Aunt Janet’s Dirty Boy Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Part 2 of the scene.

Thanks for reading.

GA – Da Nang, Vietnam – 21st of October 2017.


I couldn’t speak when I found her. My aunt was in her bedroom and, despite my enthusiasm and flaming desire, my nerve failed when I saw her.

When I arrived, holding my jeans up at my waist, Aunt Janet was dabbing at the mess on her skirt. She was busy and didn’t notice my presence So I just stood there, staring, insides swirling like a washing machine until my aunt looked up.

Her eyes held my gaze and, while my aunt stared back at me, time seemed to lose all definition. Reality turned elastic, all of a sudden. Seconds or minutes. Days, weeks, or years. I have no idea how long we stayed that way. Both of us just looking across the surreal expanse of space-time between us. I wanted to look away, but couldn’t.

Aunt Janet stood with a hand towel balled in her fist, cum on her skirt, the gloopy string drying in her hair.

After an eternity, I saw Janet’s throat work as she swallowed heavily. Then she said, “Got a bit carried away, didn’t we?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant. To my ears it sounded ambiguous. Was she saying she regretted what had happened between us, or was she just making light of it out of embarrassment?

While I struggled to formulate some response, my aunt went on. She asked, “How do you feel?”

I didn’t have an answer and, the end, I just shrugged and gave a shake of my head.

I saw fear in her eyes when Janet said, “Do you hate me?”

The question made me blink because amid all the surprise and confusion and other stuff going on, hate was the furthest emotion away from what I felt at that time.

It took some doing, but I got the words out after a bit of an effort. “No, Aunt Janet,” I said.

It got awkward after that. I felt silly and self-conscious. I wanted more but didn’t have the confidence to just go in and grab her. My aunt was in her late thirties, a year or two younger than my mother while I was nineteen. Experience on my part was a limited commodity, and that lack of worldly knowledge had a bearing on my response. I wasn’t sure what Aunt Janet was thinking, how she might react if I did or said something wrong.

Eventually, my aunt gave me a half-smile, a rueful grin before she said, “Do you want to come in?” When I didn’t move, she added, “You might as well, Mikey. You’re making the place look untidy. And I suppose we’re going to have to talk about it at some point.” My aunt shrugged. “Might as well be now.”

So I stepped into her bedroom, unsure, trepidation and lust a curious mix sloshing around.


We sat on her bed, side-by-side. Not as close as we’d been in my room, but close enough so that the same sensations welled inside me. I might have only just come, but my cock was thick and capable, pumped up with need.

“So, tell me, Mikey, did you … uhm … enjoy what went on?”

It was strange to see my aunt so unsure, but desire saw me through any uncertainty on my part.

“It was fantastic, Aunt Janet,” I gasped.

My aunt pouted and said, “But don’t you think it’s a bit wrong? Well, a lot wrong,” she went on with a wry chuckle. “You know, me being who I am. What just happened isn’t what people are supposed to do. We’re family, Mikey.” Aunt Janet barked a laugh, the sound startling me. “I wouldn’t have believed it myself,” she told me. “I don’t know, Mikey; I think I might be a little bit touched in the head. I got carried away. Went a bit crazy, I suppose.”

“Are you sorry, Aunt Janet?”

She paused and looked to be thinking about it. “I wouldn’t say I’m sorry about it, Mikey. Surprised at myself, yes. Worried about you talking about it to anyone else, too. If it got out-“

I blurted out, “I won’t say anything,” stopping her short.

My aunt pulled a face and looked doubtful. “I’m sure you mean it, but these things do have a tendency to trip us up. After a couple of drinks, when it doesn’t seem to matter. You might be talking to one of your friends…”

“Aunt Janet, I won’t,” I said, emphatic. I remembered the look on her face, her focused enthusiasm and, on a rush of excitement, asked, “Did you enjoy it?”

I gulped and felt the dark urges rise up in a hot tide at the tone in her voice when, after a pause, she croaked, “It turned me on so much, Mikey. Your lovely cock … All that spunk … The noises you made.”

To hear my aunt say “cock” and “spunk” caused yet another pulse of desire through my dick. Regardless of what had already passed between us, it was still weird to hear her use those bad words.

“I liked it, too,” I said, need making me bold. “Really liked it, Aunt Janet.”

“I saw,” she said, her tone heavy with need.

The sentences gurgled out of me like filthy water down a drain. “I want more, Aunt Janet,” I said. “I want to do things with you.”


At first I thought I’d said something wrong. My aunt’s focus flicked away from me. She chewed on her lower lip, expression distant and distracted, like she was thinking. She gulped, throat working, Eskişehir Escort her attention going to the door.

Then she looked at me and asked, “Do you know how serious that would be, Mikey?”

“Serious? What do you mean?”

“The consequences, sweetheart. If anyone ever found out. Incest isn’t something we want to be caught doing. It would be ruinous for both of us. If your mother knew, Mikey. God, there’d be ructions. There would be no recovery from a secret like that getting out.”

“It would be bad if she found out about what’s already happened, Aunt Janet,” I reminded her.

My aunt’s eyes narrowed. “Are you planning on blackmail, Mikey?”

The question took me by surprise. “Nuh-no,” I stammered into the blue frost of her stare. “I wouldn’t … I’m not…”

Janet sighed and slowly shook her head. She relaxed, attention remaining fixed on my face. “God, you’re right,” she breathed. “Wanking you off is almost as bad as it gets. I can’t imagine she’d be too pleased.”

I had nothing to say. I was still reeling, still more than a little confused, not to mention the hot rush of desire and temptation I felt to lunge in and maul at her breasts.

“Oh, Mikey,” Aunt Janet sighed. “It would be an insane thing to do. My nephew? The two of us…? Together?”

Sensing that my aunt was wavering, I blurted out an urgent, “I’ll never tell anyone, Aunt Janet. I promise. I swear…”

“God,” Janet said while she winced and shook her head side-to-side. “You better bloody not, Mikey.”

And when she turned to face me square on, her boobs aimed right at me, I knew I had her.

Especially when my aunt mumbled, “I must be fucking crazy to even think about this,” and moved in close for a tentative kiss.


Time did that stretchy thing again. Everything distorted, my universe shrinking to the four walls around us. Reality slewed like I’d swallowed a pill, a mind-bending drug. I heard the rustle and sigh of Aunt Janet’s clothing as she broke away from that tender, almost shy kiss and rose to her feet. Her expression was unreadable as she tilted her face towards me, fingers going to the zip at the side of her skirt.

“I’m not as thin as I used to be,” Aunt Janet said. “You’ll be used to skinny, perfect girls, not old women,” she added, her gaze locked on my face.

“I think you’re lovely,” I told her, willing Janet to unzip the skirt. “Please,” I breathed.

Janet thrust her chin towards the window and the world beyond. “Do me a favour,” she said. “Go and draw the curtains.”

I got off the bed and did as she asked. I closed it all out, pulled the curtains together so that the sense of a condensed universe got even tighter. Then, when I turned to face my aunt, with enough daylight filtering in I could still see her quite clearly, I saw she’d removed her skirt and was standing there in her blouse and briefs and shoes, expression uncertain.

Janet confirmed her anxiety by whispering, “Are you sure I’ll do?”

Which is when I went to her and grasped her around the waist, my eyes moving from the precipitous cleavage up to her face.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” I said on a growl.

And then we were kissing, my hard-on pressed against my aunt’s thigh.


The bold move to kiss my aunt must have been the right thing to do. I grabbed her and put my mouth down on hers, my cock against her leg. As desire raged inside me, I felt my aunt go tense, our lips mashed together until she then suddenly gasped and just about sucked my tongue out by the root.

Aunt Janet went berserk. Not in any angry, crazy, violent way. No, what she did was moan and groan and grind up against me, her tongue writhing and swirling with mine, hands moving over my back while I got all brave with desire and squeezed both her buttocks.

“God, this is so fucking insane,” my Aunt Janet muttered, her stare on my face.

I had her in a tight embrace. Only just able to hold onto coherent thoughts while the beast raged within.

“I want to fuck you,” I said, gasping it out. “I don’t care about anything else.”

The kissing started again. Incredibly, even hotter and more desperate than the previous time. We grappled and moaned, pressed our bodies together, my aunt’s skin under my fingers when I slid my hands into her briefs. I squeezed the cheeks of her rump, the tip of my right forefinger slipping into the heat between her legs as I probed and fingered the taboo territory between her thighs.

I found her sodden in her excitement, my hand moving around to the front, Janet’s pubic bush crinkly under my palm.

“Dirty boy,” Aunt Janet groaned. She wriggled against me, actively rubbing her clit over my digits. “Finger my twat,” she said before she grimaced and moaned. “Play with it, Mikey. Tickle my clitty.”

I went at it using my limited experience and a lot of instinct, and my aunt’s mumbles and moans and the way she squirmed under my touch gave me more clues about how to proceed. My cock felt like it would explode with pent up longing as I rubbed Eskişehir Escort Bayan Janet’s vulva, a finger slipping and sliding over the nub of her clit before she grabbed my wrist and physically led me to insert a digit inside her.

“Rub me right there,” she grunted, eyes glazing over.

Aunt Janet’s expression went all strange and dreamy, somehow feral yet slack at the same time. She sucked on her lower lip, hips working back-and-forth so she could fuck against my hand, a small area of roughness under the tip of the fingers I had buried inside her.

I’m not sure how long we were stood that way. I was too busy doing my best to give my aunt pleasure, as well as trying to imprint all these new and exciting sensations onto my memory. It might have been minutes or it might have been seconds, but, in the end, with a snort of frustration, my aunt disengaged and stepped back.

“We’re going to do this,” my aunt snarled, determined.

Then she hauled down her knickers to expose her dense black bush.

I boggled, shocked to see my aunt’s intimate place, the surprising hairiness of it sending a jolt of yearning through my core.

Her snarled instruction brought my focus back from the luxuriant triangle of dark hair up to her face. “Get your clothes off, Mikey,” she said. “No more fucking about. If we’re doing this, we’re doing it right.”

“Oh God, Aunt Janet,” I groaned when she unbuttoned the blouse.

“Yes,” she smirked, the blouse parachuting to the floor, “you wanted to see my tits, didn’t you, dirty boy. Well,” she added, unclasping the bra. “Here they are.”

All I had to do was step out of my jeans, which were around my ankles. My aunt held out her hands to stop me from launching myself at those weighty orbs, her breasts swaying as she stood and allowed me to feast my eyes on her bountiful curves. “Clothes off, Mikey,” she reminded me. “Naked. Now.”

I undressed in a hurry, eager to get to my aunt. I wanted to devour her. To kiss and suck and touch. I wanted to get her onto her back so I could spread her legs and get my tongue into her body. The dense matt of fur between her legs excited me, but I wanted to slurp at her essence, to lap at her sex and taste her need.

I’d never licked a woman before, and then, of course, what I ultimately desired was to sink my length into her molten embrace, to slide in up to my balls before I began rutting in earnest.

When I was naked, my dick waggling around in front of me, tumescence revived, I went to my aunt and kissed her, again.

“Incest, Mikey,” my aunt breathed. Her breasts spilled over my fingers and palms while she cranked at my dick with one of her hands. “Isn’t it just wicked?”

“I don’t care what it’s called,” I said, gurgling my need. “I just want to fuck you.”

My aunt smirked at me and winked. “Oh, sweetheart, we’re going to do that, don’t you fret. We’re going to fuck and a lot more besides. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb,” Aunt Janet added.

I sucked at her teats, the nipples long and thick as they showed her desire. I moaned around a mouth full of tit-flesh, my fingers back inside Janet’s body, working away at that little rough patch that she seemed to love being fingered so much. By then we were on the bed, skin gliding under my palm when I explored her contours, my brain finally catching up with events.

“I can’t believe this,” I gasped.

Aunt Janet broke away from me. “What? Can’t believe what?”

“You’re my aunt.”

Janet sat up, boobs swinging and rolling. She looked at me, serious. “Do you want to stop?”

I felt a flash of panic when, just for a moment, I thought it was all going wrong. “Stop! No way,” I cried.

“Good,” Janet said with a smirk. “Because neither do I.” She ducked in and kissed my mouth, then added, “We can talk later, Mikey. But, for now, how about we get down to the nitty-gritty?”


She was on her back, legs folded at the knees, fingers splaying her folds so the scarlet flesh contrasted in a shocking way with dark forest of hair. My aunt smirked and then winced when she teased her clit with the tip of a finger. The coins of her areolae were puckered with obvious need, nipples elongated points while her eyes flashed fire.

“Are you going to put it in, or are you going to kneel up there and stare all afternoon?”

I blinked, a hand jacking my dick. I’d been gawping, transfixed, stunned by my aunt’s body and the look on her face.

“You’re so gorgeous,” I mumbled, the words clotted and thick.

“Sweet-talker,” Aunt Janet replied. “You can keep saying that all you want, Mikey. I love hearing you tell me I’m lovely.” She worked at her clit and then slid two fingers inside. I watched for a few seconds, the dark urges roiling and bubbling. Aunt Janet’s wrist was cocked so she could get at that spot with her fingers. She was up on one elbow, rocking back-and-forth, boobs swaying in that peculiar way I would become so familiar with. The jiggling flesh brought forth a deep groan from my chest.

“I Escort Eskişehir want to taste it,” I growled, cranking my dick.

Then I was down there snuffling and snorting. I lapped at my aunt like a thirsty dog at a bowl, her squeak of delight telling me I was doing okay. I thought it was wonderful down at that place. My first taste of a woman and it was my own beautiful aunt.

“That’s lovely, Mikey,” Aunt Janet told me after a few minutes. “But I think we should do it now. I … I want to feel you inside me. It’s going to be such a wicked, dirty thing … It’s incest. It’s so wrong and exciting.”

The moment of truth was upon us. I knew I had to move in and consummate our immoral, clandestine and very delicious relationship. My aunt was going to become my lover. I was going to fuck my mother’s sister.

“We can never, ever tell,” Aunt Janet whispered as I held myself over her body. “This has to be our secret, Mikey.”

“I promise,” I gasped, my cock touching her flesh. “I love you,” I groaned, the words rising from nowhere.

My aunt’s eyes were wide as she looked from where my cock-head nudged her sex up to my eyes and then down again. “That’s just you being randy,” muttered my aunt. Then she added, “Oh dear, we’re actually going to do it. This is so unreal.”

Janet reached up with the arm that wasn’t supporting her weight. She hooked her fingers around my neck, gaze locking on mine. We kissed as she eased her hips up towards me, her body taking half of my dick.

“Don’t love me yet,” Aunt Janet grunted when she took all of me in. “This first time I just want to fuck. I’m too fucking worked up to love.”

I heard her say “first time”, which meant we were going to do this more than once, and elation burst in my chest.

Then we were moving, my aunt shunting her pelvis, boobs rolling.

Sweet sensations spread through my body, the focus down at my cock while the fucking started to get urgent and more robust.

We both got into the rhythm. We grunted and gasped, moaned and mumbled while our flesh slap-slapped together. I kissed my aunt, slurping at her tongue with obscene hunger. I was desperate to be inside her. It wasn’t enough to be in her body up to my nuts, my cock slippery with the slick mix of our lust. Nor was it sufficient to have my tongue stuck in her mouth. I needed to possess my Aunt Janet. To meld with her body and spirit.

“Come if you need to,” my aunt squealed up into my face. Her tummy was creased with the little spare flesh that she carried at her middle, boobs swinging and rippling when I kept up the furious beat of my cock into her body. Both her feet were up off the bed, toes pointed, her weight on her elbows and forearms. Aunt Janet must have recognised the signs of my impending climax, seen it in the grimace of urgency I could see in her face, too. I must have been making some sort of bestial noises, grunts and moans and maybe a bad word or two. “If you come it’ll get me there as well,” my aunt told me while she rubbed at her clit and fell back onto the bed. “But if you want to keep fucking…” she finished.

In response, after another long, slurping kiss, I moaned at my aunt while saying, “I don’t ever want this to stop.”

A moment later, after some quick, athletic moving around, I found myself standing at the foot of the bed, my aunt on her hands and knees, her hips in my hands while she fucked back onto my dick. Janet reached under her body and fingered her bean while I watched in awe when her buttocks rippled under the force of her thrusting.

When Aunt Janet started to buck and squeak, I leaned in low over her back so I could hold her heavy breasts in my palms. She sobbed out her joy while I mauled at her tits, with Janet juddering in the throes of her orgasm, my cock spitting whatever juice I had left into her body.

We groaned and mumbled nonsense together until the violence diminished. After that, both of us sucking in air, we collapsed onto the bed, me spooning my aunt, her rump up against my stomach.

After a minute, or maybe a little longer, when we’d both calmed enough for coherent speech, my aunt rolled around so we were face-to-face and, strange as it may seem after we’d been so intimate together, I felt shy and a little awkward when she fixed her blue eyes on my face.

“Bloody hell, Mikey,” Janet breathed, gazing at me. “What have we just done?” She sucked in a breath and let it out on a long exhale. “We can’t ever take it back, you know. This is always going to be there.”

I felt a rush of affection for my aunt. I didn’t care about any of that. I was just thrilled to have experienced her ripeness.

“You do realise how serious this is, don’t you?” She asked the question after I articulated my feelings and then moved in quick to kiss her mouth.

“I think so,” I said.

I could tell my aunt was worried, and I did my utmost to reassure her it would all be okay. We then kissed some more, languid instead of the desperate slurping and sucking it had been during the sex. I ran a palm over her skin and savoured the silky texture while also exploring Janet’s curves. Then we dozed, slipping deeper into sleep, tender endearments having passed between us. Neither one of us wanted to stop the affair, which is what Janet called it. Although she kept on telling me how careful we would have to be, how very dangerous it was.

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