Angel Dreams: Dream 4

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[My Love fills my body every day. I did something over the weekend you felt I needed to be punished for. This is still hard for you to do, but you have come to learn just how much I need this to be a part of our relationship.

After my punishment I beg you to help me to cum. My body yearns for you and after teasing me, you begin telling me what you would do to my tight ass after my punishment. Oh my Love, the way you get me off never fails to amaze me as I scream into the phone for you to please give it to me harder.

In bed tonight, my ass is still a little sore from my punishment, my pussy still grows wet every time I think of your discipline. I fall asleep thinking of your wonderful love and the freedom you have given me in my submission…]

After your ex found out about me, of course she was curious. When I went with you to take the kids home, I stayed in the car. She asked you about me and she was being catty. You became upset and all you told her was that you had found the perfect woman (thank you my Love). She knew about your being attracted to submissive women, but we had already discussed how we planned to keep that part of our relationship private.

You tried to call her and her girlfriend back, but they came to the car to meet me. I got out and was very friendly and polite to them, answering their questions smoothly without revealing anything about our private lives. I don’t really remember what they asked, but you didn’t like it. I know I turned to you and reminded you quietly of a dinner engagement we were going to be late for, which wasn’t true, but we were able to leave politely.

In the car, on the way home, you told me that you would really prefer I didn’t talk at length with either of the women. You didn’t say so, but in your mind you knew they would try to get information about us. Of course, you should never have to explain this to me. All you have to do is tell me what would please you and what would not. You told me that I would have to, occasionally talk to them about arrangements for the children, times, or plans we or they might have with them. But you specifically told me that this was all that we should discuss and that should always be on the phone.

I love that you give me a list of “chores” or a “to do” list everyday. I have always liked having lists like these. My mom always wrote my chores each day and I loved just being able to check them off, one by one, as I completed them. Staying home and taking care of you and our house is like a dream come true for me. I thank you my Love for giving me this gift.

I had been grounded from our playroom in the cellar, but you told me now that my punishment was over. I can’t wait to use it. The playroom is very nice, but off limits to anyone but us. It isn’t a cold, dark dungeon that appeals to so many D/s couples. It has a lot of antiques and a lot of toys, very warmly done. The cool thing is the stairs. They are equipped with a mechanism that allows them to move in and out of the wall beside them. This is how we keep people out. We deadbolt and lock the door and use the excuse that we don’t use the cellar and it has no stairs yet. The very good locks on the door keep your children from getting in and getting hurt.

We have an antique wrought iron bed with an iron canopy, French chaise longue, two very old wardrobes, Queen Anne chair, a wall of mirrors, a small refrigerator, a CD player, an old Japanese folding screen, zebra chaise chair, an antique chiropractor table and a handmade rack. One of the wardrobes hold outfits you liked to see me in, some to be used for play acting, candles, lotions, lubricants, balm, satin sheets and feathers. The other one, holds restraints, handcuffs, silk scarves, rope, belts, paddles, vibrators, blindfolds, gags, earphones, plastic wrap and things like that. We have our favorite CD’s there, lots of pillows, ice, wine, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, grapes, and anything else we can think of to play with.

The room is done in vibrant colors and is very comfortable with oriental and D/s art on the walls. Also in the walls, ceilings and floors you installed hooks and rings to attach ropes, restraints and scarves to. The bed having an iron canopy and rails in the footboard and headboard also make it very accommodating for bondage play.

Shortly after I had met your ex and her girlfriend, I was going about one day doing my chores when the phone rang. It was the girlfriend and she wanted to invite me to lunch with the two of them. I told her I really had a lot to do, but she argued that I had to eat and they would like to take me out and get to know me better. Hating to be rude and disagreeable, I gave in.

I met them for lunch and just as you thought, they were being nosy. I didn’t have any problem finding ways to answer their questions without revealing anything, but it didn’t take me long to figure out what they were up to. Then I remembered what you had asked me not to do. I hurried and ate, telling them I had to run some errands before I went home.

All Kartal Fetiş Escort the way home I tried to figure out what to do. I hate knowing that you will be displeased, but I also hate the thought of lying to you or hiding something from you. I couldn’t stand it by the time I got home and I called you at work. Of course you were furious, but unusually quiet. You didn’t shout or berate me but I could tell you were disappointed.

I told you that now I realized why you had asked me not to go and then I told you some of the things they asked. This made you even angrier because it seemed like we were discussing private things about you, comparing notes. You quietly told me that you were disappointed in me and told me that you wanted me to go into the cellar right then, take off all my clothes, kneel and to think about what you had asked and why as I waited on you to get home.

I did what you asked and thought you were taking off early. You didn’t. You got home at your normal time. This gave me lots of time to think and ask myself why I hadn’t remembered what you had asked. You never ask much of me and were only trying to look out for me and I hadn’t listened. I was so mad at myself for ignoring what you had asked me to do. I told myself that I deserved whatever you had in mind for me.

As I knelt and waited on you, thinking of what you would do when you got there, I became so turned on. I was tempted to play with myself, but I knew that you wouldn’t want that and that wasn’t what you had told me to do. I also knew that no matter how you punished me, you would make sure the pleasure would be greater than anything I could accomplish alone. The feelings of being nervous, scared, apprehensive, ashamed, angry and horny made it hard for me to be still and concentrate. I didn’t even realize when you had walked into the room.

All at once I felt your gaze burning on my skin and I opened my eyes. I kept my head down, but I could see your feet. When you spoke, I was startled by the sadness in your voice. You said, “look at me Angel”, and when I raised my head and saw the hurt and betrayal in your eyes, tears began to fall from mine. How could I have done this to the one person I love so much, the person who cares more for me than anyone?

Then you looked away from me and I knew you were fighting yourself. Part of you wanted to pull me into your arms and stop my tears, but the other part knew that I needed to be punished. Deep inside, you know that I desire your discipline and deserve it.

I knew what you were feeling and I forced myself to stop crying. Knowing that I was forcing you to do something that you didn’t want or like to do, caused more pain than any paddle or whip ever could. I had wanted to use this room and now I was going to get my wish.

You stood for the longest time looking down at me as I made myself straighten up and accept what was coming. You could tell by the straightness of my spine and serenity on my face that I knew what I wanted and needed. I kept my eyes lowered as you prepared things behind me. I heard you open one of the wardrobes taking things out. You put on a CD that is one of your favorites to relax to.

As you walked up behind me and put your hands in my hair, caressing my head, I had to fight all the emotions that threatened to ingulf my body and mind. I was so sorry, yet so turned on for your love and discipline. Then you walked in front of me and held out your hands. I put mine into yours as you helped me to stand up and held me until I was steady on my feet. You handed me a small glass of wine to drink to help me relax. I drank it down and then you kissed the wine off my lips, looking into my eyes for understanding and forgiveness for what my actions were forcing you to do. When you see the love and acceptance in my eyes, you lead me to the wall.

You tie my arms apart, each one to a ring in the wall. You use the silk scarves, knowing the feel of silk combined with whatever you chose to punish me with, will drive me wild. After you have secured my wrists to the wall, you bring over a small piece of furniture you had made yourself, that resembled a small workhorse. It was made just for me and you put it in front of me to lean over on. It is comfortable and padded, just the perfect height for my lower belly to relax on. You push it backwards; backing me up until my arms are stretched as far as they will go from the wall and my hips are as far back as they can be while I am bent over this small type of bench. You fasten the legs of this piece of furniture to the floor where you had already measured for it to fit; this is to keep it from sliding. Then you spread my legs wide and fasten each ankle to a leg of the bench.

This position has my body stretched tightly, my legs apart, my belly against the padding supporting me and has rendered me immobile. Then you walk in front of me. I watch eagerly as you bend your head down, taking each nipple into your warm mouth, sucking and biting them until they are very hard. You Kartal Gecelik Escort attach a set of clamps to each one, not too tight but snug, sending waves of pleasure through my body. You run a chain through each one and hook it to another ring in the wall. Every time my body pulls back, the chain will pull my breasts forward by my sensitive nipples.

I stay like this for what seems like forever. I can’t see you but I know you are behind me, standing, watching and waiting. My body begins to tremble, but not from fear. It trembles in anticipation for what you are about to do, no matter what you do. I have no fear because I trust you and know that even with my pain, you will do me no serious harm and that it is all for my pleasure.

My mind begins to wander as I feel all the sensations that this position and my bonds are giving me. I know from where you stand that I am so open to you, revealing all and that you must see how I grow wetter and wetter as I wait on you to begin. I know you see the glistening of my skin as it is taking all my strength to stand silently until you are ready.

Suddenly I feel the leather paddle hit my right cheek, causing it to sting and causing me to jerk with surprise. Jerking from the wall pulls on the chain attached to my nipples causing me to moan in painful pleasure. I feel your hand caressing my stinging ass and again I wait. With no warning I feel the paddle hit my left cheek, again catching me off guard and making me pull against my bonds. Again I feel your hand rubbing me, driving me crazy as my body tries to adjust from the stinging to the warm touch of your hand. I feel myself grow wetter still as I wait again.

I do not jerk as strongly when the paddle finds my ass again, but this time you do not stop. As you bring the paddle down again and again in an agonizing rhythm, the sensations make me moan in ecstasy. My mind has no time to prepare for each blow as I feel my ass grow warmer and warmer; my nipples are being tugged with each blow. When you bring your fingers around to massage my throbbing clit at the same time, my mind loses the battle. The need to cum is so strong, but you ever so gently whisper, “not yet angel, not yet.”

Just as suddenly as the paddle had begun, it stopped. I gasped for breath as the feelings overtake my mind and body. The love I feel for you is now at one of its most intense stages, filling me completely. I close my eyes and revel in the feelings that I am feeling. I barely feel the warm oil pouring down the opening between my cheeks. Again taking me by surprise, you grab my hair pulling my head back as your mouth violently fastens on mine, your tongue searching deep into my throat. The chain attached to my breasts is pulled tightly by the force of you pulling back my head.

I moan deep into your mouth and then feel your finger slide into my ass. You tug at my lips with your teeth, then continue down, assaulting my neck, one hand still holding my hair, the other working itself into my well lubed ass. One finger turns to two and then turns to three as you thrust them deep into my tight asshole. I can’t hold back the scream of pleasure as you continue down my body until your teeth attach to my swollen clit as your fingers continue loosening me from behind. When you start fucking my ass with your whole hand, it takes all my control to get my breath and not pass out.

I beg you for release, but you hoarsely tell me no, not yet, not until you say. I hear the need and the raw, burning passion in your voice and that makes me even hotter.

Suddenly I don’t know where you have gone; I can’t feel you touching me anymore. I panic and I beg you to please come back. My hips move on their own, searching for you, searching for release even though the movement causes my nipples to be pulled against the clamps. I know that my juices are now running down my inner thighs as I wait in sweet torture for you to continue. What I can’t see is that you have removed your clothes and are stroking your hard cock, lubing it as you watch me squirm with need.

“What do you want angel?” you ask. I plead with you, “please my Love, please come back to me, I need you so.” You laugh cruelly, “what about what I need angel?”

“Did you think about my need to protect you when you disobeyed me?” you ask. Through my tears and shame I plead with you to forgive me. “Should I, should I even bother with someone who only thinks of her own needs or should I walk away now and leave you to fend for yourself? You obviously do not need me since you take it upon yourself to decide which of my decisions you should obey and which ones to ignore,” you reply coldly.

I tell you that I was wrong and that I do need you, but my cries for mercy and forgiveness are greeted with silence. I panic, thinking you have left me. With no regard to the pain, I struggle against my bonds. The guilt is suffocating me as my body goes wild trying to free itself. I must find you and throw myself at your feet. I must find a way to show you how Kartal Genç Escort sorry I am, but the only thing my struggles achieve are to chafe my wrists and cut one of my nipples. I do not feel this physical pain because the mental pain I feel from your absence and displeasure is far greater. All I can do is weep uncontrollably.

My heart sings when I feel the sharp sting as you bring your open palm down on my ass, your other hand thrusts inside my asshole again, forcing me to relax. Again and again you bring your hand down on me and I can’t hold back the moans of delight any longer. My body is out of control and I beg you to fuck me, fuck me anywhere but please let me feel your hardness inside me my Love!

When you can’t hold back any longer, I feel your cock plunging deep into my ass and I scream with pleasure as I feel you stretching me. Your hands pull my ass cheeks apart and thrust in and out of me in a perfect rhythm. One hand leaves my ass and wraps around my hair as you pull me back against your thrusting hips, at the same time pulling my tender nipples. Your other hand goes under me and your fingers start to softly pinch my clit. Sparks of light go off behind my eyelids and I begin to beg you desperately for my release. Your hips move faster and deeper pulling my body to meet each thrust as you tell me to wait, wait only for you, therefore proving my devotion. Every muscle in my body tightens as I concentrate on holding back the fire that threatens to consume me.

I feel you start pulling back, your hard shaft pulls almost all the way out of me and plunges back through the tight ring of my ass, deeper each time. I hear your grunts as you fight to hold back your own pleasure. Your fingers move wider and faster on my soaked cunt and I’m fighting for breath. Then I hear you say the sweetest words, “cum for me angel, cum now!”

My body immediately explodes, my tight cunt pulsing on your dick trying to pull you deeper into me. I feel you tightening up and shooting your load into me, flooding me with warmth. My screams fill the air as spasm after spasm jerks my body, causing me to feel like I am floating high above myself.

When the final orgasm fades away, the weight of my body falls limply against the bench. I know nothing but the wonderful feeling of your love as the tears pour from my eyes. I barely notice as you busily remove all the bonds from my body. You are right there to catch me when you untie my hands and I feel so safe as you pick me up, holding me close against your hard chest. Both of our bodies are slick with sweat.

You kiss me deeply as you carry me to the bed and gently lay me on my stomach. I feel your hands rubbing balm onto my reddened cheeks, my wrists and my nipples. This display of your love stirs up emotions deep within me, making me weep again. I feel your lips caressing my body, just as your hands are. You lift my damp hair from my neck as you kiss me there, causing me to shiver.

The sheets had been pulled down in preparation before we started and they feel nice and cool against our heated flesh. You climb into bed beside me, pulling me tightly against your body as you cover us both with the sheet.

I turn my head and look into your eyes, your breath catches in your throat as you see the love in mine. I tell you that I’m sorry for displeasing you and you moan as your mouth tenderly comes down on mine again. I smile happily when you tell me that I have now pleased you and am forgiven for going against your wishes. You hold me close, your arms a circle of protection for me to rest in as our tired, but fully satisfied bodies drift to sleep.

[Never had I awoken throbbing so much from desire. My pussy on the verge of cumming, pulsing even before I woke up, so swollen and so wet. I rise up on all fours reaching between my legs to stroke my hard clit. I soon discover this is not enough and reach in the drawer to find a small vibrator.

Just then the phone rings and I am so aggravated and almost decide to ignore it. I look over on my caller id and see that it is my Love! I grab the phone and you laugh as you ask me if you interrupted anything. I quickly told you of my dream and what I was in the process of doing. I can tell by the change in your voice how aroused you were getting.

You have me to describe what position I am in and how wet my cunt is. My voice is trembling with desire and you know from the sound of my voice how much I need you. I get even hotter when you tell me to lay so that I can fuck my ass with the vibrator turned on high, while I rub my clit. I begin moaning loudly as I do what you say. “Do you feel my hard cock angel?” you ask me. “Oh God, yes my Love,” I scream, “please don’t stop sir, please, harder!”

“Oh yes little one,” you groan, “I can feel my cock fucking your tight little asshole.”

“Do you want me to fill your hole with my cum baby?” you ask me hoarsely after a while of this. “Please, oh yes please my Love!” I scream. “Cum with me little one, cum now!!!” you shout. My pussy explodes as the vibrator fucks my ass. I hear the sounds of my Love shooting his load and I start to cum again. “Yes angel, yes cum again for me baby, let me feel that pussy cumming all over my cock!” you shout. My hips thrusting as my pussy is rocked by another intense orgasm and then another.

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