Ah! Alex, My Ass Is All Yours!

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Kinky Ai flounced boldly through the doors past the burly bouncers who always garnished the portals of Xana Du Delight Club. She was a very petite Japanese woman, approximately 24 years old but could easily pass for an 18-year-old. Her long, thick, jet-black hair was tied tightly into two braids with little “Hello-Kitty” berets. Her eyes were an exotic shade of ebony, dark as pools of midnight lust. With each step her size-34-C breasts strained against her tight, diaphanous, sailor-suited blouse, her naughty nipples thrusting boldly through the braless wisps of fervid fabric, her pleated blue skirt barely hiding her cherry-and-hearts patterned cotton panties with the spot of dampness where her lower lips licked wetly against the cloth that barely restrained her voracious vagina.

Her attire resembled a Japanese high school student uniform except for the curious addition of a wide leather belt with an odd appendage that concealed her sweat treat. She let out a giggle as she turned to pull her tall American boyfriend in through the doors. Alex, following closely behind, was slightly older, 28, dressed somewhat conservatively as though he should be carrying a briefcase to an insurance office instead of being led into a hedonistic club by an uninhibited vixen. He walked slowly across the room surveying the crowd as she guided their progress towards the dance floor. You could tell in the way they moved that he was a bit of a solitary person while Ai had more than enough spunk for the both of them. He had dark features, his eyes a deep brown, hair an almost pitch black. You could see his warmth in his smile as he watched his girl prance about. You could see how horny Ai was by the way she loved to flirt and lift her skirt.

They were obviously there together, but their attentions were blatantly on different objectives. Alex was there to hang out, butt Ai was there to get laid in public by her lusty lover.

Alex reflected on what Ai had said to him during their telephone editorial conference the previous day when they had been discussing his upcoming contributions for Literotica, “While I’m waiting for those background descriptions from your potent pen, I’ll just have to take you out dancing to some club near your home, timing my arrival at the airport so we rendezvous there at the peak of their carnal carnival, a wall-to-wall throng of lascivious pubescent animals writhing lustily together to the sensual beat of pounding jungle rhythms.”

Meeting her outside the door, Alex had been somewhat surprised at Ai’s costume, wondering with some apprehension whether the notoriously finicky bouncers would grant them admission; however, after Ai favored them with her sultriest look, their stony hearts melted mysteriously . . . (Well, you understand how Asian eyes open güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri masculine hearts, Kinky Lovers!) and they were ushered into this abysmal Garden of Erotic Eden without delay. Ai paused a beat, so Alex could enter one pace behind her, his randy eyes feverishly caressing the charming curves primly padding her plush derriere, and he found his fancy wandering into torrid orgasmic orchards of forbidden fruit; he wondered whether later tonight he was gonna ram his l-o-n-g business between her buttocks and pillage her posterior passage.

“This is unavoidable, Alex.” He seemed to hear her voice inciting him onwards with husky urgency. “Let’s groan and bear it. Bite the ballocks. Get down to the nutty grotty. Fuck my fanny, and prove that you’re a real he manny, not an emasculated mousy nanny.” Shaking his head in bemused negation, Alex found his incredibly strong mind wavering before Ai’s feminine wiles as she appealed simultaneously to logic and lust. “Consider our bondage to fulfilling each other’s needs, Alex.” Ai explained patiently as she knelt submissively before his fervent imagination, heinie humbly upraised towards his honorable cock, fingering her pussy, then spreading its juices lavishly upon that higher hole in blatant invitation. “I must sacrifice to you in order to feel fulfilled, so, though your reservations out of sensitivity to my lack of any carnal appetite for anal attack do great credit to your ability to restrain your baser masculine impulses in respect for your lover’s dignity, you are thereby withholding me as well from my deep rooted need to undergo suffering for you. It won’t hurt that much, will it? Let yourself go crazy, pounding, thrusting, squirting, gushing deep inside my ass

. Sure you’ll hear me moaning and groaning, and you won’t be able to kid yourself that it is from my lusty arousal because I’ve already stolen that prop from under you. Fully face your masterly subjugation of your slave. Wrest your pleasure from the sacrificial fires of my pain. Your giant cock jammed up my ass is a midget compared to our future love children who will force my vagina open far more widely when exiting from my womb wherein you will plant them. My pain is a minuscule distraction before my compelling longing to know your enjoyment of me like this. Please, Alex, please, why won’t you fuck my ass hole?” He shakes off this line of thought for the nonce, none-the-less knowing in his heart now that Ai’s right, and that he will be engaged later tonight in a rear-end rapine rutting upon his beloved kinky girlfriend and erotica editress some time and some place before finally reaching his apartment. It is their destiny. Ai’s delectable derriere still sitting on his mind, Alex returns to contemplating how its beauty has been slightly güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri obscured by her curious choice of clothing.

He wonders again why Ai has selected this quite unflattering belt with a strange flap of material hanging rather gracelessly down to cover her upper thighs, seemingly designed to perform some unknown function rather than form the most aesthetic frame for the picturesque pulchritude of her amatory anatomy as many alternative fashions she might have selected instead to arouse lust by accenting the appeal of her beguiling body could more easily have done. Alex feels certain that there is some libidinous logic to her bizarre fashion, but whatever can it be?

Once inside they quickly weave their way towards the crowded dance floor upon which couples are engaged in concupiscent mating rituals of funky frottage bathed in lurid flashing lights to music that openly sings the praises of and mimics the rhythms of furious, full-blown fucking. Ai pulls Alex’s head down, turning so his ear nestles next to her moist mouth, half whispering half shouting those romantic words that he’s been expecting to hear, “Alex, honey, you aren’t wearing any underwear under those trousers, are you?” His lecherous leer confirms that, like, he’s been a bad boy, or just what he thought she wanted, and he is expecting this to be rather good. Looking Alex over carefully, and smilingly fondling the ridge like bulge behind his fly with her bottomless black eyes, Ai prepares him for performance, “Loosen your belt just a bit, and let your pants hang about five centimeters lower on your hips, Alex baby, we’re about to boogie.” Ai’s wish is his command, and within seconds he’s ready to Rock-N-Roll. As she drops her cherry-and-hearts patterned cotton panties and kicks them wantonly aside, it doesn’t take a rock-hit scientist to figure how his hard on is going to be concealed behind that screening veil of cloth hanging from the leather belt girdling her midriff as he docks his cock into her tunnel of love.

Establishing their territory on the dance floor with a few hip-swinging spins to clear out sufficient space, they cleave to each other in a passionate embrace as Alex’s tongue plunges deep between her lips, simultaneously with his magnificent lower entry with all his many l-o-n-g horny centimeters of torridly tumescent, tart teasing truncheon, scarcely set free by her hands under the concealment of her draped dress, while his eager hands massage both cheeks of her ass preparing to squeeze her even closer at the now rapidly approaching moment when his sneeze of pecker snot will spasm forth to flood her yearning yoni.

Now amid that field of frenzied frottage upon which other couples dry fuck each other, some cumming behind segregating barriers güvenilir bahis şirketleri of cloth, Alex and Ai are wet fucking, not with sweetly prolonged teasing of each other gradually building towards a frenzied finale, but beginning with a colossal crescendo of coital collisions and cresting upwards into an epic epiphany of erotic energy. A mere flap of fabric can no more hide what they are doing than clouds in the sky can prevent sunlight from illuminating their days. she wraps her legs high around his sweet back, letting her buns rest fully upon the palms of his strong hands.

Alex lifts Ai upwards and downwards in a counter rhythm to his deep, powerful pelvic thrusts as he effortlessly dances to the throbbing drum beat while she rotates her hips with the shimmering shake of a Tahitian dancer displaying all her artistry for her own dear lover. Others on the dance floor have stopped their intimate amorous actions to form a wide circle around Alex and Ai, and the MC shines a spotlight on them. Applause starts slowly, then begins building towards their spectacularly peaking climax accompanied by wild cheering. No one has the effrontery to interfere with them. It would be a sacrilege tantamount to a member of a Shakespearean audience leaping from the pits unto the Bard of Avon’s exalted stage to restrain Romeo and Juliet from dying for love. This is a veritable Platonic ideal of sexual intercourse, an enactment of Eros, the god of love’s, perfect performance for lover’s everywhere to study and emulate.

Alex’s ejaculation deep inside Ai is enormous, as definitive as the first ballistic missile launched in an attack that will utterly wipe life from the surface of our planet, yet as wonderful as that would be terrible, or rather so divine as to be beyond all reckoning of wonder or terror, good or evil, fucking awesome in the purity of its intensity. Sweat pouring down their faces and bodies drips onto the floor soon to be joined by splatters of gooey white jism mixed with pussy cum dripping out of Ai’s cunny as Alex gently lowers her down to stand beside him in the middle of the dance floor. The applause never stops even when some irreverent couples, rushing heedlessly forwards to clasp their hands in congratulations, slip on the slime of their pool of sweat, cum and pussy juice to pratfall and lie properly prostate before their glory.

“Come on, Ai,” Alex says, “let’s get out of here before these fools begin hounding us for autographs.” she cuddles lovingly against her masterful boyfriend, still suffused in the warm afterglow of their fan-fucking-tastic ecstasy. “Where will you take me next, Master Alex, and how?” She asks with a cute downwards glance of modesty. “Well, beloved Ai my darling soul mate and carnal consort,” he informs her,” I’m still working on where, but I think we both know now that it’s gonna be your appealing anus that gets ravished next.” Ai smiles back with eager submission. “Yes! My loving, go-for-the-gusto Alex, yes, please, yes!”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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