Arab Women Need Anal Too

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Hello, there. James Marceau here. A tall, dark and handsome black stud with a fascinating story to share with you. I’m a business executive currently vacationing in the city of Boston. And this is what I do during vacation. Everybody loves anal sex regardless of religious affiliation. That’s what I set out to prove when I decided to hook up with some of the most religious women out there. So far, I’ve hooked up with one Jewish mama. Tonight, I set my sights on a certain Muslim beauty named Adelmira Abdul Aleem. She’s forty two years old, recently divorced and a part-time student at Suffolk University.

Adelmira was reading a book at the local library when I first noticed her. A five-foot-ten, pleasantly plump older woman with dark bronze skin, long black hair and almond-shaped golden brown eyes. Such a lovely Arab-American woman. She wore a white shirt and a long black skirt, along with the traditional veil. I found her to be quite lovely. So I approached her and introduced myself. She was reading an erotic fiction work written by my friend, the infamous Brother Samuel. A big and tall, forthrightly bisexual black man who used to be quite a presence on the erotic literature scene of Boston, Massachusetts. To be honest, I found him annoying. He’s always going on and on about Men’s Rights, Black Male Bisexuality and Gender Politics. Oh, and he’s self-obsessed. However, his work was really popular with both women and men. I can’t imagine why.

Adelmira was reading a story featuring a big Asian woman having a steamy anal sex encounter with her lover, a handsome black man. It always fascinates me how women say they don’t enjoy porn yet the stuff found in women’s erotic books would make a seasoned pornographer blush. Adelmira admitted to being quite turned on by the content of the story she was reading. To be honest, I found myself bahis firmaları somewhat turned on too. Adelmira surprised the hell out of me by saying she was horny. For some reason, I never think of Arab women as being sexually adventurous. Proves how little I know about women. I mean, a woman is a woman regardless of where she comes from or what religion she subscribes to. She’s got wants. She’s got needs. She’s not that different from a man in most respects.

Adelmira could tell that her bold statement shocked me. She grinned and said that lots of men from the western world would be stunned if they knew how sexually adventurous Arab women were. She told me stories of growing up in Saudi Arabia. She had both male and female lovers. She described in great detail a lesbian orgy she participated in with the other Muslim women at the private school she attended. Wow. This is the kind of stuff that would make a Penthouse Letter Editor blush, folks. Just listening to her turned me on like you would not believe. Adelmira shocked me some more by reaching under the library table and fondling my crotch. Whoa! What was her hand doing there? She smiled at me and said if I was game, she knew a place where we could have some fun together. I pondered her offer. What do you think I said?

Adelmira took my hand and led me upstairs near the Library Archives. She apparently knew her way around. We arrived at a door past the circulation desk. She produced a key from her pocket and opened a door. I was quite surprised. Apparently, she worked there! Grinning, she ushered me inside. The room was quite small, but there was a TV set, a couch, and a rather large wooden table. Adelmira sat on the large wooden table and told me to strip. Apparently, this sexy Arab woman wanted to see what I got. I smiled. Time to get this show on the road, folks. I simply kaçak iddaa love a game of show and tell before sex. It kind of wets the appetite!

Adelmira sat there and watched as I undressed. Six feet two inches and two hundred and twenty pounds of hard-bodied black male stood before her. I looked into the sexy Arab woman’s eyes and could tell that she liked what she saw. I began stroking my cock. All nine and a half inches of my long and thick, uncircumcised tool. Adelmira gestured for me to come closer. I walked in a deliberately slow pace toward her. We stood less than a foot apart. Adelmira kissed me, then reached for my dick. She began stroking it. Upon noticing that I was uncut, she said she’d never seen an uncircumcised cock before. I smiled and told her that back in the Caribbean where I come from, guys aren’t mutilated in the name of religion or culture. We don’t believe in fixing what Mother Nature made. Hell, last week I had that same discussion with Mildred Rosenthal, the Jewish mama I hooked up with.

Adelmira got off the desk and knelt before me. She took my cock into her mouth. To be honest, I was surprised at how bold she was. Once again I realized how wrong America was about Arab women. They think all women in the Muslim world are submissive and that their husbands are domineering psychopaths. I’ve known quite a few gentle Arab men and fiery, hot-tempered Arab women. So much for what the goons at CNN show you on television. Adelmira began sucking my cock like her life depended on it. She licked my balls and gently worked my shaft while I tried to enjoy what she was doing to me. Just between you and me, I felt like I was tasting the forbidden fruit. Arab women always seemed repressed, virginal and untouchable to me. And now, one of them was sucking my dick. This was better than a threesome with some loose college broads. kaçak bahis This was the kind of stuff a guy dreams about. Adelmira sucked my cock and licked my balls until I was about to cum. I shouted a warning. She stopped sucking me long enough to tell me to blast my load all over her face. Stunned, I complied. I came all over her pretty face. She grinned, then she drank all of my seed.

Man, she sucked me dry! A few moments later, I was barely recovered when she told me she wanted to try something else. She wanted to try anal sex. I’ve had anal sex with quite a few women as well as my share of men but in my experience, women didn’t often ask for it. However, as I was finding out, Adelmira was not like other women. She was hotter, and sexier. I bent her over the table and made good use of the bottle of hand cream she handed me. I smeared it all over my cock and applied some on her anus as well. Then, I pressed my cock against her backdoor and pushed. With a swift thrust, I went in. The first thing I noticed was that Adelmira’s ass was very hot and tight. However, it wasn’t too tight. This gal was no stranger to butt-fucking. Her hole was supple from good usage. She urged me to take her. I didn’t need to be told twice. Gripping her wide hips, I thrust my cock deep into her asshole. She squealed and told me to give her that good anal fuck. I slammed my dick into the forbidden depths of her backdoor. Folks, I ain’t gonna lie. I loved the feel of her ass around my cock. I gave her that good anal fuck until we both came who knows how many times. I lost count after three.

Half an hour later, we parted ways. Adelmira went back to work. She catalogs books for the library. As for me, I went into the sunny Boston afternoon with a smile on my face. Where do I meet these women? All over the frigging place! Let’ s see. So far, I’ve butt-fucked a Jewish woman and an Arab woman. Next, I’m doing a Buddhist! Yeah! Just consider it the next stop on my backdoor world tour, folks. The adventures of this anally fixated post-collegiate degenerate will continue!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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