All for Charity

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[Son is drafted by his mom to be an item to auction off for charity; he ends up having to service 3 incredibly hot MILF’s—then one last one: his mom!]


Let me ‘set the table for you’. You won’t understand what’s going on until you understand the players. If you’ve seen ‘Desperate Housewives’ or ‘Real Housewives of xxxxx County’, then you’re up to speed and can move on. If not, you have to understand women of a certain age.

Women who still ‘have it’ but can see the day when they won’t act a certain way. They can hear the clock about to toll and want it all before it’s too late.

Also, women of wealth and power have two things in common throughout the world. They are all of one mind—in cahoots just as men suspected. However, for the most part, they all hate each other, which makes for good TV (at times) and explains our plot today.

My parents had long ago gotten a divorce. My mother won custody of me. Believe me; it was not out of love or passion: she was a high society lady who hadn’t even kissed me goodnight since I was eleven. No, she nabbed me at the divorce strictly for support.

At the end of the day, mom reeled in the house, a Lincoln Town Car, $5,000 a month support, and a $500,000 property settlement. Oh, and me too.

It would’ve been nice if I could say I was headed to law school or med school, but the truth was I ended up as a frame carpenter.

Sure, when there was work, the pay was decent and it kept me outdoors, tanned, and in incredible shape. Still, my mother was less than impressed. She allowed me to stay at home because there were four empty bedrooms and I was a cheap form of security.

Everything happened on or around the big charity auction. My mom traveled in a pack of four well-to-do ladies. They played bridge, did their garden parties, and ran the obligatory charity events. Normally, charities got little as the huge cost of entertaining the well-heeled patrons absorbed the ticket proceeds.

Well, there was going to be a charity auction. My mother’s closest friend (thus fiercest enemy…right?) Hilda challenged the other women of the bridge circle and the garden circuit.

They got together and bet; the winner who raised the most money for the charity would get an all-expenses paid trip for two to Lake Como in Italy. That would be only a small percent of the overall monies raised. My mom was not about to lose.

The auction proceeded. To our (me and my mom) surprise, Hilda sold some fine art out of her house. Economically, it made no sense, but there it was.

Well, my mom was not about to be upstaged and ripped a Mary Cassatt pencil study off of our wall and put THAT on the block. I sat there appalled as mom grinned at the winning bid. She was up above Hilda. There was only one last bidding slot open to each of them.

Unknown to us, Hilda was behind the curtain, staring at the auction inventory card, with nothing more to sell. Terrified that mom would rip something else off the wall, like our Robert Crumb signed ‘Keep on truckin’, she did the only thing she could do.

The auctioneer, an extremely conservative and wealthy woman of about 70, stared at the card. With a shaky voice she announced that the high bidder for this next item would get a weekend with Ms. Hilda; no questions asked. Open to men or women who had a bidder’s paddle.

You had to see the expression on my mother’s gorgeous face as her best friend and nemesis, Hilda, came out. Mom smiled but then was concerned when the bids started coming. Some well-dressed men in Brooks Brothers’ suits held up their paddle for $50,000. The gavel was about to end bidding.

However, there was another group of men, plus one agent on iPhone who hadn’t budged. To everyone’s amazement, Hilda jumped off the stage and sat in the lap of first one then the other man who hadn’t bid. She rubbed her tits against their faces. The auctioneer, once she composed herself, started going from $100,000 on up.

I won’t bore you with all of the bidding. Suffice it to say, that agent on the phone, in contact with the head of a corporation you use everyday, bid $250,000 and won. Hilda was triumphant, though I wondered what she had volunteered for.

As for my mom, she was thunderstruck. She could’ve tried the same thing; I never saw my mom in a bikini or anything, but I could tell she was incredibly hot for a woman almost forty. Petite at five foot two, she had oversized boobs (35D), an hourglass waist, a dimpled bum, and the best legs of any woman I’d ever seen. (Yes, I occasionally got a peak into her mirror…) With just a few tinges of blue and red from age, and a line or two, those legs were worthy of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover.

So, my mom COULD have tried the same thing. What actually happened was a complete surprise to me…but she’d planned for this contingency earlier that week.

After the gavel Gaziantep Escort banged down for Hilda’s $250,000 coup, my mom literally grabbed me and dragged me behind the curtains. There was the last auction inventory card. Mom had held me out as her trump card. She wrote the item description on the card and showed it to me.

My jaw dropped. Mom gave it to the elder lady, who was already dizzy from the last auction item. She stared at it, shook her head in dismay, and then smacked the dais with the gavel for attention.

My mom had drafted me for the same terms as Hilda: one weekend, no questions asked. Desperate to win, my mom had wisely taken precautions and packed my Speedos in her big purse. She handed them to me backstage, insisting that I don them. I disrobed as mom leered; it was an odd feeling.

As I reached out for the suit, she noticed that the Speedos had an inner lining for ‘modesty’. To my surprise, she ripped the liner out. Now the Speedos were nothing more than membrane thin cloth, like having painted on shorts. I had to push my big cock to the side. Its uncut rough cockhead pushed the side of the swimsuit.

You could see my cock at rest, only about six inches of its maximum ten inches. Even then, it was shoehorned in there, pressing against the front of that suit to the point it might burst open. Well, that was just the way mom wanted it.

I walked out on stage and there was an audible gasp. What was funny, though I didn’t find it humorous: the same agent on the phone put in an initial bid of $200,000. I was wondering what he planned for Hilda AND me? Fortunately, the women in the crowd woke up and started flashing their paddles.

The bidding reached $250,000, which would tie my mom with Hilda. As I stood there, looking buff and chiseled, the bidding seemed to end there. The crowd fell silent as mom scurried onto the stage.

Some were horrified while others, including yours truly, were super turned on: my mom kissed me full on the lips. She whispered that one day soon, she’d like to have my baby. She gave my manhood a squeeze thru the tissue thin Speedos.

Mom backed up and awaited her greatest achievement. Sure enough, I was gasping for air, unbelievably turned on. I had no control whatsoever over what happened next. That’s right, my cock responded, shyly pushing its head above the Speedos drawstring and ending up well above my navel. The auctioneer turned rosy cheeked in shock. Several in the crowd (not only women either) licked their lips.

When the auctioneer crawled her way back to the dais, the paddles were flying. The bidding ended at $500,000. Three women had won.

Now, when the bidding crossed $300,000, my mom had won that vacation to Lake Como. Higher bidding wouldn’t change that. So, the three women of mom’s bridge circle re-entered the fray and came away with the winning bid. It was a large winning bid, but they could afford it, it was for a good cause, and it was tax deductible of course.

Hilda and the gang of three sauntered by as I retreated to the relative privacy of backstage to re-don my clothing. Just after I got dressed, Hilda grabbed me by the lapels:

Hilda: “Well, Jimmy, we waited until you were eighteen. Now, you are OUR bitch!”

Somehow I had to weather from Friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm. It was going to be in two weeks, as Hilda had taken the first weekend for her $250,000 stunt.

Hilda regaled her fellow bridge partners all the juicy details of that weekend and her performance. The wealthy bidder who won her was an older man. He really wanted just to look at her as a trophy.

They only did it twice and he couldn’t have filled up a gnat’s private areas. Just to be safe, she had dragged out her old diaphragm and taken some ‘morning after’ pills just to be super-safe. Overall, it was a breeze.

Soon it was going to be MY weekend. For some reason, my mom insisted on packing my bag. I guess she did that to ensure that everything was clean and that I was not forgetting to do anything.

I arrived at Hilda’s home. Unlike my mom, she was still married and had had to convince her husband to take a vacation back east by himself. She said she still had charity work to do.

As I stepped in the door, I was mugged by three horny women. My clothes were history in seconds. To my amazement, all three of them had on formal gloves for some reason. One of them used her velvet gloves to cup and hold up my heavy sack. She kept hefting it as if to weigh it, disbelieving that they could be so very full, so very heavy.

Another one was stroking the shaft, which quickly attained its full ten inch magnificence.

Just as quickly and quietly, I was put onto the piano bench, sitting astride it. It was utterly perfect for someone to ride me. Sure enough, Hilda came out in her wedding gown(!) She pulled up the huge dress and put it over her head. Now she was just wearing a leotard.

God, what a figure! Whereas my petite mom was five two, blonde, Gaziantep Escort Bayan and top heavy, Hilda was a statuesque beauty. Her figure was more that of a fashion model than a swimsuit one (like mom.) Her long legs were incredible as was her entire body: she did yoga everyday and it showed.

Wearing the leotard, she climbed over me. My cock was rock hard, but still it wasn’t pointed and slipped to the side. Furious, Hilda glared at her friend. Dottie got the idea and used her long nails to gouge out an opening in that leotard. Hilda again sat on me.

Her head went skyward as she moaned in pleasure. Her two friends were at either side of her, helping her with the up and down motion. As for me, my cock was treated to the warmest, wetting, tightest feeling ever. Mind you, this was my first time actually being inside of a woman.

My uncut oversized cockhead dragged against the tender inner walls of Hilda’s mature vagina. As I got harder and bigger, her moans of pleasure and muted pain increased. This seemed to trigger her girlfriends, who accelerated her up and down motion.

The sound of my huge cock sluicing inside and out of her sopping wet pussy made a squishy sound I would never forget. At a certain point the two hot MILF’s stopped helping Hilda and made out…they were so turned on.

For about ten minutes my cock pounded her insides, my lengthy rod tapping her inner walls repeatedly. I knew nothing of her anatomy; I didn’t know her cervix from her uterus. Fortunately, I was manfully equipped…big enough that it didn’t matter exactly where I aimed.

At the high point of our action, Hilda fell on top of me with a tremendous wallop. My erect cock now extended far up inside of her. Instinctively, I wanted even more and rose up from the bench so I would be totally consuming every pubic inch of her vagina.

I grabbed her still firm behind and clutched her to me frantically. At the same time, our lips locked. At that precise moment, she muffled her scream of ecstasy in our kiss, her last (out of seven total) orgasm overwhelming her. I had held back as long as I could, but this seventh big ‘O’ was just too much for me. I let go. I made sure it was simultaneous with hers.

It was my first time and the joy, the pleasure, the intense satisfaction in cumming inside a beautiful MILF was indescribable. I collapsed backwards, totally used up and emptied out. Fortunately, one of her friends caught me. She helped me to the couch, where I literally collapsed.

As I was falling asleep, the three women were a flurry of activity. Dottie and Antoinette were so hot, they just HAD to see what went on in there. They put Hilda on top of this high marble round table. Obligingly, Hilda put her legs up on the edge of the table, affording them a perfect view. What a sight to see two mature society sirens with their coiffed heads within inches of their friend’s sperm-filled pussy. Dottie almost shouted:

Dottie: “Oh God, I see it, bubbling up. THERE IT IS!”

A small puddle of white cum oozed out. Then, a long thick wide wave emerged, coating the silky thighs of that MILF. Antoinette stared in disbelief and total excitement. To her this was the height of ‘naughtiness’, like seeing a taboo porn film live and in person.

A few hours later, I awoke. One of Hilda’s friends, Dottie, had wanted a piece of me too and was keyholing my cock. Her friend was literally rubbing my family jewels, thinking if they were well-polished they might re-fill. It was silly, but it worked. Soon, my unit was ready for action again.

The two women didn’t make me go back to that piano bench. No, they simply twisted me so I was sitting on the couch. Dottie, a petite redhead who looked exactly like the gorgeous henna-haired beauty on ‘Everybody loves Raymond’, sat astride my legs.

As she settled over my once again erect ten inch cock, her friend helped guide me in. Almost instantly, she began bouncing on me with quiet desperation. She was another woman around the forty year marker and definitely wanted to get maximum pleasure before it was too late.

For some reason I just couldn’t get into this. Maybe it was because I knew Hilda very well while I barely knew Dottie, who was new to the group. Impatient for a climax, her friend Antoinette (Tony) blew into my ear and made out with me. She then whispered that Dottie was still married and that I shouldn’t come inside of her.

Tony: (whispering) “For heaven’s sake, DON’T cum inside of her! She’s off the pill, her husband is seventy-five, and everyone would know that it was YOU that had knocked up this gorgeous trophy wife. So, whatever you do, DO NOT cum inside of her!! You can just imagine how it would be if she had to run the garden club and go to church with a big belly, swollen carrying one or two of YOUR babies. Let’s not even mention the embarrassment she’d feel trying to find a bra big enough to contain her boobs once they filled with delicious, velvety smooth mother’s Escort Gaziantep milk! It would be a nightmare. And with the lousy breast pumps they have nowadays, you would be drafted…no escape. You’d just have to help her out and drain off some of that warm, delicious breast milk. Imagine having to spend your valuable time, forced to literally suckle like a baby.”

Talk about reverse psychology! She knew that that would get me going. Well, I just grabbed Dot’s bum and pushed her down with industrial press power. My manly cock was so far, so deep, so very intimate with her it must have been in her womb.

Antoinette watched as my bull-sized sack swelled and then contracted, doing that six times. Each time my jewels contracted and then swelled, it reflected me pumping my genetic material into the farthest reaches of Dottie’s very fertile womb.

Almost instantly, I fell back to the couch, exhausted while Dottie stood up. Her friend bent over to see what had happened.

Tony: “Wait, oh my God! Dottie, there’s a little bubble like a white opal. Now, oh, it’s like a small flood dripping down, drenching your muff with his virile outpouring. What a man: So much cum, so much sperm! I knew if I told him NOT to cum inside of you he’d go off like a cannon. POW!”

Dottie: “That’s great; there’s only one problem. If I should get knocked up, I really will have a problem. My husband, ‘old snoozer’, couldn’t make a crème pie like this one on my pussy lips if he had 1,000 years to do it. So, how could I explain a baby?”

We took time off to let me catch my breath. Antoinette was next in line. They said that I could do her whenever I was ready; I couldn’t leave until I did do her.

Talk about weird. With Hilda on the phone ensuring that the charity collected from the auction bidder who secured her ‘services’, Dottie was on a Blackberry. Meanwhile, Antoinette was sitting next to me, patiently waiting for me to get ready for her.

It was a little odd; I was watching ESPN SportsCenter while a strange woman was running her hand up and down my manly shaft. Her other hand cupped my testes as if they were the most important thing in the world. Well, I guess they were…

At a station break, I looked down and realized I was at full staff: some ten and a half inches of titanium. My balls were the size of oranges and about that weight. I stopped her activity and stood her up. She had been so patient that I had to reward it. I picked her up and carried her to the couch in the living room.

Laying her down, I proceeded to mount her. Her eyes closed in delirium as my powerful cock hit the spot and glided in smoothly. She could accommodate eight of my ten inches. I proceeded to pound her for fifteen minutes. My rough ended cockhead rubbed her sensitive inner walls raw as it moved back and forth, in and out. Her eyes teared up and she mumbled that I should stop….or start…I couldn’t tell which.

I didn’t ask the others if I should go off inside of them. It just seemed natural. For some reason, I thought it mattered to Antoinette. She said that she was married, she loved her hubby, but like Dottie, her husband wasn’t up to making a baby. Unlike Dottie, she gave me the impression that she really didn’t want to shock her old man out of concern for him.

Well, to her relief, at the last moment, I pulled out. Dragging my sensitive cockhead back and forth across her thick full beaver forest, it felt almost as good as being inside of her. At the crucial moment, I moved forward, leaving a huge puddle of potent seed covering her trim tummy. My powerful cock lurched each time it shot a thick rivulet of potent seed. When it did, both of us could hear a sound like when you use a spray bottle.

Tearfully she thanked me for my sperm and even more for not putting it where it might cause her problems. She ran to the bathroom. Later we slept together on the couch that Saturday night.

The final day of that weekend [Sunday] I spent the time doing Dottie and Hilda. Not wanting to leave Antoinette out, I offered my services to please her. She said no to be polite, but I insisted. I was thrilled that I could do that; soon she was howling in delight as my tongue did its duty ‘down there’.

As for those jezebels, Dottie and Hilda, the thought that I was getting married women pregnant with MY baby was a super turn-on. When I thought that these society dames would be sporting huge swollen bellies, heavy with child, it got me shooting deep inside of them.

I was determined to knock up these women and came inside of Dottie six times. I came inside of Hilda, mom’s best friend and most bitter enemy, eleven times. Well, she did pay for most of my services, so it was only fair.

They dropped me off at home and were tickled to see me sort of melt as soon as I walked in the door. I found the nearest chair and was out like a light for twelve hours.

When I awoke, my mom was in her room watching TV. I had come home during the day and it was now night; you know that feeling when that happens and you don’t know whether it’s early the next morning or still that same day.

I went to my mom’s room.

Mom: “Well, Sleeping Beauty! How was it with those three hags? I hope that you still have your private parts, or at least some of them!”

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