked cute so I gave way to the temptation to kiss it.

The kiss of course was just the start, it was followed by a little nibble of the tip of the cock, well, it couldn’t stop there of course and I was soon indulging in full blown fellatio.

My fist around the cock, sliding up and down, my mouth encapsulating its head and me sucking like I don’t know what, ok, a vacuum cleaner. I got into the motion of it and found my natural instinct was to move up and down on it, then Dusty started raising his hips to meet the movement of my head.

My hand was stroking his cock, my mouth bobbing up and down sucking and Dusty, I suddenly realised, was using my face as he did with my pussy. Previous experience of Dusty’s staying power, our copulations being Escort Sivas long and vigorous, I was then totally caught by surprise when, in very short order, he hurled his semen down my throat. I am proud to say that despite the surprise of delivery and the volume of his ejaculate, I spilled not a drop of the creamy offering.

I feel that in my fellating, I re-paid the phenomenal service which I had received at the tip of Dusty’s tongue in the pool, without the attempted drowning. As his discharge subsided, I released him and valeted his member so as not to waste any of his semen, the flavour was out of this world.

Following a few more drinks, we consumed both bottles of red, still without soiling the glasses, and the appetite we had worked on since arriving helped in the disposal of the packed lunches and a doze was the order of the day.

When we woke, it must have been an hour or so later, Dusty professed the need to urinate, and disappeared behind a rock. I followed, as I had a need too…

“Something you aren’t able to do aye?” Dusty teased.

“What’s that?”

“Stand beside me and pee.”

So I stepped to his side, parted my curls and peed, standing.

“Bravo Fanny, Bravo!”

“Never under estimate the education available at a ladies college.” I laughed.

He shook his cock and I shimmied to dislodge my last drips. Before we retired to our rug, I awoke with a hunger as well as a need for a pee. I lead him by the cock, which thickened as we moved and reached almost full erection as we sank down onto the rug.

I his hands went to my tits and commenced squeezing and caressing, whilst his lips engaged mine and the tongue wrestling started. I for my part started stroking his cock, long, squeezing strokes, terminating with a rub of my thumb over the cock head, I knew that was an appreciated tease.

I was wet with anticipation as he touched my thigh, mentally I was begging for his cock to intrude upon my person. I spread my legs, and trembled with expectation of the touch which I knew would develop my excitement. Dusty ran his palm down over my springy auburn protection, before extending his middle finger and sneaking beneath the curls.

I really did enjoy the sensation of the finger inside my private part, almost as much, but not quite as much as I enjoyed a cock in the same part. I renewed my assault on Dusty’s lips. Our ardour increased at quite a rapid pace until inevitably, Dusty’s leg came across mine as he started to mount me.

I closed my legs, holding his hand in me.

“Please, the other way.”

“Which way?”

I released his hand and turned onto my knees.

“Oh, I see, you want back scuttling.”

I turned my back to him and he came close behind me. I reached down between my thighs and grasped his cock. I placed the head between my pussy lips.

“Take me.” I invited, “Fuck me.” Suddenly that word seemed to be the right one.

He took me at my word, and proceeded to service me in a proper seaman like manner. While his cock was reaming deep into me his hands came round to the front of me, the left to fondle my breast and tease my nipple while the right engaged with the other essential, my clitoris.

The copulation took to a little while, I braced myself with my arms as each thrust into my pussy attempted to propel me forward. All too soon I could feel my crescendo approaching, I attempted to convey the same to Dusty, the words were lost in a simultaneous orgasmic event.

I threw my head back, forcing my breast hard into Dusty’s hand, and contracting my pelvic muscles gripped and held his cock. He had to have no escape. I truly needed to savour every last drop of his ‘Jizz’ as it mingled with my own orgasmic fluids.

At last he started to slip from me, I collapsed forward to the rug, with Dusty on top of me, his wet, slippery cock nestled between my buttocks. We lay together sweating and panting. My pussy was drooling our combined fluids wetting my inner thighs. The sand was permeating the fabric of the rug and sticking to our sweaty slimy bodies.

A dip in the pool and another sex ridden washing session, with the associated groping, fondling and fingering brought us to the end of our outing, and having dried ourselves, Dusty donned his shorts, and we cast our bags and other goods into the dinghy for the return trip.

Together we pushed the boat from the beach and climbed in. I was still naked as Dusty laughing told me that the wind had dropped. He was right, it had. Fortunately we had the oars, so we weren’t altogether stuck.

For most of the time as we were heading back to the jetty, I sat in the stern, I was sure it was encouraging for Dusty not to focus on how far he had to row, but rather on my naked pussy. As we neared the jetty I dressed, blouse, no brassier, and a pair of slacks that I had slipped into my bag.

While Dusty removed our bags and the hamper to the car, I signed the dinghy back in. We drove up onto the moor for a meal at The Jolly Sailor, then a leisurely return to the residence.

I thanked Dusty and dismissed him, although his cock was always a welcome diversion, I had been well satisfied, and a night’s sleep was an essential. The sleep was only coloured by dreams, dreams of boats, islands, dancing cocks and volcanic eruptions, such sweet dreams.

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