A Well Deserved Reward

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My husband and I both love watching porno movies and leafing through XXX magazines. We get off on all the other hot and horny people out there and all their sexual adventures. I have to confess that lately whenever we come across people being spanked or tied up I got really turned on. I got so worked up that I decided to tell my husband about the curious arousal I experience when the discipline is dished out.

We talked about it and both agreed that perhaps a bit of S&M and some Bondage might add even more flair to our nasty repertoir. For the first few months Jack disciplined me maybe two or three times per month. Though these spanking sessions weren’t really painful, I did have to think twice on a few occasions before sitting down the following day. Usually Jack waits till bedtime before he tells me that I’ve been bad, that I’ve dipleased him, and he tells me to get the hair brush.

As I lie across his lap, I feel my skirt going up as my panties come down. I never feel any sexual arousal at first, only the dread of what lies ahead, and the fact that that I won’t be relieved until my bottom is bright red and stinging. Sometimes I sob, hoping for a reprieve that never comes.

One morning, a while back, an arguement ensued after Jack found a rather large bill which I had hidden from him. He exploded. From the tone in his voice when he shouted, I knew I was in for one helluva spanking. He roughly pulled me close to him, threw me across his lap and quickly exposed my ass. The first few whacks were every bit as hard as I knew the last few would be! But just as he was in the midst of administering my punishment, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Jack’s pager went off; Jack was needed at work.

Jack uses a variety of techniques when he spanks me, using hard and fast whacks as well as slow, but equally intense smacks. All I can do is anticipate his next move, I’ve never been able to avoid it.

Jack let me get up off his lap so he could get ready to go to work, but he told me that he had every intention continuing paddling my ass later on when he got home. He told me I’d only gotten a taste of what was yet to come!

I was unable to think about anything else for the rest of that day. I had received just enough of a stinging from the prelude of the early morning that I was more than aware of what lie ahead for my poor ass. The anticipation and the fact that there wasn’t a thing I could do about it had me excited. Every time I saw the hair brush on top of the dresser I could feel the smacks and the stinging I would be getting soon enough.

At 12 noon, on the button, Jack called me to make sure I was pondering the events of that evening, making sure that my mind was on my well deserved reward.

By the time I heard the car pull up the driveway I was glad to see him, to know that the time had come. I knew that I would have it all behind me, literally, in a very short time.

Taking his sweet time, I knew Jack had no intention of letting me off any easier than I had hoped. All through dinner he told me exactly how dearly I was going to pay for my luxurious spending habits and for being sneaky and deceitful about them. I listened güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to every word he said and he soon convinced me that I deserved to be punished. In my guilt ridden acceptance I suddenly noticed that my cunt was tingling delightfully while I envisioned the possibilities of my submission. I turned to him and kissed him, pressing my hard nipples against his chest. He kissed me back, but only for a brief instant. For a second I thought that I may have touched a soft spot. But I soon found out that I merely delayed the inevitable by amusing him.

Jack stopped toying with my tits and ordered me to get the brush. I clung to him and pretended a fake whimper and cry, begging him not to spank me anymore. I told him how awful the anticipation and the thought had been all day long. I told him that perhaps that I had been punished enough already. With a stern shake of his head he repeated his instructions and demanded I get the brush, I complied. He sat down, crossed his legs and folded his arms. With the brush in his hand he told me to strip. Jack sat there and watched me undress, unzipping my jeans and letting them fall to the floor. Then my panties, also onto the pile with my jeans. As they fell, it was plain to see that my panties were soaked with my juices. All the petting and kissing and spending the entire day thinking about being paddled had my pussy running like a tap.

Jack took hold of my arm and placed me over his knees. I continued whining and putting up a fight but now I could almost feel the hair brush cracking down on my ass. He smacked my ass with his bare hands güvenilir bahis şirketleri once and I pleaded with him again while he pried open my tender ass cheeks and exposed my tight tender asshole. A moment later I found myself still holding my breath, waiting for the first blow to fall. I told him to get it over with, admitting that he was absolutely right about how bad I’d been! I told him I should never have tried to avoid the punishment I deserved, and that I won’t do it again.

He laughed, although his grip on my waist and hips was as firm as ever. Without warning a swat landed again, but again it was his bare hand instead of the brush. For the next few minutes Jack spanked my bare ass with his hand, sometimes hard and sometimes almost like a caress. I struggled less and less as my butt got warmer and warmer. My pleading turned into moaning and my pussy was tingling and drooling copiously into Jack’s lap. The feeling of his hand was as sensual as it was painful. His prick was hard and started throbbing and poking it’s way up against me.

In a short while Jack was finished administering my punishment and he took full advantage of my repentant state and proceeded to fuck the ass off me. He took me from behind so that he could feel the heat radiating off my ass while he fucked my red hot pussy. We came at the same time in a tremendously charged orgasm.

Trust me, that wasn’t the first time Jack spanked me and I can guarantee you it wasn’t nor will it be the last! I love the feeling of a good bare handed spanking. Nothing gets me hotter than a bit of Jack’s medicine. He uses a belt, a wooden spoon, a Ping-Pong paddle and several other items, not to mention the hair brush and those spankings are much worse, knowing now how sensual a bare hand spank can be.

I’m sitting here right this very moment wondering what I can do to piss him off today because my ass is ready for a few more whacks, and so am I !!!

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