A Walk In The Woods

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They had been walking for a few hours, just enjoying the outdoors, the sounds of the forest, the abundance of colors the leaves had become. It was getting late and they were heading back when the clouds started to roll in. It was going to rain and they were far from the car!

“Let’s stop for a minute. My shoes untied.” Michelle said.

She sat down on a fallen tree to tie her shoe and catch her breath, which was not going to happen. Sam had other ideas. As Michelle started to stand up he grabbed her, pulled her into him and pushed his lips to hers. It was a perfect fit, as always. Her lips formed to his, their tongues found each other and wrestled for position within each other’s mouths. Her hands went to the small of his back, his to her ass. This caused a small moan to escape her lips.

His hands now untucked her shirt and pulled it over her chest and completely removed it. MY GOD how he loved her tits! They were amazing. He knew that beneath that bra were beautiful nipples and he had to have them. Ironically, she was removing her bra as he was processing these thoughts.

He kissed his was down the nape of her neck and moved his mouth over her left nipple. Another moan. Her nipple instantly hardened. He let a small smile build. His teeth found her now rock hard nipple and teased it. Another moan, longer and louder this time. His left hand was working her tit, rubbing the nipple and massaging the breast.

He went back to her mouth now as Michelle’s hand went to work on his zipper. Her hands freed his now raging hard cock, and began to rub the shaft from head to balls. Now it was his turn to moan. She heard this and smirked.

“You like that? How about this?” She said this as she dropped to her knees and took Tekirdağ Escort him in her mouth. Michelle expertly inhaled him. She could feel his pubic hair tickle her nose as the head of his cock intruded the back of her mouth and throat.

“Oh god babe that feels amazing.”

As she was working the length of his manhood she could feel herself growing wetter as she pleased him. She was now moaning as well. Michelle did not know why, but she loved to taste him. She loved knowing that she was the reason that he was so hard. Most of all, she loved his cock.

He pulled her up to his face now, kissing her hard and deep. His hands were removing her shorts now, pushing them down to reveal her black thong. It was sheer and allowed him a perfect view of her pussy. As he was pushing her shorts over her feet he inhaled her. This instantly had him enraged with lust. He turned her around and bent her over. Her hands were now on the tree that she had just been sitting on. Pushing her thong to the side he pressed his face into her and plunged his tongue into her waiting, wet pussy.

“Oh, yessssssssssss. MMMmmmmmmmm” Is all Michelle could say.

It was at this point that Michelle realized she was getting wetter. But it was from the rain that had been trickling through the canopy of trees. Her hair was beginning to hang down in her face; she could feel trails of rain running little paths down her back, over her ass and down her supple thighs.

His mouth was expertly working her now. He had his lips around her, his tongue was running circles around her clit. He had his hands on either side of her, opening her to his manipulations. He loved to go down on her. He loved her taste. Most of all, he loved to hear Tekirdağ Escort Bayan her moan and whimper as he licked, teased and probed her pussy with his tongue and finger.

“I want you now. ” Michelle whispered between whimpers of passion.

He stood, removing his shorts and boxers. His cock was rock hard and sticking straight out in front of him. He pulled her thong off as well. As he was standing behind her Michelle’s hand reached back between her legs and guided him to her. He could feel her waiting folds wrapping themselves around the head of his girthy cock. He held his breath and pushed. Immediately they both groaned. He was halfway in and stopped. She was pushing back against him, wanting all of him inside her. Michelle was greedy and needed more. And he gave it to her. With one powerful thrust he was entirely in her. Her head came back and she moaned incoherently.

He felt the walls of her pussy pulsing around him. Slowly, he pulled back, leaving just the head in her. When she tried to push back against him, he held her hips, stopping her movements. He smiled. He loved teasing her like this.

After what felt like an eternity he thrust into her fast and hard. “OH GOD”, was all Michelle could get out before he started pushing into her again and again. Now they were both grunting. He brought his right hand to her right breast and felt the incredibly hard nipple that was protruding there. This caused Michelle to go into overdrive. Her hips were slamming back into him, meeting his every thrust.

They were oblivious to the fact that the rain was coming down even harder now, soaking them both. They were locking on each other, in harmony.

He pulled out of her. She stood and turned Escort Tekirdağ around. She lay down on the bed of leaves, wet and clinging to her. He moved between her legs and pushed into her. He could see her eyes as they rolled back, her mouth slightly agape. Her legs instantly wrapped around him. Her hands went to her breasts as he began a rhythm. Each time he was fully inside her he would rock forward, teasing

Michelle’s breath began to come in rapid bursts. She could feel the wave building. Her hips started to grind against him. Her pussy was starting to squeeze and pulse, giving him a sensation she knew would drive him over the edge.

His thrusts became more rapid and stronger. Grunts escaped Michelle’s lips. Sounds of delight were filling the forest. Rain was rolling down his back now. Michelle could feel it running off his body and onto hers.

Then it hit her, that full body sensation, that wave that would take control of her. Her legs shook uncontrollably, her eyes squeezed shut, her hands went to his back and her nails dug into him. Her head was shaking from side to side. Her lips pursed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Yeeeessssssssssss. Mmmmmmmmmmm. “

Michelle was now fully enveloped in the rapture that is orgasm. This did it. He was falling over that edge as well.

“OH MICHELLE I’M CUMMING!” He cried this out as he thrust deep and hard into her. He released himself in her, feeling her grip him.

They were both cumming hard now. Working each other masterfully. Each feeling the other releasing all they had.

As they lay together, slowly coming down from an incredible experience they realized the rain had stopped.

“It’s stopped raining.” He said as he pushed Michelle’s hair from her eyes.

“Guess we should continue to the car?” Michelle said with a bit of trepidation in her voice.

“Maybe. But I have something else in mind.” He said this as his mouth closed over her nipple. He felt it growing hard in his mouth and knew they would not be going home any time soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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