Adventures in Amsterdam

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Dedicated to Max, from Jade. See you in March!

I’ve had a shower, done my hair, gotten dressed, and was putting on my make-up when you appeared in the mirror. I had to stop trying to get my lipstick on evenly because the hands that you’d slid up under my sweater were cupping my breasts in such a sensual way that my hands became shaky. I gave up, smiled, and leaned back into you, sighing deeply, loving your touch, as always. I saw your special smile in the mirror, and looked at the reflection of your eyes.

“We have to leave in 5 minutes if we are going to make the show.”

“If you keep on doing that, we’re never going to leave,” I said, grinning at our reflection, seeing how hard my nipples have become under your fingers. I saw you admiring your work, too. I closed my eyes and moaned softly, but then started, as suddenly, your warmth is gone. You blew me a kiss from the doorway, and I sighed, and finished applying my lipstick.

Walking up the street hand-in-hand under the stars, I felt something. Kind of a tingling, in my panties. Just a little tingle. And then it was gone. “Hmm,” I thought. Weird. And I turned my attention back to your smalltalk as we continued on down to the subway station.

As we stepped up to the platform to wait for the train to arrive, I felt it again. If I thought I had imagined it the first time, there was no doubt now…there was a fluttering in my panties, almost like little electric vibrations. My whole crotch was tingling. I looked at you with what was probably a quizzical look, but you seemed oblivious, engrossed in reading the ever-changing train schedules. I was really starting to feel warm down there. I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, subtly undulating my pelvis, seeing if the tingling would stop. It didn’t. In fact, it became a little more intense. I walked around in little circles, over to the edge of the platform to look down the tracks, then back to stand beside you. I pretended to be interested in the schedules that you were still absorbed in, and then I just stood still, wondering what the heck was going on. I looked around to see if anyone was watching me, and then pulled at the elastic of my panties, trying to adjust. It didn’t help. And then, just as suddenly, it stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief.

The train came.We got on, found seats, and rode in to Centraal Station, talking amicably and holding hands, as we always do. We got the tickets for the show at the Comedy Cafe, and then found ourselves with some time to kill before the show started. You suggested getting some coffee.

Seated at the cafe, the mersin escort smiling waitress arrived to take our order. I turned to her, and just as I opened my mouth to say hello, a powerful vibration zapped me. To put it bluntly, it was like someone had stuck a hot wire right onto my clit. I yelped and jumped in my seat. The waitress looked at me, puzzled. Embarrassed, I smiled sheepishly as you ordered two coffees.

“What was that all about?” you asked.

“Ummmm….oh….my back. Yeah, it was my back! It kind of twinged for a second, startled me. Yeah. It, uh, does that someti-YIPES!!!” I yelped again.

“It did it again?” you asked, looking concerned. I nodded quickly. You studied my face, seeming to almost be hiding a smile, then pointed out a silly-looking tourist who was trying on his shiny new pair of wooden shoes on a bench by a canal.

I barely noticed. I was beginning to feel a little distressed. Because I was not sure what was going on in my panties and had no idea what I could do about it. I hoped that maybe it was gone now. Maybe it was something I ate, or maybe that European laundry detergent? We sipped our coffee, and chatted some more, and then… it began again.

Almost imperceptable, just a tiny, barely noticeable vibration in my panties. I took a deep breath, gulped the last of my coffee as you paid the check and we left the cafe, with me a-tingling all the way. I prayed that my gait didn’t look as unsteady as it felt. I was having trouble keeping up with your long strides, and finally, you turned to wait for me. Slipping your arm around my shoulders, you guided me into the club.

Settled in our seats at a small table near the stage, you ordered a couple of beers for us. My panties were going crazy. It was non-stop tingle now, a slow-steady vibration, creeping through the lower part of my body. I was fidgeting, my hands were shaky and unsteady, fussing nervously with my hair, the napkins and my clothes, and I was looking around nervously.

“Are you all right?” you asked. I smiled at you with a false brightness, trying to be cool about the whole situation.

“Sure, why?”

“You look a little flushed. Here’s your beer.”

I took a sip, trying not to spill any. I had no idea what was going on in my pants. The vibrations increased suddenly, and I barely managed to set my beer down on the table. You looked at me strangely again, but said nothing, and the lights dimmed, the show was beginning. The first comedian was really funny, but I wasn’t laughing, because my crotch now had a life of its own. I’d begun breathing more quickly, and mersin escort bayan I was perspiring, in spite of the cold air-conditioning blowing on us. I tried to follow what the comedian was saying, since the rest of the audience was laughing uproariously, but it was no use.

The vibrations increased suddenly again with a jolt, almost like the split second hesitation before a car is shifted into higher gear, and then the gears catch and the car’s speed suddenly increases. Another notch?!?!

I jumped so hard, my arms flew out and my elbow jostled the arm of the man sitting on my other side. He gave me a dirty look, and I shrugged at him, hoping I looked apologetic. You leaned over and asked me again if I was all right. I just shook my head slowly and said nothing. The blood was now pounding through my veins, and roaring in my ears. I was squirming in my seat, unable to sit still any longer. My breathing was heavy and ragged and I was whimpering softly under my breath. You slid your arm around my shoulders and pulled me gently against you as it happened.

No, it can’t be happening.

I started to orgasm. Right there, right in front of the stage, with 100 other people around me, with a show going on. The familiar stirrings of an intense orgasm began deep inside of me and slowly burned their way from the core of my being out to the top of my head and down to my toes, which curled tightly. I tried desperately to keep my face from contorting as I grabbed onto your leg and squeezed it agonizingly tight as waves of intense pleasure ran through me. I was so grateful for the loud laughter of the audience, because it muffled the screams I was keeping confined to my throat. I kept clutching you as you watched me closely, concern all over your face. Finally the spasms subsided, and I relaxed limply against you. I thought you had a slightly smug look on your face, but I was too dazed to look more closely.

“What was that all about?” you asked.

I didn’t reply, only sat with my eyes closed, my head lolling on your shoulder. I don’t remember the rest of the show. But judging by how hard you were laughing, I guessed that it was a good one. Finally, the lights came up, you helped me on with my coat, we headed for the station, and boarded the last train of the night. It was pretty crowded, we were forced to stand. But we’ve always enjoyed that, you leaning against the wall, me close to you, your arms protectively around me. I was still in a post-orgasmic afterglow as I smiled up at you, and we shared some long, leisurely kisses while the rest of the passengers pretended not to escort mersin watch us. Your arms held me close while the train bumped roughly over the tracks.

Oh, dear God no. It was starting again.

Building quickly to an intense buzz, then slowly dying off….then back again….then dying away. On and on, over and over, like a roller coaster, up and then down, the vibrations tortured me exquisitely for a few seconds, then faded away, only to return with a vengeance. Again and again, they sent electrifying sensations deep through me, and then ebbed away. And then again….and again….oh my God.

My knees were shaking now, and I clutched at you. Thinking it was the rough train ride, you held me closer to you, and I was so grateful for that. I leaned my forehead against your chest as I panted and moaned softly, not being able to escape what was happening to me, being able only to endure it and hope it ended soon.

My fingers clenched your coat tightly as another orgasm washed over me. My head fell back as I gasped for air, your jacket still in my fists. Waves upon waves of spasms nearly doubled me over….would have doubled me over had you not been holding me so tightly. Tears began to roll down my cheeks as the orgasm slowly ended, and I looked up at you.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me tonite,” I sobbed. “I’ve been feeling these THINGS all night long! My crotch is on freaking fire and I’ve come twice, with crowds of people all around me! I don’t know what’s going on!”

You just held me close and kissed the top of my head as I cried softly, still weak in the knees, still breathing unevenly. Soon it was our stop, and we got off and headed home. You took my hand and as we walked, you said, “Oh, by the way, is this what you were feeling?” Something zapped my clit. I screamed and jumped.

“Yes! What the hell was that? Do you know???”

You started chuckling and pulled a small box out of your pocket. “You know those new panties I bought for you that you wore tonite?”


“They have a special laser chip in them,” you said, laughing harder. “It’s so tiny you didn’t notice it, but it’s sending vibrations like radio-frequency waves right into your pussy! This is the remote control…I’ve had it in my pocket all night long!”

I stop, mouth gaped open. “YOU did this? It’s been YOU all along? All night?? In front of the waitresses, and at the show….and on the train???”

You’re laughing too hard now to reply.

“Ooooohhhhh! I am going to get you so bad! That was sooo….sooooo…..ohhhhhhhhh!!! I can’t believe you!!!”

I ran at you, and you ran for the front door. As you struggled with the key, I caught up to you and jumped onto your back, pummelling you (lovingly) with my fists. And I vowed you would pay.

Oh yes.

You would pay.

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