Anya Seduces Uncle Jared

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This incident happened when I was eighteen, I have long dark hair, small waist, perfectly round breasts and a nice sexy ass, I was always exercising and keeping fit, and I was kinda involved with a big hunk named Lance. I had to go by my auntie to stay with her for a few weeks and help out as she was ill. This was the first time I was going to spend time away from home. My departure was sudden and I did not inform my Lance.

Everything was going smooth and I helped my aunt a lot, I started to spend a lot of my time with uncle Jared and before long we were going out to movies and beaches and stuff, just hanging out a lot together or sometimes with friends.

One evening we were started building a thousand piece puzzle and it became pretty routine for us to stay at the table together after everyone has gone to bed and try to build this puzzle. On one of these evening we were sitting next to each other and I casually put my legs on top of his, he remained impassive without touching me and I don’t know what came over me, I started to play with his hair and he seemed to enjoy it.

I Isparta Escort went to bed thinking about him and fingered my self to climax, next evening I rubbed my breasts on his shoulders and he still did not respond, I was quietly wondering if I was freaking him out. Then it happened the next day, everyone else went out except us that night and I shamelessly was horny and hot for my uncle. He wanted a massage, so I gave him my best massage and I even went to the edges of his shorts framing his nice sexy firm butt. He did not say a word, by this time I was wet with anticipation.

He turned over in the dim light of the television and was just looking at me. I started touching him all over and still no response from, then I saw the unmistakable rise of his cock and I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted. I then said I will go crazy if I keep on touching him and he said me too, well that was all I needed to hear from him, I flung myself at him and began to kiss him feeling guilty and good at the same time. He pushed me onto my back and ravaged me with his Isparta Escort Bayan tongue, fingers and lips, I was in heaven for the first time.

He then stopped himself and looked at me with those smoky grey eyes of his and asked: Anya is this what you want? ” Fuck me hard till I come and then fuck me some more, Uncle Jared” He ripped of my skirts, my black lacy panties and slipped his tongue inside my hot swollen pussy, slurping and sucking me till I started to moan, he tongued me expertly up and down my clit, teasing me with his tongue, then he started to finger me and suck simultaneously, after he inserted three fingers in my hot wet suckable pussy I was approaching orgasm.

I pushed him roughly on his back and proceeded to lick his entire body, sucking his nipples and trailing my tongue straight towards his very thick eight inches of cock. I sucked my uncle like I there was no tomorrow. He began to buck and I knew he was ready for some hard in depth fucking. Uncle Jared roughly positioned me doggie style and rammed his whole eight inches of Escort Isparta meat in my swollen pussy hole. I came almost immediately, I enjoyed this wild forbidden sex. I turned over and with one of my leg on his shoulder my uncle gave me the most sensational direct fucking ever.

I wanted to please as much as he pleased me, I took his huge hard throbbing cock in my mouth and sucked him till he came in great shudders. I was far from sated and he remained erect for me. We fucked each other countless times in countless positions till we fell asleep with his cock inside my pussy. The next day I looked at him and wondered if he regretted our night together. We finally were alone at night and he said he wanted to fuck me as long as I would allow him, I said Uncle you were always my favourite one and proceeded to grab his cock firmly with one hand and finger my pussy with the other, that was when he said Anya you ought to have some respect for your uncle, let me help you with that and that was when he fingered my ass and I went insane with pleasure. He then proceeded to give me a rim job and then parted my ass and inserted his huge cock, my mind went numb with pleasure.

After our heavy fucking and we were both breathing heavily on the bed, I said uncle I think I’ve developed an addiction and I need help kicking the habit, he gave me his sweetest smile and said anytime Anya, anytime…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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