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She was a goddess! His eyes were absorbing every inch of her body, every detail – from her wavy black hair, through the firmness of the rounded breasts, and her fit belly with the small shiny navel piercing. She was moving on the white leather sofa wearing only a small black bikini. He saw her gentle hand passing on top of the bikini bottom one more time right before slipping inside. Amanda was her name and she had only one tiny detail left from revealing the beauty of her nakedness. Her observer was a man in his late forties wearing dark gray suit and sipping whiskey from a glass. His name was George.
Amanda got on her fours and slowly pulled down the bikini revealing her tight ass. She had small and firm ass that received two slaps from her gentle hands right in front George’s eyes. The man took another sip from his glass. Amanda turned slowly and took off her underwear completely. Her beautiful cock was semi-erect and completely hairless. She fondled it allowing the man to take a good look between her widely opened legs.
‘You’re so beautiful.’ he said.
‘Thank you!’
‘Play some more for me, Amanda.’
She replied with a moan and began to move her soft fingers up and down the hardening shaft. The skin, pulled down, was revealing a gentle cock head. Amanda was devilishly good with her fingers. So good that George got the desire to feel those fingers playing a cheerful melody on his own throbbing cock. He sipped again from the whiskey and left the glass on the table. Just seconds later his pants were unbuttoned and his cock was taken out. He was already hard as a rock! The image of his erect cock drew another moan from Amanda. She lied down comfortably on the white leather sofa and continued türkçe bahis with a fast masturbation. Her eyes were fixated on George’s throbbing shaft. The man was also stroking his own cock but he was doing this slowly.
‘You have a nice cock.’ Amanda moaned.
‘Well thank you! Yours is very nice as well.’
‘I have a clitty, sir!’ she winked at him.
‘Yes… Well play with your sweet clitty then.’ George had a beautiful smile. He was a strong man with fit body. His hair was short and almost turned from black to white with wonderful shades of grey. He had blue eyes and harsh face but perfectly shaven like every day. A man with strong will and power! George McNeil was a judge with excellent reputation and just a few small fetishes. One of them was now slowly crawling towards him licking his lips.

Amanda knelt before George. She was completely naked and he was still completely dressed in his suit with only his pants unbuttoned and cock pulled out. The man was still stroking as slow as he could while trying not to go over the edge. Amanda opened mouth and pressed her wet soft lips on the gentle cock head. She sucked it. George moaned. His fingers were still gripping the bottom of his cock’s shaft. Amanda moved her lips down taking the entire cock head in mouth. She sucked again.
‘Fuck!’ George felt a strong sexual tension accumulating in his balls and searching for an explosive escape through the slit of his hard cock. Amanda continued further down taking the shaft millimeter by millimeter.
The man closed eyes and dropped head backwards. His hands found Amanda’s hear and buried deep in her dark curls. He resisted the urge to press her head further down making his cock to slide deeper perabet in her warm mouth. Instead he remained stoned and simply holding her.
Amanda moved a little bit further and when she almost reached the base of his throbbing cock she pulled her head up and stopped when only her lips were left on the glans. Now she made another powerful suck feeling the taste of George’s precum. The man shivered and barely came.
‘You’re gonna finish me!’ he said with hoarse voice.
Amanda separated her lips from his cock head and said silently: ‘Mmm, I’d love to, sir, but not before I show you the tightness of my ass!’
‘I was hoping to hear this offer from you.’ George thrust a hand into his front pocket and took out a strawberry flavored condom. ‘Put it on my cock.’
Amanda took the condom and in less than three seconds she was holding it out of the plastic bag. She put it on top of his cock head and unrolled it down using her mouth. ‘Mmm strawberry… I love strawberries, sir! And champagne… and chocolate… and…’
‘Hard cocks!’ he said and smacked her ass.
‘Yes, sir!’
The young shemale slowly sat on his throbbing cock. The strawberry condom was not lavishly lubed so she felt the slow penetration truly well. When George’s cock was all inside her anus it was the perfect moment for some more teasing games. Amanda remained still and gripped her soft fingers around the shaft of her clitty. She was moving her hand slowly down, denuding the glans, and back up making the foreskin to cover the cock head again. Then she just repeated the movement again and again until George couldn’t take it more. The man roared through teeth:
‘Fuck me you little slut!’
He was barely holding and this was too obvious. Amanda perabet giriş decided not to waste more time and began to shake on his cock. George reached for her breasts. She had amazingly firm and rounded breasts. Actually they were a gift from George himself for Amanda’s twentieth birthday. Made by his old fellow a plastic surgeon from Los Angeles they were a miracle. He pinched the dark hard nipples feeling their perfect texture between his fingers. Amanda moaned in pleasure. He twisted the nipples and pulled them. He was so gentle yet a little rough.
Amanda made a few abrupt moves and felt that he started to ejaculate. The sperm jets were captured by the tiny condom but her really sensitive anus was able to detect every one of them; every pulsation coming from his cock.
‘Don’t hold back… Cum now!’ the man whispered in her ear.
Those silent words made a magic and with the next downward move of her hand she went over the edge in a flash and tiny clear spurts flew away from her clitty. This time it was George’s turn to feel the convulsions of her sphincter counting the waves of her orgasm.

Amanda approached the white leather sofa with a flaccid clitty hanging between her perfectly shaped legs. She slowly put on her black bikini followed by a small black dress. The young shemale sat on the sofa and carefully put on her high heels.
‘I am so excited, sir!’ there was some shaking in her voice.
‘You should not be. There will be only friends at the party tonight.’
‘But, sir, you said it would be an official…’
‘I know what I said, Amanda,’ George smiled, ‘and I will tell you this: I just have lots of friends. You have nothing to worry about. It’s about fucking time everybody to meet my new love.’
‘I am flattered.’ Amanda blushed.
‘Don’t be!’ George McNeil finished his whisked and stood up. He put his limp cock back in his pants and fixed the suit. ‘The world is changing.’ He added and headed to the door: ‘Let’s go!’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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