An Apology

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I raced up the drive twenty minutes late.

You are stood, leaning in the door way. As I locked the car, I checked your body language – not saying much but you are not smiling.

”Jesus. Paul, I’m so sorry. Awful traffic!” After planting an unreturned kiss on your lips I move to open the door.

”Don’t tell me how sorry you are, Kirst. Show me!” Your hand on my shoulder turns me to you.

The neighbours are hundreds of yards away behind hedges and trees, but I still feel nervous as, looking into your eyes, I sink to my knees. In a moment you are unbuckled, unzipped; I peel down your trousers and shorts – as far as your spread legs will allow. Your hands rest at the back of my head, stroking through my hair. Your body heat envelopes my face as I lean into you, running my hands up your thighs and over your balls. With cold finger tips I trace patterns over the tightening skin. I tease your cock head with my tongue, protruding from open mouth. The hands behind my head firmly push my mouth down your shaft. At this stage I take your whole length easily, but very soo I have to back off or suffocate. You back away too…then RAMMMM your length Kayseri Escort into my throat. I can hear you groaning as you hold me, fucking my mouth at a harsh pace…for god knows how long. Sucking air in through my nose in short bursts, I feel dizzy, pinpricks of white light dance in front of my eyes. Suddenly you stop – your cock is blocking my throat – your hands tilt my head back. Tears make it difficult to focus…but I think you are smiling down at me.

As you release me I fall on my hands, gasping for breath, forehead pressed to the stone flags. Hands stroke the back of my head, down my neck and lift my chin – you are knelt in front of me. Your thumbs wipe the tears from my cheeks.

I sigh, ”Thank you, Paul,” and slide my hands around the back of your thighs. Licking, nibbling and sometimes nipping I work up your inner thigh, turn my head and nestle my face into your balls. Running my wet tongue tip around you, I draw back slightly and blow on the saliva trails to make you wince. Something warm and wet falls on my cheek. Looking up at you, I use two fingers to smear your pre-cum over my lips, before sucking Kayseri Escort Bayan my fingers clean and licking my lips.

On your ass, my hands pinch, pull, and part your cheeks to run a teasing finger down the crease. You are rocking your hips back and forth, helping me drive you through my grasping mouth. I twist my head as you dip into my throat, clenching at your cock head, twisting your foreskin over your glans. The only gentleness I offer is the soft, warm bed of my tongue, lapping around the ridge of your cock.

Rubbing my thighs together, I roll my clit in it’s swollen hood. Oh, GOD!…gotta stop that! I’m too close to coming, and that would make my apology insincere. I part my legs – the cold night air immediately chills the sodden thong pulling between my labia.

I run the finger tips of one hand around your balls, they quiver and tighten. My intention is not wholly to thrill, I am wetting my fingers with the saliva that has dribbled down your shaft and now coats your balls. With two hands back at your arse, I lightly run my sticky fingers up and down your crease – applying more pressure as they glide Escort Kayseri over your pucker. I time my next stroke…as you thrust down my throat I dip a finger tip into your hole. I press three times into you then pull out to rim your pucker.

Your cock is jumping in my mouth. The muscles at the hilt spasm, working your boiling seed from your hard sac. As you fuck my throat I moan over your cock, sending the vibrations through your flesh. The finger tip at your asshole pushes in and in, not stopping until the second knuckle rests in your tight hole. ”I know it might sting a bit, Paul, but it’ll be all the more intense,” I say quickly, before diving back at you.

”AH…FUCK!” The first explosion of cum shoots cleanly down my throat. As you pull your cock back, I take a deep breath – it might be my last for a while. You do not make it to the back of my throat before the second shot floods my mouth. The rich salty cum is forced over my lips as I fight to swallow the third shot coursing down my throat. On and on you frantically fuck my mouth. I can not keep up with you. I hang on with my hands and mouth, swallowing when I can, but warmth spreading over the front of my blouse tells me your cock is forcing a great deal of cum out of my mouth and down my chin…

I do not remember you stopping, only you pulling my arms from your sides. My mouth was empty, but three of my senses – taste, touch and smell – are saturated with you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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