After Drinks

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My classic jazz played softly in the background as you giggle again, playfully smacking my hand away. I can tell you’ve had almost too much but you’re still in something of control. I can taste the Jack Daniels on my tongue as I grin mischievously at you and intone a soft, “what?”

You blush fully now, a little more brazen with your liquid courage as you put a hand on my knee to steady me. “I don’t think I’m quite drunk enough to show you my bra.” I laugh a little and let the hand resting on the back of the lounge brush against your jaw line, my fingertips tracing the tasty looking skin and causing a little shiver to slide through you.

“Well, it’s either now or later,” I grin and lean in. You see me move forward and purposefully lean towards the coffee table to fetch your glass of wine and avoid me. I lean back in mock frustration, now seeing the game for what it is as you put your hand on my knee to steady yourself. “So, I take it you’re not wearing one then?” You almost spit the wine out of your mouth but manage to avoid it just.

“No, I’m definitely wearing one,” you giggle and lift one with your palm up, almost offering it to me. “It’s just … well, I wore such a slutty one cause I didn’t think it would be more than drinks.” I laughed now, my brain running a hundred miles an hour trying to think of what you might consider ‘slutty’. “Stop! It’s the most comfortable one I own.” you laugh in spite of yourself, trying to look stern with me and failing miserably. “You’re mocking me.”

“Absolutely,” I retort then pretend to consider my words and raise a pausing finger, playing more drunk than I actually am and continue, “not.” You laugh harder, the most beautiful sound I’ve heard in a long time. I lean in again and this time you do not move but meet my lips with yours. They’re soft and taste of the wine you’ve been drinking. The kiss lasts mere moments but it’s the most excitement I’ve had in a few weeks so I push my advantage and lean further, forcing you back into the lounge a bit. Our tongues brush gently within our mouths and the sensation tingles all the way down my body causing more reaction. I break away for a moment, looking at you as I raise my other hand to your chin, gently playing with your skin with my thumb and smile. “Not so dreadful now, was it?”

You shake your head a little and then grab me by the collar and pull me back for more. Our lips collide and I forget to breath for a moment as I feel your hand on my chest, fighting with the buttons on my shirt. I growl a bit against your lips and cover your hand with mine, stopping the frantic movement of your fingers. Your heart wasn’t in the gesture and I know from our very open and frank conversation about relationships before you enjoy the build up. I force my body to calm down and my brain to focus as I slow the kiss down, opening my mouth and closing it against your lips slowly feeling your body react but I maintain my grip on your hand.

My body responds to my commands and I wrap you in my arms, pulling your body against me, feeling the material of your dress move as you push against me. I take your hand and place it against the back of my neck before moving my hand back to the small of your back and we stay like that for a while, kissing Kocaeli Escort and reveling in the feel of each other. As if of its own volition my kisses break from your mouth and I find my way to your jaw. The soft scent of your perfume causes a grumble to emit from my chest as my lips find your neck and I kiss my way up and down one side. You groan softly and I cannot help but smile as I think about how much pleasure I’m giving you just from this.

My hands slid down your shapely body now, caressing your side and over your hip down to your thigh as I kiss my way into the valley of your cleavage and back up to the other side of your neck. I hear a petulant groan escape your lips but I am determined to enjoy my meal and growl softly. Your voice dies away as I reach your earlobe and begin to playfully nibble on it. With a quick move, I roll slightly and lie you on your back on the lounge and lay next to you feeling your body against mine and wishing all this clothing was gone. I know the rewards will be great when I finally manage to undress you but right now all I can think about are those lovely breasts and how your nipples will taste.

“If I turn off the lights,” I whisper into your ear in a growl between kisses, “then will you let me see?” I don’t wait for a response simply flick the switch and put the whole room into darkness. The street light outside plays into the front room window through the thin curtain and I can make out the dark outline of your body. While we were kissing, I had managed to undo the zipper on your dress and you obliged me by slipping out of the top half. Soft skin presented itself almost spilling out of a lovely lacey bra that attempted to contain my targets.

“It’s only fair,” you say as you undo the first few buttons on my shirt. I’m far too turned on to worry about my genetic lack of body hair as your hand touches my skin and I dive into your abundant cleavage. I feel your hands in my hair as I kiss into the deep valley of your breasts and begin massaging the other with my hand. You groan again and I feel you reach behind to release them and I take immediate advantage. Latching onto the hard nipple I begin to play with it with my tongue, flicking it rapidly across the tip and swirling it about.

As my mouth travels to the other, you help me slip out of my shirt and run your hands along my bare skin across my shoulders and I suckle at the other, bringing my hand to the first as I spend time enjoying both of your lovely breasts. They are soft and supple, tasting of your body wash and slightly of salt. You groan again and I smile up at you with your nipple in my mouth before kissing my way down your stomach.

“Now, for dessert.” I whisper as my hands help you out of the rest of your dress. I can smell your excitement and am happy to find that you smell sweet and almost tasty. I lick my lips in anticipation as I pull the thin material aside and caress your swollen lips with my tongue. You almost scream from the sensation and I gently nibble at the exposed outer lips of your sweet pussy. I alternate running my tongue up and down the folds of it and gently puckering my lips and pulling your lips apart. I tease you for a minute or so until I cannot take it anymore and I Kocaeli Escort Bayan lift your legs over my shoulders and burry my face into your pussy.

Grabbing your hips I push my nose and mouth against your lips now parting them with my tongue and feeling your wetness on my nose as I begin to feast upon you in earnest. Your hands grip my hair and your cries of passion are muffled by your thighs against my ears as I alternate with licking and sucking on your sweet pussy. I force my tongue into a hard point and gently urge it past the slight pressure before it slides into you. Your whole body bucks up as my tongue slips in and out of you and my nose rests on the hard little nub of your clit. I curve the tip of my tongue upwards to scrape along the top of your pussy as it comes out, scooping the sweet tasting nectar within into my mouth.

I replace my tongue with my long middle finger and begin to slide it slowly in and out of your sweet wet pussy. I move up slightly and kiss my way along your lips until I find your clit, standing proud now like a blossom from a flower and I gently begin to suck and lick on it. I feel your whole body convulse as I tend to your clit and slowly slide my middle finger deep into your pussy. I can see the wave of your first orgasm coming on like a tsunami and I change my tack a little, curling my finger upwards to caress the hard little g-spot inside you and it crashes over you with my mouth on your clit and my finger in your pussy, you yelling “Oh GOD!” as your body jerks uncontrollably for a moment. I caress the hard little nub with my tongue once more then pull my finger out of you, putting it in my mouth and sucking the juices off of it.

Your eyes are closed and you look almost peaceful lying there on my couch naked even if your body trembles in aftershocks. You push me from beneath your legs and I sit on the end of the couch, quite content with myself and looking at the room in the darkness which is why I don’t see you move until I feel your lips on my neck. Your breasts press against my bare skin and my body reacts. I groan quietly and you slide one leg over my hips and sit facing me in my lap. You take your time with my neck and my shoulders and I know you cannot miss the obvious buldge in my crotch as your attention makes me harder than I’ve been in a long while.

You say nothing as your breasts press against my skin and you kiss your way down to my chest. I close my eyes and lean back, trying not to explode simply from the feel of you against me and then your breasts land in my lap on either side of my aching erection. I hear you quietly say, “Now this won’t do,” as you undo my belt and then begin to release me. As an afterthought I try to tell you it was laundry day and I didn’t have any boxers on but my words jumble out as you release me by pulling my zipper down. I can feel the throb of my cock as I stands fully erect and you look up at me as you slide forward a bit, working it between your lovely tits.

I groan in pleasure as my cock jumps a bit at the touch and my eyes close of their own will before I feel a soft wetness engulf the head. I gasp at the sensation and my eyes shoot open to find you with just the head in your mouth. My hands in an effort Escort Kocaeli not to grab your hair and throat fuck you, clutch at the lounge cushions. You release me and smile before lowering your head and running your tongue along its length, first one side then the other. I try not to move, try not to thrust my hips up to your eager lips but soon I’m simply fighting not to go off like a roman candle and spray you.

You continue to alternate between the licking and just sucking the head of my cock into your mouth for a minute or so (time has zero relevance at this point). I was just getting to a point where I thought I had a grip when you took me into your mouth again and went a bit deeper. I groaned as I felt the head tickle the roof of your mouth and then you hummed slightly and my vision went completely blurry. “You can’t do that,” I growled as I put my fingers in your hair and gently coaxed you off my cock. “I won’t last at all if you do that again.” You grinned at me and shrugged.

“It’s only fair,” you said as you rose gently and engulfed my cock with your breasts again. I was too weak to fight you, the animal within raging to be released but I held him back as you now enjoyed teasing my cock with your lips and mouth. You tried to deep me but I could tell while you were a wonderful kisser, you far preferred my tongue to my cock in your mouth. I didn’t care because you were sucking me off so well. The familiar build was far too great and I knew you could tell because you took me into your mouth and began to work what wasn’t in your mouth with your hand.

“I’m going … going to…” I couldn’t get the words out now and the explosion of my orgasm went off against the roof of your mouth. To be fair, you sucked it all out keeping me in your mouth until I was done. I never knew if you swallowed it or not because I had my eyes closed and didn’t give a damn about anything at that point. After I caught my breath, I opened my eyes to find you staring in wonder at my body, my cock still almost as hard as before and I smiled at you.

“You’re not done?” you asked incredulously. I shook my head and leaned forward, kissing your forehead.

“Why, are you?” in response you climbed into my lap again and easily guided my slowly hardening cock into you.

You wrapped your arms around my neck and we rocked a little, the feeling of your pussy squeezing me making me groan. I was fully erect in seconds thanks to the feel of your tight pussy trying to milk me. We moved back and forth slowly, my cock hilting inside you and then back out as your tits pressed against my chest. You called to God, said my name and we fucked like that for at least 10 minutes before I couldn’t help but speed up a bit. I was going to cum again and I wanted to watch you cum again so I began to thrust slightly, extending my hips to meet yours.

The silky feeling of your pussy was making my head spin along with the taste of your neck when I leaned forward and gently nibbled and bit at it. You were shaking with the impending release and then it washed over you and you clamped down on my cock like a velvet vice. I groaned as you forced me deep, making the head of my cock bump into something deep inside you. I pumped once or twice more and exploded deep within you, triggering your third orgasm for the night.

I don’t remember going to bed but when I woke up, you were spooned into me with that lovely ass pressed against my cock and I was hard again with more thoughts on things to do to you before we had to part company.

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