An Almost Normal Life Ch. 02

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He was awoken by the sound of the door swinging shut, the quiet thud enough to disrupt his gentle slumber. Yawning silently, Will cracked open a bleary eye.

Their studio apartment was bright, with sunlight arcing between the half-drawn curtains by the balcony. The morning air was fresh, and he could hear the distant churn of the sea over the hum of their air conditioning.

Rolling onto his side, Will turned his attention to the one who had ended his nights rest.

Natasha was stood in the kitchenette with two bags on the work top. One by one, she was taking out bottles of beer and putting them on the side, each one clinking as she did so.

She was wearing a lovely white sundress she had bought especially for their holiday. Leaving her arms bare and ending just above the knees, it gave her an almost angelic look. To Will’s mind Natasha could wear rags and still look good, but some things really made her beauty shine. She wore her wide brimmed white sun hat and flip-flops, clearly well into holiday mode already.

“Morning beautiful.” He said, propping himself up on one elbow, “You’re up early.”

Putting down another bottle she turned around, leaning back against the counter. Her brilliant smile melted his heart, as it never failed to do.

“Early bird gets the fresh bread and cheese,” she said cheerfully.

“And a load of beer too?”

“Right, the early bird is also an alcoholic.” Turning away, she opened the fridge and started transferring her spoils.

“You should have woken me, I could have helped,” he said.

“You were fast asleep, and I know you like a lie in,” she replied, “I just wanted to take a walk around the village. Anyway, I wasn’t gone long. Just down to the harbour and back.”

“Mhmm. What time is it?”

“Just gone eight.”

“Still on office time?” he said, chuckling softly. Natasha was certainly more of a morning person than he was, but they were on holiday, and two hours ahead on the clock to boot.

“Just excited.” She flashed him another smile over her shoulder, “It’s lovely and fresh out.”

With a groan Will swung his legs over the side of the bed and yawned, scratching lazily at his side. Once he had gathered his wits, he stood and went to help Natasha with the rest of her shopping.

Amongst Natasha’s early morning provisions was a loaf of fresh bread and some cheese, and they ate breakfast out on the balcony, looking out towards the Aegean, glittering in the morning sunlight. Natasha had spent a long time searching through the listings for somewhere with a view of the sea, and the small self-catered apartment she had eventually plumped for really hit the mark. On the outskirts of the small village, they were set back only a few hundred yards from the wide, sweeping beach that stretched for miles along the coast. The unimpeded view from their balcony was, he knew, just what Natasha had been hoping for.

“So, how was the village?” he asked amiably, putting his feet up on a spare plastic chair as he ate.

“Lovely. After the last few weeks a quiet place like this just peels away the stress.” Natasha said brightly, “we need to walk along the sea front later. There were some nice-looking restaurants around the harbour, but I want to see what else there is.”

“Of course,” he said, “I want to explore too.”

Once they had finished eating Will cleaned the plates and dressed, before sitting down on the bed, looking over to where his girlfriend was getting ready.

Tutting critically, Natasha put her hands on her hips, looking herself over in mirror. From where he sat, Will had a clear view too.

He hadn’t seen her in her new bikini before the holiday, but she had come home particularly cheerful the day she had chosen it. The dark green fabric matched her eyes, and the top sculpted her large breasts magnificently, showing acres of pale, tantalising cleavage. If he was beside her, Will could go to the beach naked and no one would even notice.

However, it was not just her top that was well filled out. Eyes drifting downwards, Will appraised his girlfriend’s current source of annoyance.

The average bikini was not designed to accommodate a cock, and certainly not one as large as Natasha’s. The bottoms had a relatively wide band, and he could see from the substantial bulge that she had drawn her dick along the line of her waist up towards her hip. The dark fabric muted the effect slightly, but there was no hiding it.

“Having trouble?” he asked amiably.

She looked over to him with a wan smile.

“It didn’t look this obvious in the shop.”

“Probably the lighting,” he said with a shrug, “You know, a lot of guys would kill for a problem like that.”

“Oh sure, you put a bikini on and see how much your cock stands out.”

“Well, maybe, but I wouldn’t look like I was smuggling a bottle of Sprite down there,” he chuckled, “Anyway, I thought you were gonna wear shorts too?”

She sighed.

“I know, I am. It would just be nice to show off a cute bikini sometimes, you know?”

He trabzon escort stood up and walked over, wrapping his arms around her and resting his chin on her shoulder.

“You look beautiful Nat,” he said quietly, “You’ll rock the shorts and no one of the beach will be able to take their eyes off you.”

She blushed, making a contented hum, and leaned into him.

“I don’t care about that,” she said, “I just wanted to look cute for you.”

Feeling his own cheeks colour a little, Will took a moment before swinging her around and giving her a kiss.

“Then consider me satisfied,” he said, “some special sights are for my eyes only.” He kissed her again, “Now, how about we get going?”

After helping each-other with sun cream, they headed out for the morning.

The beach was only a few hundred yards from their apartment. As they wound down the path through the dunes, the broad seascape opened up before them.

It had looked big on the photos, but Will couldn’t help but be impressed. A line of large trees were set just off the main path running parallel to the coast, and beyond that expansive white sand sloped down to the deep blue water. A little further along he could see where the village came down to the beach, with what looked like restaurants opening out onto the sand. In the other direction, the scene stretched on and on, sunbeds giving way to open sand. Across the deep blue of the Mediterranean he could see the sister island of the one they were staying on, with a white ferry bobbing across the water between the two.

“Wow!” Natasha exclaimed, “There’s so much space!”

It was still early in the season, and Will could only see a handful of other people out enjoying the sun, and they were further down towards the village. Breaking off the path, they quickly settled on a pair of sunbeds sat underneath a small tree. Natasha immediately plonked herself down on a bed squarely under the shade, whilst Will dragged his own bed over to the edge to catch some sun.

“This is perfect.” Natasha said happily, stretching her arms overhead and letting out a deep, contented sigh.

“Sun, sea and peace.” Will replied, “Just what the doctor ordered.”

Before long they were both nose deep in a book, quietly keeping each other company and whiling away the morning. It was a comfortable silence between them, both happy to enjoy a chance to truly relax.

At some point as the morning wore on Will slipped into a doze, lulled by the soft chop of the waves on the shore. He was awoken by the sound of scraping.

Glancing over towards Natasha, he was met with an orange wall – some sort of fabric in a metal frame. A short distance away, Natasha was approaching, dragging another identical wall behind her.

“Er…” he said, “Are you making a fort?”

“They’re windbreaks,” she explained, “I’m cold.”

“Why don’t…”

“I don’t want to sit in the sun,” she said before he could even finish.

“Well, I know, but if you’re cold…”

“Then I make a windbreak fort.”

Rolling his eyes fondly, Will hopped to his feet and helped her setting up, before dragging his own bed back a little so that he could still see her through a gap.

He read for a while longer, dozed some more, before being woken once again by Natasha, who was chatting to the old man who had come to collect their fee for renting the sunbeds. He half listened as she asked him about the island, about the village, even about life looking after his small patch of beach. The wiry little fellow seemed happy enough to chat – not that Will had met many men who’d pass up the chance to spend time around Natasha in a bikini.

After the old boy moved on towards the next group – giving Will a nod of respect as he went – he sat up and swung his legs over the side of his bed.

“I’m going in the sea; want to come?”

Natasha looked over with a smile, nodding enthusiastically.

The water was relatively calm, the small swells barely breaking as they reached the beach. Stepping in, Will realised that early season Med wasn’t quite tropical warmth, and he let out a yelp of surprise. Natasha sniggered, before laughing in surprise herself as the sea sloshed around her knees.

“This’ll cool me down,” Will grumbled, wading out a little deeper, wincing as the water reached his shorts and started its chilling climb.

“You need to get it over with,” Natasha said critically, “watch!”

She took a few staggering steps further in, before pitching herself forward into the water, completely submerging. A few moments later, her head bobbed up again.

“Wooo!” she exclaimed, letting out a few heavy breaths, “crap, that’s cold!”

“Shocking,” he replied, inching forward a few more steps. The cold was reaching his shorts, always the worst part.

Natasha paddled over to him, crouching down to keep her shoulders in the water.

“Don’t you dare,” he said, noticing the glint in her eye.

“Whatever do you mean?” she said innocently.

“You know exactly what I mean, you devil,” uşak escort he started wading away from her, and she bobbed along behind him. Then, he felt the first flick of cold down his back.


“Wasn’t me!” she said gleefully, as another splash took him.

He half turned, just as another, larger splash flew his way, catching him down the side and drawing a gasp.

“Villain!” he yelled, and she laughed again.

“Come on, dive in. Don’t be a baby.”

“I’m the baby?” he gestured as she swept her arm for another splash, catching him full in the front, “Oh, you’ve done it now.”

Natasha squealed as he dove for her, skipping backwards out of his grasp, and he went under. Her splashing had partially prepared him, but he still surfaced blowing hard. She avoided a second lunge, giggling.

“See, it’s not so bad!” she said from a few metres away when he surfaced once more, water dripping from his face.

“You’ll pay for this, demon,” he said fondly, giving her a resigned smile.

She relaxed and Will drifted a closer, now submerged to his shoulders and bobbing with the gentle swell of the water.

“Oh, the windsurfs are out,” he said, looking past her.

“Really?” Natasha turned to look and he took his chance, wrapping his arms around her from behind.

“You must have missed them,” he said, smirking.

“Hey!” she wriggled playfully, “what now?”

“This is the end, my lady,” he said sombrely, “now we both go down together.”

Bouncing to give himself momentum, Will tucked his knees in and sank into the water, dragging his girlfriend with him. Natasha let out a surprised squawk as she was dunked.

After a second, he stood again, and Natasha bobbed to the surface next to him.

“You git!” she exclaimed, craning her neck to give him a threatening look as she swiped the water from her face.

“Truce now?” he asked sweetly.

She glared determinedly at him for a few seconds, then her expression softened.

“Fine,” she said, settling back against him, “I guess I earned that.”

He was quiet for a few moments, letting them drift backward into deeper water.

“You’re going to do it again tomorrow, aren’t you?”


The floated together in the water for a time, his arms comfortably wrapped around her waist. Before long a windsurfer did come out from the shop a short distance down the beach, and they watched him struggle for a time with the low wind.

Eventually Will steered them back towards the beach, Natasha happy to be dragged along while her feet drifted in the water. Once they got close, however, she tugged him back.

“What’s up?” he asked, “we’ll burn if we stay in too long.”

“I know,” she said, looking contrite.

“Then come on, let’s go,” he tugged at her to stand, but she didn’t budge, “Nat?”

“I need to wait,” she grumbled, “you kept feeling me up. I’ve got a hard-on.”

Will laughed, drawing her into his arms. His hands drifted downwards and, sure enough, her meaty cock was making itself known in her shorts. He wrapped a hand around it through the fabric, giving her a playful squeeze.

“Hey, not helping,” she grumbled, biting her lip.

“Come on, I’ll give you a piggy back,” he said cheerfully, “we need to get into the shade for a bit.”

After brief consideration, Natasha nodded, and Will offered his back to her, still crouched in the water. She swung her arms over his shoulders, wrapping her legs around his hips. He could feel her hard length squeezed between them, pressing firmly against his lower back.

“Someone’s pleased to see me,” he quipped, earning an exasperated groan.

He stood up in the shallow water easily and started wading ashore. Natasha was a light woman and easy enough to carry. They got a few funny looks as he padded out and started weaving through the sunbeds back towards their spot, but then Natasha always attracted attention anyway. At least this way the attention was because she was pretty and he was weird, rather than because she was pitching a massive tent.

Once they were safely back within the confines of Natasha’s wind-break fort she slid down. With her back to him, she reached into her shorts and started adjusting herself.

“Need a hand?” he asked amiably.

“What, you gonna suck me off?” she joked in a grumpy tone.

“Well, we’ve got ourselves a fortress of solitude here…”

She shot him a sour look. He knew she was by no means an exhibitionist, and he wasn’t either.

“Never mind,” he said mildly.

They spent another couple of hours relaxing on the beds, and Natasha was long since settled by the time lunch rolled around. They walked down into the village together, perusing the lunch time menus of the various waterfront restaurants, circling around to the harbourfront. The whitewashed buildings were just as Will had always imagined, and the small fishing boats moored up in the harbour were a picturesque sight.

Various proprietors greeted them as they wandered through the narrow streets, van escort welcoming them to the village and explaining some of the different menu items. Thankfully, none were pushy in trying to get them to sit down, and each time they moved on with a cheerful word.

They eventually settled for a place overlooking the harbour and had a small meal, Natasha going for the Greek salad whilst Will had a pork pita. Most importantly, the beers were ice cold.

Once they had eaten they continued to explore, popping in and out shops replete with various bits of tourist tat and checking more restaurant menus. They also stopped at a local car rental office, Will leafing through the catalogue of cars whilst Natasha perused the large display outside showing various excursions they could take.

For the rest of the afternoon they relaxed on the beach, Will basking in the sun and the breeze whilst Natasha devoured her book in the shade. It was everything he had hoped it would be – pure relaxation, and he could feel his aches and pains ebbing away by the hour.

They eventually shuffled back to the apartment in the late afternoon, Natasha bemoaning the gentle incline leading up off the beach as they went. Will just chuckled, wrapping his arm around her waist and encouraging her along.

They shared a beer on the balcony, enjoying the glittering sea and the gentle breeze still stirring the early evening air, before getting ready to go out. Natasha was first in the shower, and Will was then treated to the maddeningly tempting sight of his girlfriend flitting around the apartment with just a towel around her middle. It was a wonder she managed to squeeze in at all, her boobs threatening to spill out at any moment, and her cock swaying free below the hem.

By the time he had showered she was dressed in a loose green blouse, skinny jeans and sandals, charmingly casual but lovely nonetheless. Will, not a man with an expansive wardrobe, stuck with his trusted grey linen shirt and jeans.

For their evening meal they stopped at one of the restaurants they had passed earlier in the day. A slightly rustic looking place promising local cooking, Will was particularly drawn by its position facing out onto the beach and towards the western horizon where the sun was making a creeping descent.

The choice turned out to be marvellous. The restaurant owner, a middle-aged man named Stellios, was friendly, but with a slightly mischievous sense of sarcasm Will took to immediately. The food was delicious, so much so that Will was even tempted into trying some of Natasha’s grilled octopus. The mixed salad platter to start could almost have been enough for both of them, such was the variety and sheer volume.

They were just finishing their first carafe of wine when the sunset came. Reddish gold light bathed the seafront and painted the water crimson, with a handful of trees on the beach standing as darkened silhouettes. For a time, Will just sat, mesmerised by the sight of the huge, vivid red orb sinking over the horizon. He shared an appreciative glance with Natasha, who seemed just as enraptured as he was.

“Good, yes?” Stellios said from nearby. The restaurant owner raised his eyebrows at them as though surprised by something, “we have this every day. Can you believe it?”

Natasha giggled.

“Not every day, surely?”

“It is true. Unheard of in England, I think, but here – every day.”

“They should put that on the brochure. The sun falls into the sea around this island every night.”

“Right outside Konstantinos,” he said, indicating the now rapidly fading red glow, before extending the gesture to encompass some of the neighbouring establishments, “and a few others, I guess.”

They had another small carafe of house red and relaxed, watching to world go by, talking over everything and nothing. As the patrons slowly drifted away, they chatted more with the owner, and he introduced his sister Katerina, who ran the kitchen. By the time they finally stood up and said their farewells they both knew they had found a warm little place that could be theirs.

They walked back along the beach, the lamp lined path a bright white line through the night. Above the stars stood stark against the sky in a way Will rarely saw at home. Between the village and the open sea there was not a lot of light pollution. Across the water the lights of the neighbouring island twinkled in the dark, like more stars, brought to earth. It was a calming way to end the night, and Natasha chattered happily as they went.

Once they reached the apartment his girlfriend wasted no time in pulling him into a kiss, swinging into his arms before the door had even swung fully closed. Will was hardly going to complain.

Natasha broke the kiss first, bringing her head alongside his to whisper in his ear.

“You still owe me from earlier,” she murmured softly.


“The beach,” she continued, “I want my blowjob.”

“Wasn’t that your idea?”

“You offered, buddy,” he could hear amusement in her voice.

“Right, right,”

She moved back a half step, raising her hands to his shoulders and applying a gentle downward pressure. Even with so little force behind it, he still felt a wicked thrill at the idea of his girlfriend urging him to his knees.

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