Allan has an Engagement

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Carole from our first party called us and was at pains to say that she had enjoyed Allan’s predicament and that he looked good and she really loved the one at Sue’s house. In fact she had so many superlatives I wondered if she had been drinking.

Allan is a fine man but nobody’s Greek god and his cock is a good size but not hung like a horse. Nobody would really go that far about him.

Carole then said that she had a favour to ask of us and it involved Allan being naked (eventually) in front of a group of women. Well I had no problem with that but asked why she was being coy about it. She said that she had arranged a hen party and that the last stripper couldn’t make it and she had had no luck with other agencies so needed someone to fill in for him. I said I was sure he could do that and asked what he would be expected to do. I was still a little innocent and had never been to one so there I was asking stupid questions.

Carole told me that Allan would be the last in a set of three and he would do whatever the women wanted, yes up to and including fucking some if needed. He would strip and mingle and drag someone up to the stage to play with.

Allan said that if he was going to do this he would need to have his body hair removed and I arranged for the local salon to do it, but I arranged that they would give him a ladies robe to walk through the Salon with. It was very short…His cock was fully exposed…and then the staff kept opening the curtain while he was on the table.

Everyone in the salon had been told about it so knew to expect to see him in all his glory and when he was really naked he was asked to stand and then they opened the curtain for all to see. None of the customers knew we were married they just thought I was another customer.

They got him to turn through 360 degrees to ensure all was seen by everyone. Allan must have felt good about doing it as it was obvious for everyone to see as his cock started to get hard. The place was full so 10 customers and staff all were able to see everything and they enjoyed it.

Allan didn’t have much choice about what happened once it started but did enjoy himself. I enjoyed chatting with a couple of the customers who didn’t know I was his wife…We talked about his cock and so on they liked how it had grown and thought he was very sexy.

One oral seks porno said she was intending to get him to fuck her and I said nothing immediately but after a while I let her know Allan was my husband and invited her to join us and she agreed, but that’s a story for another day.

Allan was going to dress as he always did in in the summer in a shirt and shorts for his strip. He did some practicing with three tracks to dance to and aimed to only take of his shirt for the first one then his shorts and boxers leaving with a thong that was completely sheer for the last track. He’s quite a good dancer and was able to put together some moves. I enjoyed seeing him practice and played the part of the audience member, eventually stripping the thong and playing with his cock until he came.

We had great fun with this and I actually asked Heidi our neighbour to come and give her opinion. After I had explained what he was doing she was a little nervous but agreed to come and watch. Well once he got going she was into it but refused to touch him so I got him off in front of her. She thanked us for the show but asked us not to tell her husband Dave about it as he would be angry.

The day arrived and Allan was very nervous and spent a lot of time preparing himself, making sure his body was clean of any hair.

Being on last meant that Allan had to follow two professionals and that hadn’t helped with the terror.

Before the evening started I was met by Carole she had been briefed about the other events. While we were watching she picked a girl out and pretty well insisted that she should be Allan’s shill.

Afterwards I learnt that she was inordinately shy and this was an attempt to embarrass her and Allan. The two before Allan were professionals and while they were getting ready they were giving him tips on how to whip the ladies up into a frenzy. In actuality they were trying to scare the shit out of Allan with stories about how the women could rip your cock of if you stood still too long. These scenes are apparently very uninhibited and anything can and does happen. They were also ‘hung like horses’ and in his deflated condition he wondered if the audience would even notice he had one.

In his warm up time he couldn’t even get fully hard and his terror increased because playboy porno he might not be able to perform. This had the effect of making him more nervous but they did re-assure him about the cock ring working.

The women were into a really over the top state. In actuality as the announcement was made Allan thought they were a crowd in the coliseum before Christians were thrown to the lions. When he walked out after the intro they went wild. He nearly ran off the stage in fright but just about stayed on. The music started and he went into the routine he’d practiced. He was all fingers and thumbs, his timing was out and he nearly didn’t get his shirt off at all.

The shorts were given derisive taunts and his cock was reacting by shrinking away completely. He stripped to his body hugging boxers by the end of the second track and was moving in and out of the fringe of the crowd. They were grabbing at his dick and trying to rip the undershorts off. Allan thought he was going to be naked before the third track started. What could he do then? In the end he removed the shorts and had the posing pouch thong on.

He was able to recover some of his composure and started to do what he had practiced with me. He poured oil down his chest and rubbed it over the chest and arms; he then poured the oil down his thong and rubbed it in to try to stimulate some kind of growth in his cock. It did work and things started to look a bit better. Once this had been done he put the cock ring on and rubbed himself to a partial erection which funnily enough hadn’t really happened up until now because he was terrified.

Next he started to strut his stuff into the audience all the time dodging the hands and outstretched legs and ignoring the catcalls about when he was going to get it up and selected the girl who had been pointed out to him. She was so nervous she really did not want to do it but was taunted as a wuss and many less pleasant terms and eventually agreed to get on stage with him. The second record was over and they had waited for him to get the girl. On the way to the stage he told her that he would not make her do anything she didn’t want to but she would need to handle him a bit or they would climb on stage and rip them both to pieces. He got her to rub more oil in and then to rub in the areas that pornhub porno the crowd were shouting for i.e. his cock. The girl (25 is a girl to me) was very reluctant but was taunted on by the crowd. She eventually got on with it and by the middle of the third track he was fully up and raring to go.

Now he had to lose the pouch and get some real erotic stuff going. He stood the girl there and danced around her; she was like a piece of wood and could do nothing. He was talking to her and explained that they would get the pouch off together and eventually she agreed.

Allan put his hands in the sides and told her to grab the front and pull she eventually pulled it quickly to the ground and was looking straight at his cock with what looked almost like horror.

There was much whooping and a little jeering mostly at the girl for her obvious embarrassment. Now they were ready for the fun bit. Allan got the girl to stand behind him and rub her hands suggestively over his body. She even grabbed his cock once and gave it a couple of strokes but then stopped. She had had enough and no amount of encouragement was going to get her to do more. Allan would never try to force someone to do anything that they were not happy with. And so took her to her seat. The outcry was tremendous and he had to go round almost the entire audience being frigged off and gobbled at. He might have enjoyed it had it been less frenetic and it actually hurt him sometimes he would not have been able to go the whole way.

After the usual bit of fun bowing and waving his cock around he got off stage. He actually enjoyed it because they were so tanked up they were cheering by now.

The woman whose evening it was came backstage and asked if he would stay naked in the bar because she was disappointed that he hadn’t screwed the girl to the bar. Allan agreed because he really enjoys the exhibitionism bit but only if no real attempt were made to conclude the show in the way they seemed to want. He hung (more like stood) around chatting to some of the ladies and was felt up more than either of us could have believed. It seems that young and built like a brick shithouse is not the only way that women like their men. Middle aged and slightly plump seems to work too. Also eight inches (helped by the cock ring) due to the level of arousal can be perfectly acceptable too.

Some of the women did actually say it would be quite enough for them.

Allan said he thought that if someone had offered to go down on him in the bar he’d have let them.

I was proud of how he had performed and we had great sex for long time once he got home.

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