Alan’s ‘Advanced’ Sex Education Ch. 3

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Jenny hung up the phone with a shaking hand as the full impact of what Lee’s parents had just told her hit her with shocking reality. She had been about to call them to tell them about Alan’s “birthday present” and that they were thinking of coming to visit them after Alan’s graduation in a few days. But just as she was reaching for the phone to call them, it had rung and it was her mother-in-law with a message that was going to change all of their lives.

“Thank God for speed dial,” she thought, as she pressed the button for Lee’s office number. She was shaking so hard she could hardly hold the receiver, never mind dial the number.

“Lee, I just got off the phone with your Mom,” she stammered when Lee came on the line. “Something’s happened and I need you to come home right away.”

“My God, Hon, what’s wrong? Are you okay? It’s not Alan is it?”

“No, Love,” she replied, trying desperately to hold back the tears that threatened to overwhelm her. “It’s nothing like that. We’re both fine. I’m not sure whether it’s good news or devastating, but we can’t talk about it on the phone. That’s why I need you with me.”

“Alright, Jenny. If you’re sure you’re okay, I’ll be there as soon as I can. I’m heading out the door right now. Whatever it is, we’ll work it out, so don’t cry, okay? I’m on my way.”

Driving home as fast as he legally and safely could, Lee tried his damndest to imagine what had Jenny so shook up. She was normally a very composed and together woman and he had seldom heard her so upset. “I hope nothing’s happened to Mom or Dad,” he worried. “But no, Jenny said she didn’t know whether it was ‘good news’ or bad. It couldn’t possibly be good news if it involved something happening to my parents.”

Hardly pausing to shut off the engine, Lee jumped out of the car and rushed into the house looking for his wife. He found Jenny still sitting by the phone with a dazed look on her face and tears running down her cheeks. With a wan smile on her lips, she handed him a stiff drink; a copy of the one she had in her other hand.

“Honey, you’re going to need this,” she said softly. “I’m sorry to be such a mess, but I had to have you with me.”

“Don’t worry about it, Hon. I’m here now, so tell me what the fuck’s going on.”

“Sit down, Honey,” said Jenny as the tears began to flow freely now that Lee was home. “Oh, Lee! It’s Angie! Bill and Sarah were killed in a car crash outside Sidney and Angie’s all alone.”

Lee felt as if he had been hit in the stomach with a sledge hammer. “Oh, Christ, Jenny! Oh, no! Oh, goddamn!” He realized that he, too, was on the verge of tears. “When did Mom say this happened? Has she spoken to Angie? Oh, God, that poor kid.

“No, Mom didn’t have many of the details. She said a police officer in Sidney called her because Bill and Sarah had your folks listed as next of kin. She said that Angie is with some close family friends and will be okay until we can sort things out and come for her.”

“We are going to get her, then, aren’t we?”

“Of course, Darling! Could there be any doubt? And your folks are going to Australia with us to get her. Your mom said they were prepared to do that with or without us. I told them you would want to go as much as I do, so we’re all going as soon as we can make the arrangements.”

“What about Alan?” asked Lee. “You know, Hon, we should have told about him that he had a sister years ago. It just seemed that the time was never quite right, ya know?”

“I know we should have,” replied Jenny. “But I think now is definitely the right time, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, I do,” said Lee. “I’ll call the school and have them tell him we need him to come home right away; that something important has come up and we need him here.”

“Well, be sure they tell him that it’s not an emergency or anything. We don’t want them scaring the hell out of him.”

“Right,” replied Lee as he dialed the school’s number.

When a very worried Alan arrived home a short while later, his parents had recovered some of their equilibrium and were able to greet him with some degree of calm.

“Sit down, Son,” said his father. “Your mother and I have something very important to tell you. It’s something we should have shared with you a long time ago but couldn’t bring ourselves to do. The long and short of it is that you have a younger sister whom we’ve never told you about.”

“A sister?” stammered the confused young man. “What do you mean a sister? Where’s she been? I don’t understand?”

“I know, Darling,” soothed his mother. “It’s rather a complicated story, but it’s time you knew the truth. You see, when your father and I got married, we were very young and pretty damn poor. We were both going to college full time and working part time jobs to make ends meet. Your grandparents helped out as much as they could but they were not all that well off themselves at the time. And then I got pregnant with you almost right away. And we loved you so much, so Gaziantep Escort we just worked a little harder and even though things were pretty tough at times, we did manage to squeak by.”

“But then just before you turned a year old, I found out that I was several months pregnant again. And there was no way we could afford to have or support another baby. And abortion was out of the question for us at the time. Of course, we told your grandparents about the problem and they offered to help us. It turned out that they knew a young couple that was distantly related to us who had just lost a baby girl and she could never have children again. There names were Bill and Sarah and they, too, had just graduated from college and had accepted positions with a multi-national company headquartered in Sidney, Australia. So before my baby was born we made all the arrangements for them to adopt the baby and take her to Australia with them. The baby was named ‘Angelina’ after your grandmother and it was decided that she would be called ‘Angie’. Angie is your sister.”

“I still don’t understand why you never told me this,” said Allen. “Didn’t you think I was capable of handling it or what?

“No, Son,” said Lee. “That was never the problem. The problem was with your mother and I. You see, we loved that baby as much as we loved you. And to give her up that way and never knowing if we would ever see her again was, without a doubt, the hardest thing we have ever done in our lives.”

“But, at the same time, we knew it was the best thing we could do for our baby girl. Bill and Sarah loved her from the moment they first laid eyes on her. And she was such a beautiful baby. But we have never been able to completely eliminate our guilt of giving her up and it has been terribly difficult for both of us to even think of our loss, never mind to talk about it.”

“Yes, I can understand that,” murmured Alan. “I probably would have felt the same way. But why are you telling me this now?”

“Well, Honey,” said Jenny, “I got a call from Grandma Angelina this afternoon. She and Grandpa Paul are Angie’s Godparents. Grandma told me that she had gotten a call from police officials in Sidney to tell her that Angie’s adopted parents had been killed in a traffic accident and that she had no relatives in Australia.”

“Oh, shit,” responded Alan. “The poor kid! I can’t imagine what I would do if I lost either of you – never mind both of you. Dad, we have to do something. We can’t just leave her there. She’s my sister for Christ’s sake. It doesn’t matter that I never knew about her, we have to help her.”

“I’m glad you feel that way,” said Lee. “And we are going to do something about it. Your grandparents are making arrangements for us all to go to Australia and bring Angie home with us. We’ll fly up and meet them there and we’ll all go to Sidney together.”

“Great,” said Alan with a determined look in his soft brown eyes. “When do we leave? I’ll go start packing.”

“What about your graduation?” asked his mother. “If we leave now you’ll miss the ceremony”

“I don’t care about that,” replied the boy. “This is my sister we’re talking about and she needs us. I’ve already earned my diploma and the ceremony doesn’t mean near as much to me as she does.”

“Some how I thought that’s what you’d say,” smiled his father. “I’m proud of you Son.”

“So am I,” added his mother. “Now go get packed. We’ll rent a plane and your father will fly us up there in the morning. The earliest flight we can get to Sidney doesn’t leave until day after tomorrow, so we’ll spend the night with Grampa and Grandma and leave the next day.”

“But what about Angie?” asked Alan with a worried look. “She won’t know we’re coming or what we look like or anything. What if she doesn’t like us and doesn’t want to come back with us? I can imagine how scared and upset she must be, just losing her parents and all. I know I would be.”

“I’m sure you’re right, Darling,” replied his mother gently. “But Grandma has e-mailed all of our pictures to the police in Sidney and they are going to give Angie the news. She, of course knows your grandparents although she’s never met them. But she has corresponded with them and they’ve always sent her gifts and things so they’re not complete strangers to her. But, yes, I’m certain she’ll be very frightened and it will be up to us to sooth those fears and make her welcome to her new family. And she’s always known she was adopted; she just didn’t know that we were her birth parents”

Early the next morning, Lee flew the three of them to a small airport near his parent’s ranch outside of San Francisco.


After dinner that evening, they were all gathered around the fireplace in the den talking about their scheduled trip and what it would mean to Angie and to the rest of them.

“Do you have any pictures of her?” Alan asked his Grandma. “I still can’t believe I’ve actually got Gaziantep Escort Bayan a baby sister.”

“Well, she’s not much of a ‘baby’ anymore” smiled his grandmother. “She’s quite the young lady. I’ve never sent any of her pictures to your parents because I knew how much they hurt for her. But, yes, I have several pictures if you’d like to see them.”

“Is that okay with you, Mom? Dad?” he asked.

“Of course it’s okay, Honey,” replied his Mom. “I want to see them too, under the circumstances.”

Angelina returned with a small photo album and the three of them gazed at the pictures of a stunningly beautiful young woman with a sunny smile and an obvious twinkle in her large brown eyes. Alan was especially entranced by a few pictures of Angie in a very skimpy bikini, sunbathing beside a swimming pool.”

“Wow,” gasped Alan. “Man, is she gorgeous! Look at those boobs! How old is she now?”

“Down boy,” grinned his mother. “She is you sister you know. ‘Course, with this family that really doesn’t matter too much, does it?”

“That’s right!” exclaimed Grandpa Paul. “I had about forgot it was your 18th birthday. Happy birthday, boy. Did your folks by chance give you the kind of present your Grandma and I gave your Dad on his 18th?”

“Oh, yeah,” grinned the handsome young man. “They sure as hell did! I’m surprised I’m not still sore.”

“Oh, Sweetie,” gushed his Grandmother. “Tell us all about it. I’ll never forget the night of your father’s birthday. If you’re anything like he is, and I’m quite sure you are, I’ll bet you’re just one hot, young stud.”

“Awww, Grandma, you’re just prejudiced,” blushed Alan. But the thought of telling his grandparents about that night was definitely turning him on – never mind the pictures of his sexy little sister – and he could feel his prick beginning to stiffen uncomfortably in his jeans.

“Mom, you’re still as horny as ever,” laughed Lee. “Look, you’re embarrassing the boy.” But he, too, recognized the stirring of his own cock and a pleasant tingling in his balls.

“I know,” sighed Lee’s mother. “I don’t understand it but a tragedy or crisis of any kind really gets my juices flowing and I want to fuck somebody – or preferably several ‘somebody’s’.”

“That’s not so surprising,” smiled Jenny as she ran her hand along the inside of Alan’s thigh. “I’m the same way, and just thinking about that night with this gorgeous, young hunk has gotten me all hot to trot too.”

As Alan began to tell the story of his birthday “present” it was becoming increasingly obvious that both his parents AND his grandparents were getting as turned on as he was. His mother was doing more with her hands than just rubbing the inside of his leg and soon unzipped the front of his jeans and as his turgid, young cock sprang from it’s confinement, Jenny smiled at the boy’s grandmother and said, “What do you think of this, Momma? Isn’t it beautiful?”

Angelina had her skirt pulled up almost to her waist and her lush, brown bush was clearly visible to the fascinated young man as she began to finger her hot pussy and caress her rapidly swelling clit. “Does it taste as good as it looks?” inquired the lusty older woman as she watched her lovely daughter-in-law slowly stroking her grandson’s now fully engorged cock.

“Why don’t you taste it for yourself,” laughed Jenny. “I’m sure Alan won’t mind, will you Dear?”

“Shit, no, Mom,” replied Alan. “Grandma can suck me off anytime she wants to. And as his grandmother leaned over and took his hard shaft between her lips, he pulled his mother to him and began to avidly kiss her full, red lips and plunged his tongue deep into her warm and eager mouth. And as Angelina sucked his cock and fondled his large, cum filled young balls, he freed his mother’s breasts from her blouse and began to suckle them while gently twisting and squeezing her nipples. Then he slid his hand between her legs and began to finger fuck her pussy.

As Lee and his father watched their incestuous wives begin to ravish the young man, they, too, freed their cocks and began to slowly stroke each other’s hard on. “Goddamn, Lee,” gasped Paul. “Ain’t that a sight to fire up the ol’ poker? How’d you like to suck your old man’s cock for him, boy? It’s been far too long since I sank my pecker down my son’s throat.”

It wasn’t long before everyone was completely out of their clothes and as Lee and Paul began to suck each other’s cocks, Angelina pulled her grandson on top of her and begged him to fuck her.

“Oh, please, Baby! Fuck your horny old grandmother. Sink that beautiful dick into me, Honey.”

As Alan eagerly complied with his Grandmother’s plea, Jenny straddled the older woman’s head and lowered her cunt to her mother-in-laws lips and hot swirling tongue. Within minutes, it seemed, everyone was cumming with cries and groans of pleasure as Alan shot his wad deep into his grandma’s cunt and his mother flooded her face with the juices of her orgasm. Escort Gaziantep Their cries of ecstasy sent Paul and Lee over the edge and they, too, unloaded their aching balls down each other’s throats.

After the incestuous family had rested for a few minutes to catch their breath, Paul said, “Jenny, my girl, I haven’t fucked that sweet pussy of yours in a coon’s age. Why don’t you roll over on your hands and knees and let your ol’ pappy fuck you doggy style?”

Jenny giggled as she complied with her father-in-laws lewd request and as he entered her dripping pussy from behind, she reached between her legs and fondled his swinging balls. Seeing his mother being fucked by his own grandfather had Alan raring to go again in no time.

“You like watching your Momma getting fucked by your Granpa, boy?” asked Paul with a grin. “Why don’t you just come around behind me there and see how you like fucking this old man’s asshole, while I’m sockin’ it to your Mom?” He didn’t have to ask twice and Alan was soon pounding away in his lusty old grandfather’s ass.

Angelina was not to be left out of the incestuous orgy and quickly slid under her daughter-in-laws face and spread her freshly fucked pussy lips for Jenny to suck and lick up her son’s spunk, still leaking from the older woman cunt. Lee wasn’t about to be left out either and slipped behind his lecherous mother and eased his saliva coated cock balls deep into her ass. Angelina grunted and groaned as her son invaded her nether region but pushed back against him and ground her ass against his groin as Jenny alternated her licking between her husbands balls and the old woman’s pussy.

After they had all experienced one mind blowing orgasm after another, Grandpa Paul said, “Guys, this is wonderful and we could probably keep it up all night – Well, Alan probably could at any rate! But we’ve got a long flight tomorrow, so I suggest we get some sleep while we can. Alan, you can sleep with your Gramma and me if you want. Help us get better acquainted, ya know?”

“I thought you said we needed to ‘get some sleep’,” laughed Jenny as Alan eagerly accepted his grandfather’s invitation.

“Hell, we can sleep on the plane,” chuckled the old man. “Right now I want a taste of that young man’s pecker, too. Seems like I’m the only one here who hasn’t sucked him off at least once.”

“Have fun, then,” smiled Lee. “But we’re going to bed – to sleep,” he added. “See you all in the morning.


As Alan and his family cleared the customs area at the Sidney airport, they were met by a woman police officer who took them in tow and escorted them to a private waiting area. “Your goddaughter is waiting in here for you,” she explained. “I don’t suppose I need to tell you that she is pretty shook up and quite nervous about meeting all of you. Please be gentle with her. She’s had quite a shock as I’m sure you can appreciate.”

The police woman held the door open for them and as they entered the room Alan laid eyes on his beautiful, young sister for the first time. He was immediately struck by the obvious similarity of the girl to both he and his mother. In fact, she was almost a dead ringer of the photographs he had seen of his mother at Angie’s age.

“Hello, Angie,” he said quietly. “I’m your brother Alan and we’ve come to take you home. If you want to come with us that is.”

Unable to answer immediately, the young girl buried her face in her hands and began to sob as she had obviously been doing since learning of her parents deaths. Overcome with compassion and sympathy for the girl’s heart rending pain, the family gathered around her and just held her in their arms and let her cry, crooning their love and caring for her until gradually her sobbing began to subside.

As the flow of Angie’s tears lessened, Granpa Paul handed the distraught girl a clean handkerchief to wipe her eyes and said kindly, “Honey, I want you to meet your birth mother and father. This is Jenny and this is Lee. Alan’s already introduced himself and, of course, you know who Angelina and I are. We are so sorry about the loss of your parents. We know that they can never be replaced by anyone. But now you have a new family who loves you very much and we want you to come back with us.”

Angie smiled shyly through her still tear filled eyes. “I don’t know what to say,” she stammered. “This is all so new for me. It’s a little overwhelming, and…Oh damn, I’m going to start crying again,” she sobbed.

“There, there, Lovey,” cooed her grandmother. “It’s alright. Believe me, Honey, we understand and we’re not going to rush you or hurry you into anything at all. We just want to help you cope with this tragedy as best we can. We’re here to help you get things settled then you can do whatever you think is best for you. Of course, we all want you to come home with us, but that has to be your choice and whatever you decide, we’ll support you in that.

“Oh, I do want to go back to the States,” Angie said between sobs. “With Mom and Dad gone, there’s nothing here for me. And you’re very kind to come all this way to help me. I’m just not sure I understand why you are so concerned though. You said Jenny and Lee are my birth parents and Alan is my brother? I never knew I had a brother.”

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