Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 16

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Alene just stood there after her immense display of sexual prowess. The floor below her was nothing more than a knee-high ocean of her cum. On the island that was the couch, Angie was still shaking in orgasm, long after Alene left her body.

“I did as you asked,” she said in a confident voice. Her cock was limp but it was still the biggest thing Paula ever saw, it rested all the way to her knees just burly touching the cum on the floor.

“I am ready for you,” Alene said in a calm serene voice. She tried not to show it, but her sexual drive was anything but empty. She could easily go another five rounds before she could even think about relaxing. But she had to, she wanted to end the tyrannical control Paula had over everyone and in a deep part of her heart she wanted to help Angie. She had to keep calm, keep her cock flaccid until told to do otherwise.

“What a show Alene,” Paula declared, “I wouldn’t believe it, had I not seen it with my own two eyes.”

“I just did as you ordered mistress, I can cum no more,” Alene repeated in an almost robotic voice, trying to appeal to Paula’s sadistic nature, it seemed to work.

Paula slowly circled Alene, remnants of Alene’s cum still covered her body. She stopped behind Alene and suddenly gave her a hug, grubbing and rubbing her sensitive boobs. Alene moaned in pleasure, fighting her arousal. She must fight it, if she gets hard now, Paula will understand Alene lied and god knows what she’ll do…

Paula on her end was in heaven. She played with Angie’s giant boobs before and loved how fluffy soft they were but Alene’s boobs were a completely different story. They were firm and seemed to hold their form, ignoring gravity by some magical force. She squished and pulled her nipples.

‘People are dying from starvation in Africa… life in a room full of bugs… mathematics…’ Alene tried her best to think of anything that could take her mind off the pleasure, unfortunately her balls didn’t care. Paula suddenly stopped caressing Alene’s boobs when she heard her giant balls rumble.

‘That’s it, she’s on to me,’ Alene thought as her balls audibly Demanded release, producing even more cum. Alene was too distressed to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri notice her cum production was way above her normal. Usually she would cum a huge amount, filling a room to waist level, but by now she flooded Paula’s office and balcony to knee height, crashed a car with her cum and filled Angie’s womb up to the brim. After all that, her balls where still bigger and fuller than ever.

Paula took a step back. Alene could feel her burning gaze and trembled, knowing retribution is coming and it will be painful. “Alene, Alene, Alene…” Paula repeated her name with clear amazement in her voice, “you are one hell of a surprise. Look at how much you came already and still your balls are hungry?”

“Yes mistress, they still want more.” Alene answered with fear.

“Well, after such a display of sexual prowess I believe you earned a small prize,” Paula declared as she undressed. Alene took a Deep breath, her plan worked, Paula didn’t get that her sexual arousal was off the charts.

Paula walked to her huge mahogany desk and with a little push lie on her back, legs open, revealing her shaved, pale, dripping wet pussy, another test of will for Alene’s mental control of her body.

“Remember,” Paula declared, “do precisely as I say or else…”

“Yes, mistress.”

I want you to fuck me,” Paula instructed. Alene was fighting her cock, reminding herself she must keep it from awakening. “I know your cock isn’t erect but with such a huge beast I’m sure you’ll manage it somehow.”

“Y.. yes, mistress.” Alene stuttered, doing her best to fight her urges.

“good pet, now come over here and fuck me.”

Alene walked between Paula’s smooth legs and placed her dormant cock an inch away from Paula’s pussy.

“I’m excited. Now listen to me Alene,” Paula resumed her instructions, “I saw what you did to Angie. She is my toy and I have used big toys on her pussy before, but they were nothing compared to you. I can’t have you doing the same to my young… soft… tiny… delicate… pussy” Paula emphasized every single word, torturing Alene’s self-control, “so we’ll need a precaution, a safe word. Do you know what a safe word is Alene?”

“Yes, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri mistress, it’s a word that when spoken ends all sexual activity.” Alene said in the most robotic voice, doing her best to calm her cock by thinking of anything other than Paula.”

“Very nice pet! Ours will be finch. So, when I say finch what do you do, bitch?”

“I stop immediately, mistress.” Alene played along. She had no real intention of stopping, once she gains control she will fuck Paula and give her the payoff she deserves.

“Good, now start working, you bitch,” Paula demanded.

Alene, on her end, was fighting a losing battle. Her cock was fighting her will, it wanted to grow bigger than ever, to take the pussy before her. Alene ever so slowly moved her cock into contact with Paula’s pussy. The tiny hole disappeared behind Alene’s monster. Paula was very wet, dripping. With a bit of a push Alene entered her pussy with a gasp. Not much was inside Paula, maybe just a quarter of the head, but it was the biggest she ever had.

“ohhh, good pet, you’re huge but keep going.” Paula commented.

Alene was fighting for dear life. The more her cock entered the more it wanted to grow, to unleash its prowess. Soon the head was in Paula.

“ohh good, so good, sooooo good,” Paula howled, “more, more.”

Alene moved more and more of her cock into Paula and soon arrived at her cervix.

“wow, you’re half in and you reached my end, feels so good!” Paula mumbled through the haze of pleasure clouding her mind, “good thing I let you fuck Angie first. My little lady couldn’t deal with what you did to her. Now keep going, bitch!”

Alene didn’t respond, she just stood there. “Again with your games whore?” did you not hear me?”

Alene stayed in the same position, deep in thought, “Alene Raven,” Paula yelled, “I’ll count to three! One…” Alene was frozen, eyes closed, “Two… three. OK Alene, your choice. Get off me, I need to post something to reddit.”

Angie came down from the bliss of an endless orgasm. She noticed her womb was full of cum. Slowly she rose to a sitting position, adjusting her balance to counter the added weight of güvenilir bahis şirketleri the cum. She looked around, cum covered the floor and in the office, on the huge desk Angie knew too well from everything Paula put her through, was Alene, fucking Paula.

“Alene! FINCH!” Paula shouted. Angie knew this was her favorite safe word. For some reason Alene was frozen like a block of ice.

Paula slapped Alene across the face hard, Angie trembled from the sound it produced. What came up next was something none of the girls expected.

First Alene opened her eyes, she had a beastly gaze that stirred something inside Paula’s soul. Paula’s subconscious yelled at her, ‘you are in danger, she is out of your league, RUN,’ but it was too late.

Next a very loud tremble sounded from Alene’s cock and balls and her balls grew so large they hit the floor and made Alene spread her legs even farther.

Then her cock exploded in size. In less than 10 seconds she grew into Paula’s womb, making her scream in pain and shock and with no place left to grow the cock pushed Paula along the table, crashing her back into her computer screen.

“Alene! What’s wrong with you? You crazy bitch, what have you done to my poor pussy?” Paula cried as she understood what came to transpire. Her pussy was stretched wide, holding a cock as big as her leg and about 2 feet long, probably more.

Angie got to her feet and made her way through the knee high cum poll into the office. Alene didn’t notice her. Her eyes were wild with desire and sexual need. “IT’S PAYBACK TIME PAULA,” Alene yelled, “YOU THOUGHT YOU CAN MESS WITH MY LIFE AND GET AWAY WITH IT? I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU SO HARD!” Paula understood she messed with the wrong girl.

“Please… Please, I’m begging, don’t kill me,” Paula cried in true fear as she tried hopelessly escaping Alene’s cock, “I’ll destroy the photos, I’ll leave you alone, just don’t kill me.”

“Too late bitch, now you’ll feel what Angie and I felt.”

A cum covered hand touched Alene’s shoulder, it was Angie. “Alene, I know how much you want to hurt her right now, I want her to suffer too,” she spoke in a calm assertive voice, “but this is not the way. If you do this, you are no better than Paula.”

Alene took a deep breath and relaxed, the spell she needed suddenly jumped to her head.

“Paula Epistola quod dico facies.”

Just like that it was over. Paula’s eyes went from fearful to serene as her body stopped struggling, “Yes, mistress.”

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