Alex to the Rescue Pt. 02

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Alex to the Rescue – The Morning After

I woke up with a jolt, recalling last night. How I found mom trapped in her self-bondage torment, seducing her, beating her, and finalizing it all by bedding her. She, my mom, was still asleep beside me, naked. My head resting on her shoulder, mouth inches away from her breast. My left arm is across her belly. My leg’s intertwined with hers. My cock pressed against her hip. So soft and curvy, breathing lightly.

Even more jolting was the fact that there was an arm in a brace on my side and a hard cock pressing on my butt cheeks. M eyes wide, I could hear dad breathing lightly.

“Is she awake yet?” whispered dad into my ear but I jumped, the silence was broken as if by thunder, now with my heart hammering in my chest.

“Uh…no, I do not think so, dad,” I whispered back, afraid to move.

“Bite her nipple, bite it hard. She’ll like that,” Dad whispered.

“You will do no such thing, boys. You know better than doing that Stan.” Mom barked back, in a playful snarky voice. She also moved my hand from her belly to her breast so I began to twirl her nipple with my fingertips.

“So, yes I see, you’ve been bonding. Let’s get up and talk about this over pancakes.” Dad said and he rolled over to his side of the bed, getting up.

“I took a shower when I got home. I’ll start breakfast,” he said as he was putting on some PJ bottoms and a tee shirt.

“And no, separate showers,” he said as he saw us headed for the master bathroom. “And Alex, pick up your clothing on the way to your room.”

I took a fast but full shower, brushing my teeth and shaving. Not having much clothing at home anymore, I was limited to dressing options. I had an old tank top and a diving swimsuit, not leaving much to the imagination. So set my clothing from last night and some other dirty odds and ends up for a wash.

Coffee, bacon, eggs, and pancakes were all turned out on the dining table. Dad’s Sunday breakfasts were always well-received and splendid. Little touches like cinnamon in the pancakes. A tablespoon of chocolate in the coffee. A sensory delight.

Mom walked in. I stopped mid-bite, breakfast forgotten, dad forgotten, the fact she is mom, forgotten. I just wanted to take her, her now.

She had on the most gorgeous emerald green nightgown. It fit her every curve. Thin spaghetti straps came off her shoulder, two large green lace cups gently holding her ample breasts, doing nothing to hide but everything to accent her luscious nipples poking out behind the fabric.

The rest of the nightgown was rich, shimmering satin with a plunge nearly to her belly button. It did not hide her slight belly, more it caused it to be highlighted, adding drama to her body, and flaunting her curves.

The material just flowed out to her hips, like a waterfall of satin washing over her, scintillating in the morning sunlight. At the very top of her legs, at the joint, were two triangles of lace, taller than they were wide. Below the lace were twin slits in the lingerie allowing her legs to step out of the gown, only to be hidden again by the other leg walking forward. The very bottom nearly swept the floor as she passed.

“It is like you have never seen a girl before, Alex,” mom said as she was still toweling off one side of her hair.

Without thinking, I had mom wrapped up in my right arm around her neck, my left arm around her waist, bending her over slightly as I gave her an impassioned kiss. Her towel, forgotten, fell to the floor as she put both hands on the back of my head, drawing me in, lips, and tongue eager to join with me.

Completely forgotten, Dad clears his throat and tells us to sit down, we have things to discuss. Like scolded school kids, we sat at the table. I was blushing and trying to find other things to look at other than mom and failing.

My parents talked about last night, mostly dad asking mom what happened and how she felt about it. Me trying to eat and not stare at mom’s breasts while still listening. A couple of times I was asked to chime in. Talk of if it was right or wrong. How far we wanted to go. Dad did not like it but was not trying to talk us out of it. Saying he had his indiscretions that he got away with and not being able to cast stones. Mom and dad have talked about their lovers, well-versed in a swinging lifestyle. I learned so much about them over breakfast but light on details, swingers, BDSM, group sex, fetishes, bi, etc. It was a lot to take in.

We moved into the living room, dad wanted to talk specifics with me. I sat on the recliner, he on the couch, and mom was standing in the middle.

“Mmmmm, I like this part,” Mom said while standing. Her hips swayed back and forth while her hands went up and down her body, tracing the seams, palming the fabric, and moving her nightgown around her body. All while her eyes closed, her mouth opened as if in a moan. It was like she was listening to a song in her head and she was moving to the music.

“Yes, you do dear, yes you do,” replied Dad with a chuckle.

“Now şişli escort son, and this is the first time with my actual son in that chair, clearly you have had sex before.”

“Uh-huh.” staring at mom like some slack-jawed yokel, scared yet aroused.

“You want to fuck her now, right now, right?” Mom got down on her knees and rested her head on Dad’s lap. Her hips still moving, swaying before me.

“Uh-huh, I do want to … I want to fuck her,” through a dry mouth.

“You’re hard now, right? Go ahead, fuck her,” he said and mom giggled. Mom pulled up the back of the nightgown, exposing her ass, neatly trimmed bush, and butt to me.

With no thought about anything except plunging my cock in her. No thoughts of my Dad being right there, no thought of this being my Mom. Lust was in charge. My shorts came off, I spit on my hand to lube my cock, got right up behind Mom, and drove my cock in.

She was wet, very wet, and ready for me. After minor adjustments for height and angle after the first thrust, I plunged my cock into her pussy sliding deep into her in the next thrust.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Mom moaned from between Dad’s legs as I thrust my cock in and out of Mom.

I just grabbed her hips and drove for all it’s worth. Lasting long was not on the cards. I heard cute mewings from Mom when I exploded into her. That was great, two climaxes in less than 12 hours. I pulled out and sat back on the floor leaning against the chair, panting.

“She feels good doesn’t she?” Dad said.

“Oh yes, Mom is great.”

“And dear, how was he?”

“mMmmm, he was great until he came. I need more.” Mom whined in a small voice at the end.

“You see son, your Mom is a woman of needs. You just thought of yourself, not your partner. Your Mom is a slut. Not a derogatory word used in school to shame girls. An insatiable, deviant, slut, who is very wanton but most of all, needs to be pleased. A desire to be used over and over.”

“But you said to fuck her. So I fucked her.” I retorted a bit confused.

“There is fucking for your sake and fucking for your partner’s sake, and then there is fucking for both of you. If you want to keep a woman, fucking is not a race to see who cums in first. Women your age might think that is all they can get from boys but those do not know any better.

“What kind of foreplay do you like?” he asks.

“Um,… I mostly kiss and fondle their breast and kiss the boobs once the shirt comes off. Not for long until we get to fucking. M, err, my girl, likes it.”

“M, as in MJ? Your fucking MJ?” Mom says and she turns her head to look at me, all the while her ass is still gently swaying,

“Um, yeah,” I say blushing and feeling embarrassed.

“She is hot, sweetie. Sexy girl next door face. That tall lanky figure. Kinda tomboyish.”

“Um, yeah,” Not knowing what to say with my mostly naked mom talking about my girlfriend.

“Kiss me as you kiss her,” Mom said and she turned around and sat beside me, facing the other way.

Mom wrapped her arms around me. Her lips greeted me with the most loving, warm smile and parting lips. We wrapped our arms around one another, drawing each other in on the other. I could feel the silkiness on my body from the nightgown but once her lace breasts pressed into my chest, I had a hard time focusing.

I gave her my best, my most loving kiss. After a minute or so, we broke the kiss.

We leaned back a bit, she had a mischievous look in her eyes.

“That was a good start dear like you did in the kitchen. Be a good girl and follow Mommy’s lead. We can make it all better.”

I recognized Mom’s playful baiting she uses to get people off their game. Fine, I would do as she does.

This time when we kissed, lightly at first, I followed lip to lip, tongue tracing where her tongue went, Some parts were gentle and some rougher. What I had done before was like a mere kiss on the cheek in comparison. As we broke the kiss, I did not want to stop, could not stop.

I pulled her back in and repeated what she did to me, changing the order but trying to keep up the intensity. When I pulled her hair, she did not pull back mine but moaned letting me control her even more. This time when we let up, she was flush.

“We always knew you were a fast learner. I will do a series of kisses with you, follow along. Some might not do anything for you, some might. If you find a girl that loves these, she will be pudding in your hands.”

Pulling me in, she tilted my head back and to the side while proceeding to attack my neck. Kisses, nibbles, and bites, she was all over me, as chills went down my back. She worked both sides and up and down my throat. It was nice, a chill I never felt before.

“On this, now also listen to how I do this part, do it wrong it’s a turnoff, do it right, well you’ll see,” she whispered so lightly into my ear.

With my head turned, she blew her warm breath into and around my ear. It sounded like a very light breath but it made me shutter. What drew me in mecidiyeköy escort was when she licked my ear. My whole body shuttered. It was like a tickle with love.

I never knew breathing could be so erotic or all the various places you could kiss. Knowing this, I need to explore other parts of the body. Using a loving intent with extreme passion is the key to finding these mysterious places.

When I reciprocated with Mom, I made sure to pull her hair, a firm handful, as I moved her head where I wanted it. It seemed the various amounts of hair I pulled had different effects. Twirling locks of her hair and pulling, great for steering her to what I wanted. When I would pull smaller amounts of hair, she was more submissive and responded with more passion.

Pulling her hair and planting it on the floor, I again mounted Mom. My cock slid with ease into her. I kept the pace slow with long deep thrusts. Mostly, I kept kissing her, following the earlier guidance, my kisses were passionate and wet. Without even realizing it, my left hand was holding down her right to the floor by the wrist.

Pounding away, I tore into her neck, leaving red marks and saliva in my wake.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck me.” Mom moaned.

“I am fucking you, my mommy slut.”

“Argh, yes. Please use me.”

“Fuck you, slut. I’m here to please myself. I will use you as I see fit, ‘mommy’.”

“Oh. oh, oh.”

Never speeding up, not slowing down. Just driving my cock in and out of her. This time, in no rush.

In no time, it was her coming, spasming to a climax. Her breast spilled out of her lingerie as her back arched with wave and wave of climax.

“AAAhhhh, oh, fuck yes.” and she collapsed. Spent.

I stopped moving but left my hard cock in her. It did not take her long to get her breathing under control.

“Oh Alex, that was great. Please, ahhhhhh.”

Her eyes rolled back in her head as I began to pound her harder and faster. My still-hard cock never wavers.

“Argh, Alex, my boy, … please … please…. aaaaaaahhhhhhh.”

I held both wrists down as she was moving around, back arching again. She was close. Bending down, I was able to suck a nipple into my mouth and I sucked HARD.

“Gah, argh … fuck you. Fuuckkkkkk …”

She fought me. Her legs kicked. She tried to free her arms. I just thrust faster.


“Oh, mom.” I moaned and we came together as I released her nipple.

“Damn, damn, damn.” was all she could moan. Her feet bounced off the floor as she spasmed.

This time, in my exhaustion, I let go of her and rolled off.

After a bit, I got up and went off to fetch two glasses of water. Slamming and refilling my glass once, I headed back into the living room.

I was a bit shocked by what I saw, almost turning and leaving but Mom called me in and thanked me for the glass of water.

Dad was naked but mostly draped in Mom’s satin nightie. Her freshly fucked pussy mounted atop his face. Her hips were still gently moving to and fro. She looked so relaxed, so happy.

“So, MJ. Wow, you’ve had a crush on her for like ever and never did anything about it. What changed, how did you catch her?”

I could feel my face reddening. Looking about, Mom was sexy and hell as she was getting oral pleasure. Dad was tenting the lingerie covering his cock. It was clear they were comfortable with me being here. Only to add to it was Mom’s next comment, she must have been watching my eyes.

“You can play with his cock, if you want. He ‘literally’ cannot do anything to stop you, at the moment.”

I blushed again and sat back down on the recliner.

“We have only been dating for a few months. It started shortly after school started.

“One day, Davy said I should make sure to check out the university’s new cheerleaders. That the four freshman girls were being hazed in the cafeteria today. Knowing that Mary Jane was one of them, I made a beeline to the cafeteria to make sure she was okay.

“Um, well. When I got there. I was not ready for what was going on.”

“She was not hurt or being bullied, was she dear? I would raise hell if she was.” Mom said. All the while being eaten out by Dad. It just seemed so surreal.

“No. Well, no, not really. Umm. She was having fun with it. It was naughty, at least to me.”

“Really?!?” getting a rise out of her. Curiosity poked now.

“Um, yeah.” blushing “but I guess it was okay. They’ve been doing it for decades.”

“What? What?”

“Well, you see. They made the four freshman girls and one guy wear a diaper, as initiation.”

“Go on, dear.” I could hear a giggle as she covered her mouth.

“The guy had on his uniform except there was some diaper spilling out from under his shorts. Each of the gals had diapers on with their tops and skirt. Two of them were doing everything to try and hide it. The third gal did not seem to care and acted like it was nothing at all.

“Now MJ, well, seem sorta embraced it. She seemed to be wearing the pleated skirt escort istanbul higher or had it pinned up because you could not miss what she was wearing. So I kinda hung out the rest of the day with her. She showed me her moves. Even getting the other ‘fresh meat’ to join in. They jumped, danced, did splints, and even the pyramid with three. All prancing around in their little girl uniforms.

“Dan, Doug, Davy, err something, he picked her up once and gave her a toss and she did a v-split down to the ground, landing on her butt with her legs spread with her hand on her mouth, expressing a bit of an ‘oopsie baby’.

“She had the other girls walking backward in handstands and even walking backward, bumping me in the face with her nappy. I can still smell the baby powder.

“It was great. She was awesome, so happy. We laughed and joked all afternoon. I knew I liked her but I could not ask her out.”

“You skipped college classes for a girl? Shame on you, Alex.”

It was clear from her tone that she was razzing me.

“Embarrassingly, she asked me out on a date. I agreed and that was the start. After she was done with the hazing, she changed and we went out for burgers.”

“That is my shy boy. Somewhat less nervous now, it seems.

“Did you get lucky on the first date?”



“Um, err, yes,” I replied meekly

Dad gave a big thumbs up from the floor.

“She told me it was clear I was enthralled with her and not just the uniform. She had a crush on me since before high school. When we got to her dorm, before tossing her uniform in the laundry basket, she held it up before her, asking me if she wanted her to wear it for me, in private. I quickly nodded yes. Jokingly she did the same with the pink princess diaper. I blushed badly, she said she got her answer. With a giggle, she threw the used one away.

“Oh my, does my Alex have a fetish already, not even 20 yet? Good job, Alex.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“Be careful what you let her know about this. We could get into a lot of trouble even though we are adults. It is still not legal what we are doing.”

“I know Mom and I understand why you said it. The good news is she is not a prude.”

“Thanks, and why, how do you know?”

“She made sure she was upfront about the fact she has a girlfriend, lover, a sexual confidant. Wanted to make sure I was okay with that before we went too far because she did not want to end that aspect of their friendship.”

“Whoa, MJ is bi?”

“It seems so, Mom.

“Nope, she has been secretive about that since her friend has not come out or something like that. So I have not asked much.”

“You must get your common sense from me, not your awful father. Haha.”

We both laughed when a thumbs down from Dad appeared.

“Come, let us kiss some more.”

“mMmmm, yes mother.”

I got down on my knees, naked and inches away from my father.

Between kisses, she talked about the human body and that there are hidden erogenous zones all over. The skin was tied to love in so many ways. How to explore her body and try to find them. Reactions to look for, and ways to activate them. Licking the wrist, biting the neck, tickling the inner thigh.

“The eyes might be a window to our souls but kissing opens an ocean of emotion.” she giggled as I licked down her arms.

“Hey pervert, have you gotten all that tasty boy juice out of me yet?” A thumbs up came from the floor and mom moved back sitting on dads chest. Sliding even further back and hiking up her nightgown, mom negotiated dads cock into her pussy. I could not see this but I could tell by her moans and movements of the shimmering emerald nightgown.

She gave me the finger to come towards her, I was very hesitant moving over dads head but her allure was just too great.

“Come and kiss me,” she hissed in an evil kinda way. Wondering if this was how Adam felt around Lilith. As I moved forward, she grabbed my cock while riding up and down on dads hard cock, slowly milking it.

I jumped when my balls touched his forehead. Mom kept guiding me forward, pulling my cock towards his open mouth. My heart was pounding, and murmured reassurances drove me onwards.

Even knowing it was going to happen, I jumped again once he sucked my cock into his mouth.

“Keep coming towards me, baby.” Mom purred.

As I shimmied and shifted forward, it just seemed to drive my cock deeper. Dad on the other hand was busy licking, sucking, and enjoying it. Even tilting his head more. I was soon balls deep and in my Moms loving arms. Our tongues intertwined.

“It might feel like you’re in all the way, but you’re not. Push a little more.”

With a little trust in my hips, my cock head popped into Dad’s throat.

“Now, lightly fuck it. Do not pull out until I tell you.” So I did, I began to fuck my cock in his throat. He began to swallow. It was like a weird message.

Mom raised her hips a bit and Dad furiously started fucking her until she sat down on him.

“Pull out of his throat, now.” Mom said.

GASP. I heard from Dad as he inhaled. Breathing heavily and catching his breath.

“Your cock is big enough to cut off his airflow. He loves breathplay.”

Huh, all the new kinks I learned today. It seems the parents know a lot of them.

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