An Awakening of HER Desire

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The fun and all the pleasure began the night she took matters into her own hands and decided to sit in his lap.

It had been 5 years since she had lost her left leg in that ugly car-crash while en route to the 20th High School Reunion. Surgeons had removed her leg about 8″ from her hip. Technically, her femur had been sectioned 9″ above the top of her knee joint. She learned immediately the difficulties of being one-legged but she learned to overcome them. She wondered, however, how a MAN-PERSON could still find her desirable and sensual. But those difficulties would be easier to overcome now that her son and daughter had both graduated and were mostly on their own. There was just the task of re-building HER life, and adjusting to the life of “the less-than-all-there Jonni”.

She was starting to feel fine again and to hope that she could still light up the emotions of a MAN-PERSON. She knew that she was still a sensuous woman with a nimble mind and a very unique body. And she found comfort in John Steinbeck’s statement in “The Grapes of Wrath” that a “one-legged prostitute should be able to charge 3 or 4 times more than normal because she is such a unique individual.” She had grown to understand that her new look was desirable, more from the point of view of what she had gained from the accident, which was a “stump” of an amputated left leg, rather than what she had lost, which was a leg. And besides, she still had one beautifully shaped leg for anyone to play with and she was beginning to learn how to make it more unique and desirable.

So there he was. Ross from so many years back and who had interested her only slightly then. But now she saw a pretty-fit-physique-for-a-middle-aged-man. It was obvious that he had not become a “Budweiser Boy.” His shorts, filled excitedly with two VERY-STRONG-TANNED-MUSCLED-LEGS, and his absolutely BRIGHT shirt just shouted out to be greeted. And there was a real interesting smile all around his pouty mouth that made her think that the time had come. The time had come to see if her image of her own attractiveness and sexuality would stand the test of vamping someone.

It took only a second, therefore, after she crutched through the patio doors, and saw him sitting alone, before she intuitively, hopped herself into his lap and said “Hi Ross.”

Two years of getting used to her canlı bahis new shape did not prepare her for the strangeness she felt in Ross’s lap. It took a little shuffling to get her short stump nestled comfortably in his crotch while her long tanned leg draped over his whole lap. The folded empty left pant leg of her summer slacks, was a little bulky due to the height that Jonni’s leg had been amputated. Once adjusted, she felt unbelievably fruity, knowing that her new anatomy was touching the part of Ross’s body that she fantasized holding, kissing and playing with. And that that part of Ross’s anatomy was but an inch or two away from her aching womanhood. The look in his eyes as he helped her shuffle in his lap told her that he wasn’t bothered in the least by the stimulation. When he actually cupped his hand on the end of her stump for a last minute, minor, adjustment, her womanhood trembled with desire and began quickly to heat up.

For the rest of the evening, Ross and Jonni caught up on the years since they last spoke. His deep, sonorous voice made her chest tremble and several times he pulled her close and throatily whispered in her ear. She was captivated and was getting more and more wet as the evening lasted. If she had had any misgivings about Ross’s acceptance of her condition, she need not have worried. He seemed, in fact, to enjoy her shape, her stump, her one long tanned leg and the fact that he and her could nestle together much more intimately than it would have been possible if Jonni still had both of her legs.

When Jonni’s ride to the party indicated that it was time to leave, she took the plunge and invited Ross to drive her home instead. He readily accepted and she began fantasizing her first intimate encounter with a MAN-PERSON since her amputation. And to think, she was feeling this ready, this trusting, this open, in the arms of the first man she had seriously spoken to in months. It was like the old myth of “love at first sight”

Ross drove a late model VW Westphalia and its ground clearance presented an immediate challenge for her to get up into the seat. Without hesitation and without any reluctance from her, Ross’ strong hands gripped and lifted her around her empty left hip and for a brief moment, his fingers brushed her womanhood that was now open and vulnerable and oh so wet with desire right beside bahis siteleri her short stump of a left leg. The touch was electric. She shuddered and he immediately sensed it. He leaned into the van and the front passenger seat and hugged her. He whispered that he was infatuated with her unique body, that he was totally turned on by her stump and that the “whole package” contributed to what he said was “the most sensuous woman” he had ever been with. And then he promised to take her home and touch her with more tenderness and love than she had ever been touched before.

In spite of the raging anticipation of excitement she felt, she was still able to square herself around in the passenger seat and reach across to unlock Ross’s door. As he was walking to his side of the van, she quickly arranged her folded pant leg so that the perfectly round end of her stump filled the pocket in a smooth, breast like form. He noticed it as he climbed in and before settling into his seat he bent over, lightly massaged the pocket and its package and kissed her deeply! As he tongued her in a kiss and gently squeezed her shortened leg she almost exploded with excitement. Her breasts heaved to accommodate her swelling nipples as his touch of that oh-so-past-painful-place warmed her total femininity.

From there, Ross and Jonni headed to her house. Their discussion on the drive focused on Ross’s admission that he was a “devotee,” one attracted to women who were monopedes. She was curious to know how she could possibly be so turned on by his stimulation and acceptance of her short stump. For her, she said, the sensation was as if all of her sexual feelings were wired to her shortened limb. His touch on the end of her stump sent lightning bolts of desire to her love-bud, to her throbbing breasts and to her warming thigh of a right leg.

Crutching up her walk Ross followed a few steps behind. All the while he commented on how aroused he was by her swinging, smooth gait. She fumbled with the keys, opened the door, swung inside and immediately pivoted on her shapely leg to face Ross. He walked right up to her chest and with his foot, he kicked the door shut, hugged her, removed her forearm crutches and leaned them back against the door. With his strength, he lifted her so that she had to stretch up on the tip-toes of her right leg and hop to keep balanced. bahis şirketleri He kissed her deep. He hugged her like a cuddly-bear, and at the same time he rubbed his chest against her warm, erect nipples and breasts.

The kiss lasted forever. It was a 2-year kiss. Jonni was filled with passion and amazement that she could feel so alive and in lust again. A brief pause in their passion gave Ross the chance to reach down with his right hand and cup her short quivering stump. That allowed her the opportunity to “wrestle” it from his grip and use its soft end to tease his penis, the same one that was virtually bursting from his pants and the same one she wanted so badly to play with. He was bursting and she was dripping when he lifted her off of her foot and carried her through the patio glass doors where a huge chaise lounge waited. He deposited her, panting with desire, onto the lounge and knelt down on her right side. With his right hand stroking and caressing her stump and rolling the short remnant of bone around inside its flesh pocket, he began to lick and nibble her 5 remaining toes. Slowly his tongue and lips moved to her calf then they were chewing on the back of her knee. From there, his hand, lips and tongue began sending the warmth in her thigh through the roof as his ultimate destination became clear.

When his tongue and lips reached her soaking wet love-box, he divided his tongue’s attention between her womanhood and her stump. It flicked between the two spots and she was engulfed in a crescendo of pleasure that arched her back and forced both stump and love-box hard into his mouth.

She came and came for what seemed an eternity before she collapsed, dripping, onto the lounge and just gazed, trancelike into his eyes. His eyes smiled. They laughed with pleasure when she assured him that she had just had one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

His eyes flashed with extra pleasure as she tried to explain how he had somehow married the sense of sexual pleasure with the stimulation of her new body part. He told her that this was just the start. He told her that she WAS desirable, that she WAS pleasure and that he WAS thankful that she had taken the chance, and sat earlier in the evening, in his lap.

As he was telling her this, his hand was again, gently caressing her stump while his fingers traced the faint scar lines. Jonni was starting again to breath heavy and sense that her new body had awakened to a new sexual pleasure and that future adventures with Ross, would reveal more and new excitements for the both of them.

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