Ass Worship Encounter

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The title of the posting couldn’t have been more tailor-made for my interests: “BBW seeking younger for ass worship”. Clicking to read more, I was treated to a detailed description that read like the setup for a scenario out of a porno. Granted, a porno for people with very niche sexual interests, but hot nonetheless.

I am a 42 y/o BBW looking for a younger man interested in ass worship with possibility of more. This Saturday afternoon (2 PM -??). Two of my friends (both F) will also be there and will also expect attention. We host at my place, not interested in traveling. Send pic (of you, not your dick) to e-mail below and I’ll let you know if we’re interested.

Oh, I was interested. I quickly got an e-mail composed to the listed address and attached the best picture of me that I could find. The e-mail was short and to-the-point, essentially just letting them know that I had seen the ad and that I was curious if they still needed someone. I tried not to sound overly excited for fear of turning them off.

I had a response within an hour. The woman who had posted the ad was named Joyce, and they were still in need of their young ass worshipper. She even included a picture of herself in her response, and I clicked to make it as large as possible on my computer screen.

She was the kind of woman I fantasize about. Heavyset, with massive breasts nearly spilling out of the dress she was wearing in the photo. She was taller than the other women in the picture; part of me hoped that the chubby redhead on her left was one of the two friends she had mentioned in her post online. Joyce had medium-length brown hair cut to just above her shoulders, and a kind, almost motherly face. She seemed like an average woman you would see out doing yardwork in your neighborhood. But clearly she also had a dirty side.

Her message was somewhat terse, but I liked her straightforwardness:


Yours is the first response I’ve received. Take a look at the picture I attached. I’m in the light blue dress. If you’re still interested, please respond to this e-mail and let me know. If I get a yes, I’ll expect you at the address listed below at 2:00 PM this Saturday. Dress well, and come prepared to spend at least one hour with us. We need you to be energetic, so make sure you are well rested.

– Joyce

I responded with a simple “yes, I will be there at 2:00 PM this Saturday” and began counting down the hours until I could indulge this fantasy of mine. As it was only Wednesday, the next two days at work were really going to drag.


1:50 P.M., Saturday

I pulled into the driveway at the address Joyce had sent in her e-mail. I pulled behind the black SUV on the right-hand side of the driveway and steeled myself for my upcoming experience. Three older women, all of them wanting me to worship their bodies, with special attention paid to their plump, sexy asses. On the drive over from my place I had developed quite a healthy semi-erection just imagining what might happen. Giving it a few more minutes before going up to the front door, I tried to calm myself down.

Trying to think of unsexy things like work and mundane chores I needed to do around the house when I got back, I got my erection to subside slightly and I felt that now was as good of a time as any to ring the doorbell.

I pressed the doorbell and waited for a few moments until I heard the door unlocking. Through the screen door I saw Joyce, just as she had looked in her picture.

“Hi, John. Come in.” She held open the screen door for me, turning sideways to let me through. Her breasts looked amazing in the sun dress she was wearing; I tried not to stare as I entered the house.

“Just go straight ahead into the living room. Care for a drink? We’ve got some sangria made, there’s a bottle of pinot open, and we’ve got some beer too since we figured a young man might prefer that.”

“Actually sangria would be nice. Thank you, Joyce.”

As we entered the living room, I felt my knees go weak. There on the couch was the redhead I had hoped for from Joyce’s picture. On her left, sitting close enough that their thighs were touching, was a brunette woman who looked to be slightly heavier than Joyce and a few years older.

“John, this is Jennifer.” The redhead waved the hand not holding her wine glass. “And this is Terri.” The heavy brunette smiled at me and nodded.

Joyce gestured that I should take a seat in the recliner across from Jennifer and Terri.

“Let me go get your drink, and I’ll be right back so we can get started.”

“Thank you, Joyce.” As my hostess left the room for the kitchen, I turned and smiled at the two lovely women sitting across from me. I was doing my best not to seem nervous, but on the inside I felt like I was having a minor heart attack. This situation was looking more and more like something beyond even my wildest fantasies.

“Don’t be nervous, John. We’re going to have some fun,” canlı bahis Jennifer said through a sexy smile.

“I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a long two days waiting for this since I saw Joyce’s posting online.”

“You think it’s been a long two days?” Terri interjected. “Think about us poor old ladies waiting on our chance with a young stud like you. It’s been hell.”

At that point Joyce came back in the living room and offered me a glass of sangria. I took a long sip and placed it next to me on the end table.

“Well the important thing is that the wait is over,” Joyce said.

“Agreed,” said Jennifer. “How should we begin?”

“Well I think John needs to take another sip of his drink and then get down on his knees,” opined Joyce, crossing her arms in front of her, causing her cleavage to swell upward.

“Um, yes ma’am.” I knew how nervous I looked and sounded, but this was my fantasy come true and I didn’t want to screw it up. I took another long sip of the sweet, strong sangria and sat my glass down. Looking at each of the women briefly, I got down on my knees and made my way (awkwardly, I admit) to the center of the living room.

“Now,” Joyce continued. I could tell she was going to be the one running the show. “I’m going to claim first rights, since I’m hosting all of you fine people this afternoon. Any objections?” She eyed her friends on the couch, who only giggled conspiratorially and shook their heads.

Joyce walked up to me so that my face was about level with her stomach. I stared up at her in anticipation. She stared down with a look that was equal parts dominance and lust.

She reached and cupped my head in her hands, leaning down and bringing her face close to mine.

“For the next hour you listen to me. You do what I tell you. If Jennifer and Terri tell you to do something, you do it. If you do it well enough, maybe you can make your own suggestions by the end. Right now I’m going to turn around and shove your face into my ass. You are going to pleasure me with your tongue until I move or tell you to stop.”

Joyce stood up straight and turned around, lifting her dress up over her heavy, round ass. Not having time to even nod my head in acceptance, I was greeted by the sight of Joyce’s full, plump butt closing in on my face, as I felt the pressure of one of her hands on the back of my head. I knew I was in heaven the moment my mouth contacted her luscious backside.

Overwhelmed by her fleshy globes, I began working my tongue for all it was worth. Pressing against her tight hole, I attempted to insert my tongue as deep as I could get it. This elicited a moan from Joyce.

“Mmm, someone’s not afraid of getting right to business.”

Not satisfied with just my tongue in her ass, I raised one hand to squeeze this beautiful offering in front of me. As soon as I got a handful of her plump, meaty butt, though, I felt a sharp smack on my hand.

“No hands. Just tongue.” Joyce had briefly pulled herself away from my tongue to give me those directions, but just as quickly I was back to being smothered in her wondrous ass.

She let me lick her for a few minutes before stopping me again. She turned around and bent down to face me, pulling my head up with a hand under my chin.

She smiled oddly, and then leaned in for a firm kiss on the lips. I was too surprised to really kiss her back. The intimacy of the act shocked me; I’d just been performing oral sex on this woman’s asshole, but I hadn’t expected anything so conventionally romantic to be on the menu today. From the sound of it, neither had Jennifer and Terri.

“Joyce, you’re getting awfully attached to this one already,” Terri said with an amused smirk.

“I like this one,” was Joyce’s response. “He seems committed. And now that I’ve given him a little test drive I think one of you should take over. See what else he’s got.”

“I’ll go,” said Jennifer. The plump redhead sat down her glass of wine and moved over to stand next to Joyce. Staring up at Jennifer, I was able to assess more clearly how beautiful she really was.

I don’t usually like to get overly specific with weight or height when it comes to my preferences in a woman, because it isn’t like I have some magical cut-off measurement for beauty. But for the sake of imagery, I would guess that she was a little under 250 pounds and stood about 5’6″. I know plenty of guys would dismiss this as fat, but to me a woman like this can be incredibly sexy, and I don’t think “fat” should be a pejorative term. Her red hair fell in curls down past her shoulders, and she was wearing a loose white tank top and tight jeans.

“Are you going to be as good for me as you were for Joyce?” Jennifer asked, leaning down close to me.

“Yes, ma’am,” I responded, halfway expecting her to kiss me as Joyce had. It must have showed too, because Jennifer laughed and stood up straight, looking amused.

“Not so fast, there. You’re going to show me how you worship my body before bahis siteleri we get to that point.”

I could only stare in awed silence as Jennifer turned her back to me and began removing her jeans, bending at the waist to present her full, luscious ass to me.

“I don’t just want my asshole licked. I want you to worship this ass. Show me what that means to you and then we’ll see what else you get to do.”

Tenderly, I cupped each of her massive ass cheeks in one hand, partially expecting another slap for touching as I had received from Joyce. None came, so I continued on. Starting on the right-hand side, I began softly kissing the round globes of Jennifer’s ass, making light contact with my lips while squeezing gently with my hands. She was so warm and soft. I could have stayed in this position for hours. For a few seconds, I simply laid the side of my face up against her, savoring the feeling.

“What do you worship, John?”

“Your ass, Jennifer,” I responded.

“Mmm, yes, but you call me Miss Jennifer until I tell you not to.”

“I worship your ass, Miss Jennifer.”

In all of the excitement, I had hardly registered the fact that I had a raging hard-on pressing against my jeans. But Terri, still observing the action leisurely from the couch, made sure to point it out.

“Girls, look at the poor guy. He’s about to explode out of those jeans.”

“Is that right John?” Joyce asked. “Should we let you out of those?”

“Yes, please, Miss Joyce. I’d like to take them off.”

“Just keep on doing what your doing for now,” interjected Jennifer.

Jennifer reached behind her to force my head firmly back to her ass. I resumed my kissing and caressing with vigor, moving closer to her asshole itself in meandering, circular pattern. Jennifer was really forcing me into her plump backside, not letting me wander from my task.

“Miss Jennifer, your ass is driving me crazy. It’s the biggest, sexiest ass I’ve ever seen. Can I please lick your asshole now?”

“Yes, do it. Lick me. Tongue fuck my asshole. But first, you can stand up and take off those jeans. You’ve earned it.”

Complying with her instructions, I quickly removed my jeans and boxers, letting out my raging hard-on for these three wondrous, beautiful women to see.

I wasn’t able to gauge their reactions, because Jennifer was quick to get me back to work. I forced my tongue deep into her, as I had done with Joyce. Jennifer gave out a brief squeal of delight, and I felt her ass tense up around my tongue. Again, she was using her hands to make sure I got my face in her ass deep as it could go. Being controlled like this was an incredible turn-on for me.

Jennifer let me enjoy her asshole for a few more minutes, while Terri and Joyce went in the kitchen together. I could hear them talking, but couldn’t make out words over the sounds that Jennifer was making because of my loving attention to her backdoor.

When Terri and Joyce returned, Terri was completely naked. Actually, despite the events of the afternoon so far, she was now the first of the three women who I had seen entirely unclothed. Terri was probably the heaviest of the three women; a BBW goddess, at least in my opinion. She had hints of grey in her hair, only adding to her MILF appeal.

“Take a break from that for a second, John.” Joyce reasserted control of the room, earning a faux-angry look from Jennifer.

“Terri here seems a bit fixated on that cock of yours. And now that it’s out, she just doesn’t think she can stand waiting any longer. Terri? Take over.”

The lovely, naked Terri made her way towards me with a look on her face that could only be described as predatory. Jennifer had moved aside, taking a seat on the couch but not putting her pants back on. She remained nude from the waist down.

“Take your shirt off, too. And get on your back,” Terri instructed. I got on my back, not realizing how sore my knees would be from spending all of that time on them. Amazing what you can ignore when you’re worshipping a plump, sexy BBW ass.

Terri walked around me so that she was standing with a foot on either side of my head. I was staring up at her exposed pussy and ass from below. Somehow, my erection got even more intense than it already had been.

Terri lowered herself to her knees and leaned forward, with her mouth hovering just above my rigid cock. She arched her back slightly, so that her asshole was accessible for my tongue.

“Eat my fucking ass,” she said before she engulfed my throbbing cock with her mouth.

Taking that as my cue, I started to lick Terri’s hot, tight backdoor just as I had with her girlfriends. Terri moaned with pleasure, sending shockwaves through my cock. I couldn’t help thrusting slowly in and out as she sucked me, but never losing sight of my ultimate goal: pleasuring Terri’s plump, juicy ass.

We must have done this for ten minutes or so. I was thankful I had jerked off earlier in the day, or I would have already bahis şirketleri blown a load in Terri’s mouth, given all of the stimulation I had received from this lovely trio of women.

“Doing ok back there, John?” Terri paused in her ravenous sucking to peek behind her and check on me. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yes, Miss Terri. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I… I think I’m going to cum soon if we keep doing this.”

“I need one more thing from you first. Get on your knees. ” Terri replied, crawling forward slightly, allowing me room to get up from the floor. I moved close behind her, in the hopes that she wanted me to actually fuck her.

“Jennifer, hand me our lube,” Terri ordered. My redhead BBW goddess reached into a basket near the couch and extracted a tube of KY, tossing it to Terri. Terri squirted a thick gob of lube into her hand and began to rub her asshole with it. After a liberal amount of lube was coating her tight hole, she reached back further to apply some to my throbbing cock.

“I’m getting close to cumming myself, and if you can get your nice hard cock into my asshole I think that would just about do it.”

I got in position to enter her ass, lining up the head of my cock with her tight, sexy hole.

“Push it in slow and steady, John. Now.”

I began the process of working my cock into Terri’s wondrously plump ass. Getting past the initial resistance, I pressed forward carefully, one inch at a time. I took a mental image of my cock splitting this sexy BBW ass, and filed it away under “sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

On the couch, Joyce and Jennifer were watching lustfully. I was pleased to see Jennifer furiously rubbing her clit, clearly enjoying the show that Terri and I were putting on.

“Put it all the way in, nice and deep.” I could feel Terri playing with herself as well, working herself up to towards what seemed like it would be a monstrous orgasm.

“Yes, Miss Terri,” I said, pushing forward firmly until I could feel my balls make contact with her pussy.

I began thrusting in and out more rhythmically, which caused Terri’s big, sexy ass to jiggle lewdly with each movement. With this in front of me, I knew I was done for.

“Miss Terri, I can’t hold off any longer.”

“Just give me… UNNNGGGGHHHHHHHHH…. fuck… fuck… oh my God. Cum for me. You can cum for me now, John!”

At that point it didn’t matter that Terri was giving me permission to cum; feeling her body spasm while she came had forced the issue for me. As her short, but intense orgasm began to subside, I felt an orgasm like no other I had ever experienced.

I may overuse the term “explode” when it comes to orgasms, but this was one time when I feel justified using it. I’ve never felt less in control of my own body than I felt once I began pumping my massive load into Terri’s lovely, fat ass.

I don’t know what kind of noises I was making, or what my face looked like at the time. Both were probably comical. But all that mattered to me was the fact that I was filling Terri’s ass with a thick load of creamy cum, and she was moaning with pleasure as it was happening.

“John… oh my God. That felt like a lot.”

“I… I think it was, Terri. It was a lot. Holy fuck.” I pulled out of her ass, eliciting a barely audible pop. My load was beginning to leak out of her, in another one of sexiest scenes I had ever witnessed.

I hadn’t been able to pay attention to anything but Terri’s tight ass for the past few minutes, but it looked as if Jennifer was coming down from her own orgasm. She was breathing slowly and heavily, and her face was slightly reddened. She was lazily playing with clit with a naughty smile still on her face.

Joyce got up from the couch, holding a towel. She offered this to Terri, who was beginning to get up from the spot where she had gotten her fat ass filled with young, creamy cum.

“Terri, give John a goodbye kiss and go get yourself cleaned up,” Joyce instructed.

Terri turned to me with a satisfied grin and kissed me firmly on the lips. Sensual, but short enough that I was left craving more.

“Bye, John. I had a great time.” Terri went off to get herself clean, leaving me with Joyce and Jennifer in the living room.

Joyce had a look of satisfaction on her face, while Jennifer still appeared to be in her lustful daze.

“What did you think, John? Would you do something like this again?” Joyce asked.

“With you? Yes. Definitely yes.”

“Well, maybe with some other girls too. I know Terri has a few other friends who might also be interested.”

The thought of repeating this experience with these women, plus more of their friends was too much to handle. All I could do was smile.

“But for now, get dressed. I’ll walk you out.” As I was getting myself put back together, Joyce picked up my phone and put her number into my contacts.

“Bye, John,” Jennifer said. “See you again soon?”

“Yes, I hope so,” I replied. That was an incredible understatement.

Joyce led me to the door. Just before she opened it, she gave me another kiss. Not the dominant, forceful kiss from earlier, but a soft and tender one.

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