Ani , Lars Ch. 03

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Two months later…

“Fuck!” Ani whispered, as she kept hitting refresh on her browser. The flight back to Boston was still canceled, no matter how many times she checked it. She was stuck in Seattle for the weekend. A ‘Super-Blizzard’ they called it on the news. Flights to the East Coast were canceled for the next 2-3 days.

She had been on a week-long business trip and to the West Coast, again in Seattle.

She had to be back in Seattle on Monday, but she had planned it (and worked her ass off for 4 days), so she could go back to Boston in-between.

Now, however, she’d have to stay in Seattle for 2 weeks straight, with no time to unwind back in Boston with Lars and Colette.

The three of them had become quite a trio. They had grown closer in almost every way. They would spend weekends together, take trips together, and of course, above all, have mind-blowing sexual adventures.

They were not insular, and did lots of ‘normal’ social stuff, parties, dinners, plays, concerts, etc. Instead of just Ani and Lars going, however, Colette was there for all of it, too. Not as a third wheel, but they really had a fantastic three-person love/friendship/family relationship.

So Ani was aching to be home in Boston with her lovers. But she couldn’t be. Infuriating.

Her company had put her up in a brand new corporate apartment complex in downtown Seattle. She had been upgraded to the full ‘penthouse’ apartment. It had an office/work-room, a living room with a decent-sized kitchen, and a nice big bedroom with a huge modern king bed. The bathroom had a large shower stall with several heads (not as big as the one at home, but serviceable), a Jacuzzi tub, and a small sauna. Finally, off the bedroom there was also a small gym, with an elliptical, some weights, and, of all things, a stripper-pole.

Ani had taken some lessons in the euphemistically named ‘Pole Exercise’. The class consisted of all women, and after the 12-week course, they had all gone out together. After some libations had been consumed, everyone was talking about how sexy the pole-dancing made them feel, and how their partners (both men and women) would ravage them after they had seen them on the pole. Lars had certainly liked it. She started reminiscing…

She was pulled back to reality, when her phone rang. It was Lars. He and Colette were at home in Back Bay, cozying up with a bottle of wine to ward off the blizzard.

“Did you get the packages?” Lars asked, and Colette started to giggle. They were both listening to the phone, Ani could tell, Colette’s voice so close that their faces must almost be touching, she thought; Ani imagined their cheeks brushing against each other, them softly kissing… She was so fucking horny now, that any contact with her lovers got her totally riled up, wet, and aching for a hard fucking.

Again, Ani returned to reality. “Packages?” she said. “No. But no one was at the front desk when I came back.” She’d left her client’s office at around 2pm, to pack and be ready, hoping against hope, that there was a way to get back to Massachusetts. It was 6pm now.

“Let me check,” she said automatically, not thinking.

She picked up the phone, and dialed ‘0’ for the front desk.

“Hello, Mrs. Nygard,” said the receptionist. “I didn’t know you had come back. We have some packages here for you. I’ll bring them right up.”

“Perfect, thanks!”

Ani hung up, and then realized… “What packages?” she asked.

“Oh, you’ll see,” said Colette. “If you can’t be home with us, we will be together virtually.”

“What?” Ani asked. “Virtually? What are you two up to?”

Colette and Lars laughed conspiratorially.

“When we found out that you weren’t going to be able to get home this weekend, we thought about flying out to you, but of course the airports are closed,” Lars said. “Then we thought about the next best way to be together. And that is what the packages are about. Amazon same-day delivery is a miracle of modern science.”

“Call us on Skype, when you have the packages,” said Colette.

Ani could hear the excitement in Colette’s voice. Colette… The thought of her lithe, petite body with the perky B-cups, and the small, firm, round ass gave Ani powerful flutterings in her groin, and the yearning to lie between Lars and Colette was palpable.

Her hands instinctively went under the table. She had to hike up her cream-colored pencil skirt, so she could get to her pussy. She had to masturbate right now. She stood up quickly, which tipped over her chair and it clanked to the floor.

Ani didn’t care. She started pulling up her skirt, and quickly had it bunched around her waist. She quickly took off her white G-string, doing the little panties-caught-in-high-heels dance, trying to step out of them, but getting them caught between the heel and the sole. She bent down, and finally stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor.

She sat down on the arm-rest of the living room couch, stuck her fingers down her throat to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri get that good thick saliva, picked up a good amount, and spread her legs.

Her fingers had been moving in a fast circular motion over her exposed clit for about a minute, and she was just about to plunge them into her glistening wet hole, when there was a knock at the door.

Ani jumped off the couch, but the orgasm train had left the station, and it was next to impossible to get off. She groaned, doubled over, and fell down squirming on the floor, on the edge of orgasm, trying desperately to regain control of her animal self.

“Just a minute,” she managed to croak.

She was sure the receptionist could hear that something was going on, but she managed to stand up again after about 20 seconds of going against every instinct in her body.

She realized that she had taken a long time to get to the door, so she quickly pulled down her skirt and smoothed it out over her thighs. She tried vainly to fix her hair, which got messed up, when she was writhing on the floor. She opened the door, and as she pulled it open she wobbled on one of her shoes, adding to the flustered and disheveled appearance she made.

What she saw surprised her. The receptionist (‘Andy’ his name-tag read) had a hand-cart with 4 boxes on it.

“These are all for me?” she asked.

“Yes, Amazon same-day,” Andy replied, apropos of nothing. He was looking at her, wide-eyed, likely because of her flushed face and her hard nipples poking through her thin bra and cream-colored blouse. He also had a slight look of confusion, probably at her somewhat bumbling appearance.

“Oh. Thank you,” Ani said.

“Where do you want them?” Andy asked, starting to roll the cart into her living room.

“Just put them over there, in the corner by the kitchen,” she said.

Andy walked into the apartment. His eyes panned over the room. They stopped at the toppled chair. He didn’t say anything, but Ani knew he’d noticed.

The carpet in the room was in a dark blue pattern, and Andy and Ani both noticed her tiny white panties at the same time. They were lying, very conspicuously, on the blue carpet, between the toppled chair, and the couch where Ani had been pleasuring herself.

Andy quickly looked away, and stumbled slightly on his way to the kitchen, his face reddening. He quickly put the boxes in the corner, and was about to leave, when Ani smiled and asked, “What should I do with all the boxes?”

“Just call me when you are ready to have them taken away,” Andy said. “I’m pulling a double shift, so I’ll be here all night.”

“Okay, thanks, Andy,” Ani said, and walked him to the door.

As he started walking, he turned his head, and looked back at Ani, his eyes drinking her in, scanning from head to toe and back.

As soon as Andy was out the door, Ani Skyped Lars and Colette.

“What is all this?” she asked excitedly, seeing the two of them on her computer screen, and immediately breaking into a smile at seeing her soulmates, even if it was just on a 15-inch laptop screen.

“A few things for our remote threesome,” Lars answered. “First, take everything into the bedroom. It’ll be easier that way.”

Ani lugged the boxes into the bedroom. Then the laptop. In addition to the huge, low, modern bed, there was a credenza, with a big screen TV on it, a small seating arrangement, and a coffee table.

“Open the two big ones first.”

Ani found a letter opener that she used to open the boxes. She pulled out a tripod and an odd-looking rectangle, maybe 2ft x 8in x 1in, with what looked like rows and rows of little lightbulbs on one side. The rectangle had a mounting screw that fit into the tripod. A wire came out of the rectangle. Ani plugged it into the wall and clicked the switch. A very bright, white light came from all the tiny bulbs (LEDs, Lars explained).

Ani was starting to see where this was leading. The second big box had the same type of light in it. She quickly put it together.

Now that she was clued into what was about to happen, she looked around a bit, noticed that the credenza with the TV had wheels on it, and wheeled it closer to the bed. There was a long extension cord attached to a power strip screwed to the back of the credenza, so rolling it all the way to the foot of the bed was no problem.

Ani plugged the lights into the power strip, put the computer in the middle of the credenza, and angled the camera of her laptop so it pointed down at the bed.

She jumped onto the bed, and hammed it up for the camera, unbuttoning two of her blouse-buttons, and showing off her shoulders.

“You look great, but we can do a little better, I think,” Lars said. “Open the lighter of the two boxes now.”

Ani did so. In it was a high-end cordless web cam, and a power strip with a pretty long cord on it. She didn’t need the power strip, but Lars had thought of everything. Just in case.

She quickly got the web cam up and running, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and Colette was happy with the higher resolution.

“You look so beautiful and sexy, ma cherie.”

“Oh, thank you Colette. I have an idea also,” Ani said. “Wait a sec.”

She ran to her work bag, and fished out a cable to connect her laptop to the big TV on the credenza. After a little fiddling with the TV settings, she had a perfect big-screen view of Lars and Colette, all the way across the country. The sound was better going through the TV too. She could hear their voices very clearly now.

She could see that they were sitting on the sofa in the living room. They had a blanket draped over their legs, and Colette’s hand was down in Lars’s crotch, slowly stroking him.

“Don’t hide that beautiful cock from me,” Ani teased. “I want to see it, even if I can’t touch it.”

“Let’s move into the bedroom,” Lars said.

He and Colette got up, picked up the laptop at their end, and took it into the bedroom. Ani got a glimpse of Lars’s erection as they were walking. It was almost Pavlovian with that cock: she’d start getting wet immediately that she saw it. Same thing with his bare chest, or his ass. Not to mention Colette. Her firm, round ass would set her going every time. Her perky pink-nippled breasts had the same effect. And of course, her beautiful shaved pussy with the prominent clit, and the perfectly proportioned labia.

It turned out that Colette and Lars had a very similar lighting and camera setup to hers back in Boston. The bed was lit by some kind of light, and they had plugged a better camera into the laptop.

Colette and Lars got on their bed, and Colette started sucking Lars’s cock immediately.

There was something different, weirdly stark, porn-movie-hot about seeing this on a TV, 2,500 miles away.

It was obvious that the two of them were passionate about what they were doing. Lars was trying to get his pants off, but it was difficult with Colette sliding down and swallowing his thick 8 1/2 inch ram-rod straight cock, over and over again. She stopped for a moment, letting him get naked, and then went on the attack again.

She had turned so she could look straight at the camera while she was deep-throating Lars. Her green eyes blazed, as she swallowed him all the way to the hilt over and over again.

The cameras had a zoom function, so you could get closer to the action. Lars used the camera’s little remote to show the action in more detail.

Colette came off his cock for a second, gasping for air. Ani took in the whole tableau: Colette pausing over Lars’s big saliva-covered cock, catching her breath. Her blonde mane framing her beautiful face, with the intense green eyes, the sweet, upturned nose, and her wide mouth with the soft, full pink lips.

Colette dove back in, relentlessly jamming Lars’s cock down her esophagus, over and over again.

Meanwhile, Lars was kneading colette’s ass through her form-fitting yoga pants. He yanked the spandex down over her ass, to her knees, and he started to finger her pussy, and rub her clit.

After a few minutes of this, Colette came off Lars’s cock with an audible pop. She quickly got rid of the rest of her clothes, crawled over and picked up the camera. It was cordless like the one Ani had gotten, so it was easy to move around with.

Colette gave the camera to Lars, who held it out to the side, as Colette straddled his face, and bent down to continue her throat-fucking.

The picture was crystal clear. On the big TV Ani could see Colette’s throat bulge out, every time she swallowed his cock; she could see Lars’s cock drenched in Colette’s spit; She could see Colette alternately fondle Lars’s big heavy balls, and pull on his sack.

Colette slipped off Lars’s thick, long cockmeat and turned to look straight into the camera. Her face was covered in spittle, and thin clear strands of it where hanging like glistening, dirty garlands from her soft, wide lips to the head of Lars’s massive member. She smiled happily at Ani, and turned her attention back to Lars’s cock. She slowly slid her mouth down, down, down, back onto that beautiful dick, until her chin hit his pubic bone. She started sliding up and down, tip-to-base, over and over again.

Ani was transfixed. This was like watching a hot porn-scene with beautiful porn stars, but these were porn stars you were deeply in love with. It was surreal.

She laid back, and started to masturbate. Her pussy was oozing juices by now, and her fingers were sticky with them. Watching Colette increasing her pace on Lars’s cock was getting Ani back to where she had been right before Andy had knocked on her door.

Colette was off Lars’s cock, catching her breath again. A few seconds later, she turned to the camera, looked directly at it, and said, “I want Lars to hold me down, and make me cum with his cock down my throat.”

Erotic asphyxiation can give amazing orgasms, but it requires trust. Trust, güvenilir bahis şirketleri which the three of them had built up over the past almost 3 months.

Lars moved the camera to a point above Colette’s delectable ass, and Ani could see Lars working his strong tongue on Colette’s clit. His other hand was fingering both her pussy and her ass: index and middle finger in her tight, wet pussy, and ring finger and pinky in her warm velvety asshole.

Ani was replicating Lars’s action in her own pussy and ass now: two fingers in each, and her clit being worked by her other hand.

The camera panned back to Colette, relentlessly throating Lars’s cock. The bulge in her throat now just as mesmerizing to Ani as it was to Lars. Her beautiful, loving, strong husband’s long fat cock stretching Ani’s best friend’s throat as she impaled herself on it, over and over again.

Colette came off, took the camera back to the position at the foot of the bed, all the while taking deep breaths, then went back to the relentless invasion of her throat. Lars would need both his hands for the next part.

Colette kept her furious pace up. Lars was finger-fucking her holes with more fervor, too. She was close now, Ani could tell. Her legs were starting to shake, her eyes were starting to roll back in her head.

Colette slapped Lars on the thigh, which was the signal, and Lars grabbed her neck and held her down on his cock.

Colette started cumming immediately when Lars’s hand pushed her down on his cock. She shook violently, her eyes rolled back into her head, and she gushed her cum onto Lars’s face. He kept holding her down, and started thrusting his pelvis forward and back, shaking Colette like a rag-doll.

This made Ani explode in an amazing orgasm too. Like Colette, she also squirted. Four large spurts of clear liquid landed all over the bed. She shook, and screamed her lust 2,500 miles back to the condo in Back Bay.

Colette came for well over a minute, still with Lars’s cock deep in her throat. When she finally slowed down and eventually stopped shaking, Lars gently pulled her off his rock hard cock, and she gasped for air, took 4 or 5 big deep breaths, whimpered, smiled happily at the camera, and sat up on her knees.

“Lars, I want your hot, creamy cum in my mouth,” Colette said in her most seductive, breathy voice. “I want you to shoot your fat load into my wet, pink mouth. Please!”

Lars didn’t need to be told twice. He scrambled up, and stood so he faced Colette. Holding the camera in one hand, giving a point-of-view perspective of Colette’s beautiful upturned face to Ani back in Seattle, he started stroking his hard cock.

“I want you to fill my sweet little mouth with your warm, sticky jizz, so I can taste it and swallow it.” Colette was warming up to the dirty talk, Ani mused.

Colette opened her mouth wide, and stuck her lovely pink tongue out, looking up at him (and Ani, through the camera), in an invitation to fill her mouth. It was yet another visual signal that lit up the pleasure centers in Lars’s brain.

It didn’t take long. The long throat-fucking session had gotten Lars very excited, and Colette’s violent orgasm while impaled on his cock, had taken him even closer to the edge. And this simple gesture of Colette’s had sent him over the brink.

“I’m cumming!” he groaned, and Ani could see him aim the tip of his cock at Colette’s outstretched tongue.

He started shooting the thick, warm, sticky liquid straight into Colette’s warm waiting mouth. The long, thick ribbons of cum landed on her tongue and slid down into her maw.

Colette moaned as the cum started filling her mouth, making satisfied “nnnngggghhhh” sounds as each spurt filled her wanton mouth more and more.

Ani watched, mesmerized at the view from Lars’s level. He now moved the camera closer to the action, and Ani watched 4 more spurts of Lars’s sweet, salty, creamy cum squirt right into Colette’s open mouth.

The squirting sounds of the high-pressure exit of the semen from Lars’s cock, and the ‘plip’ sound of the cum landing in the small pool in Colette’s mouth were transmitted across the country, and into Ani’s brain. They connected at a very basic level, and sent flutters of arousal through her body.

Lars was still squirting cum into Colette’s mouth, but the squirts were shorter now, and his orgasm was winding down.

He finished, stroked a few more times, then squeezed the head of his cock, to get the last few drops into Colette’s mouth.

“Show me all that lovely cum, sweetie,” Ani said.

With the camera framed on Colette’s face, Ani saw Colette’s tongue emerge from the pool of thick, creamy cum in her mouth. She pushed the mouthful of jizz forward in her mouth, showing it to Ani and Lars.

Colette gargled the huge helping of cum, making bubbles appear and disappear. Lars liked that, and put the camera close, so only Colette’s mouth could be seen on the TV in Seattle.

He went wide again, and Colette closed her mouth and swallowed the giant load with a big smile on her face.

Lars put the camera back at the foot of the bed, and threw himself down onto the sheets. Colette laid down, and snuggled up to him, kissing his neck and cooing. Lars kissed her back, sweetly, lazily, and they lay back, not moving, not speaking.

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