At the Villa Ch. 12

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At The Villa. 12 Lydia’s Day

Part 2 Continuation From Ch 11.


“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”

Sam had already called his mother on her mobile informing her that the apartment was free and in order. They hugged and kissed and as he was pulling his lips away from Ophee he saw his mother approaching. His mother, very politely said goodbye and thanked Ophee, otherwise nothing more was said, until they were within the walls of their apartment.

‘How was your day son… busy?’ His mother curiously asked.

‘Yes… it was quite busy, but also very fruitful.’ Sam answered rather casually.

‘Do you think you had satisfied your young guests?’ Mother wanted to know details and results.

‘Don’t you think that you are asking rather very personal questions?’ Sam shot back.

‘It was a very long time since I was eighteen!’ His mother exclaimed.

‘Naturally it was on your honeymoon.’ Sam answered.

‘Yes son; it was on my honeymoon. It was also the moment when I became pregnant with your sister, who was born nine months later, to the day.’ Mother answered.

His mother hugged him and kissed him. She knew she was going to miss him a lot and not going see him for a long time. Sam felt the heat. He got scarred. He knew his mother got the hots for him and he could not visualize where this was going, and finally end.

He felt her heart beating harder. Then; his mother grabbed her son’s hand and with both hands lifted her skirt and pasted his hand against the gusset as she separated her legs just enough. Sam was shocked when he felt the wet panties which she was wearing. She guided his hand, pressing it harder against her covered dripping pussy and pressed her legs together.

In no time she did cum. Sam was shocked. He did not expect such a situation. It was bad enough doing it with his sister and cousin.

They were looking at each other, watching and waiting for any others emotions. His mother’s lips got closer. Sam’s dick got harder, ready and expecting to beat what his master was trying to resist. As their lips met, they stuck to each other. They parted a little while their tongues got entwined as his mother’s legs closed tight with his hand confined between them, pressing harder against her burning crotch.

What his mother felt was the sense of her love to her son. She was also envious for what he had hanging between his legs. Her brain was filled with dreams, visualizing what he had done with the three young ladies he had invited to her home. She wanted details, although she had seen enough in her dreams, as the hours of the day passed by.

At last their lips broke away. Sam noticed that his mother’s body trembled as he felt her legs pressing his hand tighter against her dripping pussy.

‘Mum… tell me the truth. Did you touch yourself?’

‘What do you mean son?’ she rather asked trying to protect herself.

‘I want the truth mum. You are so wet down there, so drenched, not even a first time girl will be so wet.’

‘Am I under interrogation?’

‘You know I love you very much mum, but I want the truth.’

His mother told him how hot she had been the last two days, thinking of her son making love to a bevy of young ladies. She told him, that recently, whenever she made love to her husband, she dreamed of nothing more except that she was making love to her son.

Sam was shocked but said nothing, except looking at his loving mother. He knew what she wanted, but he was in a dilemma. Above all, she was his loving mother. They kept looking at each other.

The ice was broken when simultaneously they smiled. His mother’s legs relaxed and slightly parted.

Sam did not pull his hand away. His dick became harder as Sam started to massage his mother’s pussy. She moaned as she separated her legs further. Sam’s hand became so wet it slid between the gusset and the flesh of her swollen labia.

Carefully and cautiously he massaged her hot slit comfortably, as he had the available space. Their eyes never broke contact. They were watching each other as the temperatures were rising. He inserted two fingers into her waiting twat and that was what his mother wanted. Her body exploded and she moaned, trying to keep the body noises to the minimum, but not the movements.

Pulling his fingers from inside his mother’s vagina, he dragged her behind him straight toward his sister’s bedroom. As they entered, the smells of the day’s sexual activities were still present.

As much as his mother wanted him, he wanted her. There never was such magnetism between them, Kars Escort except the motherly love. There was no going back. Both of them tore their clothes off their bodies and in seconds they were naked. Sam pushed his mother on the bed, her legs hanging on the side. He opened them wide and stuck his tongue between the folds of her swollen smelly drenched pouty lips.

With a first quick look at the door from where he was both conceived and born; he felt a great feeling of satisfaction. He kissed the whole area around her vagina. “This is the place from where I came.” He thought.

He kissed his mother’s sacred orifice. Not one kiss but many. Then he looked at his panting mummy as she pulled her legs further towards her body, making sure she was wide open. Sam kissed her again and again. The more his lips touched her pouty lips the stronger her body trembled.

Sam loved every moment of what was happening, although in the back of his mind, it was still wrong. He moved on his knees on the bed until he came to her still attractive breasts. Her nipples were hard, rather mature but still pointing upwards.

He kissed the right first and then the left. He went back to the right and started to suck it lightly like a small baby would have done. He rolled it between his lips trying to keep his teeth away. He did not look at his mother but kept his lips there suckling on his mother’s nipple visualizing the hot milk flowing into his mouth.

His mother wanted to shout and cry. She had tears escaping from her eyes as she felt her son’s lips enacting those unforgettable days, when her nipples fed her babies. Her eyes were closed but the feelings were flowing through her blood, bringing back great treasured and cherished memoires of her pride, when she held her new born babies.

Sam’s mouth moved from one nipple to another. He knew what his mother was thinking, but he also knew what she was expecting. He let her nipples free and moved in a sixtynine position, letting his phallus hanging down over his mother’s face while his mouth started to lick her dripping pussy.

The smell was intoxicating. She had been a whole day, during which she had touched herself a few times, or more than a few times. She had her son’s monster cock hanging there over her mouth and her eyes delight.

She grabbed it with her hand and kissed it many times along its length. “It was in the family tradition.” She thought and then took it between her lips and started to suck it as she took more and more of its length until she gagged.

Sam started to suck and sample the taste of the flowing juices which had been flowing out of his mother’s vagina, not to mention those that had dried and stuck to her swollen lips. The immediate feeling of her son’s mouth and tongue on her vaginal area sent shivers of pleasure to her entire body.

On the other hand the feeling of his mothers tongue on his hard cock was not making things any better but rather more uncomfortable. He realized that she was a well educated as cock sucker and wondered from where his sister inherited her mother’s master’s degree in the same subject.

While his mother became wild, Sam’s became uncontrollable. He was trying to avoid blowing himself again and the next day, his manhood was expecting another busy day.

He pulled away his mouth as also his dick from his mothers mouth, turned around and instantly filled his mother’s vagina to the brim. He pressed and pushed everything he had, deep inside her. Her vaginal muscles contracted and held him like in a vice, being totally one body with his loving mother. They were two bodies which again became connected and became again, one body as once were.

Their eyes met and took time to focus on each other. Sam relaxed, took a deep breath and was relieved. He changed his brain’s actions to a loving motherly way, rather than to carnal desires. He kissed her like a son on her cheeks. She hugged him like a son. Their bodies became endowed with that intimate mother-son feeling. The sexual heat had calmed. The connected feelings became different.

They kissed again, even a kiss with their lips while he felt his mother relaxing her vaginal muscles. He pulled his cock slowly backwards until it was nearly all the way out and in the same relaxed serene way he pushed it all the way, deep inside his mother’s portal of love. They played this game a few times while they enjoyed the feelings of the friction between their organs as they slide against each other. They became so relaxed that except for the conductivity between their organs; they felt that harmonious relaxation which both could never believed.

During the last days Sam had made nothing more than aggressive love and he knew that his mother was always very aggressive when she was in the mood to make love to her husband.

Something had changed between them. Their body’s hormones realized that they are not enjoying sexual love but a mother-son union. They continued with the movement, the thrusts Kars Escort Bayan in and out of his mother’s vagina. They were co-ordinating the movements together; that special bond of love between them was getting more secured. At times they even forgot about their genitals, although their movements never stopped. The body to body connection was still there. They were still one body until a flood of energy suddenly exploded within their bodies. They exploded into the higher heavens as they cum together. There were no shouts or cries; their mouths were still locked together; their bodies trembled and even the bed did so; while floods of love juice and sperm flooded the inside of his mother’s portal of procreation.

They stayed there on top of each other while they rested, until their bodies hunger for each other started to subside; the blood pressure started to calm down while his mother thought of that night when she conceived him.

They took sometime before their bodies disengaged from each other. No words were said. They went to different bathrooms, showered and cleaned themselves, although the aftermath of their actions were still felt within their bodies.

Silently they had dinner. Later, they kissed and both went to their respective bed rooms. Nothing else happened until he woke in the early morning. Silently he done the morning cores; drank a mug of milk together with some cereals and left, while his parents were still asleep.

Sam never told neither his sister nor Lydia about the intimate connections he had with his mother.


With Lydia being satisfied after the morning’s first encounter I was wondering what was being expected during the rest of the long day. I knew that Lydia was expecting me to narrate in detail, what took place at Hera’s farm. It was the last sexual activity before I had to leave for the north. Since that day I never became interested to meet Hera again, although every now and then I remembered the education and principles she had passed to me and which I treasured. She thought me how to respect the women I am with. She thought me how make love to women and send them crazy while respecting the ethics. I done so, and I am not sorry of doing so, as they kept coming for more.

‘Lydia, this is a great adventure. Don’t ask questions, just enjoy until I finish. When you get too hot; silently, let me know. I will stop recounting my dirty life and we make love again and again if the need be.’ I instructed Lydia.

Hera, for the last time.

Hera picked Sam at Kifisia station and not a word was uttered between them, at least not until they were about halfway to the farmhouse. Sam became a little agitated, rather worried. Hera did not look the same. She was nervous. They only said good morning to each other as he got into her car and she drove off.

For Sam, Hera did not look normal. There was that something which wasn’t the same, like it was last Sunday. On that Sunday she looked great, fantastic. She just wanted to make love, teach him new things. Teach him how to go around women, what women prefers and what they feel. Now she was silent. There was something, like ‘is she coming against her will’ sort off. Had she realized that it was just an illicit dream? An illicit encounter with a young kid! What?

‘Hera; you don’t seem to feel the same like you did last Sunday? Is there something wrong?’ Sam decided to break the monotony during what was becoming a long monotonous drive.

‘What do you mean, Sam?’ Hera asked back.

‘You don’t feel as happy as last time?’ Sam asked again.

‘Sam, I feel great and don’t worry. As soon as we arrive we are going to make wild love. I promise you; it’s going to be better; much better than last Sunday.’

‘Are you sure of what you’re saying?’ Sam asked rather not yet, convinced.

‘From the moment I dropped you home last Sunday, I dreamed of nothing more, except being filled with that beautiful tool you got hanging there between your legs. I knew that today it was going to be the last day we could be together. Sam I want you, like a crazy woman in love. How were your last two days? What did mum say when arrived home last Sunday?’ Too many questions Hera asked to satisfy Sam’s bad feelings

‘She wanted to know where I had spent the day.’ Sam answered.


‘I told her the truth.’

‘And what was her answer?’ Hera continued with her questioning, trying to hold that air of excitement.

‘When I explained what happened, she was happy. She was only shocked when I mentioned that I had spent the day with a very experienced married woman.’

‘You’re rascal! What else happened at home?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Sure mum told you other things?’ She asked again.

‘Nothing, which was really important. Whatever she said, it does not concern you.’ Sam tried to deviate from giving her the actual happenings.

‘And what happened the last two days? Did you hook any girls?’

‘Well, I can Escort Kars say no, not even one; but yes, I was hooked by quiet a few. Hera you were right. What I never imagined or bothered about before, it all started happening. There were girls, looking; others teasing, some even came close and they even whispered sexy dirty words in my ear, including one; she mashed her hand by my crotch.’

‘Wow Sam. I told you that you are such a handsome guy. Give them a look and all will be queuing. I for one I did the same. So tell me how many did you fuck or made love to?’ She finally asked.

‘The first one I hooked was at the station on the way to the University. Then I was hooked again by the receptionist.’ Sam started recounting some of the details of what really happened during the last two days.

‘I am very happy for you Sam. But when you arrive in Thessaloniki you will have to work very hard if you want to keep up your grades, so better be careful and choose right. Most girls will not be looking for sex or a one night stand. They will be looking for a long term relationship, probably without any sex, until the start of the honeymoon.’

‘I know that. Just like you.’

‘That is right Sam, just like me. You did not tell me what happened with your mum.’

‘Hera, are you still curious about what happened or better, about what was said?’ Sam asked.

‘To tell you the truth Sam, I am a very curious woman.’

‘Well, first she gave me some lessons. Then she wanted to know if I had inherited her family’s gene, so she wanted to have a look…’

‘What do you mean Sam?’ Hera asked.

‘Well, she wanted to see my manhood if it is bigger than normal, as according to family traditions it was something which is inherited; always according to mum. When she saw it she held it in her hands. She was so delighted that I was so endowed or better; blessed with nature’s creation.’ Sam tried to answer without going into nitty gritty of the details.

‘And, how’s about your sister’s incest relationship with you?’

‘Well, I was shocked. Mum knew everything and said that incest was also a family tradition. I was shocked, more than mum did. At least she knew that I was seduced; and she was very happy with the decision I took, to go and continue my studies in Thessaloniki.’ Sam answered.

By the time they arrived at the farmhouse Sam gave her a good indication of what he went through during the last two days. She was elated with what Sam had achieved and the professional way he dealt with the young ladies, who all seamed to return home, sexually satisfied.

‘So mum not only gave you the green light but also let you bring the ladies home to fuck. You must have a very understanding mum. Sam.’

Hera had told Sam about the two turbulent days she spent thinking about the day they had spent together enjoying the pleasures of the flesh. Furthermore she also described the many times she day dreamed and what were they going to do that day,, as she massaged her pussy.

She was also on the brink of phoning Sam, asking him if she could meet him somewhere, and do it in the car; but she resisted the idea as it could had produce regret, distress, call it what you like. So she decided to wait for the day they had agreed. At least when they closed the door of the farmhouse she felt relieved.

Within minutes they were both naked and entwined together on the mattress under the shading of the vine trees and the hanging bunches of grapes. She just lay down on her back. Sam looked at her beauty as she started to open her legs while discretely watching him; as he devoured her beauty with his eyes.

At last, her legs were wide open. Her hands were helping to hold them towards her body for the most exquisite view. The petals between her labia magiora were obviously wet. They were there between those glorious swollen lips, waiting to be cuddled and massaged, or maybe ready to be separated as Sam’s dick was ready to plough between them and into Hera’s body. They were waiting to be separated and penetrated. She wanted him straight in; no foreplay. She had already indicated that she had been ready, since she was back home Sunday night.

She continued to pull her legs further towards her torso, holding them from behind her knees as she spread herself totally wide open. Sam knelt between her legs and closely looked at that magnificent piece of architecture, which only nature could produce. He devoured its beauty with his own eyes as he starred at it, very closely. He put his lips close, so close that her hot body trembled as she felt the hot air which he breathed out. He kissed it as his mouth touched her swollen lips, lightly. She was so hot; she exploded in a huge orgasm. She moaned; cried and shook, as her body felt like an earthquake in itself.

Hera was so hot, that every touch was multiplied like getting a thousand volts of electricity. She was not in a state to wait. Sam could not believe what had happened to her, since Sunday. She was never so hot and anxious to be fucked; she could not wait. She was stretching her legs wide open, so Sam could make love to her like never before. She wanted him so much; she wanted to feel his manhood filling her to the brim and shooting his hot sperm, straight into her womb.

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