Absolutely Unforgivable Ch. 01

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“Okay, you can turn your phone on now,” Keith said.

“You are not afraid of the evil corporations hearing us fuck through our apps anymore?,” Elizabeth joked, messing with his hair before getting up to her purse.

“I’m not afraid of Zuckerberg knowing I’m fucking you. I’m afraid of our phones glitching or something, and calling Guillermo while I fuck you,” he said, hugging her from behind as she reached for her phone.

“Afraid of getting your ass kicked by my boyfriend?”

“Afraid of losing my best friend,” he replied, not free of guilt as he said the last two words. For years now, Guillermo had been Keith’s best friend. They met as teenagers, going through the highs and lows of highschool. It wasn’t much different, at first, in college; Keith chose med school, while Guillermo went for game development. Two admittedly different fields of study, that both of them devoted themselves to.

Their different study areas made the first cracks in their friendship apparent, though. Keith’s area was filled with a prestige that few other fields could ever dream of, and slowly he was dragged into an academic elite inaccessible to Guillermo. Keith attended more parties in the first semester than he did in his entire life so far, made more friends than he could ever dream of. And Keith knew that this was making Guillermo feel left aside.

That’s why it felt so good for Keith to help Guillermo gather up courage to talk with his classroom crush, Elizabeth. They made for an amazing couple, and Keith was honestly happy for them. But when was it that Keith found himself banging his allegedly best friend’s girlfriend?

“You won’t. I told you, I will break up with him next weekend. Act cool, pretend nothing is happening, and after one year we casually start dating. He won’t know a thing, you will still be friends and he will probably have found someone new by then,” Elizabeth answered, hugging Keith. The man knew she genuinely cared for him, and left himself lost in her embrace, until his guilt melted into passion, and the pants he just put on were thrown aside on the ground.

After that, two weeks went by without Elizaeth breaking up with Guillermo. And while Keith kept demanding it, he didn’t for once consider putting a stop to their affair. Not until that Saturday night, in which Keith accepted Guillermo’s invite to spend the night playing some good old Smash like they used to. Like in the old times, Keith finally felt relaxed around Guillermo, drinking energy drinks and eating chips as if nothing was going on. It was understandable, though, to let his guard down at that point; after all, unarming Keith was the first step in Guillermo’s plan for that night.

“And are you seeing anyone right now, man?,” Guillermo suddenly asked, exactly two hours after they started playing.

“You mean a girl?,” Keith replied, barely taking his eyes off the screen.

“No, I mean a clown. Yeah dude, of course I mean a girl! Are you seeing anyone or nah?”

“Nah, not right now. Too much stuff to do.”

“Not even Elizabeth?”

Keith froze for a second, feeling his heart skip a beat.

“What do you mean, dude? You need help with your girl and don’t know how to ask?,” he tried to play it off, almost oblivious to the now lost match unfolding on the screen.

“Even if I don’t need it, it doesn’t matter right? I mean, you have been fucking her nonetheless,” Guillermo replied, his voice barely raising above his usual tone as he placed the game’s controller on the couch.

“Wha- Are you crazy man? I’m not fucking Elizabeth! Come on man, I haven’t seen her in ages,” Keith lied, cold sweat almost bursa escort dripping from his forehead.

“Oh, of course, such a nonsensical thing to say, right? After all, you are my best friend! You wouldn’t stab me in the back like a little bitch,” Guillermo spoke sarcastically, getting up. His face got more and more red by the minute, making Keith also stand up as a reflex.

“I don’t know what the fuck you have been using, but I’m going home. You are outta your goddamn min-,” the young man said before feeling his legs spasm, pulling him to the stone-cold floor.

“I’m not done with you,” his friend groaned, walking towards a paralyzed Keith and flipping him over to meet his eyes.

“What the fuck man, I can’t feel my body. You drugged me?” Keith almost screamed, the mix of anger and fear boiling his blood.

“I didn’t drug you, pal. This is just what will happen anytime you try to exit the house. Until I lift the spell, that is,” Guillermo said, a sadistic grin forming on his face as he dragged Keith back to the middle of the room. Suddenly, his visitor could move again.

“Spell? I don’t know what this is all about, but you lost your shit ma-,” cursed Keith, before his voice disappeared.

“You have a lot of courage to accuse me of drugging you, of being crazy, when you fucked my girlfriend! I know you have been doing this for months you fucker! You were my best friend! My only true friend,” Guillermo bursted, walking towards a desperate Keith until the young man found himself stepping back from his former friend. “But that won’t be the end of this. I expected you to at least admit what you did, beg for my pardon, but you are too much of a cocky motherfucker to reflect on your mistakes. All high and mighty in college, all high and mighty in here, huh? Hell no! You are now in the palm of my hand, and, until I settle things straight, I’m a God and you are no more than an ant, you hear me?” Guillermo shouted, and, as if pushed by some invisible force, Keith was forced against the wall.

“Y-You… How are you doing this?,” the visitor asked, as his voice suddenly came back, barely able to move.

“None of your business. I just found a way to get back on the two of you. You and that bitch are going down, you hear me? I will settle things straight, you cocksucker,” Guillermo said, with a menacing smile. “And I think I have just the perfect fate in mind for you.”

Before he knew, Keith was free from the mysterious force. He felt his chest moving, breathing deeply. Either he was extremely high or Guillermo wasn’t lying; but no matter what was going on, he knew he couldn’t leave the house, as if he was really tripping a placebo effect could make him fall to the ground again. The safest way out would be to try and convince his captor to let him go.

“Look, man-,” but for the third time, Keith didn’t manage to finish his sentence, as a sudden pain in his back caused him to lose his breath and bend backwards.

“I hope this is painful. Each cell of your body shifting to my will, you lying bastard… You are in my hand now,” Guillermo laughed, clapping his hands maniacally at the sight of Keith’s body twisting in bizarre ways.

But no bone was being broken, no cartilage being displaced; if this was the case, Keith would know. Although briefly unable to speak, the feeling wasn’t painful as much as it was unpleasant. It was like his spine was being relocated, shortened, readjusted. Either that, or he was really high.

“What… Are you… Doing…?,” Keith asked, the room spinning around him as he grasped for air, tears forming in his eyes.

“Doing whatever bursa escort bayan I goddamn want to do to you! So why don’t you keep lying to see what good that will do?”

“Okay, I slept with Elizabeth!” Keith shouted, catching his breath back as the feeling in his spine ceased. “I fucked her behind your back, alright? I’m sorry man, please don’t hurt me,” he almost begged, suddenly realizing that, for some reason, Guillermo looked surprisingly taller than he used to.

“Good. See? Telling the truth is relieving, isn’t it?,” the man said, having to look down to meet the eyes of his visitor. “But that was just the start,” he whispered, before it started again.

It all came back as soon as it had stopped. Indeed, whatever was going on in his spine was barely a prelude, the initial preparation to the rest of the changes. Keith stumbled to the side, bumping against the couch as his legs trembled. Was the couch also bigger, or… Was he smaller? Looking around, everything looked larger, more intimidating. He just didn’t feel short, he felt vulnerable. A side effect, most probably, of having his already small muscle mass shrink as it was.

“Please man, I already apologized. What are you doing to me?,” he sobbed, ignoring how high pitched he started to sound. It was like hearing his pre-adolescent voice again.

“I’m taking this high and mighty attitude out of you, Keith. After we are done, you will have no high ground,” he exclaimed, pushing his victim on the couch. “No highs for you. Oh no, you are always gonna be down.”

Keith tried getting back up, only to fall back again. This time, it wasn’t magic: his loss of balance came accompanied by an embarrassing juxtaposition of ripping and fleshy wobbling sounds, as his once flat ass expanded free from his jeans, ripping his clothes to bloom as a soft cushion.

No words exited Keith’s mouth. Not because he was mute, but due to a loss of ways to react to what was happening. Right in front of his eyes, he was losing track of his own shape. His legs were becoming shorter, his shoulders narrowing. It wasn’t painful, but confusing; it was the unfathomable sensation of having your entire body become something else, at the will of someone else. Never before Keith felt so powerless before any situation.

Before he could even consider reacting, his jeans were already suffocating his tights. His shoes, on the other hand, were so loose around his shrunken feet that walking would be barely impossible. His warm ass sat heavily on the couch, a flesh pillow that made him look like a bottom-heavy shortstack.

“I look like a woman… Please turn me back,” he begged once again, desperately noticing how he didn’t even sound like a pre-adolescent boy anymore; he sounded exactly like a woman. And this detail befitted his appearance. Although he couldn’t see it, his face had been completely reshaped. There was, of course, resemblance to his former self. Spots and lines were there, but his face’s outline wasn’t as straight as before. He looked soft, round, cute; his nose was smaller, his eyelashes just slightly longer and his lips modestly plump. Keith was, for anyone who looked at him, a flat chested, bottom-heavy woman.

But to his surprise, all Guillermo did was unzip his own pants. He said no word to answer his pleas, and expressed no feeling other than arousal. For his cock rose erect from his underwear, a veiny shaft asking for relief mere meters away from Keith. And no word was said from Guillermo before Keith found himself on all fours, staring obsessively at the member.

“You want it, don’t you?,” Guillermo asked, and Keith didn’t escort bursa know how to answer. Why the fuck did he want that? Unaware of how his back was bending, of how his uncovered ass faced the ceiling at every step he took, he kept crawling. She kept crawling. Salivating, she could barely focus on the warm sensation that struck her balls, sucking them in as her own proud shaft shrunk. That cock looked marvelous, perfectly shaped and wet with pre-cum. So marvelous that she didn’t realize as her shirt stretched to accommodate the orbs of soft flesh growing underneath. The petite breasts bounced only slightly when she finally reached it. She could smell Guillermo’s cock. She was confused why, but she wanted it so bad. She drooled and felt her saliva go down her chin at the mere thought of sucking it try. Her thoughts could barely process when she finally started kissing it.

Where her balls once stood, a moist womanhood now tingled in excitement. The flavor of a cock, the warmth of her former friend’s member, everything was so good she couldn’t process the feeling of her own breasts blossoming, pushing her shirt to fit in the two mammaries, surpassing even Elizabeth’s. The girl that now swallowed Guillermo’s shaft couldn’t be considered bottom-heavy any longer; squatting, she was the living definition of a hourglass-shaped shortstack.

And she kissed, and sucked, and licked the cock in front of her. She felt almost desperate to taste it whole, to relieve it, to drink its cum. Her already plump lips kept inflating, growing to the limit of what could be considered natural, softer and plumper than most fleshlights. Her tongue, even if she didn’t notice, also reshaped, in order to better fit the cock in her mouth. Her mouth finally finished transforming amidst the blowjob, making her the perfect head-giver. Obsessed with penises, but never inside her pussy. She needed no relief, she rejoiced in her own edging. All she needed was to suck.

She remembered who she used to be, she remembered why she was there, she remembered everything regarding her previous life. She just didn’t care anymore. The cock was more important, drinking Guillermo’s load was vital. And so she almost climaxed when she finally felt her mouth be filled with it. Her legs spasmed, and she fell back, not letting a single drop go to waste. She smiled at Guillermo’s cock, and he smiled at her. Once a prideful traitor, now obsessed in going down in whatever cock was handed to her. She would soon realize that, soon be furious at what she became. But that was only a phase, she was made to enjoy it. She would soon embrace her new role.


The fact that the lights in the room were on when the freshman walked in made the entire situation more embarrassing for him. He expected the slurping sounds, to see other guys being served, and even the pungent smell of sex. What he didn’t expect was to see all of that so clearly, the short woman in the middle of it all so explicitly visible. According to his senior, she had been attending that college for over a year now.

“What is she majoring in again?,” the freshman asked, trying to make chit-chat with his senior, who just started unzipping his pants.

“I don’t think she studies here. Or, if she does, I doubt she attends any class. Most of the day she is just here, sucking off anyone who shows her a hard shaft,” he answered, stroking his hard cock. “Sometimes she shamelessly invites people to empty rooms like this, just to suck them off. Her mind is just like her mouth, man: constantly filled with pricks.”

The woman looked at the new cock, and her already blushed face got even more red. Her exposed breasts wiggled softly at every slurp, drenched in sweat and drool. She didn’t seem to mind being called dumb, cock-obssessed or whatever. She lived her life, after all, to suck, lick and kiss dicks. And being a cocksucker was all she wanted to be.

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