Angel in the Night 07

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this one’s more descriptive, but with some nice sex in it (well that’s my view – comment if you like). Thanks for read up to this far. You’re welcome to start at no.1, or go from here.

The houses had their backs to us as they whisked past. Walls covered in bright, garish, illegible lettering went past in a blur; growing, towering above us, receding, gone. Steel posts whipped past in a hypnotic rhythm. The lack of vegetation made the whole view bleak.

As the train slowed and eased into the station, Thien scowled at me. Again.

“Ads on trains, they’re so bad, why would you ever buy their stuff?” She had a point. “I’m bored now. I was excited but now it’s boring. Remind me why we’re doing this?”

“We’ll, two reasons mainly. You love the outdoors, but you’ve never really been there, you’ve only done day trips. This is the real deal. No rooms, no car even. We catch the train, then a bus, then we hike. Two nights in a tent, then we walk out again. Bus, train, home. Victorious. THIS is the outdoors, just Nature and you.”

“This, is a dirty train. And we’re on it for two hours.”

“There’s one other thing. You’ve led me to all kinds of crazy, wonderful things, but there’s one wonderful thing I can show you. Swimming…”

“Swimming? But I didn’t pack swim things.” She shot a worried glance at our rucksacks, hers a new, modest-size one, mine the giant old Irish-made Lowe I had carried on dozens of hikes.

“This, my Angel, is Wild Swimming. Naked swimming.”

Thien smiled at last. My Thien, if it’s a bit naughty, I can rely on you.

The train was a huge commuter carrier, now empty as we raced out of the city early on this Friday morning. At the central station our packs and hiking clothes marked us out as not going to the office for the day, or drifting around the tourist sights. We were adventurers. I always loved the feel of my good walking boots, the weight of the pack on my hips (where a proper pack sits), my old sturdy camping clothes. Striding through the station was an extra joy as the commuters scurried past, knowing I had set my course and it was their job to steer around me.

The carriage itself had doors at each end that opened to a platform-level floor, but the main body was a double-decker. We sat alone on the upper deck, just us with our packs and rows of empty seats up and down the carriage. There was a newspaper folded on the seat, a courtesy from some inbound office-worker.

Thien had livened up again. Earlier, we had started well, peering down on the travellers on the platforms, inventing stories about them. I sang Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘America’ to her:

Let us be lovers, we’ll marry our fortunes together, and later, Laughing on the bus, playing games with the faces; She said the man in the gabardine coat was a spy.

We spotted a few millionaire hobos, an axe murderer, six people having affairs and Bill Gates’s love child.

Then boredom had set in. We hadn’t brought books (we’ll just talk to each other, darling!) and we didn’t feel like talking. The bleak view out the window made it worse.

Now feeling lively, Thien moved and sat in another seat ahead of me. She looked seductively over her shoulder at me, like a Shanghai gangster’s dame. She slipped down, I heard a shuffle across the aisle and she reappeared in a different seat as a wide-eyed innocent schoolgirl, even sucking her thumb. Down she went again, shuffle shuffle, and she came up as a raving bag lady, hair a fright, mumbling to herself and arguing with the posters on the wall. Down again, shuffle shuffle, up again, this time completely normal, except she’d undone her blouse and one pert breast was showing. I laughed ’till my eyes watered.

“Ah Thien, you make a bad day good, and a good day better. Please stop, my sides hurt.”

“I have another idea.” She came back to our seat with a dangerously naughty look on her face. “There’s no one else in this carriage; just you and me. You know what that means…” Her chest was rising and falling with her arousal.

“Thien! We can’t in a train! What if someone gets on?”

“I looked at the map. The stations are further apart now. After the next stop we’ve got the place to ourselves.”

I was starting to feel cornered. “But, but what about the security cameras?”

“Might brighten their day! No, it’s all right, we’re in the middle, so we’re as far from them as we can be. If we keep lower than the backs of the seats, we’ll be shielded.”

“I really don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Of course not! It’s crazy, that’s why I want to do it. Now, fuck me here or not this weekend!”

I should have seen that coming. I was cornered now. I hadn’t mentioned a third reason for the trip was to fuck ourselves senseless, but we both knew that was a given. The train’s siren jeered at me as we slowed for the next station. Thien was already lying on the bench seat.

As we started rolling again, she gave me another naughty smile and began wriggling her shorts down over her slim hips. Bayan Eskort As her bush came into view I got the faintest scent of Aroused Thien. This woman! I love her so much, and she is such a turn-on for me – which is just as well, or my performance in places like train carriages would be pretty poor.

The naughty girl had thought it all through. Half out of the shorts, she put one leg on the seat, one on the floor. Swinging her leg wide exposed her pussy to my eyes and hands. Her scent was stronger. Her eyes flashed.

“Inside me! Now! And stay low!”

I couldn’t help thinking about the security camera. I made a show of looking around as if I’d dropped something, then bent down to get it. Thien grabbed my head and kissed me.

“Fuck me or I’ll bite your big Anglo nose off!” She might just have been serious.

Held down by Thien, I managed to get my cock out of my shorts, but it just wasn’t going to work that way. I had to undo my pants and wriggle out of them. “Hurry!” Was Thien’s unhelpful comment.

She put a bit of her spit on her fingertips and opened her furry pussy for me. Sliding into her warm wet hole was always a good feeling, mixed this time with terror at being caught.

“Ah! That’s good! Come quickly, big boy. Uh, uh, uh, uh…” It was almost a grunt that came out of her with each thrust.

I pushed into her channel fast and hard. Her hands on my buttocks pressed me into her and out of camera sight. Her eyes were closed as she savoured the whole mad experience. I could feel a tingling in my balls.

“Here I come, lover.”

“Come! Inside me Nick, beautiful boy!”

I love it when she says my name. A surge and my come launched out into her vagina. I paused and lay most of my weight on her. “Oh god, Thien, that feels good. Coming in you… it’s wonderful.”

The train was slowing down.

We froze. Thien stared at me. I had the best view out the windows, so I watched for passengers and prayed. There were some close by, but thankfully they chose the next carriage.

I gulped. “I think we got away with it.” I sat up, just as if I’d found my pen at last and now I was going to finish the crossword. Naughty Thien just lay there, thighs spread, smiling at me and biting her lower lip. I gazed fondly at my crazy lover. A white streak of fluid was appearing between her pussy lips, starting to trickle down her buttocks.

“You’re going to leak now, aren’t you. Will that be uncomfortable?”

“Not much. Nice to be reminded of you. Or maybe we should have used a condom.”

“We’ve never used a condom. We were both virgins, remember!” Thien smiled mysteriously. That girl, I don’t know-

A crash of the door. Someone had entered from the other carriage while we were in motion. They stomped over to the short stairway and started to climb to our deck.

Thien squeaked. Quick as lightning she sat up, but her shorts were round her ankle. The stranger had reached the deck and was walking slowly up behind us. The newspaper. I pointed to it and Thien grabbed it and opened it wide across her lap. Quick thinking by the two of us.

The stranger walked morosely down the carriage, pausing at each empty seat. He would look blankly then move on. When he reached ours he stared at us. We looked up at him. There was no reaction. He walked on. A few rows on, he stopped and sat down. He’d found a paper at last, so with a grunt of satisfaction he opened it out and began reading.

Thien dressed in complete silence. When she leant forward to get her shorts, I noticed a tiny wet patch on the seat. I silently pointed this out, as well as poking her and silently laughing at her. She glared at me and stuck out her tongue. Then we sat with my arm round her.

The train line follows the ridge of the mountains. It climbs and loops on itself as it leaves the river plain, then keeps its height until it has crossed the main range. Towns have sprung up around the stations. At our stop, I found our bus and caught it to the edge of the escarpment. I explained the system to Thien.

“Most mountains, you go up to them, you climb up, you go down, then you go home. We like to do it differently here. You start at the top, you go down for a while, then you go up, then you go home. You’ll get used to it.” Thien looked dubious.

The start of the walk is at a huge tourist development. The view from the top of the sheer cliffs was truly stunning, but the tourist shops, tacky gifts, bad food and bored teenagers made me desperate to get away. I found the familiar sign tucked almost out of sight to one side.

It startled me again, it always does. A hundred steps down the cliff walk, away from the tourist trap and you’re free. The giant trees tower over you protectively. The damp, rich smell of living forest clears your head. You can almost see the toxins leave you with each lungful of good air. You learn to trust your feet as they take you down the irregular track – even with a full pack’s extra weight.

What was new was to have Anadolu Yakası Escort my Angel with me. This added a shiver of excitement to my pleasure at being back on the track. I could hear her behind me, delighted but awe-struck by the silent ancient majesty of the bushland.

The campsite was a rare patch of level ground at the bottom of the valley. As I expected, no one was there, but I chose a quiet, secluded corner anyway. Thien flopped down, using my pack as a back rest.

“I’ll set up the tent; I’ll show you where the water is, and how to find wood that won’t disturb the animals.”

Near our site, a small stream joined the larger flow that went down one side of the camping area. I gave Thien the pot to fill. “Choose flowing water if you can; pick the smaller stream if you’ve got a choice, like here. If you can find a cascade,” the water ran off a mossy ledge and fell ten centimetres or so, “you get fewer floaty bits. See you back at camp.”

I saw her back at camp. She walked through the dappled light and up to me, naked, except for her boots. Her long black hair caught the light as it swished around her. her bare skin rippled light then dark as she approached. It was a vision from heaven.

“Thien. My Thien, so beautiful…” was all I could manage.

“Silly boy, what’s come over you?” She knew very well. “My pussy needed a wash. Wow, it’s cold! Tingling cold but, I dunno, so free. So natural. My pussy’s still tingling. Makes my whole body tingle.”

“Thien, make love to me. Make love to me here.”

She walked up to where I had slumped to earth. I knelt up and put my hands out to receive her. I buried my face in her bush as I stroked my hands up her calves, her thighs, her slim, curved buttocks, the small of her back. She stood and ruffled my hair as I breathed her delicious scent. I put both hands around her thighs and felt the warmth of her cleft. She opened her legs to let me play with her pussy lips. To my surprise I could actually ease a finger up into her vagina, as well as caressing back up her crack.

She was pressing on my shoulders as her desire rose, lightly scratching my neck and collarbone and making sexy, contented noises. She paused, held my chin up and whispered, “Something to lie on, and take some clothes off.”

I was next to the tent, so I reached over and hauled out a mattress. She lay back on it and opened her legs impossibly wide, parting her pussy lips. I glimpsed the pink skin inside the darker furry lips. I stripped faster than I thought I could.

“Come inside me, lover.”

My cock was hard and ready. I lay over her, brushing my chest hair against her nipples, making her giggle. She put some spit on her hand then reached down to guide me in.

My cock first entering Thien’s warm wet cunt is a sensation I will never tire of. The sliding home, the fitting together, the surge of pleasure, Thien’s long blink as she accommodates my shaft in her special place… I didn’t realise such delight existed before meeting Thien. I thrust into her with long strokes, gently rocking her as I buried my cock inside her. Thien stroked my head and looked up.

“Mmm, the trees are watching us fucking. They like to see us making love. This is right, this is good. Fuck me deeply, Nick.”

I fucked her deeply, lovingly. Glancing down to see my shaft extending out of her hairy mound, I noticed she still had her boots on. The mix of sturdy utility and soft honey-coloured skin sent a surge of pleasure through me.

We weren’t long. We didn’t need to be. I moved gradually faster. She ran her nails over my buttocks and on up to my neck, sending tingles all over my body. As her hands came up over my head she clasped me and kissed me. Her tongue sent more tingles down my front and into my cock. My cock strained. The scent of her skin and the woodland combined. I gasped as my come spurted deep into her, one long stream.

“Aaaaahhhh, Thien! Thien! My angel, forest goddess. Soooo good.”

She simply smiled up at me and whispered, “Nick.”

That night, snug in our tent, with the taste of hot chocolate still in our mouths, we did a slightly surprising thing. We cuddled. We rubbed each other’s backs. We kissed noses. We nuzzled ears. Each of us ran their eyes over every detail of their lover’s face. We weren’t aroused or demanding, we didn’t ask for or give sex, we just lay together, skin to skin, absolutely content. We both knew, this day could not be improved, the only thing left to do is marvel at how good life can be.

The next day saw us off for a swim.

“Osmodeus’ Bath? What kind of a name is that?” Thien grumbled.

“No idea. That’s its name on the old maps. It doesn’t even show up on the new ones. Just an unnamed pool now, or completely left off some maps.”

“How mysterious! Maybe Osmodeus was an alien who needed to stop and have a wash.”


At the track junction the park rangers had put a sign across the turn-off, actively discouraging walkers to go on up. Pendik Escort I stepped over the sign and started up the path, pushing through the overgrown bushes. Thien was doubtful.

“Is this the way? And are we even allowed up here?”

“Huh. I’ve been walking past ‘Keep Out’ signs all my life. A bad habit my father taught me. As long as you’re careful and respectful, you’ll usually be rewarded. And hang on, aren’t you the one who goes in for the crazy not-quite-legal stuff?” My Thien, clearly out of her comfort zone! Which means I need to make extra sure it’s all worth it.

I don’t know why I worried. It was the little paradise I remembered.

Osmodeus Bath is a natural pool, cut by a waterfall over millions of years. The stream had made a curved cliff face around itself, with great boulders at the base that had had their corners rounded over time. Every rock and stone was rounded smooth. Tall ferns stood on the shady side, while small trees growing in the sun made good towel rails.

The sun had heated the day up already, especially where we were in the bottom of the valley. The cool air of the glade only added to the attraction. I dropped Thien’s pack, got our towels out and put our lunch in the shade. We undressed in silence.

Thien had already treated me to the sight of her glorious naked body in this natural setting, but I still wasn’t ready when she lightly stepped out to the water. Her skin glowed against the dark rock face. Her black hair fell down her back as an echo of the waterfall. She was a forest goddess again, delicately stepping over smooth rocks to the water. I soaked up the sight of her arms outstretched to balance her, her small breasts with their strong nipples, her slim legs – sometimes exposing her dark bush, sometimes coyly hiding it as she stepped.

She paused at the edge, looked to me, then laughed musically.

“Nick! Are you awake or asleep? You silly boy, stop staring at me like that!”

Apparently I was still daydreaming, as the next thing I knew was chilly water spattered across my face. I started, and another spray hit me, making me gasp.

“Gotcha! Ha ha! Betcha can’t catch me!” Thien chanted, splashing me mercilessly.

I leapt into the pool. Thien’s squeals echoed off the cliff walls. She was pretty good at evading me and splashing me at the same time. But I was advancing.

“You’re for it now! You know what happens when I catch you!”

“Promises, promises!”

Her cries of pretend fright rang around the pool, mixing with our splashes and gasps in the fresh water. I found a submerged rock and leapt from the middle of the pond to trap her facing the cliff. She was breathless and panting, her hair was plastered down in crazy patterns across her back. Her eyes sparkled when she looked over her shoulder at me.

“You must take your prize here!” she said, leaning against me and spreading her legs.

My fingers found her pussy, wet but cold on the outside this time. My cock was still very happy to enter her. The angle felt unusual, but exciting. I managed a few thrusts before Thien spoke up.

“Ooh, feels cold!” With that she wriggled out from under me and splashed away with a shriek.

I chased her down again as she tried to hop along the rocks on the bank. I caught her in my arms and held her close. She wrapped her legs around my waist.

“Take me again!” she laughed.

I wasn’t letting go this time. Holding her thighs I wriggled my hands under her bottom and felt for her pussy lips. She put a hand down between us to help. I lowered her down onto my waiting cock, then somehow we managed some movement to go with it.

Thien was impressed. “Such strong arms! You powerful man!” She caressed my tensed shoulder muscles and ran her hands down my back. It felt wonderful.

But the strain was too much. I was standing in the water and I could feel the rocks moving under my feet. I tried everything to keep my balance, but it was no good. With Thien’s face inches from mine I fell backwards into the water. She squealed with delight as we sank in a tangle of arms and legs.

I came up for air and floated in the water, watching clouds drift above the trees. Only the very tops were moving in the calm air. Peace settled on the waterhole again. Absently I grabbed a handful of sand from the bottom of the pool and rubbed it under my arms and across my chest and back. It was an old camper’s washing trick, cheaper and better than soap, as well as kinder to the environment. I looked over towards Thien.

Thien was sitting on the bank in the sun. She had her head tilted back, so my view was of her chin on a pair of shoulders, above two coffee-coloured nipples. Her legs were wide apart, allowing her hand easy access to her clit, which she was rubbing vigorously. Two fingers parted her hairy lips and moved side to side. She looked up.

“Better hurry and catch up with me!” she said lazily.

I swam over and rose up in front of her. Water streamed down over my nipples, chest and legs. I brushed it out of my hair and off my body. “What have you done with my dick?” she cried. Lying in the cold water had taken its toll on my manhood and there was not much to see.

“Bring it here. We’ll try and revive it.” She opened her mouth and stretched her tongue out.

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