Another Coach Trip

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Those of you who read Homeward Bound detailing my 2003 trip across the country in my motor coach with a mother and daughter will recall I was able to arrange a scholarship for Sue, the daughter, at a Los Angeles community college and I gave her mother Marianne a job as a waitress in my restaurant. Since then Marianne has been promoted to manager and Sue is doing very well in college.

You might also be surprised, or perhaps even doubtful of the truthfulness, of the sexual activities I describe involving a mother and daughter. Don’t be. Read Homeward Bound and you will see the foundation of their unusual relationship. Each of them had endured horrible marriages in which they received serious physical beatings and when the marriages came to an end, they turned to the only people who could give them the comfort and understanding they needed… each other.

Everything was going better than we could have been hoped and it was time for another coach trip. We have taken two since we got here from Harrisburg, one back out to see the Grand Canyon stopping off in Vegas on the way back and the other trip was up to northern California to see San Francisco and then even further up to the Oregon border. This one will cover our mini vacation back out to Arizona to see the Canyon Hoover Dam and another National Park in that area with a stop over in Vegas to see if we could take some Nevada green back with us.

It was a Saturday morning and Marianne had managed to get another manager to substitute for her in the restaurant and Sue was home for a week’s break at school. The weather forecast was typical California super; no snow or earthquakes in the forecast. Lol

“Girls, this is going to be an easy leisurely trip. We have already traveled a good bit of the road on our way here from Harrisburg so we shouldn’t get lost if Sue will be doing any of the driving” I joked.

“OK buster, if this thing is going to start with your smart ass mouth going full speed already, we are in for some fun in the sun.” said Sue chuckling as she reached over to give me a small punch in the arm.

Marianne just sat in the co pilots chair saying, ” Play nice children.”

With that I got the coach rolling. I would take it out of the Santa Barbara area before turning east, skirting north of Pasadena and then continuing on through the southern part of the Mojave Desert. Once I hit the Interstate over near San Bernardino I would let one of the girls take over the wheel. That was around one hundred and fifty miles off so I was going to be busy for awhile.

“Sue, we haven’t done much talking about your classes at college and how things are going for you outside of the classroom. How about sharing some of that with us?” I asked.

“Oh shit, there are a lot of great guys and gals but also some of the biggest assholes I ever met. All they want to do is drink and fuck and I am one of their targets.”

“C’mon sugar, quit being so modest. You know damn well you are pretty and have a fantastic body and I have told all of the guys what great blowjobs you give. What else would you expect?” I said jokingly.

This time her punch was a lot harder. “Just what the fuck I need. A pimp.” She said with more than just a little scorn.

“Lighten up, you know I was teasing. Are the situations getting more than you can handle? If so, I’ll be happier than hell to make a couple of calls and the fuck hounds will be looking for another school and won’t even know what hit them.”

“No Ed, I know that I am close to twenty but some of those guys act like they are in their early teens,” she answered. She went on with, “Let me give you an example:

A few weeks ago I was busting my butt to get to a class on time when this big jock grabs me by the arm and pulls me into an empty office. He pushed me against the wall saying something like; “From the way you wiggle your ass around me I know you want my cock inside of you.”

I was really shocked but came to my senses rather quickly and fluttered my eyes while purring, “Can I hold your dick right now?” He must have thought he had died and went to heaven and stuttered, “Sure” as he unzipped his pants.

I responded with, “Oh no, drop your pants a little more, I also love to touch a guys balls while I’m stroking his cock.” He did and I told him to lean back over a nearby desk so I could maybe jack him off a little.

Now picture the scene; he is lying on his back over the desk with his legs dangling over the edge with his big hairy balls and cock starting to jut out from his crotch. When he says, “do me baby.”

Oh yes I was going to do him all right. I still had a small completely loaded book bag in my hand and I took careful aim and swung it over my shoulder as hard as I could bringing it crashing down on his crotch. He screamed as if he had been shot and rolled off the desk onto the floor into a prenatal position with his hands buried between his legs. He was hurting so bad he couldn’t quite catch his breath.

Right then, the Isparta Escort door to the room flew open and one of the Assistant Professors came storming in. “What the hell is going on in here?” he shouted.

“Why don’t you ask lover boy?” I said turning to leave the room.

“Not so fast, he obviously was coming on to you. Do you want to press charges? I’ll have the Police here in a few minutes.”

I responded with “Nah, I just want to see him get up and walk out of here without help.”

The Professor put a hand under his armpit and said ‘OK big boy, let’s give the lady what she’s asked for’

“The last time I did that I almost ended up wearing my balls for a necklace,” he mumbled.

I went up to him nose-to-nose and said, “The next time you attack me you will be fortunate if you end up with any balls at all.” I had reached into the small side pocket on my book bag and removed that small razor-sharp hunter’s skinning knife Ed gave me when we went deer hunting last season. I wiggled it around in my hand in front of his face and his eyes got as big as dinner plates, his mouth fell to his chest and his eyes lowered and he took in a huge breath. I finished with, “Just remember, next time this is for you hot shot.”

The professor said. “Mister, I would steer very clear of this young lady if you still want to be a bass in the men’s’ glee club”.

It all broke up then but I was late to class and I was pissed.

Marianne and I just looked at each other with her biting her lip to keep from laughing and I was almost choking stifling a roar. Both of us were able to restrain ourselves for the moment and I simply said, “Honey, I think our little girl can take care of herself just fine.”

With that said I had to pull over to the side for I damn sure couldn’t drive laughing as hard as I was. The tears were streaming down my face and Marianne was doubled over so far her head was nearly touching the dashboard. “Sure, you guys think it was a riot.” Sue chastised us. “It wasn’t so funny at the time.”

“No, Sue, we can just picture that lout holding his family jewels with you waving a razor sharp knife in his face. Oh, how I wish we had a picture of that.” Marianne said wistfully.

We sat there for a solid ten minutes before we could regain our composure to continue driving.

When we got near the area where I was going to let one of the girls drive I asked for a volunteer. Marianne jumped at the chance. “I love tooling this thing along the Interstate. It really gets me going when a car passes me or I pass one and see them looking over at us and I can almost read their lips ‘A woman is driving that thing.’ Makes me feel like a Michael Schummacher.”

“Great, I have something to get straightened out with Sue.” I said with a small wink at Marianne and a big smile at Sue.

“Fantastic, I have been entertaining myself with my fingers for the last several days.” She complained.

“Well why don’t you get us a couple of glasses of wine while I adjust the window shades and meet me on the sofa?”

Marianne said over her shoulder. “Damnit, I am sorry I volunteered to drive.”

“C’mon honey, don’t be a glutton. You and I have been going at every night this week and I haven’t even held Sue’s hand since last Saturday. Look, I’ll pull the curtain separating the drivers area from the living room and put on some music.”

“Can’t you at least go in the master bedroom at the back of coach? At least I won’t be hearing you two animals.” Marianne asked.

“Marianne, it is very uncomfortable riding in the bed at the back of the coach. It is behind the rear wheels and that part of the coach exaggerates every bump and sway. The sofa being located between the front and back wheels is much better for relaxing.” I offered.

“Oh shit, go ahead and have your fun but if you are too loud I am stopping this thing and coming back to join you.”

I pulled the sofa bed out and drew the curtains behind the front area and turned on the stereo. Sue jumped onto the bed and held out her hands for me to join her. She had stripped while I was doing the bed, stereo and drapes. Damn, this gal is one good-looking piece of femininity. Her tits are just right without a hint of sag. Her nipples were already hard in anticipation of what lay ahead and she was lying with her head on one pillow with her long blonde hair spread behind her. I love when she is in that kind of pose. It isn’t a staged pose but she goes into it so naturally and her hair seems to spread out so sexually it drives me crazy thinking of what is in front of us.

“C’mere Ed, just hold me for a few minutes.” She murmured.

I lay beside her and pulled her head over to rest in the crook of my shoulder.

‘”Honey I missed you this week.” I whispered. “It seems like forever since I held you and yet it’s only been five days.”

“Ed, I feel the same. I hope mom isn’t going to be too jealous if I commandeer you this week,” she said.

I had Isparta Escort Bayan let my hand drift down so my fingers were riding on top of her mound as I leaned over and kissed her. She threw her arms around me and met my kiss with one that had my toes tingling. Her mouth was open and her tongue was wildly searching the depths of my mouth. She was pulling her tits hard against my chest as I let my fingers search out her hooded clit. She was soaked and my fingers slid around in her crevice until they found that magical little spot that will drive her over the top if I work it tenderly enough. I had my fingers working it from side to side and back and forth as I pushed my tongue even further in her mouth and let my rock hard cock push against her upper thighs.

I pulled my mouth from her and lowered it to her nipples and her moaning began, ” Ed, you are driving me apeshit and I haven’t even touched you yet.”

“Slow down honey, let me just look at all of you for a minute.” I said.

I then moved my hand and replaced it with my face and let my tongue replace my fingers working her warm, wet and luscious clit. The taste and aroma of her juices were driving me wild as her wetness began to work its way down the crack of her ass. . I inserted a couple of fingers in her pussy now soaked with her juices and could feel the walls of her vagina clamping onto them. I moved them in and out a few times and she said softly, “No, stop that I want your dick to fuck me not your fingers.”

I removed my fingers from her pussy but let my tongue continue doing an oral massage on her clit. I finally lifted my face from her crotch and raised back up to the pillow. “Use your mouth on me a little Sue.” I asked.

Oh God, this gal has the most sensuous mouth I ever felt. She doesn’t suck my cock; she makes love to it. She started by moving her head down to lay on my stomach just staring at the head of my dick. She then had her tongue flicking against the bulbous head of it while her fingers traced my swollen veins pulsing out from my shaft. She took one finger and moved it through my pre cum and smeared it ever so lightly up and down my shaft. While she was doing that she let her other hand gently cup my balls before moving her mouth to them and gently took my entire scrotum in her mouth. God, I could sense that warm feeling starting way down within me and she hadn’t even taken my cock in her mouth yet.

She realized what was happening with my faster breathing and the increase of the throbbing in my shaft and moved her mouth from my balls to the head of my cock. She let her tongue just touch the head of it ever so lightly before running it around my cock ridge while her hand was just barely moving up and down my shaft. The motion was so slow it almost was almost imperceptible but I could feel every minute movement. Between her mouth and her fingers I was too close to having a roaring orgasm and I hadn’t done much to help her along with hers.

I reached down and cupped her chin in my hand and lifted her up to me, “Sue, climb on top of me and ride me wildly.” I told her.

She swung her leg over me and slid down to position her pussy over my cock head. She had gotten me so aroused there was a lot of pre cum showing which would serve to lube her pussy up as I slipped into her; not that it needed any lube with the juices already flowing out of her. My dick was standing at attention and she slowly raised up on her knees to get it aimed right at her crevice. Rather than drop down fast and furiously the way she had done many times before she just lowered herself ever so slowly and as her pussy came in contact with the head of my cock she stopped. “What’s the problem honey?”

“There isn’t any problem. I just want to look at your face as your cock enters me,” she cooed.

With that, she slowly let herself down on it. When it was nearly in to the bottom we were still looking at each other’s face and I saw a familiar sign. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth was forming a small O and she then bit down on her lower lip and opened her eyes wide as she let herself down the last inch or so. It was buried and she was letting out that oh so familiar moan of hers. I reached down between us and got my fingers wet with the juices running out of her and down my shaft and then took those fingers and moved them up to her tits and took a nipple in each hand and gently massaged them with her juices. That was all she needed. Her hands moved down so that her fingers were just touching my chest and she was tossing her head from side to side with her long blonde hair flowing wildly from one shoulder to the other and she then started to pump her pussy up and down. Slowly at first but she picked up the pace until she was lifting almost all of the way off me and then driving her pussy back down hard to the bottom. Hell, that was it … I had one humongous orgasm and started to shoot one long stream of warm juice deep inside of her. She wasn’t far behind me and then really howled Escort Isparta as she let go and fell face down on my chest completely breathless. She then took one of my nipples between her teeth and softly flicked her tongue over the very end of it while her hand was back in my crotch milking the rest of the cum out of my cock. If I hadn’t just had an orgasm I would have exploded right then.

Whew, I had forgotten how warm and tender and exciting this young gal could be.

We lay there for a little while before either of us had remembered there were a couple of glasses of wine sitting on the end table we hadn’t even touched. She had only poured half a glass for each of us to account for any undue lurches the coach would make. She handed me one and then clinked glasses in a toast. “To fantastic sex, thank you,” she announced.

I drank the wine, pushed her hand holding her glass up to her mouth so she also finished hers and then took the glass out of her hand and put both on the side table. I then reached up again and pulled her to me for one long and tender kiss. “Honey, we can’t go this long between times. I am going to have to make a trip down to LA on some Wednesdays.” Her eyes lit up and shone brightly as she said. “Oh God, I would love that but what will mom say?”

“She’ll understand and maybe some weeks I’ll have her join us.” I replied.

Showering while the coach is in motion is a real challenge. It is hard to keep from falling against the shower door and soaking the floor outside of it but we managed and after dressing I went up and slid the curtain aside and asked “Are we there yet mom?”

“You act like a kid, you don’t have to sound like one too.” Marianne said as she took her eyes off the road for a minute to look us over. “I won’t ask if you enjoyed yourselves, the whispering and moaning told the story.” She said laughingly.

It was just after noon and I suggested that we stop at the first convenient spot and I would make us some lunch and we could just sit and look at the magnificence of the desert. This part of the Mojave isn’t as flat as that further north and there are quite a few small scrub bushes and trees. It was going to be Sue’s turn to drive so Marianne and I could enjoy a glass of wine or two with lunch.

We were going to take Interstate 40 east when we hit Barstow, Ca.. It was still a few miles in front of us where I felt certain we would find a decent place to stop for a while without having our ass end stuck out in traffic and we did. When we hit the town we got off the Interstate and took a mini tour of the place. We found a small park where we parked and had our lunch. That is one of the main advantages in traveling by motor coach; you know the restaurants! It was a casual lunch with no sex involved at all. @#$%. Just kidding for I couldn’t have recharged that quickly even if I felt like it.

It was well after 1 PM when we got back on the road with Sue driving. Both of these gals seemed to have taken to driving the coach fairly well. I don’t quite trust either of them in the traffic of a crowded city but then again; I’m not that comfortable with heavy traffic either. We drove until 5 PM and stopped for the night well west of Seligman, Arizona. None of us were very tired but it was a good day and we would be at the South Rim of the Canyon by mid morning the next day. We had found a fantastic parking area for the coach. There were only a couple of other coaches there stopping for the night and we were able to park so the passenger side with the awning and entrance door was facing West. The scenery was breathtaking. Oh, not the Swiss Alps or the Colorado Rockies but the vastness and sheer plainness of desert real estate can be captivating for those of us used to the hustle bustle of city life.

Marianne had done her magic with marinating some double thick pork chops. I dug out the gas grille, Sue dug out some baking potatoes and some frozen veggies and we were set to have a mini feast in the desert. Once again, as we did so often crossing the country in the coach, I dug out some folding chairs and a camp table, unrolled the side awning and went back inside and made a couple of rather strong Scotch and waters and a beer for Sue. Life doesn’t get much better than this.

We enjoyed our meal and then just sat there chatting while watching the sun linger just above the western horizon. We are fortunate indeed that we get along so well and love good conversation. Sex isn’t the only thing that holds us together! We had eaten on china plates as a mini celebration of being back on the road and while that is nice, the damn things have to be washed. I went in and did that while the girls cleaned up the area around the coach outside. Afterwards I was back outside for more drinks and conversation while we watched the evening stars appear. It has always amazed me how many more you can see out in the desert without the glow in the sky from city lights obscuring the fainter ones. The sky was actually ablaze with the countless stars we could see just in our little corner of the Universe. Later we were enamored with the moon glow and the eerie shadows it threw. There were a few sagebrush plants off a little ways and it was easy to imagine their shadows as anything you could dream of when the wind rustled them.

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