Alone At Home With My Cousin Ch. 01

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That is it I have a foot fetish and am being unknowingly being forced to suffer at my cousin perfect feet. Wow how nice it is writing this down and letting all my emotions pour out. Before I start on blabbing you need to know the background.

Basically I live with my family it’s my mom and dad with 1 sister and a cousin that visits from time to time. My sister Is fit but I feel awkward fantasizing about her but my cousin is a knock out. She is 20 years old with size 6 feet and her name Toni however I am 22.her height is 5ft 5 with beautiful breasts and nice round ass that drives boys crazy. Her body is toned and her face does not need make up basically she is angel to me. Especially with her beautiful feet. I am getting horny as I thinking about them right now. Beautiful white colour with nice and soft toes painted in a bright red colour. Well that is her.

One day my mom and dad went out take my sister shopping leaving my cousin home with me. It didn’t matter to her but it was driving me crazy when we were watch her favourite movie Spiderman she but those angel like feet of her up upon the table. From then onwards all I did was stare at those magnificent feet. Couple of minutes of me goggling at her feet my dick had a boner. I quickly hid it with a cushion by planting on top of my dick. After half an hour of me shamelessly goggling at her feet she lucked up and said canlı bahis

“Do you find them pretty?”

I was clearly startled and coughed trying to look casual and quickly replied “yes, yes they nice” and darted my eyes on the tv ending the convo. She just lucked up but a few minutes later I started looking again at her feet and that’s when she wiggled them and instantly knew she had caught me. But to my surprise I carried on staring at my goddess feet.

“um Danny (my name) why are staring at my feet for the whole movie?” she said puzzled.

“I’m sorry but I can’t help looking at that magnificent sight” I replied daring not to look her in the eye.

“You have a foot fetish don’t you” she said in an icy cold tone that forced me to speak the truth.

“yes” I replied fearing for the worst.

“That’s good then isn’t it” as she stood up and walked to the table on my right and picked up her camera waving it at me saying “otherwise this would have gone to waste”

“Well …. I…. you can’t” was I managed to say tears welled up inside me.

“awe poor little Danny” she said in a mocking voice “I won’t tell anyone as long as you be my slave but if you don’t I will put all these pictures on the internet and then you can be clearly know for what a freak you are” she said in a voice that I knew she was not mocking.

How could she be this mean? bahis siteleri I asked in my head.

“Go to your room and sit on your bed if you disobey…” she said winningly

I stood up defeated and walked up the stairs passed my sister room and sat on my bed and dared not to move. An hour later she strode into my room and barked at me “strip now slave”

I did it without a sound dreading to see what will come next. “hmm” she said whilst she was inspecting me” good that you are finding this exciting” she said looking at my cock. I had to admit it was nice and I soon found out that I loved being submissive.

“We have to set a few ground rules. Rule number one you shall do everything is say or else I will post the picture on the internet for everyone to see and I have made copies” she said pointing out on the everything.

“You shall not cum without my permission as you belong to me I own that cock too”

“You shall always call me mistress when others are not around” she finished off.

“Yes Mistress Toni” I replied.

“Well then follow me” she walked into her own room and announced “lie flat on the bed belly upwards” I did as she told me.

She clicked handcuffs around my legs and wrists putting me in a eagle position. Then she gradually lowered her body on my stomach sitting on me. “Worship my feet my foot slut” she ordered.

“Yes bahis şirketleri Mistress Toni” is replied and started sniffing her feet making sure I did not miss a bit, I dug my nose in and out of her toes inhaling my mistresses beautiful smell of her feet. Then I slowly started licking her feet until all of it was covered in my spit and then i started sucking on her toes. Finally she slowly started to milk my cock. I was still lapping at her feet better than a dog as she called me names.

“That’s it my foot slut suck on them toes I know you like them” she would say.

As I reached my climax she threatened me “don’t you dare cum or I will whip you red”

As tears welled up in my eyes from the denial I started to plead between mouthfuls of her feet.

“Mistress Toni please I beg you please let me come I will do everything you say but please let me cum!” I pleaded

“Hmmm okay” she said but as soon as she declared I could cum white hot spurts of semen flew out of my cock landing on my face. It was the longest and most powerful orgasm I had ever felt and let me tell you this I was on cloud nine.

“That is it next time you will be pleasing me!” She ordered as she let me free. “go and clean yourself”

I did willingly and as I walked in the bathroom I heard my parents car on the porch and I knew in my head this going to turn in to something very beautiful. And for the first time ever I saw Toni as my mistress and cousin less.

Thank you guys this is my first story ever and I would love some feedback thank you everyone and tell me if you would like me to carry this on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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