Abby’s Surprise

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My wife and I have been best friends with Jim and Nancy Peterson for about 15 years. Jim and Nancy have a 20-year old daughter, Abby, who we have treated like our own daughter and have watched grow up since childhood. One night the phone rang and my wife answered. It was Abby, home for the weekend from college, and she told my wife that the plumbing in her house had broken and her parents were away for the weekend. She pleaded for me come over to fix it. Since my wife had told Abby that I would be right over, I collected some tools and drove to the next suburb to see what I could do.

When I arrived at Abby’s house she was standing at the door waiting. She was wearing her usual jeans and T-shirt, but she had herself made up like she was going out to a fancy party. She let me in and showed me a leaky toilet in her parents’ bathroom. While I fixed the leak we made small talk about her parents and school. She told me about how excited she was to go on Spring Break this year. I mentioned her very good looking make-up and asked her if she was going somewhere special that night. She said that she was just fooling around, practicing, trying to get the look she wanted. I shrugged. “Girls!” I thought, but she sure looked good to me!

I quickly had the toilet fixed and asked her why she called me since the leak was not an emergency. She then told me that she had gone shopping for clothes to take to Cancun and needed “a guy’s” advice on what to take with her. I looked at her real hard and asked her if she thought that I, a parent and an “old person,” could make any kind of judgment that she would like. She told me that she trusted me to not treat her like a baby as her parents would. Well, Abby is 21, 5′-10” tall, 130 lb., a 36C with brown shoulder length hair, and she’s no baby! She’s a BABE and I am having trouble thinking about her as this very foxy woman standing in front of me and not as the skinny teenager I remembered. I was beginning to think that she was up to something. I’m also thinking about my wife and what I am going to tell her when I get home.

I was flattered that Abby would ask me to help her in this situation. She was always dressed in jeans and blouses or T-shirts when she was at home or when she came to our house, so I thought, “I’ll stay and look at her clothes for her and then go home.” I had no idea what this “situation” would turn out to be!

I called home and told my wife that the problem was serious and that I would need several hours to fix it. As I hung up the phone, Abby wobbled into the living room on 4-inch high ankle-strap heels wearing a light yellow halter dress that came only about one fourth of the way to her knees. I could clearly see that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her brown areolas showed through the thin material and her nipples were poking straight out. When she raised her arms the dress slid up and flashed her little bikini panties. I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming this or not!

“Well, What do you think about this?” she asked as she smiled and pirouetted in front of me.

She was so hot that it nearly took my breath away! This was going to be a serious test of my non-parental judgment. “Wow!” I said, “That’s a very good looking dress. Have you looked in the mirror with that on? The material is pretty thin and shows an awful lot.” I told her.

She laughed and said, “Yes, I did, and I thought that it would be really good in the clubs. It’ll be dark and nobody will see too much.”

I had to agree but told her that I would reserve judgment until she had showed me all of the clubbing outfits she had bought. She turned and walked back to her bedroom to change, her ass swinging back and forth from the high heels. I really wondered what in the world I had gotten myself into! In a few minutes she came back out, still struggling on those high heels. This time she was wearing a longer dress with a kind of smocked top held up with a string halter. Her hard nipples still made little tents in the material. When she turned around, there was no back at all, just one thin string holding the sides loosely to her body. As she walked around modeling the dress for me I noticed that canlı bahis when she bent or turned the material gapped and showed most of one perfect breast or the other. I couldn’t believe it, but it did look like she was doing that on purpose. After all I was her father’s age, married, and had known her since she was a little girl! In spite of my best efforts, my brain was starting that elevator ride to my crotch.

She walked over to where I was sitting, bent down and turned slightly so that her left breast nearly fell out and asked, “What about this one?”

When I regained my breath I told her that I liked the dress (the truth!) but thought it was a little dressy and provocative for the spring break scene (a lie!). She smiled and went back to change again. It took longer for her to come back out again, but when she did I was pretty sure that there might be some other “plumbing” she wanted me to work on. Her dress was black with a loosely bloused top and a skirt that ended a little above the knee. No nipples visible this time. She had black hose on and those high heels, and I was thinking that this dress would be the one. Foxy but not too revealing. Then she turned around and I saw that the sides of the top were wide open and that whenever she moved the loosely bloused material draped open to reveal her perfect breasts and her still very erect nipples. At this point my dick was hard as iron and I was struggling to hide the bulge in my pants! As Abby walked around the room giving me the show of my life I could see that she was getting used to the high heels. Then she stopped to adjust a wrinkle in her hose. When she bent down the view of her boobs was breathtaking, but when she ran her hands up her leg over her calf and up her thigh to show the lace top of her stocking and a black garter strap, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! She walked over to me, put her arm around my neck, sat on my lap and asked, “Is this too dressy, too?”

Then she wiggled her butt into my hard cock, looked right into my eyes and said, ” I can tell that you really like this one a lot, Mr. Clark.” Then she kissed me on the cheek and said, “Are you ready to see the bathing suits I brought home?”

I had a very hard time keeping my hands from wandering inside the open sides of that dress and an equally hard time not running my hand up her stocking clad thigh. Taking a deep breath I said, “Yes, I really do like this dress but the first one is the one for spring break. Please, show me your bathing suits.”

When she had gone back into the bedroom to change again I quickly stood up to adjust my raging cock in my pants. I was wondering when or if this would get beyond teasing. I knew that I couldn’t resist her very much longer.

Abby then walked back into the room wearing a very nice one-piece bathing suit. It was cut high on the thigh and very low in the back, showing just a little of the crack of her ass. The sides were also cut so that just a little of the sides of her boobs showed. Apparently the suit had some kind of built in support because Abby’s nipples were nowhere to be seen. Relieved that the sexual tension had dissipated somewhat I commented that the suit was very good looking and that it fit her perfectly. As she turned to go back for the next suit, I caught a glimpse of a few brown curls sticking out from the crotch area of her suit. I raised my eyebrows and thought, “This is going to get interesting again!”

The next suit was a string bikini with a triangle top. Both the top and the bottom looked like they were adjustable for different amounts of exposure. Abby wore the suit with the top and the bottom expanded for maximum coverage. I thought about that and about the show that I had gotten with the dresses and decided to see if Abby was up to playing a game. So I commented that the suit was nice but that it covered way too much if she was going to wear it for spring break. I asked her if the top cups could be adjusted on their string. She tried bunching the bottom of the cups to make them narrower and then looked at me and smiled. I asked her how narrow they would go and she adjusted them so they were just thin strips that hid bahis siteleri only her brown areola and nipple. I thought that my eyes would drop out of my head as I looked at her perfectly round, firm breasts. Then she looked down at the bottom and said, “I’ll bet that this works the same way!” and slid the front together until it was just a narrow strip. She turned red as she saw all of the brown pubic hair that was exposed. “I guess that I can’t wear this one!” she exclaimed as she hurried back to the bedroom. I was surprised at her reaction because I thought she was still teasing me.

The third bathing suit was a red two-piece. The top was constructed with an under-wire and was very low cut accentuating her cleavage, making her breasts look magnificent. The bottom was a thong cut very low in the front that revealed much more pubic hair than the string bikini did. Abby was still embarrassed about this and I asked her if she had tried these suits on before now. She said that she hadn’t and that she was embarrassed about her hair showing. I knew that most women, even my wife, trimmed their bush to avoid just what Abby was showing me. I knew then that she had planned this from the beginning. “Well, in for a penny, in for a pound,” I thought. I looked carefully at her and said, “Abby, if you are going to wear bathing suits like these, you know what has to be done. Go back in your bedroom and wait for me. I will take care of your problem.” So much for the “fatherly” advice! My brain had arrived at my dick and was thinking of only one thing!

She smiled at me, pulled at the hair sticking out around the thong and went right back to her room. I sighed and headed for her parent’s bathroom. Now I knew why the shaving cream and razor had been left on the sink! I found a pair of scissors, soap and a washcloth, filled a plastic bowl with warm water and grabbed a big bath towel on the way out. When I walked into Abby’s room, she was sitting on the edge of the bed, eyes closed, completely naked with two fingers of one hand in her pussy, and pulling and twisting a nipple with the other. She looked up at me and said, “I had to take it off. I was so juicy down there and I didn’t want to ruin the suit.”

I put the shaving equipment down and asked her, “Abby, are you sure that you want to do this? We can still stop. After all, I’m your dad’s best friend and I don’t want to get either of us into any trouble.” I knew that I had to be very careful. I couldn’t fuck her, no matter how much either she or I wanted to. I had to maintain some sort of self-control and not get in over my head!

She ran her hands over her breasts and pulled on her hard nipples. Closing her eyes and sighing, she breathed, “Oh, yes, Mr. Clark! I want to do this! I want you to shave my pussy! I want it to be completely bare!” With that she put the towel under her ass and lay back on the bed. Right then I think all the blood in my body was in my dick! Here was this gorgeous girl, my best friend’s daughter, spreading her legs and asking me to play with her pussy!

I picked up the wash rag and soap and washed her pubes to soften all of that hair. As I rubbed the soapy rag across her mound I heard her gasp and moan quietly. She raised her head and watched open mouthed as I took the scissors and trimmed her bush to short stubble, carefully following the curve of her swollen and pouting pussy lips, trying not to pull the hair or to cut her. “You doing OK?” I asked.

“Oh, yes!” she sighed, “That feels wonderful!”

I squirted a dollop of shaving cream onto my fingers and began to spread it over her stubble-covered cunt. As I moved down to cover her lips, I said to her, “Lift up your legs and spread them real wide, please.” As she spread her legs wide and lifted them toward her shoulders I could see her crinkled brown asshole surrounded by fine hair. Her juices were flowing out of her gaping cunt and into the crack of her ass. I gently rubbed the shaving cream over her juicy lips and then down lower, covering her asshole. She twitched and sighed loudly as I ran my fingers around her ass crack and then touched her anus.

I started shaving at the top of her triangle bahis şirketleri shaped bush. I carefully shaved her, feeling back and forth until she was perfectly smooth. As I moved lower with the razor to the top of her emerging slit I began rubbing back and forth over her clit. She shuddered and moaned with each touch. All of a sudden she exclaimed, “Oh, God! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!!”

I put the razor down but continued to rub over her clit as she stiffened and grunted with the pleasure of a powerful orgasm. She was sweating and panting hard and said breathlessly, “Oh! Wow! That was the best EVER! I have NEVER cum that hard, even with my boyfriend!”

I smiled and said, “I think there might be more where that came from!” and picked up the razor again. I had to put more shaving cream on her pussy lips and anal area because her cum had washed what I had spread before right off! I began shaving her pussy lips, feeling in that valley between the inner and outer lips to make sure that there was no stubble. Abby was breathing very hard again and squirming at nearly every touch! Her pussy was pouring juice out, soaking the towel under her. When I began shaving that area between her pussy and her asshole she got very stiff and held her breath. I was still rubbing, feeling for any hair that I had missed and I noticed that her asshole was getting very soft and pliable. Abby had relaxed and seemed to be enjoying what I was doing. Smiling to myself, I slid my index finger over her rosebud and slowly pressed it into her anus. She was so wet and relaxed that it slid right in, all the way to the second knuckle!

Abby was moaning loudly, but it was obvious that my finger was not causing her any discomfort whatsoever. I slid my finger in and out a few times and all Abby did was pull her legs closer to her chest making her asshole even more open to me. Her sphincter had relaxed even more and as I looked at her red sweaty face I knew that she wanted more. I pulled my finger out of her ass and rubbed another finger in the copious juice running from her gaping cunt. “Do you want another one, Abby,” I asked?

She groaned and nodded and moaned, “Oh! Yes!! Shove another one in there! Fill my ass”!

I started pushing two fingers into her rubbery asshole while she groaned and shuddered almost continuously. I was fucking her ass with my two fingers and then worked a third one into her gaping ass. I had fucked her with three fingers for only a couple of strokes when her ass clenched so tightly around them that I couldn’t even move. She screamed loudly, grabbed the sheets and nearly flew off the bed in an amazing display of sexual passion. This orgasm was even more powerful than the last one and it took her almost ten minutes before she could say anything. While she was recovering, I washed her now smooth, bare pussy, cleaning off the shaving cream, stubble and cum that covered her.

Later, she stood up and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. “Wow!” she said, “This is so cool! I don’t think I’ll ever let it grow back!” She rubbed her hand over her bald crotch, sliding her fingers over and between her naked pussy lips. “I could cum just doing this!” she exclaimed. Then she reached under her pussy and rubbed her still tingling asshole. She closed her eyes and sighed and said, “I would have never guessed about my butt! I’ve never let anyone even come close to my butt before!” Then she looked at me and said, “Thanks for showing me, Mr. Clark! I would never, ever have thought that I could play with my asshole.”

I then asked her to put on the lace-top stockings and those high heels for me. She smiled and nodded and said, “Anything you want, Mr. Clark, Anything.”

She was an amazing sight with her newly shaven pussy framed by the black stockings and black garter belt. I admired her for a few minutes and then said, “You are a vision of heaven, Abby! I want to fuck you so bad that my cock is about to burst! But we both know that we can’t do that. ” I looked at her again and said, “The only thing that would make this picture better was if your beautiful nipples were adorned with gold. I’ll have to keep that in my imagination.”

I walked out of the room, found my tools and drove home. When I got home, I put all of the tools away but the one between my legs. My wife didn’t know it yet, but her plumbing was going to get a workout!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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