At The Office

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I run the concrete delivery company’s operations from the office and you are the senior driver of a 7-man crew. You are also extremely computer savvy and the owner told me to contact you if there are any problems while he is out of town. We have been working together for a while and even though nothing has happened between us, the sexual energy and tension is always extremely high.

It’s a Friday about mid-afternoon and all but one of the other drivers and you, have returned to the yard, parked their trucks and left for the day. As the senior driver, it goes without saying that you get preference for the longer shifts and any additional hours. Unfortunately, it’s been one of those days in the office and the computers are acting up. The phones wont stop ringing and it seems like anything and everything is going wrong.

Not being able to make anything go right, I call you on the radio and ask you to get back to me on a landline when you reach the plant. You acknowledge my request and can’t help but make a sarcastic remark, which makes my level of frustration go up a notch. You call me sooner than I expect and tell me to try a few things to get the computers working again. Trying my hand at being a tech, your suggestions seem to be working, but only briefly. I pick up the phone and literally beg you to come back to the office and fix the problem. You chuckle as you hear my request and say that you will be there when you’ve finished cleaning the truck and wrapping up the paperwork at the plant.

With the computers only working intermittently, I decide to shut down the server and see if that will resolve my problems. I head upstairs to the computer room and have to crawl under the desk to completely shut it down. Not hearing your truck pulling into the yard, I have no idea you are back. You look around downstairs and not seeing me, you make your way upstairs. You enter the computer room to see me under the desk, and hear me swearing at the computer. You don’t say anything, but instead stand quietly admiring the view, and trying not to laugh as you hear me vent my frustration.

After about a minute or so, you finally say something, startling me and causing me to bump my head on the underside of the desk. I quickly back out and stand up turning to face you. I ask you what you said, and you reply that you were just commenting on the view. You notice my cheeks redden as I blush and you can resist the opportunity to comment on that too. You take a couple of steps closer to me and resting your hands on my hips, you smile and tell me that you’ll take a look at the computer. I step back for you to pass and you make a point of brushing against me, your arm grazing across my tits.

You take a seat at the computer and start to diagnose the problem. I give you the rundown of the problems I’ve been having and the corrective measures I have tried. You occasionally take a look at me and smile as you continue working. Each time, for some unknown reason, I feel my face getting hot and my heart beating faster. You ask me to get a manual for you, which is on the other side of the room. I think to myself that you are quite capable of getting it yourself but as you are there to fix the computers, I do as you ask. As I return and hand it to you, you stand up and walk behind me, letting your hand graze across my ass. I turn my head to look at you and see that you’re grinning mischievously. It’s obvious you’re enjoying having me in such close proximity to you and taking full advantage of ‘casually’ brushing up against me.

I can’t help but grin back at you, and quickly come to the decision that since you’re being much more flirtatious than usual, I’m gonna do the same. I’m distracted briefly as I hear the last remaining driver calling in for information on the next delivery. I tell you that I’ll be right back and make my way downstairs. You watch me as I walk away and I make a point of stopping briefly to retie the laces on my shoes. While bent over, I turn and look over my shoulder at you, flashing you a very ‘sweet and innocent’ smile.

I hurry downstairs and get the necessary information to the driver, making sure to tell Ordu Escort him that there’s not rush as the client isn’t in any hurry. Before returning upstairs, I take a quick look in the mirror, fluffing up my hair and smiling at myself, thinking ‘lets see how much teasing he can take’. I slowly ascend the stairs and see you still working at the computer. Once inside, I quietly close the door. I walk up behind you and very gently blow on the back of your neck, but only briefly. I step aside and leaning over your shoulder I ask how it’s coming. Feeling my tits rubbing against your shoulder, you lean back into me. It’s clear we’re both very aroused and are taking every advantage of touching each other that we can.

You turn your head and inhale deeply, then say how much you like the perfume I’m wearing. I look back at you and tell you I’m not wearing any. You lean closer to me and inhale deeply once again. You tell me that you knew I wasn’t wearing any and just wanted to let me know you liked my natural scent. I smile at you and turn my body slightly getting a little closer to you and letting you see down the front of my shirt. I have noticed how you always make a point of looking at my tits, no matter what I’m wearing and its obvious that you like what you see. Of course, unbuttoning my shirt one button and opening the front a little wider didn’t hurt either.

I pause before standing up, letting you have a long look at my tits and the top edge of the white lace of my bra confining them. I stand up straight and step back, resting my ass on the edge of the desk behind you. Without saying anything you turn back to the computer monitor and resume working. After a few minutes of silence, you suddenly stop working and stand up, turning to face me. Unsure of what you’re looking for, I move out of the way and lift myself up onto the desk, sliding back as far as I can. You stop in front of me and rest your hands on my thighs. I take a deep breath in anticipation as you lean closer to me, kissing me very gently on the lips. You very slowly slide your hands up my thighs nearing my hips as you kiss me a little more intensely.

You pull away from me and smile, then remove your hands from my thighs and raise them to my waist. You pull me to you, making my ass slide off the edge of the desk. I fold my arms around your neck as we kiss very passionately. You hold me tightly against you as you hands move up and down my back, eventually resting on my ass. You give my ass a gentle squeeze and continue moving your hands up and down my back. After a couple of minutes of kissing, our tongues exploring each others mouths, and our hands feeling over one another, you step back from me. You smile at me and raise your hands, letting your fingers find the top button of my shirt. You look me in the eye for a moment before lowering your eyes and see my tits become more visible as you slowly unbutton my shirt. At the button just above my waist, you pull my shirt up and out of my jeans, then unbutton the last one. You smile at me as you slowly lower my shirt off my shoulders. Only then do you see how large my tits really are and cant help but smile broadly. You definitely like what you see.

Suddenly I feel my face getting hot. You smile at me when you notice my cheeks becoming flushed. Tossing my shirt onto the chair, you redirect your attention to my tits. Cupping each one, you caress me, enjoying the feeling of the fabric against the palm of your hand. You watch as my tits move from your touch. You look at me again and kiss me. I arch my back a little pushing my tits upward slightly. This is all the invitation you need and you start kissing me lower, working your way down my neck, trailing your tongue down my chest. You squeeze my tits a little harder and I moan ever so slightly as I feel the heat of your mouth on me.

Still gently playing with my tits, you rub your thumbs over my nipples, making them hard. You lower your head a little further and start to nibble on them as they strain against the lace of my bra. Seeing that I’m wearing a front closing bra, you stop nibbling on me long enough to smile at me. You slowly glide Ordu Escort Bayan your hands up to my shoulders and slip the straps off. Pulling the fabric off my tits, but leaving my bra on, you start to caress them, moving your hands all around on them. I watch as you manipulate my nipples between your fingers and thumbs. You kiss me hard, darting your tongue in and out of my mouth while your fingertips on my nipples make me squirm.

You pull away from me but keep your hands on my tits. You look down and smile as you continue to play with them. You tell me that you could always tell I had nice tits, but now that you can see and feel them, you are amazed at how beautiful they really are. I wrap my arms around your neck as I press my body against yours. You hold me tight and caress my back, sliding your hands down to my ass, squeezing it harder than before. The longer we stand there and kiss, the more I want you. I slide my arms off your neck and lower my hands.

I grin as I feel how hard you are already, and the intense heat emanating from you is incredible. I rub my hand up and down on your cock a few times before unbuckling your belt and undoing your jeans. With your jeans open slightly, I slip my hand inside and much to my surprise, I find that you aren’t wearing any underwear. Mmm, ready for anything at a moment’s notice…I like it. I push my hand in further and feel the softness of your skin and the hardness of your cock. You lift my head and look into my eyes, telling me how often you have thought about this moment, but never actually thought it would happen. I continue stroking your cock as I kiss you, and then reply that I have thought about it too, but somehow I knew it would happen, just didn’t know when or where.

You slowly lower your hands and unbutton my jeans. You take a step back and slide my jeans down. You beam a smile at me when you see the lacy panties I’m wearing match the pattern on my bra, and compliment me on my choice of sexy underwear. I giggle as I say that I have to say the same about yours too, or lack there of. I kick off my shoes and you slide my jeans off the rest of the way. You take a step back and give me the once over several times admiring me from head to toe…my long blonde hair draping over my shoulders, my large tits and hard nipples, my hi-cut panties accentuating my already very long sexy legs.

I see a sinister grin creep across your lips and I can only wonder what is going through your mind. You pull me towards you and kiss me hard, and I feel your hand sliding inside my panties. You moan as you feel bare skin the further into my panties you push your hand. I widen my stance just slightly and you gently part my silky smooth folds, allowing you to feel the wetness coating me. Your fingers dance over my clit, massaging it, teasing it. Occasionally you slide your fingers back to my pussy rewetting them, then resume working your fingers over my clit again. You kiss and nibble on my neck as you continue to tease me, bringing me oh so close to cuming. My breathing intensifies and my legs start to tremble. You sense my orgasm and thrust your fingers into my wet pussy as I cum. I gasp as I feel you rubbing my g-spot, intensifying my already incredible orgasm, and I moan with ecstasy.

With my orgasm subsiding, you withdraw your fingers from my pussy and raise your hand. Before you have the chance to get your hand past my waist, I grasp your wrist and pull your hand towards my mouth. I open my mouth and gently suck your fingers, tasting myself on you. Mmmm, I love my own taste and you smile at me as you watch me suck each finger. You lean closer to me and as soon as your finger is out of my mouth you kiss me, your tongue darting in and out. You whisper to me that you can taste a little of my juices as you kiss me and now you want more. You take a step back and I reach down to slide my panties off, but you tell me you want to take them off me.

You reach back and grab the chair, pulling it closer and taking a seat. You pull me close and nibble on my nipples through my bra, and slowly kiss and tease me with your tongue as you trail it down my stomach. Taking Escort Ordu a hold of my panties, you very slowly slide them down. I lift myself onto the desk, my ass right on the edge, and you roll towards me in the chair. I lean back, resting on my elbows and watch you as you move closer to me. I begin to tremble in anticipation, feeling the heat of your mouth on me. You lift my legs up and drape them over your shoulders as you pull me to you. With my ass lifted off the desk, I have to lay down flat.

You stick out your tongue just far enough to touch the tip of my clit, making me jump. You flick it over and over while I try to move myself towards your face, but you keep moving away slightly, teasing me with every flick. I reach for you and placing my hands on your head, I try to pull you towards me. You resist me and you keep flicking me with your tongue, making me yearn for your whole face to be buried in my pussy. I lift my head and look at you. You’re grinning back at me, knowing full well you’re teasing me, making me wait for the inevitable ecstasy that will soon follow.

I whisper to you to please stop teasing me and you respond by plowing your face into me, licking and sucking feverishly on my clit, your hands groping my ass, pulling my hips towards you. Almost instantaneously I cum, quivering and shaking. Damn, you’re good. As you continue to lick and suck on me, you move your hand in between my legs, putting your finger inside me, feeling my juices. You insert another finger and wiggle them back and forth while continuing to eat me. I feel another orgasm start to overcome me and my pussy clamps down on your fingers, restricting their movement and you moan with satisfaction as my body tenses with waves of ecstasy.

Wanting to give you as much pleasure as you have given to me, I wait until I’ve caught my breath then tell you I want your cock. You kiss and lick me a few moments longer before you lift your head and ask me to tell you again what I want. I open my eyes and smile at you as I tell you again, I want your cock. You smile back at me and lift my legs off your shoulders. Standing up you start to slide your jeans down. Before you have them down an inch, I tell you that I want to take them off you. You say OK and I sit up, sliding off the edge of the desk. I kiss you was I stroke your cock a little. You’re still so very hard and I squeeze you firmly.

You whisper to me to that you are aching to feel my mouth on you. I kiss you gently on the mouth, then on your neck. I slowly unbutton your shirt and kiss you all over your chest, gradually working my way down your stomach. I slowly bend my knees, and as I squat in front of you, I slide your jeans down, your hard cock springing outward only inches from my face. I take a look up at you as I start to lick just the head of your cock. Mmmm, you’re so hot. I swirl my tongue all around, making sure to tease the underside of your cock, slowly trailing it up and down the length of you. I open my mouth and take a little of you in, then slide you out. I suck and lick you all over before taking you completely into my mouth.

You look down at me, and take a hold of my hair, holding it back, watching me work my mouth and my hands on you. I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of you penetrating my mouth, you sliding back and forth across my lips, pushing yourself into me to reach my throat. You tilt your head back and moan, a long, satisfying moan, expressing your pleasure. Your moaning only makes me suck on you harder, my hand moving with every stroke. The anticipation of you cuming in my mouth, makes me grip you tighter with my hand, stroking you harder. You begin to move your hips back and forth, each thrust forward a little more forceful. You look down at me again, as you start to swell, letting your load go. I feel your cock throb as you shoot your cum into my mouth, and I hungrily swallow every drop, not letting any get away.

You pull me up to you, holding me close, kissing me. I tell you how much I enjoyed having you cum in my mouth, but would have liked to have sucked you a little longer. You laugh and tell me that it was so good that you just couldn’t hold off from cuming. Suddenly we hear a voice downstairs. Shit! The time went by so quickly that I didn’t realize it was time for the last driver to be back from the plant. We hurriedly get dressed and we go downstairs, trying to look as nonchalant as possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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