All Tied Up

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You’ve tied me to the four corners of the poster bed, naked, face up, with leather straps. This is not at all unusual, as we have been following this ritual each week for the last year. I find it quite exciting. You seem to get something out of it, although I’m not sure I would call it sexual gratification. I don’t know WHAT I would call it.

Anyway, the ritual usually follows a script which has become so routine that we can enact the play without you even having to talk anymore. I like this. It gives me a feeling of security. But today is different. You tied me up, and as I awaited the next step, you announced,

“I’m going out. I won’t be long.”

And you walked out the door.

I glance at the clock beside me. It says 3:30 p.m. You have been gone for an hour and a half. I am getting nervous. I have to pee. I itch in several places. I am not feeling the least bit sexual. In fact, I’m wishing I could get dressed and each a late lunch.

As my mind wanders, I hear the door open, and then slam very hard. I shudder. You enter the room. You are moving quickly. You remove your jacket, and throw it across the room.

You say “God Damn it, I got stuck in a damn traffic jam, I got cut off by asshole drivers twice, and to make matters worse, the store didn’t have what I wanted.”

You are scaring me a bit, so I whisper “I’m sorry, Miss Linda.”

You turn on me, and say “Shut up, Robert. It’s not your fault, and you don’t need to grovel, at least not right now. I’m going to give you what you need, but I’m not in the mood.”

I feel better knowing that you will be punishing me, perhaps even more than usual, which gets me excited. I start to get hard again, even though I have to pee. Actually, having to pee makes me even harder.

I pay you a lot for your weekly services, but you are damn good, no one better. So I guess I can tolerate a slight deviation from the usual ritual. You approach the bed, and remove all of your clothes except your corset, garters, and leather bra. You are about to begin the familiar ritual, when you stop and look at my cock.

“You know Robert, sometimes I get tired of giving you pain and pleasure when I get nothing back except money. I have not been doing well in my personal life, and I have been incredibly horny for the Kartal Yabancı Escort last 2 weeks. Let’s have some fun.”

This frightens me.

“Miss Linda, please don’t change what you do. I need that.”

“Robert, you are my slave. You are to do whatever I tell you to do, and you will like it.”

Now this little speech has me hard as a rock. It’s what I want from you, and if it means a variation on the ritual, so be it.

You stare at my cock, and begin to remove your remaining clothing. First your bra, slowly, unbuttoned from the back, dropped to the floor. Then your garters, one at a time, thrown to the other end of the bedroom. Finally your corset, and your thong. You stand before me naked. I have never seen you naked before, nor have I had any particular desire to, but I must admit that you have a killer body, one that a man with normal sexual inclinations would find incredibly enticing.

“Robert, you have never seen me naked, and you have never had sex with me, nor has that ever been in the plan. We are going to rectify that right now.”

Once again I am frightened, as I have had so little “normal” sexual experience in my life. My hard-on wilts. You notice.

“I know you are nervous, but you are in capable hands, and I will not hurt you.”

You come closer and clutch my cock in your hand. I must admit it feels good. You start to stroke up and down, and I get hard again. You stop, move off to the dresser, and retrieve our favorite lubricant, one which we normally use for anal penetration. You put some on your hand, and resume stroking. This is an AMAZING feeling.

I look over at you, and you are staring at my cock, and your eyes are getting glazed. I have never seen you in a state of want before. I don’t know quite what to make of it, but I am now feeling quite turned on, so I don’t want to spoil things by saying anything at all.

You remove your hand, get a chair, and the tube of lubricant. You put the chair right next to the bed, stand on it, put some lube on your hand, and (I can’t believe I’m seeing this), you start to massage your pussy, sliding easily over it with your greased up fingers. You are standing on the chair so that I can see everything you are doing. I watch in admiration and stunned silence. Kartal Yeni Escort You close your eyes and rub harder. You put 3 fingers inside yourself, and I see drops sliding down the side of your left thigh. I know what that is, although I’ve never seen it before now.

You start to sway back and forth, and I am concerned that you might fall. I go to try to stabilize you, but I’m stopped short by the leather ties, which by this time I had totally forgotten about. My cock is frantic at this point, and I’d really like to touch you, but I can’t.

You open your eyes.

“I know what you want, Robert. And I’m going to give it to you.”

You get down off the chair and climb up on the bed. You are on your knees by my side, staring at my throbbing cock. You throw your leg over me so I am being straddled. You touch your cunt to the tip of my cock, and then stop.

“Robert, how much do you want this?”

“Oh, Miss Linda, I want it very, very badly.”

“Robert, are you prepared to be a good boy and do as you are told?”

“Yes, Miss Linda, I truly am. And I am sorry for anything that I may have done to offend you, whatever that might have been.”

“Good. That’s the right answer.”

You lower yourself onto my cock, impaling your insides, dropping all the way down until your ass touches my thighs. You sit for a bit and look at me. I try to move up and down to get that feeling back, but you push down harder to keep me still.

“Robert, you are not to move a muscle, is that clear?”

“Yes, Miss Linda.”

You know I will obey, so you start to move up and down very slowly on my shaft, at the same time using your greased finger to rub your clit. Your eyes close again. You move a little faster, and rub a little more intensely. I really want to move with your rhythm, but have been forbidden to do so. I lie perfectly still, arousal overtaking my entire body.

You speed up some more, and your breathing gets shallow and fast. You start to moan. I start to moan.

“Shut up, Robert.”

I quiet right down. My cock is feeling very hot and ready to explode. I know enough about sex to know that I better not cum before you do, or there will be hell to pay. So I scrunch up my sphincter, and squeeze my hands tightly and Kartal Masaj Salonu pray.

You keep on going and going, faster and faster, your finger moving rapidly on your clit, and then you stiffen, let out a scream, and cum violently.

You keep moving up and down, but I have been concentrating so much on you that now I can’t return to that point of no return. You slow down, and finally lift yourself off of me.

“That was very nice, Robert. You were a good boy. Oh, I see that your cock is still very, very hard, and throbbing uncontrollably. Would you like some release?”

“Yes, Miss Linda.”

“Well, fine. But I think I’ll get dressed and go out again to get a coffee. Having a great orgasm makes me sleepy.”

I can’t believe you just said that. I’m tied to the bed and I need an orgasm so badly that I could practically rip out the leather straps myself.

“Please, Miss Linda, Please.”

“Oh, Robert, are you begging?”

“Yes Miss Linda, I am. Please don’t leave. Please give me release.”

“Robert, I like when you beg.”

You come over to the side of the bed again, and this time you put your mouth over my cock, and start to suck. Well, it’s a very short trip from your 6 or 7 deep throated sucks to the most intense orgasm of my life. I jam into your mouth, and you don’t resist. I cum and cum, and I am writhing and pulling at the straps. I am dizzy and glad that I am laying down, or I would fall down.

This feeling lasts for what seems like forever, but is probably only a half minute. I calm down, you remove your mouth from my shrinking cock, and say,

“See, Robert, what you get for being a good boy?”

“Yes, Miss Linda, I do. Thank you so much.”

You pick up your clothes and start to get dressed. I am still tied to the four corners and you don’t seem to care. You are now fully clothed, and about to put your coat on. I don’t know if its OK to speak without being spoken to, but I really have to pee, and I can’t let you leave me tied up all night.

“Miss Linda, I’m so sorry to speak without your permission, but would you please untie me?”

You look at me with scorn.

“Why should I?”

I don’t really want to say “because I still have to pee,” after what has just transpired.

So I say “because I have to pay you.”

You laugh.

“That’s the right answer.”

You untie me, I rub my ankles and wrists to get the blood flowing again, and I sit up.

“Miss Linda, I am going to pee, and I will be back with the checkbook.”

“That’s my boy, Robert.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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