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Cock Tease

We met at the airport; he had come to pick me up, not wanting to lose a minute of our time together. It was a warm afternoon in April, and as soon as I came out of the plane I felt the heat welcoming me home. While I waited to get through customs my heart started beating faster, I was wandering how he would look, I hadn’t seen him for a year, and all I could think about was of his soft long brown hair dancing over my face the last time we were together. He was 22, four months older than me, tall and slim, with tanned skin and beautiful brown eyes that could read everything I wanted as if I were an opened book. That was one of the things I loved of him, how well we got along in bed, how we would go from having hard against the wall sex to kissing softly while his hands caressed my body.

As soon as I came out the airport I saw him, looking back at me with a huge smile in his face, he was just as I remembered. I lost my breath for a moment and forgot to keep walking, as every one else came out. Some one asked me if I needed a cab, and brought me back to reality. He was already next to, telling the man that we didn’t.

He hugged me and kissed me in the cheek, how good did it feel to be next to him again. I just said hi in return, too overwhelmed to say anything else. He took my bag and we went to the car. We didn’t talk for the first half an hour or so, I just started to relax as we drove through the city. I was nervous, I didn’t know how to act, we weren’t a couple as I lived in CR and he lived in Guatemala, and I knew he had ended up with his girlfriend recently. But we have always been in love, and it didn’t seem to matter that we lived so far away from each other, or that we dated other people.

I felt his hand on my leg, as I was thinking about all this; we were just leaving Ciudad Kuşadası Escort de Guatemala behind us and started heading to Antigua. I had left the country without telling anyone, and that made this all more romantic. It was going to be just the two of us in a hotel for a couple of days, and even though we hadn’t spoken about it we both knew what it meant.

I let his hand wander up and down my leg and I moved my hand to his hair, turned my back to the door, sitting my self in a position were he could easily reach under my skirt if he wanted to. He didn’t, but at least the way he touched me made explicit that he couldn’t wait to get to the hotel either. I stared at him wanting to tell him to pull to a side of the road and do me then and there, but I couldn’t. It was Holly Week, and even tough it was just Monday, too many cars would pass by us to do that. So the only thing I could do was to relax and enjoy his hand teasing me.

I felt my nipples getting harder, and I started to imagine him eating me out while I pinched them. He must have seen the look in my face because suddenly I felt his hand parting my legs, and touching me in the right place. A moan escaped from my lips, and I started moving my hips in circles, encouraging him to push a finger inside me. I was already wet and he started rubbing my aching clit. Too bad this didn’t last long, I was so near cumming when we came to the entrance of the town, and he needed his two hands to drive, and there were too many tourists walking around…

We checked in a nice hotel near the park, with my name, and went straight to our room. Some one may think he threw me on the bed and started fucking me, without even closing the door, but no that was not what happened. We went in and unpacked, and when I was done I opened Kuşadası Escort Bayan the window that gave to an inside garden. He walked behind me and hugged me, I turned around still in his arms and kissed him in the mouth for the first time in the very long hours that had passed since we met at the airport. It was such a nice kiss! I can’t remember how long it lasted, but I remember how much I wanted it. It said how much I had missed him in the last year, how much I would like it to be me the one to be there for him every day.

Eventually it finished, and our next kiss was much fiercer as our tongues fought between our mouths. I pushed him towards one of the beds (there were two), and he stopped me. – You haven’t asked me to fuck you– he said, joking about how on our first time, when we were 17 I had asked him to do so. – I don’t need to ask anymore! – I replied, and let my self fall on the bed; I reached out for his hand and pulled him on top of me.

We kissed as we battled to take our clothes off, when we were done I had to pull away to admire him: his big cock between our naked bodies, asking to be touched. I sat on the bed while he remained on his back, resting, I parted my legs so he could my pussy closer, as I know he likes to. I took his cock in my hands and started kissing it slowly, tormenting him as he had done to me in the car, never taking the more than the head into my mouth. It was so big, I remember once when I was younger asking myself how would I take all that in my mouth, as it continued to grow since the first time I saw it when we were fourteen. But he didn’t have to wait as I did in the car, so he grabbed my hair and pushed the full length down my throat, and I relaxed it as I had learned to do with time. How had I missed the feeling, the taste, Escort Kuşadası the way he forced me to take him in my mouth and the way I gave into what ever he wanted to do to me. Over and over he pushed in and out, and I swirled my tongue around his head while I pinched my nipples with my hands.

He was about to cumm, I could tell, we had both waited too long for this happen, so I moved to a more comfortable position, were I could look into his eyes, and started caressing his balls. He pushed deeper into my throat, and I felt him cumm. It tasted so good; I just had to talk until the last drop of it. He loves watching me swallow it, and then licking him again to make sure nothing is left, so I did.

And then he relaxed back on the bed again, gaining strength for what was about to come. I parted my legs and started masturbating for him, just rubbing my clit and parting my pussy lips, so he could see how wet I was. I took some of the liquid with a finger, and took it to my mouth, tasting the mixed flavors of my juices with his. Then I moved my hand down again, rubbing my clit faster with the other had, I need to cumm soon, so I pushed two fingers inside me. I started moaning again and he stopped me, grabbed my hands and pushed me on my back. I tried to release my self, but not really wanting to. With one thrust he pushed his whole length inside my tight cunt. He started fucking me fast, holding my hands over my head, his firm strong body pushing inside mine. I moved my hips to meet him with each thrust, my throbbing clit screaming for my fingers. – Harder – I asked him, and I felt him release my hands push hard in response. I felt my muscles tighten, and the wave of my first orgasm of the night went trough my body, up my spine and down to my toes, every little nerve pulsating with relief, and then I felt him cumm inside me, my cunt milking his cock. We were spent, so he laid there on top of me, kissing my forehead, then my cheeks and my neck; until his cock slid out of me.

We slept for an hour or so, then we went out for dinner, and a nice long walk through the town.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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