Admission Pt. 02

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As my cum coated cheek nestled against Mike’s warm thigh, his gorgeous cock lay just inches from my face, slowly wilting as we both basked in our post orgasmic glow. I felt radiant. Sexy and alive like a woman should, I thought, after sucking a man’s cock. The taste of Mike’s amazingly huge load still lingered sweetly in my mouth and my soaking wet pussy still tingled from the intensity of my own orgasm.

Even only half erect Mike’s cock looked stunning and my fingers reached out lazily and stroked it gently. It twitched slightly responding to my touch as I marveled at the softness of the skin that covered such a devilishly huge cock.

“God baby,” I murmured, “Your cock is amazing… My husband’s looks like a little worm beside yours.”

Something in those words inspired Mike. He sat up suddenly wrapping his right fist around the base of his softening shaft and began to stroke it slowly in front of my face.

“Mmmm…” He purred, “You like my cock? Why don’t you get me hard again so I can fuck you with it then?”

My eyes widened with excitement. Could he really be ready that quickly, even as I still savored the taste of his last load as it still lingered on my tongue? Eager to find out I lifted my head and wrapped my wet lips around his warm cock and welcomed his pulsing, meaty, head back into my mouth.

“Yes baby. Fuck yes, that’s it… Suck me.” He urged me on, “Get me hard so I can show you what it feels like to be fucked by a real cock!”

My already wet pussy tingled in anticipation. Would it even fit, I wondered? I tried to moan, to beg him, “Yes! Please fuck me!” but my mouth was stuffed full by his stiffening cock.

I slurped up and down wetly on his swelling cock and began to stroke the shaft with my hand. His fingers found my bra strap and released the clasp. I let the straps slide down my shoulders exposing my breasts, each nipple standing at rock hard attention. My own fingers found my right nipple and pinched and twisted at it sending electric shocks of ecstasy through my core as my cunt pulsed lustily in answer.

Mike’s cock was growing hard in my mouth now as my slick wet lips slid tightly up and down the shaft. His engorged cock head again probed my throat as I began to really start sucking him deeply, excitedly straining to once again take as much of his glorious cock as I could. Before I could really settle into a rhythm though, he pushed me back, pulling his wet dick sloppily from my greedy mouth.

I strained my neck trying desperately to keep him there, to suck him just a little longer but he lifted me by my arms roughly and tossed me up onto the couch beside him.

Swiftly he tugged my panties off and I eagerly helped kick them free, tossing them aside. He threw my legs open across him and he dove down between them kissing and licking my inner thighs.

I opened myself to him wantonly as his tongue and lips kissed and nibbled at my soft sensitive skin and his hands stroked my soft belly, moving down over my pubic mound till his fingers gently brushed against my freshly shaved pussy.

He circled my clit, careful not to touch it as his fingers grazed lightly over my trimmed bush, down across my smooth labia, barely brushing my moist pink inner lips peeking out between.

He was driving me crazy, my soft, bare, little pussy cried out for him to take it, to bury his face in it and drive me to ecstasy but for what seemed like an endless time he mercilessly teased me, kissing and caressing everywhere accept for my horny clit and pussy as my hands tangled in his hair and my hips rocked, instinctively trying to push his face between my eager wet lips.

“Eat my pussy baby,” I begged, “Please baby… please…”

He looked up at me fixing his gaze into my pleading eyes and only then, slowly, deliberately his Kıbrıs Escort mouth found it’s way to my yearning clit. My body shook as his warm soft tongue found my swollen button and swirled around it slowly and lightly, then flicked it gently, then more firmly as I pressed my sopping cunt up to his face. His tongue flattened and licked up the length of my pussy, probing between my wet lips, then back up to my sensitive clit. He licked at it lightly for a moment more, then pressed his tongue firmly against it, pressing it there as my hips began to grind against his mouth, My fingers began to squeeze at my nipples as I mashed my wet cunt into his face. Mikes licking quickened as he adjusted his head to the side slightly with my hands still softly tangling his hair.

“Fuck, you taste amazing!” he moaned, his voice muffled as he buried his face deep in my juicy warm pussy until he had to come up for air, “I dreamed of eating your pussy like this so many times in college.”

Oh how I wished I had let him do that now and I moaned encouragingly as my head lay back, rolling my eyes closed as I enjoyed the intense waves of pleasure washing over me, gasping as he suddenly slid a finger deep inside me. His fingertip pressed up against my G spot as he began a slow rhythmic thrusting in unison with his hungrily lapping tongue. I felt my orgasm already beginning to build at the base of my spine, tingling deep inside me as we moved as one. God, was I going to cum again already?

Mike must have sensed I was starting to get close as he pulled back and lifted his head from my slick cunt. His lips, cheeks and chin were wet with my pussy juices as he rose up onto his knees between my legs. His huge, magnificent cock was standing straight out in front of him and he adjusted my hips, positioning me to accept his meaty shaft. Eagerly I wriggled towards him as I panted with excitement at the thought of his thick manhood entering me.

Without a sound Mike guided his stiff cock down, sliding the underside of his swollen head over my clit as my pussy shuddered in anticipation. Slowly he rubbed his cockhead over my clit then down along my wet slit, the head sliding between my glistening pink lips, then back up and down, stroking his dick along my eager pussy. My juices coated the head as I shimmied my hips forward a little trying to get even just the tip inside me. With a gentle thrust Mike leaned into me, his thick swollen head forcing open my eager pink lips. I gasped wide eyed and pulled back a little as the full girth of his thick cock entered me.

Oh my God it hurt to be so stretched open by his thick cock but I was also wild with passion and knew that I needed to get it inside me. My eyes rolled back in my head as I panted and breathed and felt my pussy lips stretching, straining to welcome his rock hard dick.

Mike knew he had to take it slowly and pulled back, gently patting his heavy head on my clit for a moment. I looked down and realized he had only managed to fit just a few inches inside of me. “Oh my God,” I thought, “he isn’t going to fit!”

As if in answer he wiped some spit on his cock and pressed into me again, harder this time and I tilted my hips up slightly, helping his thick meaty shaft push into the hot depths of my cunt. With each ensuing slow stroke more of his cock became lubricated with my sweet juices as my pussy opened to him and he began to thrust in and out of me, each deeper plunge taking my breath away.

I had given birth to two healthy, nearly eight pound babies but still his thick cock felt like it was stretching me to the limit! My pussy lips burned gently as they strained to accept his insistent, forceful, slow thrusting but my God, even as much as it hurt it felt amazing!

After so many years with my husbands barely average penis Kıbrıs Escort Bayan a new passion was awakened in me by the incredible sensation of being fully stretched and absolutely stuffed full by a man’s cock. A primal animal need to fuck, to really fuck, came over me and I reached up grabbing the back of Mikes neck, drawing my face up to his, my teeth clenched in a mix of pain and ecstasy.

“Fuck me baby!” I commanded, “Give me every inch of your cock!” I threw my head back as his pace quickened, slamming his thick dick into me. “Yes! Yes!”

I gave myself over to the power he had taken over me. Never in my life had I been fucked like this! He began to plunge in and out of my fully stretched wet cunt, my legs wide open with my knees in the air. I looked up dreamily into his contorted face as he thrust back into me taking my breath away with every stroke.

“God your cock feels amazing.” I whispered up at him, “I loved sucking you. I loved swallowing you… I haven’t done that in so long but I loved feeling your cock and cum in my mouth.”

“Fuck baby,” he gasped, “Fuck, you’re going to make me cum again already!” He trailed off then withdrew from me causing me to whimper slightly as he stood up.

He pulled me up by my hand and led me naked, still in my heels I now realized, across the beautiful suite to the bedroom. As we entered he pushed me down playfully onto my stomach across the luxurious king bed. Without a word he grabbed my ankles and pulled me back to him as I squealed girlishly realizing he was going to take me from behind. Eagerly I obliged, scrambling onto my hands and knees, arching my back putting my ass into the air to give him clear access to my willing, open pussy.

“Yes baby, that’s it, yes.” He positioned himself behind me, then, putting one foot up on the bed, I felt the fleshy meatiness of his cockhead forcing it’s way back into me. I moaned and arched my back as the weight of his cock again entered me, stretching my already open willing pussy lips.

The only way I can cum with my husband any more is by working my clit furiously as he pumps away at me from behind, so instinctively my fingers went to my clit, rubbing intensely at my firm wet button. The sensation of this incredible thick cock stretching me combined with my fingers on my fully aroused clit was almost too much. I began to moan and toss my head around uncontrollably like a wild animal as the sensations overwhelmed me. Mike steadied me, pushing my shoulders down and burying my head in the soft comforter of the bed.

“Arch your back more baby, put that ass up in the air for me.” I felt a sharp, hot, sting as he slapped my ass. “That’s it baby, put it up there for me.” I arched my back as far as I could lifting my ass and pussy to him as he wanted and turned my head on the bed to look back at him. He loomed over me from behind his face a mix of concentration and pleasure as he watched his cock plowing in and out of my sopping wet shaved pussy.

One hand gripped my hip tightly and his heavy balls slapped against me as his other hand clenched and squeezed my ass and we lost ourselves in the rhythm of our fucking. His cock pounded into me as my ass bounced back, eager to meet his every thrust and my fingers stroked my happy clit.

It went on for how long I don’t know, minutes, hours? It could have gone on forever for all I cared as I was completely lost in the incredible sensations overwhelming me until vaguely I noticed the pace and intensity of his thrusting start to quicken and his breathing growing heavier behind me. His grip tightened on my hips and with a rush of excitement I realized that his orgasm was starting to build and another hot load was boiling deep inside his balls, about to erupt.

“Yes baby!” I urged him on, “Yes baby, cum Escort Kıbrıs for me! Give it to me! I want it so badly… please…” I whimpered, lost in pleasure as my heart raced in anticipation of the moment I now realized I had been waiting for; I needed to feel his cock release it’s load into my mouth again and taste his luscious sweet cum.

My begging must have worked as pulled his cock out of my stretched pussy and grunted, “Come here! Come get it baby!”

I spun around on my knees as quickly as I could, desperate to get my mouth to his cock for my creamy reward! As my face came around his straining purple cock head, glistening with my own pussy juice, was right in front of me, clenched tightly in his fist. Just as I started to lean forward to take his pussy soaked cock in my mouth, a thick gout of cum erupted and blasted hot and wet across my cheek and lips!

I was a little startled as it splashed hot on my face but even more eager to taste him as I plunged down engulfing his spurting, pumping cock in my horny, wet mouth. He thrust forward stuffing his dick deep into my mouth, allowing me to taste the mix of his cum and my pussy juices together as he pushed himself between my willing lips to the back of my throat.

Oh my God it felt magnificent! The hot pulsing of his cock between my tightly stretched lips, pumping shot after shot of his sweet, creamy load into my mouth was what I felt like I had been craving my whole sexual life! The taste of his sweet cum was like a nectar I had not known until this night that I had been yearning for my whole life.

My eyes rolled back in my head in bliss as I grabbed his shaft and pumped it fast and hard as my lips slid over the head. His cock twitched and pumped again and again, filing my cum hungry, greedy little mouth.

The incredible sensation of Mike’s hot load flooding me immediately drove my pussy crazy and my fingers went to work rubbing my clit and sliding into my stretched open cunt as my own orgasm built deep inside me. I needed to moan, to scream at the intensity of it all but my mouth was stuffed full of Mike’s precious cock and cum.

I bucked and rocked trying to maintain a tight seal on his pulsing shaft as my orgasm took hold of me until an uncontrollable moan erupted from the very core of my being causing the creamy goodness I was treasuring to spill out onto the bed sheets.

Desperately I plunged my mouth down and hungrily lapped at the pearly pool like a starved animal as my body shook with the pleasure of my own orgasm. I whimpered a little with joy as I trembled in orgiastic ecstasy while happily slurping the warm goodness back into my mouth where it belonged.

My pussy pulsed with warm satisfaction as my tongue swirled through the creamy goodness I treasured back in my mouth. Mike had collapsed on the bed beside me watching me wide eyed with amazement at the cum slut I had become.

I looked back at him my face conveying the sheer joy and thankfulness I felt as I carefully and a little wistfully I swallowed the thick, warm load he had shared with me, enjoying the luxuriant erotic warmth of it sliding down my throat.

“Mmmm…” I closed my eyes and licked my wet, cum covered lips. “Mmm, God I love your cum baby!”

I noticed a white stream oozing from his deflating cock and quickly engulfed his cockhead in my mouth again as my fingers ringed the base of his shaft. Carefully I squeezed up his length as my cheeks puckered and I drew the last of his glorious cum from the tip of his cock.

“Thank you baby, you taste so good.” I purred as I kissed and nuzzled his cock, rubbing my cum covered face and lips all over his softening meat.

He mumbled back something that I couldn’t understand as he lay across the bed on his back, his arm flung over his eyes, exhausted and happily drained. I slid up beside him resting my head against his chest as his arm flopped weakly down around my shoulder.

I knew then I’d be staying the night, and that was fine with me as I drifted to sleep with the taste of his cum filling my my head with dreams for the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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