Anniversary Sex

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Female Ejaculation

My stories are based in reality and on real experiences. So let me start by describing my wife, Kelly. At 5’8″, she has a very attractive build with great 36C breasts and curves in all of the right places. Her figure is very womanly and attractive, and although she won’t be modeling on a runway anytime soon, she looks great in sexy attire. She has medium length dark hair, sometimes tinted auburn or red, and very sexy, full lips. I’m not going to say she’d be a Penthouse Pet next week, but Kelly is a very good looking woman and gets compliments from all my friends.

For our second anniversary a little over a year ago, I had plans to take Kelly out to a hip Asian fusion restaurant that we’d been eager to try. They had a reputation for great sushi and great atmosphere. Unfortunately, a sudden snowstorm dumped nearly twenty inches on us the day of our anniversary. Just about every restaurant in the city closed by early afternoon and decided not to reopen for the day. I was digging deep in the yellow pages trying to find anyone who was open; we were looking for sushi, but started considering anything else that was at least reasonably nice. We were lucky enough to call one Japanese restaurant that had stayed open and was fairly near our condo on the subway line, and off we went.

Although our plans had been disrupted slightly, we were determined to make a great time of it anyway. With the weather and change in plans, we ended up going a little more casual than we had originally planned. I wore a pair of dark gray slacks and a black merino wool sweater. Kelly wore a simple, thin black sweater with a single tie in the front to close it. The sweater was necessary, because underneath it she was wearing my all time favorite piece of lingerie. This is a completely sheer, long sleeve shirt made by Gucci. I’d bought it for her for her birthday a couple of years ago, after months of searching, for the exorbitant price of $300. Now, we do okay, but to me that’s a lot of money for a tiny little top. Believe me, it’s worth every penny.

To do this shirt justice, imagine the thinnest, sheerest pair of black nylons you can. Now, imagine the material is a dozen times finer, with no flaws or lines. Then, imagine it as a form fitting shirt with a high crew neck and sleeves all the way to the wrists. The shirt is meant to be worn braless, and Kelly’s sexy rack really stretches it to the limit. You can see right through to the fine details of her aereolas and her stiff nipples. I like seeing her in that shirt.

Underneath a pair of satiny black pants, she wore a pair of Victoria’s Secret thong underwear that tied on each hip with a pair of ribbons, and just for my pleasure (since it wasn’t really necessary with pants), she completed the ensemble with a lacy garter belt and a pair of sheer black stockings – the backseamed kind with the line in the back. Kelly Kayseri Escort says they’re slutty, but she’ll wear them for me when she wants a certain reaction… She finished her look with an unusual white eyeliner that I find exotic and sexy, and a great brownish red lipstick.

We had a great time at dinner, consuming several orders of sake. Because of the weather, we had the restaurant virtually to ourselves, and were able to relax and really enjoy ourselves. After eating a great deal of sushi and tempura, and getting more than a slight buzz from the sake, we headed back out to the subway stop for the ride home. Often on occasions like this, I think of the night in two parts: the romantic, intimate dinner (her part) and the sizzling, high-fantasy sex (my part). We were getting ready for my part now.

We arrived home and opened a bottle of red wine to celebrate. Pouring two glasses, I led Kelly into the bedroom and we sat on the bed. We sipped our wine and talked for a few minutes, then began kissing gently. Kelly prefers to be the aggressor when we kiss, so I let her take the lead and enjoyed the feeling of her faintly nibbling and sucking on my lips. She will just barely touch my mouth with hers and squeeze her lips lightly around one of mine, then move to another spot, from the top to the bottom lip, or the corners of my mouth. Gradually she will start flicking her tongue in those places, or as my mouth opens lightly dart her tongue inside. This night she was at her best, using every trick at her disposal to arouse me, and it was working. She put one hand behind my head and lay back on the bed, pulling me down on top of her as we kissed.

We continued for a few minutes, and then Kelly reminded me that earlier that day I had promised her a surprise in the bedroom. I grinned and told her to slide to the center of the bed and close her eyes. First, I took out a dark scarf and blindfolded her. Then I went to each corner of the bed and withdrew a foam covered velcro wrist restraint that I had bought a few days earlier unbeknownst to her. One at a time, I strapped her arms and legs to the bed and secured the ends of the restraints to the feet of the bed, pausing only to remove her pants. Kelly was now bound spread-eagled on the bed wearing only her black lingerie. I could tell she was a little nervous but ready to see what happened.

Deliberately taking a long time, I began to prepare the rest of my “accessories”. First I turned on a porno with the volume just high enough that Kelly would be easily able to hear the moans and gasps as the women onscreen were fucked. I lit an incense stick to perfume the room and put some soft R&B music on for background effect. Then I got out Kelly’s first vibrator. We don’t use it much anymore, because since I met her I’ve given her several toys that she prefers, but most of them Kayseri Escort Bayan are either regular dildos, or vibrating dildos. In this case, I wanted her hard plastic vibrator with its powerful motor. While I was getting everything else ready, I meant to tease Kelly until she was begging for release.

I turned the vibrator onto a pretty high speed and let her hear it running for a minute. Then I set it between her legs on the sheet, just barely touching her pussy. And I left it there running while I started pulling out other toys and sipped at my wine. I could see Kelly’s mouth reflecting the frustration she was feeling. Between the buzzing of the vibrator, the sexual sounds from the television, and the faint feeling of the vibrator almost touching her cunt, but not enough to have an effect, she was starting to really feel the tension. She began trying to push her hips down the bed in order to draw the vibrator onto her cunt, but it wasn’t possible. The wrist straps kept her too tightly bound. I watched in fascination as a droplet of vaginal secretion slowly welled up at the entrance of her pussy and eventually leaked down between her ass cheeks to reveal her arousal.

I decided to stop teasing her, and start pleasing her. Now I’ve mentioned a decent toy collection, and in fact this anniversary was the last time I bought a new toy – Kelly says we have enough already. But by this point we have two large dildos (which you may have read about in my previous stories), a small dildo, a small and a large buttplug, a medium vibrating dildo and the vibrator I mentioned above. To my perfectionist eye, there were two gaps in that collection that I used this opportunity to correct. First, we didn’t have a large dildo that also vibrated. Second, while the medium vibrating dildo is probably Kelly’s all around favorite, since it doesn’t stretch her quite so much and can be used without as much effort, it is a little on the soft side to really fuck her with. So I picked up a very good sized vibrating dildo that runs about 10″ long and just under 1.75″ wide, and then a nice medium sized dildo that is actually very similar to my own cock at a bit under 8″ and almost 1.5″ wide at it’s largest point.

These were the two toys I brought out to use on Kelly tonight. She hadn’t seen either of them yet, and that’s just the way I like it. I started by lubing up her asshole with some KY jelly. The medium dildo would be just a hair on the big size for her ass, but I thought she could handle it tonight. I slowly penetrated her ass with it and started pushing it up her anal canal. I intentionally kept my face very close to her pussy while I did so; close enough that her thrusting hips bumped her slick gash against my mouth a couple of times, but I refused to give her the eating that I knew she wanted. Once the medium dildo was in, I started Escort Kayseri to work the new vibrator into her pussy. Kelly really loves the feeling of double penetration, even though we’ve never yet had another man join us to make a real sandwich out of her. Still, she likes the full feeling that she gets from having two cock-like objects in her at once, and as I gradually pushed the new dildo into her I could hear her moaning and softly urging me on.

I’m sure she could immediately tell that this was a new dildo, since it’s a touch smaller than the other two and more tapered at the front – which made it much easier to get in, by the way. But to keep her in the dark a little, I made sure to leave it switched off for now. Once both dildos were fully inserted into her, I backed off and just stroked my hands over her legs, thighs, tummy, and breasts. Occasionally, her clenching muscles started squeezing one of the dildos out and I had to push it back up her. I let this casual touching and teasing go on for nearly 10 minutes, kissing her once in a while and letting her arousal build. Finally when she couldn’t stand it any longer, Kelly told me to eat her cunt right now! That was what I had been waiting for.

I slid down and put one hand on each of the dildos so that I’d be ready to start fucking her with them. Then, I leaned in and inhaled the sweet, musky odor of her fully aroused cunt. Kelly’s pussy has a definite scent to it, but it’s never been fishy or unpleasant. She trims her pubic hair very short and showers daily, but avoids douching. The result is a fresh, healthy, and full womanly scent that I completely enjoy. I pressed the flat of my tongue against her fully exposed clit and started licking. She was so wet that the juices were bubbling up against the sides of the dildo that protruded lewdly from her cunt. I knew I had already teased her to her limits, so I settled into a rhythm of licking her clit while I alternated thrusting the dildos in her ass and cunt. Her moans grew loud very quickly and I used that to keep pace. When I sensed her orgasm approaching, I suddenly turned on the vibrations of the dildo in her cunt. Her reaction was instantaneous. Her hips shot off the bed to meet my thrusts and I sucked down on her clit as firmly as I could. Except for the cuffs holding her arms in place, she would have been thrashing wildly. She came hard and long, screaming “Fuck me! Eat me! Fuck!” the whole time.

I slowed down for a minute to let her recover, but my cock was straining at my boxers for release. I pulled the dildo out of her dripping cunt but left the smaller one stuffed fully in her ass. Then I climbed on top of her in classic missionary style and thrust my cock into her cunt. The feeling was magnificent. Her cunt was on fire with hot sitcky juices and I could feel the hardness of the dildo that was stretching her asshole. Every time I pushed inside her, I felt the thin membrane between her ass and pussy rub against the latex veins of the rubber cock. After only a few minutes of this I was overwhelmed and pulled back slightly to shoot my hot load all over and up her pussy. It was great anniversary sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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