Adventures in the Restaurant Biz

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Big Breasts

I’ve always been a restaurant guy. Its what I’m good at. I’m a hell of a chef and I honestly don’t give a damn if I sound cocky when I say it. I love everything about the restaurant business. I love working nights, I love the fact that working in a kitchen is much less formal than an office setting, and I love that its not considered unprofessional to sleep with your co-workers.

In the summer of 2006, I found myself in a new restaurant at a large resort that I had been working at for about six months. This new place was much more fast paced, demanding and the hours were longer. As a young 23 year old up-and-comer, it was exactly what I was looking for professionally and the predominantly female wait staff was exactly what I was looking for personally.

I’ve never been misperceived as quiet or reserved. I love being social and I love meeting new people. Right after this move to the steakhouse, I met Allison because she was a tall, leggy brunette and I made it a point for her to notice me. She had beautifully tanned skin, which I would later find came from her Dominican heritage, and right after our first conversation, I knew she and I would get along. We shared the same perverted sense of humor, liked a lot of the same music, and were both capable of finding a moment to be jovial in the middle of the nightly crunch that came around 7pm.

It was about two weeks into my new gig when I was invited out by my new coworkers for an after work cocktail at a joint that stayed open late night across the street practically from where we worked. Who was I to say no? I was 23, exhausted from a 12 hour day, and in dire need of some liquid refreshment. Just after accepting the invitation, I made a beeline to the dish area where I knew I would find Allison polishing wine glasses and silverware as was her nightly routine.

“So rumor has it there is going to be gathering of thirsty white coats across the street,” she said to me as I approached, referring to myself and the kitchen crew who always wore the classic white chef coats to work.

“The rumors are true. After the ass kicking I took on the line tonight, I think I might attempt to actually drink my weight in beer,” I replied with my standard sarcasm added. “Do you want to come with?”

“Well, it might be tricky to get the timing right, but if you pull my hair and slap my ass, I’m pretty sure we can finish at the same time.” She obviously decided to interpret my invitation in a different manner. Like I said, I liked her right away.

“I agree, but only if I can call you a whore too. What’s hair tugging and ass slapping without a little degradation?” Her laugh meant things could be getting even more interesting tonight if I could get a few drinks in her. “So what do you say? Care to join us for a drink?”

“Well, I don’t drink anymore, but I’ll stop by just to be social.”

This instantly struck me as odd. You see, everyone who works in a restaurant has a vice. Its necessary for survival. Its a demanding business and very stressful. You have to have a way to blow off steam and unwind at the end of the night. Far and away, the two most popular ways of doing this are alcohol and tobacco. Almost EVERYONE in a restaurant drinks, and each restaurant has at least a select few of people who are textbook functional alcoholics. Allison said she doesn’t drink, and I know she doesn’t smoke. That meant to me she either had to be A) a pothead, B) a cokehead, C) a Chernobyl-style meltdown waiting to happen, or what I hoped she would be, D) a sexual demon. What better way to rid yourself of the stress of a long day than with a blistering orgasm? I was hoping for the best, or at least my libido was, but I went into this situation knowing its entirely possible Allison was just a tightly-wound ball of permanent anxiety hiding behind a facade of normality. If this was the case, she wouldnt be the first person in this business that fit such a description.

Upon reaching the bar, I ordered myself a tall glass of Yuengling and a shot of Jameson. Nothing washes away a long day better…with the notable exception of a slow and sloppy blowjob. Allison showed up moments later but her button-up uniform shirt didn’t make the trip out of the car. That left her in a form fitting white spaghetti strap tank top that displayed ample cleavage. The uniforms the wait staff was forced to wear were far from provocative and this was my first time seeing Allison without her uniform on. I was previously unaware God had blessed her with such great breasts and as she walked over to me, she noticed me admiring them.

“What, is this the first time you’ve seen a pair of titties?” she sarcastically questioned.

“No, just the first time I’ve seen yours,” I replied as I took advantage of the moment and introduced myself to them. “Good evening, ladies, my name is Aidan, and I’ll be the drunk guy staring at you all night.”

Allison, in a moment of perfect timing, decided to stand on her toes just as I was saying this, Kıbrıs Escort pushed her breasts together with her upper arms, and shook them right in my face. “Sexual demon, for sure,” I thought to myself.

The next hour or so comprised mainly of myself and my line mates drinking copious amounts of alcohol and relentlessly breaking each other’s balls with raucous amounts of laughter. Over time, our numbers began to dwindle and eventually Allison grew tired of sipping on her ice water and stood to say good-bye. It was make or break time. I followed her to her car, receiving encouragement from my co-workers as I did (“Yea, dude, get you some pussy!” Foul mouthed fucking line cooks, I knew I would fit in perfectly with these guys).

We walked to her car silently. It wasn’t because I was feeling awkward or didn’t know what to say, its just because I was drunk. As we got to her car, she pulled out a piece of paper and scribbled on it before handing it to me.

“I have to go home and walk my dog. You should go home and shower and then call me. I’ll give you directions to my house from there.” No further conversation was necessary from that point on as I looked at the piece of paper and saw 10 digits written on it, so I left her with a simple, “Call you in an hour” before heading back into the bar to pay my tab.

I slapped a couple $20s on the table where my co-workers were seated to cover my portion of the tab and bid them a good evening. They all knew why I was in such a hurry to leave and I didn’t give a fuck. I had things to get done and their opinions and comments were irrelevant to me at that point.

I was at home, showered, changed and sitting on my couch with my phone in my hand in less than 45 minutes. Its amazing how quickly you can accomplish things when you’re properly motivated. My phone conversation with Allison was brief. This wasn’t a girl I needed to sweet talk or finesse into bed. She wanted the same thing I wanted and less than five minutes after dialing her number I was in my car with a pocket full of Trojans on my way to her house.

Upon ringing the doorbell at Allison’s townhome, I heard the sound of what appeared to be a small bear running to the door and growling ferociously with only a few inches of plywood set on metal hinges separating me from what could be the jaws of death wrapped around my throat. I immediately began to wonder if getting my rocks off was worth the risk of being potentially castrated by a pissed off canine at 3am. Thats not a 911 call I wanted to make.

Unexpectedly, the door flung open inward and I was treated to the delightful sight of Allison wearing the same white tank top, only now it was bunched up just below her tits exposing her deliciously tanned and tight stomach, and a pair of short gray cotton shorts. She looked so fucking good, it wasn’t until Cerebus, Guardian of Hades, began to growl again that I noticed this fucking dog was HUGE. It appeared to some sort of strange mix of pit bull and rotweiler and stood waist high.

Upon seeing the look of anxiety, Allison attempted to call my nerves.

“I was about to put her in the backyard, but when you rang the doorbell, she yanked herself free. Stand there for a second and don’t make any sudden moves while I try to put her out back again.”

Instantly, in my head I thought “Are you fucking kidding me? ‘Dont make any sudden moves?!’ The things I’ll do for a fucking piece of ass.”

I stood in the doorway, frozen like my life and my manhood depended on it, while Allison dragged the dog towards the back door who begrudgingly went along. Only after the sliding glass door to the backyard was closed did I deem the situation safe enough to step inside the door. A deep sigh of relief and my balls were once again slowly easing their way down back into my scrotum.

“Are you ok?” Allison questioned as she re-entered the room where I was standing.

“I’m fine,” I replied with a not so subtle hint of annoyance and anxiety in my voice.

“Good, then follow me,” she stated as she trotted up the stairs.

As I followed in her footsteps up the stairs, I was treated to the lovely sight of the bottom of her ass cheeks hanging out from the back of her cotton shorts. Now I was back in my element. Now it was time to take out the scared shitless feeling I just had on a fine piece of Latina pussy.

We weren’t two steps inside the door to her bedroom before I reached down, picked her up by her waist, and tossed her head long into her own bed. She immediately turned over and glared at me, but didn’t object. In an instant my shirt was off and tossed into a corner. I climbed on top of this sexy creature and the look in her eyes told me she knew she was in for a long night. As I leaned down to kiss her, her hand reached up and placed itself on my chest, keeping me away.

“You’re going to have to work for it from here on out, motherfucker…” came her statement I took as a challenge. I grabbed both Kıbrıs Escort Bayan of her wrists and pinned them above her head with one hand as my other hand reached down to my waist to undo my belt. In an instant, she was bucking and struggling underneath my weight and my strength as I attempted to tie her hands together with my belt. Grunts of frustration and “fuck you’s” under her breath were hurled my way, but no vocal protests for me to stop came so I continued with what I was doing.

Just as I got her hands bound together, I happened to notice a shiny object out of the corner of my eye. A quick glance to the nightstand next to her bed, and bingo, I found what I needed. A pair of police issue handcuffs were quickly clasped around the belt binding her hands together. Lifting myself off of her slightly, I grabbed her below the elbows and pulled her entire body closer to the headboard of her bed so I could clasp the other end of the handcuffs to the bed’s metal frame.

I took a moment to catch my breath. Though I am a large guy, throwing a 5’10 women around can be taxing. I looked down at Allison, who still wore a defiant albeit sexually excited look on her face, and declared, “You’re fucking mine now, bitch.”

My first order of business was to pull her tank top up over her breasts. I had been admiring those tits all night and after all I had been through, it was time to see the objects of my admiration in all their glory. They were everything I had hoped they would be. Perfectly round with brownish eraser-sized nipples and almost no aureolas. I grabbed two rough handfuls of tit flesh and pushed them together. I was going to enjoy watching these things bounce while I pounding her pussy.

The next step was getting her cotton shorts off of her waist, but I wasn’t expecting her to be cooperative. I moved down so that I was straddling her knees, pinning her legs between my own, and began working her panties down her thighs when she managed to wiggle her left leg free. Before I had a chance to react, the heel of her left foot was planted into my sternum and I was knocked back almost completely off the bed. The wind was knocked out of me slightly, and the taunting laughter coming from Allison was stinging my ego, but as I looked down while I was gathering myself, I also noticed my cock was rock hard. I was going to enjoy taking everything I wanted from this fucking slut.

I stood up in front of her at the foot of her and finished undressing myself. As my cock sprang free, Allison’s eyes grew a little wider and her stare was fixed on the 8.5 inches of erect dick between my legs. The look in her eye was a bit apprehensive. She knew she was in a precariously helpless position and was about to be grudge fucked by a guy who had a cock that was obviously much bigger than she was expecting. She didn’t move as I climbed back on the bed, straddling her knees once again, and this time instead of trying to be fucking cute, I grabbed one leg of cotton shorts and tore them in half. I now had complete access to every inch of her naked body and she had no real of stopping me.

I moved up her body, this time straddling her chest, and shoved my cock into her face. She dutifully took my cock into her mouth, resigned to her own fate. She was going to be my slut for the evening and there wasn’t much she could do about it. I felt my cock hit the back of her throat and looked down at her. She barely had a third of my length in her mouth and already looked nervous about the prospect of being mouth fucked with no way of stopping me. To her credit, she closed her lips around my girth signaling that she was going to try her best. I began thrusting in and out of her mouth, slowly and deliberately, hitting the back of her throat each time. Her murmurs and gargled groans only served to turn me on as her entire mouth and throat vibrated around my cock.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth and moved my ball sack over her face. This depraved little whore took as much of balls into her mouth as she could fit and twirled her tongue over them like she might get a prize if she hit just the right spot. I was thoroughly enjoying her efforts when visions of slamming my cock inside of her cunt ran through my mind and distracted. I quickly extracted my nuts from her mouth and relocated myself between her thighs.

I grabbed both of her ankles and placed one on each of my shoulders. She was now spread completely open, hands tied above her head with a pissed man about to annihilate her pussy into oblivion.

“Please,” she managed to whimper, “go slow at first.”

“Shut THE FUCK up,” came my reply as I fisted my cock and aimed the head directly at her pussy. I leaned in and gave a small push as the head of my cock barely entered her warmth. A squeal of combined pain and pleasure filled the room but the wetness of pussy betrayed how badly she wanted to get fucked. I fed her another inch or two and her body convulsed as she tried ever so slightly Escort Kıbrıs to pull away. I responded by leaning over her, ankles still trapped on my shoulders as I pushed roughly half of my cock inside her. Another cry came from her lips. She may be a little whore, but she’s obviously been fucking guys with needle dicks, I thought to myself. Her pussy was incredibly tight. It was wrapped around my cock like a fist, and every time I pushed a little more of my cock inside her pussy contracted and squeezed even tighter. I was in heaven.

I took her advice and decided to go slow. Not because I really gave a shit, but because I didn’t want to get too excited and end this too soon.

After getting roughly three quarters of my cock inside her vice grip pussy, I felt like I had bottomed out. The end of my cock was hitting the back of her pussy and I couldn’t push any further. Her entire body was tense. I could feel the muscles in her legs pulled taut against my shoulders and I could see the outline of muscles in her stomach as she braced herself with every inch of her body as I cock was pushed inside her. As I began to slowly pull my cock out of depths, I could feel her muscles begin to slowly relax and she exhaled sharply. To torment her, I gave her a quick jab with my cock, pushing about half my length back inside of her with a sudden burst. She shrieked and jerked her hips up off the bed. I was enjoying this. I could tell I wasn’t truly hurting her because she wasn’t fighting me at all, but I knew I was giving her a fucking like she hadn’t had before. Her pussy was stretched to its limit around my cock and in her vulnerable position, she had to take every inch of what I was giving her.

As I began to stroke her insanely tight cunt with a slow, steady motion, her cries and shrieks of a combined pain and pleasure were becoming moans of anticipation awaiting every thrust. I removed her ankles from my shoulders and she instantly wrapped them around my waist. I picked up the pace ever so slightly and those gorgeous bronzed breasts were swaying beautifully to match the timing of my thrusts. I leaned in and sucked a nipple into my mouth and applied pressure to it with my teeth. It wasn’t quite a bit but it was more than playful nibble and the sudden inhale of breath coming from Allison told me she enjoyed it. I love a woman who can enjoy a little rough sex and not be afraid to show it.

Her pussy was still gripping my cock with great force, but I could tell by her reaction to the fucking I was giving her, she was becoming more accustomed to the size of my cock. It was time to give her more. I began pulling about half of my cock out of her cunt before brutally slamming it back inside of her. The squeaking of the bed frame, the slapping sound of our hips colliding, and the cry of unexpected force from Allison filled the room in a simultaneous orgy of auditory stimulation. I continued with this pace and Allison kept shrieking every time my cock bottomed out in her pussy. Her squeals became more and high pitched and her breath became shortened as headed towards climax.

I only intensified my pace, fucking her soon to be orgasming twat with harder and faster thrusts. If she was going to cum, she was going to pay for it by walking bow legged at work tomorrow. As she got closer and closer to cumming, her began thrusting her hips upwards to meet me and when she finally went over the edge, she shoulders shot off the mattress as her eyes rolled in the back of her head. The sounds coming from her mouth were mumbled nonsense and her entire body was shaking. This bitch was having an earth shattering orgasm over the pounding I was laying into her cunt.

Her pussy clamped down on my cock so hard, I could barely push it inside of her. Instead of fighting it, I just let her ride out the end of her orgasm with only the tip of my cock inside her. The whole body convulsions slowly subsiding as she returned to earth. She finally opened her eyes and looked up at me, shaking her head as she did so in an attempt to regain her focus. “Holy fucking shit!” came the response.

I still had business to tend to though, this was no time for stopping. I pulled away from her and grabbed her hips. I flipped her over on her stomach, her bound hands staying in place, causing her arms to cross over each other. Cooperatively, she lifted her hips off the bed and positioned herself on her knees. Her shapely ass and legs were on display and mine for the taking. Without hesitating, I reached a hand back and brought it crashing down onto her ass. The sudden sting caught her off guard and with a yelp, her entire body jerked away. I quickly grabbed her hips and relocated her where I wanted her.

I fisted my cock once again and lined up with that tight pussy I was enjoying. In one fluid motion, I pushed my entire length inside Allison’s steaming cunt. Her involuntary response to the sudden invasion was to resist, but her pussy was so lubricated from the orgasm she just had, there was no stopping me. In this new position though, I was able to fit my entire cock inside her, finally feeling my hips pressed firmly against her ass cheeks. Allison squirmed at the feeling of this deeper penetration causing her pussy to contract deliciously around my cock once more.

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