Aleister’s First Date Pt. 02

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The air was very thick and humid, laden with the earthy fragrance of sex and musk. Ada lay on the floor, the burning sting of carpet burn setting in on her delicate cheek. Aleister’s grip firm on the back of her head, hair tangled in his fingers, wondering what to do next. He knew Ada was nimble as a fox and the slightest of mistakes could mean her escape.

Aleister’s heart was still pounding, anger subsiding but, pride still hurting. He was taken and seduced by a woman. A DOMME NO LESS! She performed a sneak attack and she must learn her place if she wants to be forgiven. A twist of the wrist and Ada’s face was planted firmly in the carpet, Aleister reached down, grasped tightly at her waist and flipping her forcefully to her belly with a hard THUD and an “Oaf” Only five red dots and purple half moons were the only remnants left behind as a reminder for later.

With every breath, the scent of delicate budding roses and sweat filled his nostrils. Fueling his fire. Aleister’s erection showing signs of life once more. He placed his foot in the middle of her back and held her firmly in place while he removed his leather belt. Belt in one hand, he let go of Ada’s hair and pulled her arms behind her. She resisted with all her might, wiggling and squirming to get free but, Aleister only pushed down harder on her back, making it hard for her breath. Unable to breath, she was more compliant as she struggled for the little bit of air Aleister allowed her to have. Aleister formed a loop through his belt buckle and snatched Ada’s wrist.

“No Daddy, please don’t. You’re hurting me, I’m so sorry! Please please please!” Ada urgently implored.

“Listen here girly, did you honestly think I was going to let YOU get away with what you did?” he growled back.

Aleister grabbed her wrist, squeezing so tight that Ada let out a yelp and a whimper. Her wrist slipped through the hole in the belt and Aleister pulled it fast and tight. The sound of leather snapping against her supple flesh. The other arm was easier, as he wrapped the belt around her wrist, weaving the belt in and out of itself to keep her from pulling loose. As an impromptu restraint, Aleister was proud of himself and sure she was firmly secured.

The chair that Aleister was seduced in still in its original place, right above Ada’s head. Where Aleister took control of Ada’s unfair seduction. He got down on his knees and straddled Ada’s waist.

“Please Daddy, I’m so sorry, I will never do that again. I promise!” she cried, her voice wavering and lilting.

Leaning down, pressing his lips to her ear, his hot breath washing over her cheek.

“Turnabout is fair play MISSY, no one makes a fool of Daddy” he whispered in a low deep tone. Aleister drew back to his upright position and noticed Ada was grinning back at him.

With a sudden burst of blood rushing to Aleister’s face he thought to himself, “Damn that girl, she’s still fucking with me!” and his rod sprung to life. Grabbing her by the back of the neck, taking caution in not letting Ada see his flustered face, he pulled her up to her knees while getting on his feet simultaneously. Her body leaning back slightly to feel the raging hardon pulsing through Aleister’s khaki pants. “Oh, he’s serious”

Aleister stood in front of Ada, waiting for her to look up at him, to surrender. Resistance. Aleister made an earlier observation, her eyes squinted and she grinned every time he pulled her hair.


A handful of hair so tight Ada yelped, eyes aimed right at Aleister, as if to say, “I dare you” and he took her up on that dare pulling her face to his groin. Minutes seemed to pass, his other hand caressing her loose hair and enjoying her moist breath permeating through is pants. Matching her snide grin.

“Are you ready baby girl?” Aleister snarled at her.


With the chair still firmly in its place, Aleister reached down to grab Ada by her arms Kartal Olgun Escort and lifted her to her feet, pushing her to the chair.


“Boy you look TASTY! This is going to be fun!” Aleister chided in glee. Ada’s head held down in shame.

Aleister reached over to the fresh pudding, dipped his finger in, thoroughly coating it from base to tip. He gripped her firmly by her chin and using his other finger, opened Ada’s mouth to slowly slide the finger and the creamy desert between her hungry lips. She didn’t get any desert and sharing IS caring, thought Aleister. His finger all the way down her throat, he closed her mouth with his other hand and she cautiously wrapped her lips around his delicious finger. In and out he slid his finger slowly and gently, relishing every moment of her submission.

Taking possession of her chin once more with force, he pointed her face up to his, “This isn’t how I remember it but, that’s ok. The good part is coming”

Aleister’s head was racing with excitement, so many thoughts at once. What to do? What to do? What to do? He traced her lips with his saliva drenched finger. Down her chin. Slowly to the middle of her chest. Leaving a trail of chocolate pudding and slobber. His finger moving gently to her left nipple.

“Ohh, so perky,” Aleister mumbled and then bent down for a taste with the tip of his tongue. Gently flicking and teasing. Ada let out a deep breath, he picked up on the que and took as much of her breast into his mouth as he could.


Ada lunged forward and threw her head back.

“There you go sweet pea, let it go and make Daddy happy,” snickered Aleister.

“Daddy?” Ada whimpered.

“Yes baby girl?” Aleister replied.

“I’m sorry, I learned my lesson, can we stop now?” she requested in her soft wispy voice.

“There! Right there! THAT voice, you’re doing it again!” Aleister exclaimed and filled her mouth with the napkin once used to deprive him of sight. She had to be silenced. He figured out one of her tricks, it’s the way she speaks, like a siren song to sailors to lure them to the sea. Lilty, soft and innocent but, there was a tone hidden in her words.

Impressed with himself but, filled with more fiery passion than ever, his inner beast emerged. He silenced the witchy little brat and this is a time for celebration. He bit down hard on her breast, leaving deep red marks from his teeth.

ARRGGHHH! and a muffled, low key ohhhh.

Teeth over nipple, gently chattering, her nipple hard as a rock. He traced her chest bone, down her side and to her navel. Pushing himself into her crotch, reveling in her heat. She was like a radiator in a blizzard. Sizzling hot. Aleister had to confirm and bit down hard on her inner thigh, residing for a moment in her heat and sweet feminine scent. Roses… Delicate Victorian roses… Mmmmmm.

There was no mistaking the chemistry as it weighed heavy in the humid salty air. Aleister on his knees, between Ada’s legs, he looked up at her and found himself lost in her snarky manipulative smart ass gaze.

“Fuck woman! What is with you?! You are one dangerous bitch!” Aleister screamed in frustration as Ada smiled as best she could at him. He was crazy about her, she drove him nuts but, he hated the power she held over him. She brought him to life.

GRRRR he growled and grabbed Ada firmly by the hips, lifted her up, spun her around and dropped her the floor. No words, no eyes. Aleister was safe now.

Feeling explosive, he reached for the pillow on the chair and shoved it under Ada. Hoisting her round, firm ass in the air.




Another que and a firm hand on her head, pushing it down forcefully. Her ass naturally and subconsciously searching for something to grind on.


Aleister bit her neck, later she’ll discover the bruise that remained. A sexy reminder of her night with Kartal Sarışın Escort Daddy. He nibbled and explored her back. It was so soft and sweet. Her flesh melted on his lips like cotton candy. His hands tracing her ribs and down to her waist. He placed one leg between Ada’s legs only to be met with resistance. Aleister placed both his feet between her ankles, applied pressure and her legs spread like apple butter on warm toast on a bitter Spring morning.

Rage, passion, adrenaline, pheromones… LUST! In a flash, Aleister swooped down and sank his teeth into Ada’s right ass cheek. “Mmmmm, that is some tasty hot apple pie,” as he slipped into a blissful daydream. Running his hands and taking fistfuls of flesh into his grasp. Grinning at his prize and pressed himself against that sweet mound of his sweet peas ass. Ada pushed back gently and then caught herself, “Did he notice?” thought Ada? She could feel the sticky precum dripping down the crack of her ass. Hot and thick. His cock pulsing and angry. Aleister grabbed Ada by the shoulders, pulled her towards himself and her ass popped higher!


“Oh baby girl, you are so good to me. You’re spoiling me,” Aleister chuckled at Ada.

Muffled chatter emanated from the floor as she wiggled and squirmed to get out from under this big strong beast of a man. Aleister started grinding against her harder and harder, spreading his all natural lubricant all over her ass and down her crack. She could feel it running along the inside of her thigh and it tickled. At this point, Aleister didn’t care where his raging cock landed as long as it landed deep inside Ada. He slowly pushed, feeling hot moist flesh enveloping the head of his rod.

OHHHHHH, moaned Aleister and his head flew back.

UHMPF, Ada moaned out and pushed on to him.

Back and forth. Slowly at first, delighted at the worship his cock was receiving. She was so tight, like a virgin. He wondered if she’d ever been fucked before when he noticed her rotating her hips and an odd pressure that came and went. “Oh noooo, she’s NO virgin!” thought Aleister as he realized she was massaging and milking his still begging cock with her inner muscles. Wave after wave swept and pulsed up and down his shaft, once again seducing Aleister to her whim and desire. Aleister pushed all the way in hard, leaned down to her ear and whispered, “You witchy little bitch, I know what you’re doing and it ends now!”

It was the force, the shear power of the man between her legs that she really wanted to experience but, she just couldn’t help herself. Aleister grabbed her hips, filled with so much fervor, he hoisted her to knees, palm in her back and thrust hard. Ada immediately arched her back, pushed back onto him and threw her head back letting out a boisterous squeal. This excited Aleister even more and he thrust again. Faster and faster, breaking Ada’s spell, unable to control his orgasm with her muscles any longer. Fuck she was tight though! He could feel her juices running his leg. Taking his free hand, he threw his other weapon at her and grabbed her by the hair, pulling hard and taut, arching her back even further so he could see those beautiful curves.

ARRGGHHHH! as Ada almost lost her control.

Over and over he slammed into her, going deeper with each stroke of his hips. Ada pushing back just as hard.

“You like that, don’t you baby girl?” screamed Aleister, “I know you want it, tell Daddy how much you want it!”

MRMF mumbled Ada.

“If I take that out of your mouth, are you going to behave?” he asked. Ada promptly responded with a head nod, all the while Aleister kept his momentum and removed the gag.

AAAAAAHHHHHH screamed Ada and hoisted her ass higher for Aleister.

He flipped her to her side, draped her leg over his. Holding tight with one hand to her hip and the other slid around her neck. Gripping gently.

GASP and she tightened Kartal Şişman Escort her grip with her leg and pulled Aleister deeper inside her.

In and out he pounded her. Ada couldn’t contain herself any longer.

“Pleeease cum for me, please please please! I want it sooo bad!” pleaded Ada.

“Who’s your Daddy, baby girl?”

“Please, just cum for m… “

“THAT’S NOT WHAT I ASKED YOU SNEAKY BITCH, WHO’S YOUR FUCKING DADDY?” Aleister snarled and pounded her as hard as he could, causing her to twitch around his cock. “I’m going to break this one come or hell high water,” Aleister thought to himself.

“Uh, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Yo… Yo… You’re… My Daddy,” Ada managed to gurgle out.

Aleisters grip around Ada’s throat tightened and with each thrust, he could feel her breathing slowing until it went limp beside him.

“That’s a good girl.” he whispered.

Aleister made it to the finish line and now it was time to take what was offered to him. Ada snapped awake, her body suddenly coming to life and her lungs letting out a gasp. He could suddenly feel her body tighten around his cock and he raged inside her. She knew he was close, she could feel the change in his rhythm and the shape of his engorged hardon. The whole thing got bigger and his cock felt monsterous inside her. She wanted him to cum so badly, it was her ultimate turn on and she was inline to cum with him. Closer and closer, tighter and tighter.

“Oh gawd, baby girl, you want this, don’t you?” gasped Aleister.

“Yes, yes, yes! Please cum for me! Your cock is so huge! Oh gaaaawd YES!” she cried.

There’s that voice again and Aleister was about to lose it!



He could feel Ada’s body jerking as wave after wave rolled through, her body vibrating on Aleister’s cock. He slapped her ass hard, trying to regain control of his orgasm once more but, it was already blasting out and he pushed in as deep as he could go. Blissful in each wave of Ada’s orgasm. Clenching. Pulsating. Vibrating on his drained cock. As if she was begging for more. She tightened her grasp on Aleister one last time with her leg, pulling him into her, trying to get every last drop. Enjoying every last stroke.

Drenched in sweat, they both went limp on the itchy carpet. Swimming in a cloud of bliss, to exhausted to fight each other, Aleister released the belt, put his arm around Ada and pulled her close. She nuzzled her head into his chest and lost herself in his embrace. Ada, for the first time in a very long time she felt safe and secure in those big strong arms. Aleister was pleased with himself. He loved having Ada in his arms and never wanted to let her go. He squeezed tightly and they both let out a deep breath of relief. He knew she’d take good care of him, cherish him, always be by his side and with that he jumped up and trotted to the bedroom, “I’ll be right back!,” he excitedly blurted out and left Ada resting on the floor.

When Aleister returned, he kneeled next to Ada’s limp and exhausted body. She looked at him tenderly, no games this time and smiled warmly at Aleister. Ada glanced down and noticed he had something hidden in his fist.

“Sit up, sweet pea, I have something for you.” and he helped her upright to sit comfortably on her rear end… Which still stung from his hand slapping her ass and she smiled. Ada looked deeply and warmly into Aleister’s eyes.

“I got this for you, baby girl. I wasn’t expecting this to ever happen but, I got this for you in case this ever DID happen,” Aleister explained and opened his hand to reveal a beautiful discreet silver chain with a padlock on it.

“Are you ready to go on an adventure, My Lady?” as he gently reached around her neck to claim his prize, the click of the snap making it official. It dangled brilliantly between her collar bone.

“I’m ready, Daddy.” Ada shyly admitted.

Aleister helped Ada to her feet, “Shall we retire for the night, Mistress?” grinning at her coyly, placing his arm around Ada and shuffling her to bed where he held her aching body till sunrise. Soothing her fractured soul. He broke her and now it’s time to put her back together. Taming the untouchable beast known as Ada…

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