Agents of Pleasure Ch. 10

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(To all the super special followers of my work) At some point in the next few chapters, the number of characters in this series will increase dramatically. I thought it would be wise to open chapter ten with a review of the main characters; and hopefully, their description will also give new readers some idea of what has gone on before.

Paige Turner is the central character; a 30 yr. old divorced mother of four (Olivia 12, Sophie 10, Jimmy 4, and Jamie 2.) She moved to Rochester, Illinois two years ago, got her real estate license, and went to work for her cousin Jimmy Hannigan at Hannigan Realty. Paige is a pixie-petite redhead (which she inherited from her deceased father,) 5′ tall and just over 100 pounds, and even though her boobs are “A” cup small, her legs are gorgeous and her ass is perfect! By (who knows how these things happen) good fortune, after four kids, stretch marks are minimal. With blue-green eyes and a smattering of freckles, she draws lots of glances from the male populace!

Marie London is Paige’s new friend who moved to Rochester to take a job at the Henson Robinson Zoo. She’s 28 years old, 5’4″ and 120 pounds. She is also divorced with one daughter Michelle 3. Her dark hair is full and long with red and violet highlights and her eyes are blue. Marie’s boobs are a “B” cup, but to Paige her best features are a terrific sense of humor and her ultra-sexy feminine voice. Meeting Marie awakened Paige’s long dormant bi-sexual urges. They eventually acted on their attraction for each other.

Paige’s mother is Trudy. She lives with her daughter in their three bedroom two bath house. Trudy is an indispensable asset providing day-care, cooking, and lots of advice that is generally correct but often ignored. Trudy is 55 and widowed but her husband died twelve years ago in a car accident, and Paige wonders why she doesn’t look for her own male companionship. She’s 5’3″, 135 pounds with brown hair and eyes. Her breasts are a “C” cup (which on occasion makes Paige wish she had inherited some of that!)

Paige’s fiance is Chad, a 5’11’ 185 “hunk” who works in construction and contracting. His hair and eyes are dark brown close to black and his eight inch medium thick cock drives Paige crazy with lust! At first he is reluctant to marry her (even though they got engaged fairly quickly,) but that all changed when a hedonistic lifestyle is revealed in both of them.

Robert is Chad’s best friend and a suitor for Marie’s affections. (She is in no hurry for a committed relationship and she states that plainly in their initial encounter.) He’s 6’1″ with a medium build and his 6 inch cock is perfectly suckable/fuckable in every sense of the word!

Jason McCullers is the top administrator at Marie’s zoo. He is Marie’s boss and because he and his wife Sara are swingers, he gives Marie a lot of flexibility in her schedule in order to facilitate their lifestyles. Jason is 56 yrs. old with lightly salted dark hair, dark-rimmed glasses, and above average looks (but not classically handsome.) His wife Sara is a fashionable dresser who doesn’t often wear a bra even though she has “D” cup boobs. That’s because her nipples are big and pointy and she loves showing them off! Her brown hair has auburn highlights and her face is attractive but her mouth has the kind of lips that beg to be kissed.

The first nine chapters are setting up these characters in their pursuit of pleasure; things are about to get even more interesting!


When Paige got home and told her mother the news, Trudy leaned against the kitchen counter and looked up to the ceiling, “Thank you, God!” When she heard the date they selected, her eyes went wide! “Oh my goodness, that’s fast! Where are we all going to live?”

“Now THAT’S a good question,” her daughter admitted, “Things have been so chaotic lately I haven’t given it any thought!”

“Just so you know, dear, even though you and the kids are my life, I am NOT going to sleep on the couch!” They both laughed at how she said it.

“Emphatically no!” Paige agreed. “This will need to be topic

the next time I talk to him. And that will be tomorrow for sure. Just off the top of your head, Mom; do you have some input on that?”

“Clearly you only have two options, remodel this house (since Chad’s only has two bedrooms,) or buy a new one.”

“Which brings up the subject of time and money; I’m not even sure about how much money the two of us have available.”

“Okay, but remember, I do have quite a bit of your father’s insurance money left. The way things have gone for us I haven’t had to use it.”

“Mom, don’t even go there. This is not your problem!”

“I can chip in if I want to, can’t I?”

Paige bit her lip, “Maybe a little; we’ll see. Let me talk to Chad tomorrow.”

The next day went smoothly; Paige sent in the offers of two clients and crossed her fingers. She showed two other properties to another home-shopper. It was a great day; her cousin was smiling… a LOT!

At mersin escort lunchtime her phone rang, “Hi Babe, you busy?”

“Very, which is a very good thing! By the way, I love you VERY much!”

“I love you too! But since you’re busy, I’ll get right to the point. I’ve been thinking about where we’re going to live!” The little redhead was so shocked she couldn’t speak for a moment. “Paige! You there?”

“Yeah, I’m here.”

“Is this a good time?”

She smiled, “It’s the perfect time!” She wanted to add, “Are you a mind-reader?” but thought better of it.

“Okay, well, it occurred to me that the best thing to do right now is to remodel your house. You have that enclosed back porch room area that you use for storage; we expand that, add a bathroom, and move your mother in there. I think it will be perfect!. When it’s finished we rent out my house; what do you think?”

“I think you’re a genius when you put your mind to it! I love this idea!”

“Great, I have about $15,000 in my savings we can use to get started. How much do you have?”

“Maybe $5,000?”

“It’ll work, I’m gonna get started on this right away. You and your Mom be prepared, I’ll send Tom Brecher out there this week to start planning. You two give it some thought as to what it should look like.”

“Will do, my love, you made my day!”

“Awww…thanks! See ya later!”

When Paige hung up the phone, she marveled at the seemingly “overnight” change in him. Thinking it had to be because of the previous night’s talk, she almost kicked herself for not having had it sooner. “Don’t go there, Paige,” she said out loud, “Refocus!” So she called her mom with the good news!

That evening she took Jimmy and Jamie out for a walk to the park so they could take a few turns on the swings. Circling the block and passing Marie’s house, she noticed Robert’s car parked in front. “I bet they can’t wait for Michelle to fall asleep!” she thought with a smile. The visual of Robert’s beautiful cock fucking her best friend came flooding back, and a horny shiver rippled through her. Paige briefly considered calling Chad, but decided against it.

She got the kids home, gave them a snack and a bath, read to them a bit, and stepped out onto the porch to relax. From where she was sitting, Robert’s car was still there; and while her mind played with that a while, her mom came outside and sat in the rocker.

“It’s a good day, right Honey? So much uncertainty is clearing up nicely!”

“Oh yes, Mom! For as nervous as I was feeling on Saturday, it’s really a beautiful night tonight!”

“Wonderful! And I am going to get my own room out of this, as well!”

Paige laughed at her mom’s excitement, “You deserve it! Where would I be without you!”

“We’re a family, I’m just excited that Chad will be joining us now!”

Just as Trudy said that, Paige glanced down the block and saw Robert’s car leaving. “You realize don’t you, it’s gonna take a while to do the remodel; that kind of thing might go a few weeks past the wedding.”

“We’ll figure it out; it’ll work somehow.”

“Sure it will. Mom, would you mind if I walk down and tell Marie the news?”

“Not at all, go ahead.”

Marie answered the door in a shimmery green kimono, and Paige noticed right away that she had the look of someone who had just been fucked really well! “Hey Paige, C’mon in!”

“Wow, that’s beautiful; sexy too! Is it silk?”

“No, it’s Ramie, looks good huh? I can’t afford silk yet.”

“I’d like to get something like that myself!”

Marie gave her a warm hug, “If we got you one, maybe we could wear them to the swinger party!”

That got them giggling. Paige said, “You really think we’ll ever make it to one of those?”

“I’m thinking I’ll make it to one, whether you do or not is questionable. Tell me more on how your talk went last night, okay?” Paige recounted the conversation then capped it off with what they had decided that day regarding the remodel. By the time she finished, Marie was ecstatic, “Oh my God, this is FANTASTIC! Things turned around so fast!” Then she got that Marie-Look in her eye, “And now you, me, and Chad are going to get it on together; that’s pretty exciting too!”

“I wouldn’t mind asking him to come over right now, but you look like you’ve had enough for the night!” she teased. When Marie smiled and shrugged, Paige continued, “I did see Robert’s car pull away; I put two and two together!”

Marie’s big smile was telling, “It was a whole lot of fun! Would you have liked to watch again?”

“I wouldn’t mind! And I also think you wouldn’t have minded watching Chad and me last night after our talk ended!”

“Oh my GOD! I bet that was hot! Can you give me one detail?” Paige told her about Chad holding her up, and Marie’s eyes got wider! “Wow that IS hot! I would have loved to see that!”

“Speaking of a ‘detail,’ maybe you could give me one or two yourself?”

Her brunette friend took Paige by the hand and led her to the bedroom. “It’s been quite a long day and I’m really beat; let’s lie down and I’ll give you three mersin escort bayan or four details, how’s that?” The bed was still a mess, but Marie stacked some pillows against the headboard, took off her kimono (not a surprise she was nude underneath,) and sat up against them, “C’mon slow-poke, join me.”

Paige kicked off her sandals and hopped up next to her. “First of all, Robert’s a really good kisser; not as good as you, but he doesn’t rush. He likes to explore, and we did a lot of exploring out on the sofa. When we got in here, he insisted on undressing me; and with each piece of clothing that came off he explored that part of me with his mouth and hands! Oh God, it was sweet! Do you know what I mean when I say he ‘ravished’ me? He had me so wound up! He laid me on the bed here and got over the top of me, kissing and nibbling my neck and ears, and working his way down to my boobs! My nipples were on fire and he sucked on them so nice and slow and then, Oh my God…his fingers began slipping through my pussy and I was gone!”

“Did you cum from that?”

“Oh fuck yeah, I did! He had me so relaxed!”

“Then what?”

He rolled me over on my tummy, and massaged me for about five minutes, then he kinda lifted my ass up so it was right in his face!”


“Yeah, he ravished my ass too! Mmm, Wow is right! He was licking up and down between the cheeks and then he started licking and sucking my asshole; I thought I was gonna die!”

When she got to this part, the tingles began in Paige’s sex; just the idea of a lover sucking her ass was setting the little redhead off! As Marie described the feeling of his tongue tickling her anus, Paige’s butt began to squirm, and when her friend spoke of Robert’s fingers invading her wet hole and finger-fucking her while he ate her ass, she visibly shuddered. “I bet that got you off too!”

“Uh-huh…He’s good, Paige! Maybe Chad will let you try him out sometime, seeing as you’re letting him try me out one of these days!”

Paige shuddered again, “That would be fun! I could tell he was a good lover watching you last week!”

“Robert spun me over and tongue-fucked me to another orgasm, but he wouldn’t let up. After two more I had to push his face away to rest!” Marie paused and watched as Paige reached under her own shirt and fondled her breasts! “Is our little ‘MILFY’ getting turned on by this?” It was Marie’s turn to tease.

“Oh quit! You had your fun! Just tell me what happened next!”

“Which part? The part where he fucked me doggie, or the part where he fucked my ass?”

“OH MY GOD! He did?”

“Ohhh yesss!” Marie leaned over and pulled up Paige’s shirt. The petite mother’s nipples were rock hard! “Would you like me to suck those?”

Paige moaned, “Oh fuck yes, please!” Marie wrapped her lips around the right nipple and sucked it in while her index finger softly flicked at left one. “Oh my God, that’s SO good, keep doing that, Marie! Mmm….He fucked your ass huh? I’ve never had anal before!”

Her sexy friend paused, “Yeah, I think I came three more times; between that and me rubbing my clit, God…it got wild! I’m fucking exhausted!”

Paige laughed, “Awesome, that’s saying something right there!”

“I bet you need to get off too, right?’

“Ya think? If I don’t, I might not be able to sleep tonight!”

“Go ahead, luv, masturbate for me! I want to watch that!” Paige stared at her for a second, but Marie just leaned closer and kissed her deeply and fondled her tits some more. “C’mon,” she said when the kiss paused, “let’s see you do you!”

Paige hesitated one more second, “Oh fuck it! I wanna sleep tonight!” She lifted her butt and took off her shorts and panties, then pulled her shirt up over her head.

Marie giggled and swung her legs around, sitting up on the edge of the bed. She reached into the bottom drawer of her nightstand and pulled out a box, opened it, and took out a pink 7″ gel cock vibrator. “Here, this is one of my favorites! Try it out!” She twisted the bottom of it and it began humming.

Paige took the toy and shivered when she felt the vibration in her palm. “God, you are so perverting me!”

“I’m not perverting you, I’m just exposing what was already there!”

Paige smiled, “Play with my tittie, you perv! Tease my nipples!” Marie did just that and Paige took the toy and slowly started running the head up, down, and through her pussy lips. “Oh yes, that’s really good! Mmm, Oh Godd…Oh fuck yeahhh!”

“It looks amazing! Such a hungry little cunt! Stick it in there, you fucking little slut! Make that pussy cum for me; I wanna hear you scream!”

Paige pushed it inside; she was so wet by this time it slipped all the way in with no resistance. “You’re so dirty, Marie! You make me crazy!” She began a slow fuck, working the toy in and out, searching for her sensitive areas!

“It could get a lot crazier! But we’ll talk about that later…C’mon, let’s get your horny, little cunt off, okay? Let’s see you fuckin’ cum all over that dick!”

A huge orgasm was gathering itself in Paige’s center escort mersin as the gel cock started plunging into her twat like a piston. She was content to let it build; but Marie reached down and started fingering her clit, and fifteen seconds later, her whole body seized up and she cried out, “Oh Yeah! OHH YEAHHH, FUCCKK…here it comes!” When her ass lifted off the mattress, she exploded. Her body jerked sideways, “Unnghhh, Mmm…Ohh FUCKKK! Ungghhhh!”

Marie was smiling down at her, “Mission accomplished! That was completely amazing!”

“You perv!” Paige groaned and smiled and groaned again, “But yeah, that was good!”

“I need to get some sleep,” said Marie, “Do you need another one for the road?”


The next day was very busy; between work and the kids the day was gone in a flash! Trudy had dinner ready on time and once the kids were served, the two women spent the whole dinner time discussing what the grandmother suite should look like. Right near the end of the meal Chad called. When Paige hung up the phone she said, “Mom, the man Tom from Chad’s work is going to be here in the morning.”

“What time?”

“Around 8:30; he’s going to take some measurements and Chad suggested we write down for him the things we want to see in this room.”

“Goodness, this whole thing is moving so fast!”

“Which is a good thing because September is only four weeks away!”

After dinner they got the kids to bed and then sat down at the kitchen table with pen and paper. There were three main things they decided to emphasize: a separate shower and tub, a better than average sized walk-in closet, and the room needed to be 15′ x 15′ minimum. Paige wasn’t sure which of them was more excited until they finished their list and her mother exclaimed, “Oh Goodie!” That was certainly a brand new expression for the usually composed Trudy!

Perhaps twenty minutes later Chad called, “Hey Babe, is your mother there with you?”

“No, she’s in the bathroom, why?”

“I don’t want her to know this, but there’s a reason I’m sending Tom Brecher over there tomorrow.”

His tone was mischievous and Paige said, “Oh my God, are you matchmaking or something?”

One could almost feel Chad smiling over the phone, “No, not exactly; it’s just that he’s been a widower for two years and word around here is he wouldn’t mind getting back in the saddle.”

“How old is he?”


“Okay, well, four years older isn’t too bad; but as far as I know, my mother hasn’t been on a date for over six years!”

“Damn, that’s a lot of time passing her by. I could have sent Ken Fenton, but he’s married with kids. I can’t visualize Trudy being a ‘homewrecker!'”

“You are so silly sometimes!” she kidded, “But I say send Tom for sure, I wouldn’t mind seeing Mom’s reaction to an attractive man. Umm, he IS attractive, right?”

Chad chuckled, “You’ll see, call me when he leaves!”

Before she could even put the phone down a text pinged from Marie, “Busy?”

Paige went to the living room and called rather than text back, “Hey! What’s up?”

“Oh not much, just one of the leopards delivered a cub this morning, and this afternoon some nut-job climbed over the fence and was standing on the rocks surrounding the moat in our tiger habitat. He wanted to take a ‘selfie!'”

“I could never do your job!”

Marie laughed, “Yeah, I was tempted to push him in rather than pull him out! But that’s not why I called…I had a visitor today also; Sara McCullers!”

“You did? Oh my God!”

“Yeah, she walked up to me in the break room and sat down; pretty surprising.”

Paige thought for a second, “I think I can guess how that went, but what did she say?”

“She invited us to lunch again, at HER condo!”

“Oh my God! When?”

“This Friday. Are you available?”

Paige got up and went over to her desk, “I might be, I have a 2:00 showing, but I could move it.”

There was silence for five seconds, “I have to tell you, Sweet, this situation is loaded with potential,” said Marie, “but we’ll need to be cautious since my employer is involved. He says it won’t be a problem, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. Yet,” and she hesitated again, “I do want to explore this a little…so I’m going to go even if you don’t.”

“I’ll try to move the appointment tomorrow and let you know.”

The next day she helped her mother with the morning routine and just before 8:30, she set the smaller ones up with one of their favorite DVD’s. Olivia was going over to a friend’s house later so Sophia was left to wing it on her own. Paige was glad when she chose to sit with her brothers for a while and watch the show.

The two women took their list out to the front porch and briefly reviewed it. Trudy said, “I have a clear vision of what I would like, hopefully this Tom fella can see what I see! This is so exciting!”

Paige smiled at her; she was going to say something about her call with Chad, but at that precise moment a car pulled up with a “Maxpro Construction” sign on the passenger side door. A man got out; he was wearing a company ball cap and carrying a clipboard, and as he walked up to the steps he waved and said, “Hello, ladies!”

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