An Intimate Car Ride

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This is my first time writing so please give feedback and let me know how you liked the story.

I have always been somewhat of a flirt when it comes to women. I enjoy hearing them laugh and like to see their reaction when I tell a joke that they like. I am a friendly sort at work and get along with my co-workers, especially the female ones.

There was one girl that I was particularly taken with and her name was Karen. She was pretty with a great smile and a wonderful laugh. We seemed to hit it off immediately and became friends. I decided to take the friendship a step further and ask her out which she agreed. We set the date for the following Friday.

I picked Karen up at her apartment and I drove to a nice Italian restaurant. She was dressed in a nice sun dress that showed off her nice body. As we drove to the restaurant, we made casual conversation but I did notice that her nipples were hard. Over the course of dinner, we had two bottles of wine and both Karen and I felt more comfortable with each other. The topic of sex came up and Karen asked what I liked during sex.

“Well, I like to talk people through orgasms. It doesn’t matter who, either male or female.” I said.

After I said it I realized that I had let something slip that I had not told anyone. I looked to Karen to see how she would react. She looked a little confused at first and then a small smile appeared on her face.

“Really? Have you done it on the phone? Have you bağdatcaddesi escort done it in person?” she said obviously excited.

“Yes to all three.” I said

“How do you go about it?” she asked.

I told her that I have met people on the internet and they like to have me talk them through their orgasms. I told her that the people have toys like dildos and butt plugs that they use. I decided to tell her all since I had let my little secret out to see what would happen. I liked Karen and was thinking that this could go somewhere.

Karen thought about this for a minute and finally said, “Sam. We have gotten to be friends but since you told me this little secret I was initially a little confused. It seems a little out of character but thinking about it for a minute, I have to tell you that I am somewhat excited.”

“What excites you about it?” I asked?

“The whole process.” She said.

“Are you interested enough to try it yourself?” I asked.

She squirmed in her set for a second and said, “Let’s go to my apartment.”

I could not pay the check fast enough. We walked out to the car with my arm around her and I helped her into the car. I got into the drivers side, started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. I looked over to Karen and she smiled seductively back. I noticed that the hem of her dress was up around her knees.

“What are you thinking right now?” Karen asked.

“I am beykoz escort thinking that you are a very attractive women and that I would like to see much more of you.”

She smiled when she heard this and reached down and pulled her dress high up her legs to mid-thigh.

“Why not pull it up to your waist and show me your thighs?” I said.

She did as I asked and I could see that she was wearing very sheer panties that left little to my imagination. It was hard to concentrate on the road but I thought we could get this started in the car.

“Pinch your nipple for me and caress your lovely breast.”

She did as I asked and closed her eyes, enjoying what she was doing. She moved her fingers around her nipple and pinched her nipple and pulled it away from her body. A little moan left her mouth.

“Take your other hand and run it down your stomach and down the front of your panties.”

She did as I asked .

“Feel how wet you are. Take a finger and dip it into your pussy for me and continue to pull and pinch your nipple.”

Karen started to get into this as her breathing increased. I wanted to see if she could get her off in the car with just me talking to her.

“Karen, do you like what you are doing?”


“Would you like to go further?”


“OK. I want you to work first one and then a second finger into your nice, wet pussy.”

Her fingers were going in and out of her pussy caddebostan escort with an audible slurry sound. She had also taken her other hand and worked it down the front of her dress and was caressing first her left and then her right breast. It was difficult to drive and talk but I was determined to have her finish what we had started.

“Work them together. In and out. Pull your nipples speed up your thrusts into your pussy. Do it. Work them in and out. Now finger your clit. Do it. Send yourself over the edge. Make yourself cum for me now. Do it now!”

With that, Karen had her fingers working her pussy quickly. Her legs tightened around her hand and her breathing came in quick short gasps. She let out one last moan and her body went taught and then started to jerk in small spasms. Her eyes were closed and she made a final thrust with her hand letting out a loud grunt. Her breathing was quick and she let one more moan escape from her lips.

She removed her hand from her breasts and pulled her hand out of her panties.

“Lick your fingers and taste yourself”

She took her fingers and sucked her juices from them. Seeming to savior the taste.

“How did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“It was amazing. I never thought I would do something like that but now that I have done it, I would definitely do it again.”

“Do you have some toys at home?” I asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“What kinds?” I asked

Karen seemed to be a little embarrassed but decided to tell me. “I have a vibrator and a butt plug”

“Very nice. How would you like to continue this when we get back to your apartment?”

“That would be wonderful” she said

“We are only five minutes away…”

To be Continued…

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