An Exclusive Club

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Pam was panting hard. Her lungs burned. She bent over with her hands on her knees, trying to catch her breath. Debbie was bent over beside her, panting just as hard. She collapsed on her back in the grass by the track, covering her face with her hands. None of the other kids was around. The rest of the class had already gone into the locker rooms.

“That… bitch… I’ll kill… her,” Debbie said between heavy breaths.

Pam just nodded.

The bell rang and Debbie sat up.

“Shit. I knew she would make us late. I hate when she does that.”

Pam didn’t have enough breath to answer. She just followed Debbie back across the field to the gym doors and the girl’s locker room. Her legs were tight and sore and she moved slowly. Debbie already had her locker open. Pam dialed the combination on the lock, opened her locker and sat on the bench.

“If Franklin ever makes us run a mile again I’m gonna make myself puke so I can, like, get out of it,” Debbie said. She peeled off her blue t-shirt and threw it in her gym bag.

Pam stood up slowly. Her legs ached. She took off her own shirt and put it in her gym bag. She took out the clean towel and set it aside on the bench. Debbie stripped out of her shorts and shoes like she was in a hurry. Pam took her time. It was after three and school was over and the only thing she had to do for the rest of the day was homework.

The rest of the locker room was empty and quiet, except for the soft hiss of water from the showers. At least one other person was in the locker room. Pam hoped it wasn’t Miss Franklin. The last thing she wanted to see was her naked ass. Besides, some of the girls said she was a dyke, whatever that meant.

Debbie wrapped her towel around her body, tucked in the corner and shut her locker.

“You got any homework tonight?” she said.

“Yeah. Math, of course.”

Debbie rolled her eyes. “How did I know?”

Pam pushed her shorts and underwear down, stuffed them in the locker and wrapped the towel around her naked body. They walked together to the showers. Pam stepped carefully around the cold puddles of water.

The girl in the shower was Beth, the one on the girl’s basketball team that everyone said was so good. She was washing herself with a bar of soap. Pam picked a shower next to Debbie, across from Beth, and turned on the hot water. She stood to the side. The water was usually way too hot and came out so hard it stung.

She glanced at Beth while she waited for the temperature to get more comfortable. She was rubbing her soapy hands over her boobs. She was very pretty and she had a beautiful body, but she seemed so stuck up. The other girls always said she was. They said she got all A’s and she was going out with a guy who was in high school.

Beth rubbed her soapy hands over her belly and looked up. Pam looked away quickly. She didn’t want Beth to think she was staring. She looked at Debbie, who was rinsing her long, dark hair under the water. She had a beautiful body, too, but Beth was so well developed. Her boobs were rounder and stuck out more than Debbie’s, and she was so tall, like a real woman.

She also had a real boyfriend. Pam soaked herself under the hot water and turned the bar of soap in her hands. It must have been so great to have a boyfriend like that.

Beth washed her hair. Pam liked the way the water glistened on her skin, and the way she rubbed her hands on her body. She washed the soap out of her hair, rinsed her body down, turned off the water and walked out of the shower without looking at her or Debbie.

“What a bitch,” Debbie said in a low voice. “She’s got a fat ass, too.”

Pam glanced at Beth. She stopped to pick up her towel and wrapped it around herself. Pam frowned. She had a nice ass. Debbie didn’t really think it was fat, did she?

Debbie finished her shower first. Pam lingered a minute or two longer. She enjoyed the way the hot water soothed her sore shoulders and stung her nipples. The touch of a man’s rough hand would feel better, but the water would have to do.

Debbie wrapped her wet hair in the towel and put her hands on her hips.

“Come on, let’s go. I wanna get the hell out of here,” she said.

Pam shut off the water. The showers were suddenly quiet, except for the soft drip of water that echoed off the tiled walls.

Pam wrapped the towel around her body. Debbie came out naked, pink and damp from the warm shower. Her nipples were rosy red, her skin glowed and her breasts jiggled when she walked. She seemed so comfortable with her body, like she wanted people to see her naked.

Pam finished drying her hair at her locker. She put on her panties and bra, but Debbie took her time drying off. She bent over to dry her legs and stuck her ass way out.

“What are you gonna do tonight?” Pam said.

Debbie rubbed her nipples with the towel, her eyes turned up to the ceiling. She flipped the towel over her shoulders and dried her back, letting her boobs shake.

“I’m gonna go out tonight, find a guy with a car, make him out with him, then I’ll like, tell him to take me someplace we Giresun Escort can be alone like Lathrup or someplace and I’m gonna let him fuck me ’cause it’s been like, a week since I got laid and I can’t stand it anymore.”

“You’ll just let any guy love you?” Pam said. She sat on the bench to put on her socks.

Debbie shrugged. “Sure, what’s the difference? As long as he’s got like, a hard dick, I don’t care who he is.” She stuffed the towel into her bag and took out her panties. “What are you doing tonight?”


“Oh yeah.” Debbie pulled her panties up. The crotch fit snug over her mound and the back wedged between her ass cheeks. “Look, why don’t you come over to my house with me? We can go out together. Hey, maybe we’ll even fuck the same guy.”

At Debbie’s house, they dumped their books and gym bags on the sofa and went to the kitchen. Debbie turned on the small television hung to the wall over the round table. Pam leaned against the counter, her eyes fixed to the tv to see what came on. Debbie opened the refrigerator.

“Want a Pepsi?” Debbie said. She took out a can for herself and handed one to Pam.

She popped the can open and took a sip. Her eyes turned up to the television. Debbie changed the channel to the Jerry Springer show.

“Check this shit out,” Debbie said. She tossed the remote on the counter. “I could be on this show. You could be on it, too.”

“What is it?” Pam said. On the screen was a row of women and younger girls sitting on chairs on the stage.

“Check it out. I seen this one before. These girls are all like, the same age as us and they wanna have babies. Their Moms are like, so freaked out and shit.”

“Did your Mom freak out when you got pregnant?” Pam said.

“Are you kidding? She had a fucking cow.”

“My Mom freaked out, too,” Pam said, and sipped her pop.

Debbie chuckled. “My Mom grounded me. Can you believe that shit? She said I couldn’t ever see boys again. Can you believe that? She is like, so stupid. I didn’t have to go out to get knocked up. Gary did it for me right here in his own bedroom. Shit, my Mom and Dad were sleeping in the next room when we did it.”

“You really did it with your brother?” Pam said.

“Hell yeah. He’s the one who got me pregnant. I bet the boy’s gonna grow up to look just like him, too.” Debbie chuckled again, shaking her head. “My Mom would shit bricks if she saw that.”

Pam nodded and kept her eyes on the television.

“Your brother’s pretty cute. What’s his name?” Debbie said.


“Yeah, Ethan. You should sleep with him.”

Pam’s mouth fell open and she stared at Debbie. Could she read her mind?

“I couldn’t do that,” Pam said.

“Why not? I sure would if he was my brother. He’s pretty hot. And I bet he’s got a big dick, too.”

Debbie took a deep drink of her pop, tilting her head way back. Pam watched her throat working when she swallowed. Debbie couldn’t possibly know what Ethan was like, she was sure. He was too good, not like her. She didn’t want him to get spoiled by girls like Debbie. Pam hoped he waited. She wanted to be his first.

“Anyway, I never like to date guys from my own class. They’re like, all too young and immature and all that. I like older guys,” Debbie said, staring up at the ceiling with dreamy eyes.

“Why do you like older guys?” Pam said.

“‘Cause they know how to kiss and how to fuck and they got cars and they can do more stuff.” Debbie sighed. She set the pop can on the counter and crossed her arms. “I never fit in with other girls my own age, anyway. I mean you, you’re cool because you been knocked up and you know. That makes you different. The other girls, they don’t know.”

“I don’t know anyone else my own age,” Pam said. She looked up at the tv again. The girls on the screen were all about her age, but they all looked so much more mature than she felt. One or two of them were already pregnant.

Debbie laughed. “I remember the day I snuck my Mom’s garter belt and some stockings from her dresser and put them on when I got to school. That was when I was in seventh grade. A bunch of guys loved seeing me in that, a bunch of them.”

“What happened?”

“I got my cherry popped by one of my teachers, Mr. Garcia, in science.”

Pam stared at her friend with wide eyes. Debbie seemed so grown up, so mature, like the girls on the television.

“I always sat in the front row in his class. I didn’t even like, know I let my skirt rise up. I looked at him and he was like, sitting at his desk, staring at my legs. I spread my legs and the farther I spread them, the wider his eyes got.”

“Did you get in trouble?” Pam said.

Debbie shook her head. “He made me stay after class and he took me to his office and like, lectured me on how I was dressed and before I knew it he was like, fucking me. It was so cool. I should have worn that garter a lot sooner.”

Debbie was smiling. Her face was bright red.

“I didn’t know what to expect. In the movies, fucking always looks so beautiful, you know what I mean? But Giresun Escort Bayan I’m like, sitting on Mr. Garcia’s lap getting fucked and I’m like, what’s the big deal? It wasn’t what I expected at all. It hurt a lot and I didn’t really like it too much that first time. I guess I only did it because everyone was talking about it and how good it was.”

Debbie’s words faded. In her mind, Pam saw herself in Mr. Garcia’s science class, sitting in the front row, wearing a short skirt with the garter belt and white stockings. Mr. Garcia was sitting at his desk, staring at her legs, and she felt tingly all over.

The bell rang and all the kids around her jumped up from their desks.

“Pam, I want to see you after class,” Mr. Garcia said.

Pam froze, clutching her science book to her chest. The other kids walked past her, not even looking at her. Suddenly, she was frightened. Would he punish her?

She saw herself in his office, sitting in the wooden chair with her legs together and her hands on her knees. The straps of the garter belt came out from under the short skirt to the middle of her thighs, where they attached to the white stockings.

Mr. Garcia stood in front of her, his hands on his hips. In the front of his pants she saw a fat bulge stretching out. She took a deep breath and blinked several times.

“Show me what you’re wearing, Pam,” Mr. Garcia said.

Pam hesitated. She was breathing hard. Her hands glided up her thighs. She spread her legs and raised the skirt. The expression on Mr. Garcia’s face remained fixed, but he was looking between her legs.

“Stand up and turn around,” he said.

Pam stood up, staring into Mr. Garcia’s eyes, and turned slowly, holding up her skirt.

“We have rules in this school about what kids can wear. That is not allowed,” he said, pointing at her legs.

Pam swallowed hard. “What do you want me to do?” she said. Her voice squeaked.

“Take off your panties.”

She looked down at her panties, then back up to his eyes. He was serious. She pushed them down to her ankles and stepped out, lifting her right foot, then her left. She left them in a tiny pile at her feet. A cool breeze blew over the warm, damp area between her legs.

Mr. Garcia opened his pants and sat on the wooden chair. Pam’s eyes bulged. He had a huge erection, as long and thick as Ethan’s, sticking straight up between his hairy legs.

“Come here. Climb on,” Mr. Garcia said.

Pam took a step toward him. She was trembling. She put her hands on his shoulders. Mr. Garcia’s hands touched the flare of her slender hips. She lifted her leg over his lap. The tip of his long dick poked her in the ass. She reached down between her legs to spread her tender lips and lowered herself on Mr. Garcia’s fat thing. The warm head split her open, stretching her hole, and she bit her lower lip. Mr. Garcia’s hands squeezed her hips, pulling her down to his lap. His thing plunged into her tight body. She tilted her head back and groaned.

“You want a bologna sandwich?” Debbie said.

Pam blinked. “What?”

“Aren’t you like, starving? I am. I’m gonna have a sandwich. Want one?” She held up a packet of bologna.

“Sure,” Pam said. The bologna looked good. Her stomach growled.

“What do you want on it?”

“Mustard. And cheese,” Pam said. She reached for the packet of cheese slices.

Debbie shivered. “You like mustard? I can’t eat the stuff. Makes my mouth burn. I like mine with butter.”

She used a knife to spread butter on two slices of bread. Pam squirted mustard on her bread, laid a slice of cheese and two slices of bologna over the mustard, put the sandwich together, cut it in half diagonally and took a bite. Debbie took a bit of her sandwich, licking the butter off her fingers.

“Sex always came naturally to me, like I was born to fuck, you know what I mean?” Debbie said.

“You were?”

“Sure. If I want sex, I can get it any time, with any guy I want. Sometimes I like to get fucked just because I’m horny, you know what I mean? Even if I don’t like the guy, I’ll fuck him if I’m horny enough. My Mom would just freak if she ever saw the way I like to pound myself on a brother’s prick.” She covered her mouth with her hand and laughed.

“Don’t you worry about getting pregnant again?” Pam said.

“Sure, I mean, who doesn’t?”

Debbie sighed and chewed the bite of her sandwich. Her cheek puffed out on the right side.

“I hate using condoms, don’t you?” Debbie said.

Pam nodded, but didn’t look in Debbie’s eyes. She didn’t want her friend to think she was stupid.

“I mean, you’re all ready to fuck and then you gotta stop so the guy can put on a condom. When you’re like, all horny and you been making out and the guy’s got his pants down and you’re like, holding his dick in your hand you don’t worry about getting pregnant, you just wanna fuck, right?”

“Right,” Pam said. “Do you like to lick on it, too?”

“I suck guys off all the time. Every guy I ever did it to told me I was the best they ever had.”

“How many guys did Escort Giresun you do it to?”

Debbie chuckled. “I can’t count that many. I especially like to do it in the morning, you know, before school? ‘Cause then like, I can taste them in my mouth all day.”

“Do you like doing it like that?” Pam said.

“Sucking a dick? Are you kidding? It’s the best. Guys always make like, the funniest noises when you suck on their things. And then it feels so good in your mouth, you know? Especially when they shoot their stuff.”

“Ugh. In your mouth?” Pam said. She put the other half of the sandwich down.

“Yeah. I remember this one time I got off when this guy just squirted his stuff in my mouth. Guys will do anything for you if you just blow them. I can always find a guy to come on my face, and he’ll do anything for me after that.”

Debbie snickered and nudged Pam with her elbow.

“There was this other time, like a year ago? I was like, at this party and there were these four guys from the football team there, like from high school? God, they were like, so big. Anyway, I was like, talking and flirting with them and I guess I had a little too much vodka ’cause like, I went to another room with all four of them and I was down on my knees sucking them off and they like, all shot their stuff on my face. I got it all over my face and my chin and in my hair and it went up my nose and got in my eye. You ever get come in your eye? It burns like hell. That was so wild. Would you let a guy come on your face like that?”

“I don’t know,” Pam said, shaking her head.

She picked up the sandwich again and took another bite. Would she?

Her eyes turned down to the floor, studying the pattern of the carpet between her feet. She saw herself at the party, flirting with four older guys, but instead of football players they were hockey players, the guys Ethan played hockey with in front of the house. She was flirting with one of the guys. She couldn’t remember what his name was, but he was really tall and had gorgeous eyes and she had to look way up to see them. He told a joke and she giggled.

“Hey, you wanna go someplace else?” he said. He leaned close to her ear to be heard over the noise of the other people around them.

“Sure,” Pam said.

He took her hand and led her through the crowd of noisy people, around the furniture and down a hallway. He opened a door to another room and they went in. The three other guys were there, and one of them was Ethan.

“What’s going on?” Pam said.

She was suddenly nervous to be the only girl in a room with four older guys, but somehow she was sure Ethan would protect her.

“We’re gonna have our own little party,” the first one said.

He pulled Pam to him and kissed her. His hand slid down the curve of her back to her butt and squeezed. He pulled her tight against his body. She could feel his stiff thing, pushing through his jeans against her belly. She opened her mouth and let him plunge his tongue in.

He backed away a step and pulled down his zipper. Pam looked around. All four of the guys had their hands in their jeans, even Ethan, and pulled out their dicks. Pam sighed. They were beautiful, all of them, especially Ethan’s, and his was the biggest.

“I wanna put it in my mouth,” Pam said, and sunk to her knees in front of the first guy.

“I know you do,” he said.

He put his hand on top of her head. She lifted his hard thing, opened her jaw wide and closed her lips around the swollen, red tip. He put his other hand on her head and moved her back and forth. She put her hands on his thighs. His stiff, hot thing slid in and out of her mouth, rubbing over her tongue, then he was spilling his stuff in her mouth. He pulled it out and squirted on her face.

Pam shivered. The warm stuff felt so good on her face. When he finished, she turned to the next guy and put his thing in her mouth. He did the same thing, shooting his stuff in her mouth, then on her face. The taste of it filled her mouth. She could feel the slimy, warm stuff sliding down her throat. It ran down her cheeks, dripped from her forehead and was stuck in her hair.

The third guy shot his stuff on her face, too. Pam squealed. It dripped on her chest and soaked into her blouse. How would she explain those stains to Mom?

Ethan was the only one left. He was smiling at her. His long, thick penis stuck out of the hole in his jeans. She crawled to him on her knees. He was speaking to her, but she couldn’t hear his words. His mouth was moving. What was he saying?

She put her hand around his dick. It burned in her grasp. She rubbed her hand from end to end. The tips of her fingers would not go all the way around. She raised it so she could look directly at the tiny hole in the tip. That was where his juice came out. She opened her mouth wide, as wide as she could, closed her eyes, leaned forward…

“I’m bored with this. Let’s go watch tv in my room,” Debbie said.

She dumped what was left of her sandwich on the counter with the other stuff. Pam took one last bite of her sandwich and went with Debbie to her room. Debbie turned on the television on the table by the window and put it on the same channel with the Jerry Springer show. Pam sat on the edge of her bed. Debbie stood at her dresser and touched up her mascara, leaning over the dresser to see her eyelashes in the mirror.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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