Always Welcome in the Back Door

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“Always Welcome in the Back Door”

I walk almost every day. Partially for health reasons and partially just to be outside. I have a few different routes I take to break up the monotony. Or at least I took different routes until a few months ago.

I had walked down the main street coming into my neighborhood and then turned on a street that made a wandering loop by the lake and back to my street. She was in her front yard weeding the flower bed. She had on a conservative one-piece jump-suit looking thing. She was sitting on a little stool pulling weeds.

The first glance was a quick one as I approached the house. Her back was to me as she leaned over the flower bed. Dark hair partially covered slim shoulders. The material of the jump-suit, pulled tight as she leaned, outlined an attractive back-side. She sat up, turned and waved just as I was taking my second, longer glance her way. Showing no indication that she caught me ogling her backside, she smiled and turned back to what she was doing.

I thought the same thing I suppose every 60+ year old man thinks when they see an attractive woman. ‘Damn, she’s hot.’ That was my first thought. My second thought was that this just became my daily route.

My name is Tom Jenkins. I’m 63 years old, retired, and widowed. I lost my wife to illness three years ago and never considered remarrying. I am still sexually active and have a couple of “friends with benefits” I visit from time to time to help keep me sane.

So…this route became my everyday route. She wasn’t out every day, but often enough we became “waving and speaking” friends. The speaking started as a ‘Howdy’ or “Nice Day’ and evolved into ‘Nice garden’ followed by ‘Thank you’.

Then it became an “I admire your roses. How do you keep them so full?” Which, of course, meant that I had to stop to get her answer. Her explanation turned into a 20-minute chat. During that chat I introduced myself and she became Ellen Brown.

Ellen appeared to be in her mid-30s. She told me her husband, Dan, was a regional manager for a chain of car dealerships and traveled quite a bit. Over the next few weeks, we became frequent friends. Sometimes she would be working in her flower bed and other times just sitting in the shade of the garage. Any time she was out, I would stop and visit. As spring turned into early summer and the days started heating up, I would be sweating as I passed by.

One of those hotter days, she invited me into the garage to get out of the heat and offered me a bottle of cool water. We sat in the shade of the garage and shared family histories. She found out I had two grown sons and 3 grandchildren.

I found out Dan had an older daughter from a previous marriage but they didn’t have any children of their own. She told me Dan was a few years older than her but never said just how much older. She said she had a good relationship with her step-daughter and was comfortable with not having children of her own. I also learned that Ellen was very open and direct.

By the time summer was in full swing we had become good enough friends that she asked me openly about my personal life after my wife passed. I shared that I had no desire to remarry but never mentioned that I had an outlet for my urges. She, of course, asked. As politely as I could I danced around the question and just told her I dated occasionally.

As the summer heat set in, her attire adjusted. From the jump-suit of weeks ago, she had gone to loose-fitting hiking shorts and t-shirt. That turned into yoga pants and a sports bra. The hotter it got, the more reveling her outfits got. And the more reveling her outfits were, the more often she seemed to spend out in her yard or garage.

It was foolish of me to think it but I wondered if she was making it a point to be out when I came by. But, true or not, it didn’t hurt my ego in the least.

By July summer was in full stride and the weather was almost unbearable. But, being the health nut that I was, I didn’t let it keep me from my daily walks. It didn’t hurt that by now Ellen was wearing a bikini that did very little to hide her well-developed assets. It also didn’t hurt that our cool down breaks had moved from the garage to their pool in the back yard.

When I tried to protest, asking about what the neighbors would think if they saw an old, strange man hanging out with her around the pool while her husband was out of town that was my first chance to witness Ellen’s directness. When I expressed my concern, her answer was quite simply, “Fuck ’em, this is my yard and my business. I don’t like most of those assholes anyway.” I was slightly taken aback by her frankness and her language.

So…we spent the summer visiting. I had started just wearing my swim suit when I walked because it became a given that we would take a dip in the pool to cool off. I always showed up sweaty from walking and always left with a boner from watching her as she moved in and around the pool. She seemed canlı bahis very comfortable in her skin and, while she never came on directly to me, she seemed to be flirting in a sneaky kind of way.

I wasn’t sure at the time if it was intentional or just her free spirit showing but she routinely bent over with her back turned and gave me a close-up view of her scantily clad ass or bend over facing me and provide me with a view of her ample cleavage. I’m am almost certain that a couple of times I got a quick peak at one of her nipples. And then one day things changed…

That day she had excused herself to change, saying the bikini top was bothering her. She handed me a beer and said she would be right back. Just the fact that she handed me a beer rather than a water should have told me things were different. When she returned, I knew things were definitely different.

She was wearing a shear white gown of some kind of thin gauze material. The neckline plunged to her waist, held closed by a belt of the same material, and barely covered her breasts. When she walked around the pool, back-lite by the sun, it was obvious she was naked under the gown. Her breasts swayed gently as she made her way back to her lounger

“Now, that is much better, don’t you think?” she asked as she leaned over to put her drink on the table. When she leaned over, the opening flared open, leaving both of her breasts in full view. The nipples looked delicious.

She smiled demurely as she glanced up and saw me looking as she sat down. “So…do you like them?” she asked once she was seated. Battling to remain a gentleman, I asked, “Like what?” She threw her head back and laughed out loud. I couldn’t help but notice the jiggling of her breasts when she laughed.

“My breasts, Tom. Do you like my breasts? Please don’t tell me you didn’t see them. I have been trying for several days to show them to you. I was beginning to think you didn’t want to see them.” I was now beet red I’m sure. What was I supposed to say? Yes, I saw them. Yes, of course I liked them. All men like all breasts, that is a known fact. And all those same men would agree with me that Ellen’s were exceptional.

Siting on her lounge chair facing me, she raised an eye-brow as if she was waiting for my answer. “Yes”, I answered. I saw them. They are amazing.” I wasn’t sure what else to say. I could no longer deny that I was looking at them.

“I’m glad you like them, Tom. Would you like to touch them?” I was now speechless. A young, beautiful woman I had only known casually a few weeks was asking me if I wanted to touch her breasts. I was instantly hard. My swimsuit tented before I could hide my excitement. Smiling as she pointed at my obvious erection she said, “I take that as a yes. If you want to see more, I’ll be in my bedroom. If you aren’t interested, I’ll see you the next time you walk by.”

With that, she stood and headed for the back door. Just as she opened the door, she shrugged the gown off her shoulders and let it drop to the ground. The last thing I saw as the door closed behind her was a firm back and an incredible ass. And what an incredible ass it was. Only a fool would walk away. And I didn’t consider myself a fool. I picked up the gown on my way in.

It took me a minute to find the master bedroom. It was worth the search. She was laying on the bed, naked as the day she was born. She was reclined on pillows that left her in a partial sitting position. Her right leg was bent at the knee, demurely hiding her nether region. She patted the bed, indicating that I should sit. That was the moment I realized I was in the bedroom of a man I didn’t know with his wife, who I only knew from casual visits. Sex had never been a part of any of our conversations other than the time I told her I dated from time to time.

I sat and then asked the obvious question. “What are we doing and why me? You are a young, beautiful woman who could have your pick of men. I’m an old man with children almost your age.” Raising up slightly toward me, she kissed me lightly on the lips and then leaned back onto the pillows.

Looking me in the eye, she answered, “What we are doing, or at least what I hope we are doing is having some fun that should bring us both considerable pleasure. And as to why you. First of all, I like you. Over these past weeks I’ve come to know you as a kind, caring man and I find myself attracted to you. I believe you are someone I can trust to help with my special needs.” “Yes, I realize I have many options when it comes to men but I prefer older men. They are more patient, and gentle than younger guys. You see, being gentle is important to me.”

“And yes, there have been other men, all of them around your age. But not all of them were interested in the same things I am and had trouble playing by the rules. And yes, Tom, there are rules. If you like the rules and can follow them, I promise that you will enjoy our visits. If not, I’m sure we will remain friends on a casual basis.”

My bahis siteleri head was spinning with confusion and excitement, all at the same time. “But what about your husband?” None of my “friends with benefits” were married so this was uncharted waters for me. I had never been with married woman. “And you mentioned special needs and rules. I’m not sure what that means.”

An understanding smile crossed her face. “My husband, Dan, knows that I see other men and is ok with it. Our agreement is that I can entertain other men only when he is out of town. I always call him afterwards with details, minus names of course. Dan is a good man and a great husband. I love him dearly and have no intentions of leaving him. So, I’m not looking for a new husband, just someone to help me satisfy my special needs.”

“And now about the special needs. You see, Dan is very good as a lover. He is adequately endowed and our sex is always fun and fulfilling, with one exception. He doesn’t like anal sex so I have to find other men to ‘scratch that itch’. I came to love it before Dan and I met and married. I was upfront with him about my special need and it has never been a problem for us. He is a very understanding man.

My already excited penis just turned to granite. “You mean you want me to…you know…do you back…” I was stammering and couldn’t help it. Ellen, ever the blunt person that she was, helped me out. “Yes, Tom, I want you to fuck me in the ass.” So, there it was. Just like that. I think I came in my swimsuit.

I had thought a lot about anal sex. Dreamed about it. Longed for it. Years ago, I had even masturbated to visions of doing it. But had only experienced it twice early in my marriage. My wife, the trooper that she was, knew I wanted it and had agreed on a couple of different anniversaries to try it. It was just not her thing. And here I sit on the bed of gorgeous naked married woman who wants me to do just that.

While I was trying to digest that, Ellen continued, “As for the rules, there is really only one. My pussy belongs to Dan. You can see it, touch it, lick it, finger it, anything but fuck it. The rest of my body is yours to do as you want.” The frankness of her explanation only re-enforced her straight-forward approach to things. It seems as if she was describing an apartment rental agreement rather than her body.

The silence was deafening. I didn’t quite know what to say so I didn’t say anything. She was a beautiful young woman who had just offered me the chance to fulfill a life-long desire. I was afraid to even speak for fear of screwing that chance up.

Sensing my hesitation Ellen once again bailed me out. “Listen, I know this is a lot to absorb and I know I caught you by surprise. I don’t want it to be as formal and structured as I made it sound. I really do like you, Tom. I enjoy your company, with or without the sex. I also find you attractive and would like very much to spend some intimate time with you. But only if you want to.” If there was ever any doubt, and there really never was, that did the trick. I stood and held out my hand to her. She took it and I pulled her over to the edge of the bed and she sat up, her legs hanging down. I lifted her to stand and engulfed her in my arms. And we kissed.

Ellen was on the tall side, probably 5’9″, so she was almost eye-to-eye with my 6’2″. The first kiss was a gentle touching of our lips as if we were testing the temperature of something hot. For me, it was true cause she was smoking hot. The kissing heated up as our tongues battled for dominance. My hands drifted down to that incredible ass. I cupped both cheeks and pulled her to me. She moved seductively against my erection as a slight moan escaped her lips.

Breaking the kiss, I eased her back onto the bed, this time laying across the bed with her legs hanging off the edge. Using my knee to spread her legs, I moved between them and leaned over her body. Her breasts were beautiful. Each one slightly more than a handful (the universal measurement used by men world-wide) with eraser sized nipples that were presently standing at attention, begging for someone to kiss them. So… I did.

Gently kissing one and softly kneading the other, I alternated between the breasts. The cooing from Ellen told me I was doing something right. Her hands on the back of my head helped guide me from one to the other. After a few minutes those same hands put slight pressure on my head, encouraging me to move south.

Kissing my way down her body I mentally admired the firmness of her body. As my hands each claimed a breast to massage, I worked my way down her body, softly licking and kissing as I went. The quite moan I heard when I kissed my way around her navel gave me a hint to just how sensitive to the touch her body was.

Kneeling as I moved further down, I was surprised to see a smooth, clean shaven vagina. It was a first for me. My wife nor any of the other women I had been with had been clean shaven. It made her bahis şirketleri love nest even more sensual. Her nether lips were already moist with arousal. I fought the urge to bury my face in her and devour her. I was determined to make this a pleasurable time with her.

I kissed my way around her core. Placing her legs over my shoulders, I licked my way down her left leg to her knee as I slid my hands under her and massaged her firm ass. Reversing direction, I worked my way back up, coming close but never touching her center, I repeated the action on her right leg. The moans coming from above were continuous.

I could feel myself getting hard. The thought of anal sex with this beauty was beyond my wildest dream. For years I had longed for it, dreamed about it. Now it was truly going to happen. And with a young, lustful woman who seemed to want it as bad as I did.

Kissing my way back up her leg, I slipped my tongue softly across her clit. Her body jerked in response. Blowing light kisses around her pussy lips, but never actually making contact, I moved my hands from her ass and began massaging her inner thighs. She arched her back but I moved away to avoid the contact I knew her body was seeking. It wasn’t time for that yet.

My hands drifted from her inner thighs back to her firm ass. Cupping the cheeks in my hands, I again squeezed and massaged them as I continued to breathe soft breaths on her pussy. She spoke for the first time, “Om my god, Tom. Please!!!”

It was time. Holding her ass cheeks firmly in my hands, I slid my tongue across her clit, this time more forceful than before. She gasped and tried again to push her pussy into my face. This time I didn’t resist. My tongue made a couple of laps around her clit and then traveled down thru the moistness that was leaking from her pussy lips.

I lapped at her juices as my tongue slipped up and down her opening. I sucked her clit into my mouth as I slipped the middle finger of my right hand into her. She screamed in orgasm as her body bucked against my finger. Hoping that I wasn’t pushing the envelope too far, too fast, I upped the ante. As I continued to finger-fuck her thru her orgasm, I drug my tongue thru her pussy and rammed the tip of my tongue against her asshole, trying my best to force it into her.

The screaming became a garbled mix of begging me to stop and begging me not to. I’m not sure if it was the same orgasm or a second one but her body shook to the point where I was worried that she would slip off the bed. After a bit her body stopped moving and I felt her relax against me. I gently rubbed her legs and lower body but avoided her vaginal area, understanding that she needed time to recover.

She moved her legs off of my shoulders and let them drop. She extended a hand and I helped her sit up. She slid off the bed and stood and I rose to face her. “Thank you, Tom. That was amazing. It’s been a long time since I had an orgasm that strong. Now it’s your turn.”

She motioned for me to sit on the bed. Trying to be considerate I started to say, “Please don’t feel obligated to return…” but was interrupted. Holding up her hand to stop me she replied, “Tom, I very much enjoy the feel and taste of a man’s cock in my mouth. Now remove that swimsuit and sit.” I was becoming accustom to her frankness.

Ellen kneeled as I slipped the suit off. My erection popped out at full attention, almost smacking her in the chin. “Oh my god, Tom. Your dick is huge. I’m not sure this will fit in my ass.” I was surprised by her comment. I always considered myself adequate in size but never thought of myself as “huge”.

Her hand on my stomach guided me to sit on the edge of the bed. Raising slightly, she pulled me forward and kissed me. Then worked her way down my chest, taking time to stimulate my nipples as she went. At her urging, I laid back on the bed as she took my erection in her hand. I could feel her breath on it as she began to gently stroke it.

The touch of her tongue on the tip startled me. My hips flexed involuntarily from the contact. She took the tip in her mouth as she stroked me. I could feel her tongue as it circled around the head of my dick as she took more of me into her mouth. Slowly she eased her mouth up and down on me, coating my cock in her saliva. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

Her talented tongue continued to work its magic. Ellen took me into her mouth and then pulled back and licked the underside of my manhood from the base all the way to the tip. All the while stroking me with her right hand. She began massaging my nut sack with her left hand, causing my already rock-hard erection to flex in surprise. The next surprise was when the middle finger of her left hand lightly circled my anal opening. I almost lost my load right there. No one had ever touched me there.

I was excited beyond belief. Her licking and slurping on my cock as she circled my ass ring with her finger was pushing me over the edge. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or not. “Oh…that feels amazing. I’m about to cum,” I said in way of warning in case she didn’t. She removed all doubt by taking me fully into her mouth as she slipped her finger into my ass.

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