Anne’s Lesson to Her Cousin

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It took me two weeks to recover from that special night with Anne. She really gave my balls a good work over. In fact they remained swollen for several days after. Apparently some of the guys on the team knew about Anne’s little nut fetish and ribbed me pretty good about it. My suffering was quite noticeable as I missed the next two practices, telling the coach I had a stomach virus. When I was finally able to attend the following practices I walked rather gingerly. Those teammates in the know snickered and cracked jokes at my expense. Anne attended most of my practices and afterwards was sure to point out to me that none of them would have been able to go the distance with her as I had. At first I thought her saying this was rather odd but after giving it some thought I realized I had every right to be proud. Not only did I have the most incredible sex ever with her, but she was also one of the schools most beautiful girls and my girlfriend. Anne was a great girl who was uninhibited to the max. I wore my damaged goods like a badge of honor. We both knew what turned the other on sexually. Our sex drive always seemed to get the best of us.

Southwest Texas is hot most of the year and Anne would always wear shorts or a short dress extending to mid thigh level. She knew I was a leg man from the first night we met. I always wore shorts and no underwear for her because I knew it afforded her easy access to my nuts. It was routine as popcorn and soda when we would go to the movies. We would sit in the back corner and soon as the lights went down Anne would waste no time as she kicked off her shoes, unzipped my shorts, and pulled out my cock. She then would throw her beautiful tanned legs between mine pressing and rubbing my stiff member against her calves. She would snuggle against me resting her head on my shoulder and slide her hand inside the leg of my shorts and begin to fondle my nuts. I never knew a girl who could achieve orgasm by playing with a guy’s nuts and cock. Within minutes the both of us would be breathing hard and eventually orgasm. We then relaxed and enjoyed the movie. The smell of our sex filling the air as Anne rubbed my seed into her lower legs like a lotion. We could not get enough of each other. Dark restaurants, bars, parties, it did not matter. If an opportunity presented itself we took it. During those years of my life opportunity was a brass ring as big as Texas itself.

Just over a year had passed and Anne and I were still going strong when she asked me for a big, big favor. Her words not mine. Anne was well into her senior year and I was into my sophomore year. Our relationship was solid and we were officially an item.

We were out at one of our favorite restaurants, dark and sparsely populated when she popped her question. Our meals were ordered and I was almost done with my beer. Anne barely touched her wine and I knew something was amiss when she hadn’t even kicked off her shoes or made any move under the table to play with her two little buddies between my legs. Usually by this time I would feel her soft toes worming their way up my shorts and wiggling in my nut sac. Anne and I always spoke freely about things that bothered us and I was not about to let that change. I swallowed the last of my beer and after ordering another one I said, “Okay out with it. What’s bothering you?”

Anne took a swig of wine and said, “I’m going to ask a big, big favor of you and I don’t want you to answer right away.”

The sheepish yet concerned look on her face almost made me smile. I had rarely seen her act in such a way and did not want her to think I was making fun of her so I did my best to hold back my smile and said, “Of course babe, don’t be so concerned about asking me anything. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

She seemed to lighten up a bit and after another swallow of wine continued, “Well you might be surprised about what I am going to ask and I don’t blame you if you get angry but please let me explain and do not interrupt me until I am through. Promise me you won’t immediately fly off the handle before giving it some thought. Promise me that.”

I smiled raised up my two fingers saying, “Scouts honor.”

She got a bit peeved at that and said, “See, you never take me seriously when I want you to.”

I reached out and rubbed her smooth thigh under the table, “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I promise, truly I do. So what’s the big favor?”

She looked at me for a moment and saw I was serious and let it all out. Boy did she let it out. As she explained the whole story to me I could feel my jaw slowly dropping with each passing minute. She barely paused to take a breath. When she was finally through I realized I had finished my second beer and was working on my third.

She finished with, “…so that’s the favor. It would really mean a lot to me and my cousin.”

I was still frozen in awe at how she relayed the whole story to me in rapid succession as I watched her quickly gulp down the last of her wine and order another. I was silent for quite some time trying to formulate pictures in my head of what canlı bahis she described.

Finally Anne broke the silence asking, “Well, what do you think?”

“What do I think?”

“Yah, What do you think?”

I began to run my fingers through my hair and finally stood up from the table saying, “I got to take a leak and I will give you my answer when I return.”

Obviously frustrated, Anne tightly clasped her hands together in front of her releasing a short muffled scream.

I turned to her saying, “What? I have to use the restroom. The beer went right through me. Besides, I do my best thinking in the bathroom.”

Anne was not happy as she gave me a mocked smile saying, “You’re doing this just to piss me off.”

I did not want to tell her that I already agreed to what she wanted halfway through her story and if she would have taken the time to look at my lap she would have noticed I was sporting a pretty good size woody.

While in the restroom I decided to play it straight and upon my return to the table I asked her if Jan (her cousin) was okay with this.

Anne smiled saying, “Of course, its all we have been talking about for the past month. So you will do it?”

Seeing her get all excited about the possibility I couldn’t play it straight for long and laughed, “Of course I would.”

Anne’s cousin, Jan was 18. Four years younger than Anne and like Anne, an absolute knock out from head to toe. Looks definitely run in their family. Unlike Anne though she was taller and stood close to six feet. She has a slender athletic build. Anne told me Jan had her choice between a basketball or volleyball scholarship to several Universities. She chose volleyball at UT. She has shoulder length auburn colored hair, but the best part for me of course is her legs. They are extremely long and slender. Like Anne, she had perfectly formed calves, not to muscular and not too thin. On occasion she would come to visit us and I could watch her legs for hours. When she walked with us I made a point to lag behind and admire the rope like muscles in her claves as they moved beneath her tanned skin. I would easily get hard just watching. I am far from a Strapping stud but I would have to say she had a crush on me from the beginning. When we would horse around sometimes the horseplay turned into a wrestling match. During such occasions she would purposefully press her legs against my groin feeling my obvious hard on. When she did this she would look up and smile at me briefly. Now that I think about it. It does not surprise me Jan would want to do this favor that Anne requested.

Anne and Jan are like sisters. Each having no brothers or sisters of their own it was only natural they would become close. Jan looks up to Anne like a big sister and Anne is very protective of Jan. So it made sense in a twisted sort of way when Anne asked such a favor of me. What Anne asked was that I act as a sort of hands on model for her to demonstrate to Jan what she does to me when we have our most intimate sex and eventually have Jan experiment as well. Anne uses the word INTIMATE when she refers to the kind of kinky sex we had that first night we first met. It usually means I end up out of commission for a week or two. Needless to say when we have INTIMATE sex, it’s only twice a month. The rest of the time our sex is pretty normal. If you can call what Anne and I do to each other normal.

Anne went on to further explain she would like Jan to practice the technique on me. To feel inside my nut sac and get me off using her legs. When she described that part to me, I almost popped a load under the table. She further lamented that she and Jan kept no secrets and often talked about sex. Jan has had several boyfriends and Anne was concerned that she might end up pregnant as Jan has told her that she is no longer a virgin. During their discussion Anne explained to her that there are other ways of having pleasurable sex without having intercourse. Jan became curious and asked a lot of questions and that is when Anne explained to her what she does to me. Jan became extremely interested and could not get over the fact that I was so infatuated with women’s legs feet. She was extremely curious about the whole nut nerve thing that Anne does to me and how it can take a guy into sexual ecstasy. The more they talked about it the more Jan wanted to know. That’s when the favor came in to play and who better than me. Since over time I had become quite disciplined to Anne’s INTIMATE technique I rarely blew my load ahead of time. However, Jan being the total knock out that she is and a different sex partner, I may have a tough time holding back the flood gates. Mind you Anne is drop dead gorgeous in her own right and I would not trade her for the world. However, Jan does have a slight leg up on her in the total body category.

On the way out of the restaurant Anne informed me that Jan was coming in tomorrow evening and would be staying with us the last two weeks of summer break before the new Semester starts.

Having said that she gave me a wicked smile, reached down bahis siteleri and gently squeezed my nuts adding, “So you better hurry up and whip those golden nuggets into shape.”

We both laughed and enjoyed the walk back to her house. Her parents were out on the road as they often do during the summer. Both are retired and as an excuse to get away from the hot Texas summer they load up the Winnebago and travel north, stopping along the way to visit relatives.

When we got to the house Anne could not wait to give her cousin a call. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down on the couch in front of the tube to watch the end of the game. Anne lives in the finished out basement of her parents house. Even when they are here they are pretty cool about the whole privacy thing. They have accepted me into their home and even though Anne and I have not told them, they would have to be pretty dumb not to realize we are sexually active. During the off season I practically live with Anne. However, one of coach’s rules is that during the regular season all ball players will board in the athletic dormitory.

I could hear the excitement in Anne’s voice as she broke the good news to Jan. After a couple of minutes I could tell they were both laughing and squeaking like teenagers. I could only imagine what they were talking about. After several minutes had passed, Anne ran into the living room with the cordless phone in hand plopping herself on the couch next to me with a big smile on her face saying, “Here, Jan wants to talk to you.”

I put the phone to my ear saying, “Hiiiii Jan….how you doing girl.”

“Oh I’m doing fine now that I heard the good news. But not as fine as you will be feeling around this time tomorrow. So are you excited?”

I couldn’t believe my ears as I looked over at Anne who was huddled next to me with a suspicious smile across her face trying to contain herself. I cleared my throat saying, “Yes I am pretty excited about the whole thing.”

Jan laughed saying, “Good, because so am I. In fact I am so excited that I will have a hard time falling to sleep tonight. Just thinking about sticking my fingers into your soft nut sac and playing with your balls makes my heart race.”

As Jan continued to talk dirty to me Anna had removed my shorts and was fondling my balls with both sets of her fingers.

I was distracted and could only utter, “I see.”

Jan continued, “Uh huh, well, I just want you to know I am going to shave my long legs for you before I leave here. I know you would want them to be silky smooth when I run them up and down, up and down your hard cock.”

At that time, as if on cue, Anne pulled my hard cock straight and began to give me a slow blow job while she continued to fondle my balls.

Hearing Jan’s sexy voice and the sensation of Anne’s fingers and hot mouth on my cock caused me to moan deeply into the phone.

I could hear Jan giggle over the phone as she asked in a mocked innocent voice, “Oh my, what is Anne doing to you right now Eric?”

I was so aroused I could barely keep a level voice, “Do you really want to know?”

“Uh huh.”

“She is playing with my balls and giving me head.”

“Oh that’s good. It sounds like she is very good at it. Do me a favor Eric and while she is doing that, you keep thinking about me and what I will do to you. Imagine how my legs and fingers will feel all over your cock and balls. You know I can’t wait to see you’re hot cum all over my long legs. I been working out hard this summer and they are in really good shape. I want to run my legs all over your body.”

While Jan continued her dirty talk into my ear Anne was working up a good rhythm with her mouth concentrating her tongue and lips on the head of my cock. I could tell she was trying to finish me off quickly as she moved in closer spreading my legs further apart. She pulled her feet up placing them along either side of my shaft gripping the shaft with both sets of toes and began to jerk me off while her lips clamped around the bulbous head. Her fingers never left my nut sac as I felt my balls being gently jostled around.

The sensation of seeing and feeling the bottom of her soft toes grip tightly and slide up the length of my shaft to her sucking lips brought me to the edge of orgasm and caused me to gasp, “Oh my God!”

Hearing my response Jan laughed, “What is she doing to you now?”

I panted quickly into the phone trying to control my breathing, “She is jerking me off with her toes and sucking on the head and playing with my balls…Oh God that feels good. I think I am going to blow any second honey.”

Jan continued, “You know Eric, I have much bigger feet than Anne’s. They are a size 9 and I have really long soft toes. I wear silver toe rings also. Does that turn you on to think about my big feet and long soft toes wrapped around your gorged cock?”

Hearing Jan’s sweet voice talking dirty in my ear was more than I could handle.

Anne sensed I was ready to blow any second now as I felt the tip of her tongue begin to rub against the sensitive bahis şirketleri glands underneath the head of my cock. Her toes quickened their pace gripping even tighter milking my seed up the shaft.

Jan’s sultry voice in my ear said, “Eric, you still with me? I hear you breathing awfully hard. Anne must me doing a really good job. I wish I was there to play with your cock and balls. I want to feel your balls squished between my long soft toes and suck on the head of your cock and just when your ready to explode I would stick the tip of my tongue in the hole of your cock so I could taste the inside of it as your cum landed on my tongue. Could you handle all that?”

Hearing her say that and feeling Anne sucking and pounding on me I blew my load hard moaning, “Oh God yes I’m cumming now.”

Seconds before my load spewed from me I watched Anne quickly pull her head back and grip the head of my cock between the soft under side of the ten digits of her toes. As her toes interlocked around my swollen head covering it completely she began to jerk the head of my cock rapidly up and down. I continued to moan and groan into the handset as I watched my seed spew into the soft underside of Anne’s lovely toes. She continued to jerk load after load from me as it leaked out from between her clenched toes. Some of my cum escaped her toes and spewed onto the wrinkled instep of her feet.

Anne laughed loudly so that Jan could hear her saying, “Oh God Jan I wish you were here now to see this! He came in record time. Its all over my toes and feet!”

I could hear Jan laugh as well as she said, “Oh Eric your going to have to last much longer than that tomorrow. I am going to be doing a lot more to you than just talking in your ear.”

Feeling the orgasm begin to subside I answered, “Both of you are wicked, wicked girls. I’m going to bed now.” As I handed the phone off to Anne I said to Jan, “Good night and here’s your evil cousin Anne.”

Before I handed the phone over to Anne Jan said, “Good night and get some rest your going to need it for tomorrow. I hope you didn’t shoot all of that cum out and saved some for me.”

I rolled off the couch and slipped on my shorts watching Anne perform her ritual of slowly rubbing my spent cum into her skin like a lotion. Normally it’s all over her legs when I watch her do it. This time she rubbed it into her feet, between her toes and on her ankles. She did this nonchalantly as if in second nature while she spoke to her cousin on the phone. I watched her do this for a while before heading to the bedroom. As I bent down to pick up my empty beer bottle Anne grabbed my shirt and pulled me over to her kissing me good night. As I pulled away she mouthed the words I love you.

While I made my way into the bedroom I heard her say to Jan, “That was really fun wasn’t it.”

The next day during the afternoon practice session I could not keep my mind off of Jan and what the girls had in store for me when I got back. Anne did not show up to watch me practice. Normally she is in the bleachers sunning herself and reading a book. Instead she stayed home to greet Jan, telling me they were going to do some shopping.

My practice pitches were all over the place as it was obvious my concentration was shot for the day. Coach was not impressed with my control problems as well, telling me to pull my head out of my ass. After what seemed to be the longest practice in the history of baseball I welcomed the cool locker room and a warm shower.

As I approached Anne’s house I noticed Jan’s VW bug parked in the driveway. I entered the house through the back basement door and saw Anne and Jan sitting at the small dining room table waiting for me. They must have been chatting and drinking wine for a while as I noticed the bottle on the table was almost empty. Jan looked even more incredible than the last time I had seen her. She had obviously been spending a lot of time outdoors as she had a very deep bronze tan. Her auburn hair revealed subtle bleached sun streaks that framed her beautiful face very nicely. As she stood up to greet me I was even more impressed with her level of fitness. She looked to be in peak physical condition. Her frame was slender and rock solid. As she approached me I dropped my gym back to the floor embracing her in a big hug. I could tell the wine she had been drinking was having its affect as she almost threw herself against me.

Jan excitedly hugged me saying, “It’s so good to see you again.”

I felt her lift her strong thigh pressing against my growing member as she bounced up and down with excitement against me. She backed away smiling and I could see she was wearing a cut of Volleyball T-shirt bearing her high school logo. Her tanned stomach was flat as a board revealing a hint of six pack abs. She wore a pair of tight fitting light blue terry cloth shorts. As she turned to make her way back to the table I could see a hint of her tight ass cheeks peek out below the shorts. I cleared my throat and retrieved a beer from the fridge joining them at the table. As I took my seat I watched Jan cross her long tan legs noticing she was wearing yellow shower shoes. On the center toes of each foot she wore silver toe rings. Like Anne she had a silver anklet on each ankle which contrasted nicely against her deep tan.

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