Anal Annie

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There are all kinds of customers that enter Busty Bab’s House of Pleasure. There are the married couples that are looking for something to “spice up” their marriage, the eighteen year old seniors that think their going to “get some” on Prom Night, and there are the dating couples that are so close to getting married they practically live together and then there is Annie. She’s single, bright, beautiful, but she has a fetish, one that only Roger Dakar and I can tell you about. This is Annie’s Story. . . others will follow, but for now, let me tell you about Annie.

Anal Annie. . .

Roger Dakar looked out his window and watched the young beauty walk up the sidewalk toward the front door of his wife’s business. He liked living across the street from Bab’s place. He had been ease dropping on customers for years, watching them come and go, always wondering what was in the little paper sacks Bab used for their purchases. Now, the video equipment that his wife set up a few weeks ago added to his pleasure.

She wired the building so that the security feed not only fed into her office in the back of her small Adult shop, but it also fed into their home office. They often watched it when she wasn’t working behind the counter and someone else was. He slipped out of his recliner and made his way to the office. He flicked on the screen, sipped his coffee and took a seat in one of the office chairs near Bab’s desk. His eyes lit up at the scene playing out before him.

Annie Swanson opened the door to the Porn shop and walked in. Her fingers were sweaty, they always were when she came here. She had limited funds to her name, but this was one place where she loved coming. Her small hand lifted and she waved to the young girl behind the counter. “Where’s Babs?” she asked.

Jennifer looked up and sighed, “Some small business owners convention or something like that, somewhere up State. I’m covering for her.”

“Oh okay, I’m just gonna look around.”

“Whatever,” Jennifer said, popping her gum and going back to her comic book. Jennifer wasn’t to concerned, Annie rarely bought anything, unless it was small and cheap, which there wasn’t a whole lot at Bab’s that was cheap.

Annie sighed and began her walk around the shop. Her fingers slipped over the toys, noting their instructions and how much pleasure they were supposed to give a person. Her eyes lit up when she saw the Ben Wan Balls and she held the package for several minutes. She could afford them right now, but she also hadn’t paid her bills for that week. Usually she paid her bills, then bought herself something special.

She’d experienced the Balls before, months ago when she was still seeing her boyfriend, but that relationship fizzled out when she dumped him and he took all their toys with him. He was a loser though; she tossed him out after he refused to help with their apartment expenses. He was out the door that night and she’d been free ever since.

Her feet dragged onward as she touched dildos, vibrators, and plugs. Her hands lifted bottles of lube, read about how they could warm a person, or give the sensation of coolness. She hadn’t gotten to play that much with her former lover, but she could imagine him now, slipping in behind her and inserting his hard cock into her lubed ass. The more she thought about it the more she wanted it to happen again. Her panties were slick with her juices and she trailed her fingers along the firm cocks that were protected behind hard plastic packaging.

Suddenly, the sound of the backdoor, of the shop opening caused Annie to jump and she saw a man in a uniform come in with a box. She watched him from behind one of the aisles, knowing he hadn’t noticed her. Her eyes continued to gaze upon him, noting his handsome features and his lovely tight ass hidden beneath brown shorts. “Nice,” she thought to herself.

“Hey, you wanna sign for these,” the man asked Jennifer, still immersed in her comic book. Jennifer sighed, rolled her eyes and put her comic book away for the time being. Annie watched her sign the clipboard and then open the package.

“Cool,” Jennifer bahis firmaları said. She waved goodbye to the man as she pulled out the first of many blown glass phallic dildos. Annie watched her lay out several before slipping to the back office for what Annie assumed was the key to the glass cabinet that Babs kept the phalluses in.

Roger Dakar watched in surprise as the young woman left her “hiding” place in the aisle and walked to the counter. He’d seen her tuck herself into the aisle and admire the UPS Driver, but he was now watching her slim fingers wrap around one of the new phalluses and slip out the door of Bab’s. He immediately was out of his seat and heading to his wife’s business. The phalluses weren’t cheap and he wasn’t about to let the little shoplifter get away with her new toy.

“Hey,” he shouted to Annie and saw her stop. His eyes darting right then left, before crossing the street. He reached her side and grabbed her arm just as she reached the corner of the street.

Annie recognized Bab’s husband as soon as she saw him on the other side of the street. Her pulse raced, but she took several breaths, after all he hadn’t been in the store, he had no clue what she’d done. She looked back at the shop and knew that Jennifer might figure it out even though she hadn’t gotten all the phalluses out of the box. So, Annie pretended not to hear Mr. Dakar and continued walking away. Unfortunately he reached her side and was now holding her arm in a vise like grip.

“What?” she asked her voice full of both annoyance and fear. The phallus lay tucked inside her waist band, hidden behind under her sweater.

“I saw you,” Roger growled into her ear. He pulled her toward the store, dragging her along. He heard her gasp in outrage and disbelief.

“Saw me what?” she asked. Eventually Annie pulled back on her arm and forced Roger to stop. “What are you talking about? Let me go,” she hissed and jerked on her arm, trying to free herself. Her pulse was racing as she thought of how in the world Mr. Dakar could have seen her take the phallus.

“Come on. I’ll show you how I know,” he told her. His anger rising. He didn’t see the phallus on her, but he knew she had it. Sure, she could have dropped it between the time he saw her slip out the door and he left the office, but he knew she hadn’t. Her body language just reeked of thief.

Roger pulled her along, checked traffic and hauled her to his porch. “Get in there,” he told her after opening the front door.

Annie hissed her displeasure, but went inside the Dakar home. “I don’t know what your talking about and when Bab gets back I’m telling her what your doing. I’m a popular customer,” the lie rolled off her tongue. She was a popular browser.

She watched Roger roll his eyes and she glared at him. Nevertheless, she followed him when he order her to. Her horror was apparent the minute he walked her behind a large cherry finished desk. There on the small monitor was a colored screen of the store across the street. She watched Jennifer place glass phalluses from the box into the cabinet. She wondered if the girl knew one was missing. “Fuck,” she muttered under her breath.

“Where is it?” Roger asked. His eyes moving over Annie’s body. He saw her large breasts covered by the loose sweater and when she moved to walk away from him he saw the deformity that was poking from her stomach. He smirked, grabbed her wrists and hauled her against him. “Never mind. I see you’ve grown hard just with the thought of being in the same room with a real cock.” He pressed himself against her.

Annie’s face blushed as she felt the glass toy between them. There was no denying what he had felt or witnessed on the screen. Her shoulders slumped and she sighed. “I’m sorry. I’ll take it back.”

Roger let her go and then thought for a moment, Annie had been coming to the shop for a long time and he knew she was a good kid and she just acted impulsively. “Annie, wait.”

Annie stopped and looked back, her fingers were easing the long toy out of the waist band of her jeans and Roger’s eyes noticed how well her kaçak iddaa hand wrapped around the multi-colored tool she’d stolen. Annie saw his eyes and smirked.

“You know,” she said, a hint of mischief in her voice, “I could just give it to you and let you take it back.”

She slipped the toy back into her pants and then out again. She did this several times, Roger not once asking for the phallus or for her to stop.

His eyes moved over the glass and her fingers, then he slipped his gaze to her breasts and saw her nipples hardening. Roger’s cock reacted and he pulled out the chair from the desk and sat down. “I could do that for you or. . .you could keep the toy and work off the cost.”

The smile that rose from Annie’s lips was genuine. She eased the beautiful piece of art from her slacks and then walked over to Roger’s desk. Her eyes moved over his hard cock and she smirked. “How much would this one cost?” she asked. “They weren’t priced yet.”

Roger took the toy and pulled Annie into his lap. “Sit here and I’ll see if I can’t find that out for you.” Roger turned his chair toward the desk, Annie’s nice round ass pressed against his ever-increasing sex. One hand clicked the computer mouse, the other ran the head of the toy up and down Annie’s crotch.

Annie moaned and opened her legs further. Her fingers lay on her lap and her head rested back on Roger’s shoulder. It wasn’t long before Roger’s eyes moved from the computer screen to the glass object of Annie’s desire. “Stand up sweetie,” he told her.

She did and waited for him to tell her what he wanted her to do. Roger scooted his chair back and ran his palms over her ass, squeezing the round cheeks. His hand reached down and he pulled open the bottom drawer. He found what he wanted and wrapped his fingers around the plastic tube of K-Y. Annie saw him from the corner of her eye and her mouth formed an “O” and she purred with excitement.

Roger chuckled. “I think you’ll enjoy working this off,” he said while scooting his chair back behind her. He placed the toy and the lube on the desk and slipped his hand to her waist. His fingers slipped over the warm skin under her sweater as he searched for the button of her jeans. He found and then opened it.

Annie bit her lip as more of her sweet juices spilled onto her panties and soaked into the denim of her jeans. She knew how moist her cunt was and she knew the juices were becoming more spread and in time would slip along the opening of her ass. She looked forward to “working off” her debt.

“Very nice Annie,” he whispered as he slowly peeled her jeans down her tight cheeks. He placed a kiss on each one, nipping her flesh at the same time. Annie giggled and pressed her buttocks closer to his eager mouth. Her hands pushed papers away until there was ample space for her to rest her arms and breasts on. Roger continued to pull her jeans down and then made fast work of her honey-coated panties. “Smell that? You smell how much you want this?” he asked.

“Mmm,” she moaned quietly. “Yes, Mr. Dakar, I can smell it.”

Roger ran his fingers from her cunt to her ass, juice slipped along the warm seam of her flesh and he forced it further up and coating her puckered entrance. His face moved in and his tongue reached out and licked at the tight entrance. He flicked around the edge and cleaned her honey before slipping more up and over the welcoming cavern.

Annie groaned and ached for more attention. “Oh God, that felt great.”

He chuckled and stood up. Roger leaned over and whispered into her ear, “The taste was divine.” She giggled again and turned her head to his. Their lips met and she licked at the flavors of herself and Roger’s mouth. When the heated cleaning was over, Roger stepped back and pulled his jeans and boxers down to hang at his knees. He sat back in his seat and grabbed the toy. His cock wanted in her tight box, but he wanted her to enjoy your stolen property first.

Annie eyes grew wide when the well lubed phallus moved into her sweet hole. Her body slumped over the desk as she relaxed and settled back into the welcoming kaçak bahis invasion. “Ohhh… yeah.”

Roger’s cock jerked against his stomach as he watched the head of the toy slide into the girl’s opening. He noticed the shape of the toy she’d taken and he found his own enjoyment heightened as he slowly pushed it into her. The toy was one of Bab’s more unique designs that she ordered. Its rainbow color was complimented by the curves that this particular piece of glass had been shaped into.

The head resembled a well formed cock, but then went narrow. The artist had then created another cock head, smaller then the last. This pattern continued two more times until the base was formed. At the base were two round balls that Roger now had a hold on as he pushed in the final head.

Annie ass begged for each head as Roger worked them in and out of her sweetness. Her fingers curled against the desk. Her nipples pressed against her bra and the friction of her humping the furniture forced them to itch against the fabric. “Ohhh… ohhh fuck yes! Harder Mr. Daker. Pound my ass harder.”

Roger’s cock was spilling pre cum out of the swollen head. He grabbed her pussy with his hand gathered her honey and spread it over his dick while he increased the pressure and the speed of his dildo fucking. “Annie… damn baby your on fire.” He stroked his rod, while pumping into her.

Each head was pulled out and impaled again. Annie bit her lip as she felt the rolling of one head, the easing of the narrowed glass and then the welcomed stab of another head. Each movement brought a lathering of her juices and as her own movements encouraged more she knew she’d be coming soon. “You baby. You. . .” she muttered through giant gulps of air.

Roger removed the cock and looked at the glistening whole. It lay open and ready for another invasion. This time it didn’t get the glass toy, but instead his rock hard cock as he stood up and grabbed Annie’s hips. He took her hard and fast, the impalement of his dick plunging into her forced a scream from Annie’s pink lips. “OHH. . .GOD!”

Annie’s eyes rolled as she took every inch of his cock. She hadn’t seen his dick and wasn’t expected the massive rod that was fucking her hard and fast. Her thoughts centered on relaxing again and in a few seconds Annie was back to pleading and begging for more.

The tight hole was heaven as far as Roger was concerned. He dragged her ass up and down and continued taking her close to the edge of release and then back again. Eventually he knew he was going to come and he pulled her back to him one last time and fucked her with a forced that rammed her to the base of his shaft. He shouted his release, telling her he was coming and Annie cried out in joy. “YES! OH, FUCK! YES!”

Her climax was an eruption of come and as he filled her hole she covered the edge of his wife’s desk with her juice. She shuddered as she milked him and her body orgasmed several more times until she felt him easing out of her.

Roger fell back in his chair and swatted at the little round cheeks. “Couple more times and you’ll be paid up.”

“Well. . .I’ll be back around in a couple of days Mr. Dakar,” Annie said, while she bent down and grabbed her panties and jeans from around his ankles. She zipped up and buttoned her slacks then looked at her toy. “Can I take it with me?” she asked.

Roger thought for a moment. He had the video tape of her stealing as insurance, so he handed her the slippery glass. “You gonna steal from us again?” he asked.

“Will you keep fucking me with that monster if I don’t?” she asked, biting her lip and looking at his softened cock.

He chuckled. “I’ll do whatever I can to keep the young minds of our youth from going to jail.”

Annie smiled. “Then I’ll not steal from you again, Mr. Dakar.”

“I’ll see you in a couple days Annie,” he said with a grin and a swat to her jean-clad ass.

He watched her leave and grabbed some wet wipes from the drawer where he returned the K-Y too. After he cleaned himself off, repaired his state of dress and wiped off Bab’s desk, he flicked on the monitor to the video surveillance equipment at the shop. He smiled as he watched Mayor Adams and his Secretary Julia walk into the store. “Hmmm. . .wonder what toy their buying for the Misses?” he thought to himself.

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