Ailiana’s New Job

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Ailiana will never forget the moment she stepped into the building for her interview. Suppose she will never forget the first time she met her boss.

It was a nice Wednesday afternoon, not too much going on, and Ailiana was looking pretty sharp, not to mention sexy. Earlier that morning, she showered, shaved her legs to a satin smooth, and dressed in a fitting black suit. Glancing in the mirror one last time, she knew she had this job made.

George stepped out in front of the desk, and Ailiana’s gut just sank. He was a bit older than her twenty five years, about forty years old or so, but was amazingly young looking in so many ways. Noticing right away, his eyes scanned her tiny tight body. Those light blue, yet deep and mysterious eyes followed her tiny ass into the lobby area. Shrugging away the thoughts, she focused on the interview. He sat her down onto a couch in the lobby area, and they kind of just talked about what he expected from one another relating to the job. Honestly, it didn’t go much further than that. A week later, Ailiana was offered the job, and in about a month, began her new job.

Time had passed, and the thoughts she had initially about George faded into her thrill of the new position. The ironic part about George, was that he only came around the office every third week.

Two more months had passed, and the news around the office, was that George was back. Ailiana’s heart did a skip, as she had realized he wanted to meet with her privately, to talk about how much she enjoyed her new position, and if things were going well. Sitting at her desk, she heard the creaks of the staircase. George was approaching her. Ailiana was wearing a form fitting black suit skirt, and a light blue blazer, with a low cut camisole underneath. Her breasts were lifted nicely in a white lace bra, and she remembered sliding into a tiny white thong that matched earlier that Konya Escort day. As George rounded the corner, she stood up and greeted him, with a solid hand shake, and a huge smile. She felt herself start to get slightly excited, and her nipples responded in unison.

Gently blushing, she tried to cover her chest with a file folder, as she sat beside him at the meeting table. He welcomed her again, and their conversation drifted on for about two hours. The rest of the staff started leaving, and saying goodbye, as Ailiana remained interested and peaked into talking with George. Glancing at his left hand as his head was turned, she noticed he wasn’t wearing a ring.

“This is your boss!! Stop thinking about him like that!” She corrected herself. It was not working. She leaned closer towards him as they laughed, her smile growing wider, and her inner thighs growing more impatient.

Finally, the last staff member left, and locked all the doors behind. Ailiana, slightly startled that George was not thinking the same thoughts, and a little embarrassed she carried on that way, stood up and proceeded to gather her own things to go home.

Turning around to push in her chair at her desk, she came face to face with George. He had followed her back to her desk, and they were now face to face. She swallowed, a pit in her stomach. She knew what was going to happen.

Her hands went behind her back as she supported herself, pushing against the desktop. George strattled his arms over her upper body, and leaned in towards her face. She leaned into him and their mouths just met. George kissed her with the deepest passion. Ailiana moaned with an intense passion. Almost with natural reaction she gently spread her legs so he could move in further and take more of her in his mouth.

His warm tongue circled her lips, and he continued trailing his tongue down her neck, Konya Escort Bayan and right to her heaving chest, where her chest was exposed to his hands. Two firm plump tits, with rock hard nipples. His fingers traced her nipples, and he gently whispered with a hot breath over them. “I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of you Ailiana since the day we first met. I cannot stop thinking about how you feel, how you taste, and how tight you must be.”

Ailiana could only smile, a very devilish smile. Her hands moved to his back, and pulled him in closer. He lifted her bottom up to the desk, and she was seated on all her files, legs spread wide enough for him to have his way. Georges hands moved further down to her belly, and he softly lifted up her shirt, revealing her smooth belly to his awaiting wet tongue. More tiny circles covered her skin by his tongue. She could barely resist holding back her moans. Her body was his, and the scent of her womanhood was starting to fill the room. He began sliding his hands up along her thighs, bringing her skirt higher and higher. As it gently clung to her hips, he moved his face to her sopping white lace thong. George slid a few fingers over the top of the thong, and looked up at her.

“It seems my little princess has been anticipating my home coming, hasn’t she?” he muttered between soft kisses on her inner thighs.

“Oh George, I have never felt this way before, I am so, well, confused. My body wants you to take me here, tonight.” Ailiana rose her knees up slightly, resting her inner knees on his shoulders.

George slid a finger, then two, under the fabric of her thong. Her body bucked with complete satisfaction. George grinned larger as his finger slid right into her wet slippery pussy. It was obvious his satisfaction from the shaved folds, and the glistening juices. Her clit was hard, and just peeking under Escort Konya the rosy petal.

He slid the thong off, and tossed it behind them. “My Ailiana has really been ready for me, but I wonder how that pretty pussy tastes.”

With that, he buried his full face into her pussy and began lapping up her wet silky cream. Ailiana rotated her hips in satisfaction, mocking his every stroke of tongue, and every time he pushed his large fingers deeper into her hole.

“I cannot take much more, I am going to cum. Let me be your baby, Oh, George, how does that pussy taste? Its sooo tight. I know you want to feel me.” She moaned louder and louder.

George stood up from his knees, and unbuckled his pants. His large shaft was shadowed in his pants. It was rock hard, slightly bent, and throbbing through his briefs. As the briefs fell to his ankles, she grabbed him by the waist and pulled him right into her wet pussy. He sunk in deeply, more and more filled her insides. He was very large, more than she expected, and he was stretching every part. Yet it felt incredible.

Every thrust, she came closer and closer to the edge.

Georges passion was building as well, and he began thrusting faster and deeper and longer. He looked into Ailiana’s eyes, and with those gorgeous eyes, and that tiny smile, she knew he was going to cum.

As he fucked her on the desk, she reached underneath and gently rubbed his balls. He could not hold out any longer, and Ailiana was at her peek.

“Oh George!” she cried “I want you to cum inside my tight little pussy, Oh, I am your baby tonight, and I want that hot load of cum deep inside me…”

With that, George exploded. Ailiana followed suit, her bucking hips accepting every squirt of hot cum, and returning the favor by clenching her inner pussy rhythmically over his manhood. Heaving breaths began to subside, and George slid his cock out of her pussy. Cum gently trickled out, and filled her inner folds with white reward. She was speechless.

George pulled his pants back on, leaned forward, and kissed her softly on the lips, and they both left.

The next morning, her cellphone rang, it was George.

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