Aunt Laura Ch. 02

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All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.

Brad got to the country and western bar promptly at 9:00. He was really excited to be meeting Beth. He was walking a little gingerly when he got there because his balls were still gently aching. His aunt had worked him over pretty good in the shower. He still was at a loss as to how she had made him come so much. But she had. He hoped he wasn’t too exhausted to enjoy his evening with Beth. But one thing was for sure. He wasn’t going to get off again prematurely. Aunt Laura had seen to that.

The bar was pretty busy. Not like the week before when it had been packed. But still there were plenty of people there. Brad walked around and soon spotted Beth at a little stand-up table in a corner of the bar. There was a very pretty woman standing there with her. She was talking very seriously to Beth as Brad approached them.

Beth looked up, saw him walking over and gave him a radiant smile. She stepped away from the table, took Brad’s arm and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hi ‘ya. I’m glad you got here…” she said with sparkling eyes.

“This is my friend Jenny. Jenny…this is Brad.”

“Hi Brad. Beth’s been telling me about you. She says you’re a pretty good dancer. I hope you can handle both of us.”

“Well she may have been exaggerating just a little. She was making me look good last week but that was then and this is now.”

“Oh I’m sure you’re just being modest Brad. You sound just like my husband Dave. Except when he says he can’t dance he’s being generous. Where the heck is he anyway…” Jenny said looking around expectantly.

By now Brad had had a chance to look at Beth’s friend properly and there were two things about her that he found quite striking.

Jenny was wearing cut-off jeans, little sneakers and socks as well as a plum colored, spandex top.

Brad wasn’t totally sure but his guess was that Jenny was pregnant. Maybe three or four months. He didn’t know. He wasn’t good at these things. She wasn’t showing a lot but there was a very well defined bulge just above her little shorts. Also, her breasts looked noticeably swollen on a girl who otherwise had such a slender frame. Brad was only guessing but he thought those prominent orbs were probably a full cup size bigger, if not more, than they had been a couple of months earlier.

She looked positively glowing and full of life. This was especially striking in her sparkling green eyes. Brad had never seen eyes so vibrantly colored and every time she looked at him he couldn’t turn his eyes away from her.

But when he wasn’t staring at Jenny he was ogling Beth who looked every bit as gorgeous as she had when he met her last week. She was wearing stiletto heels, smoky grey stockings and a black leather skirt that came down to just above her knee. The leather skirt accentuated the curve of her hips and her half moon shaped ass. Above that she was wearing a sleeveless grey satin top. The blouse had no buttons and gaped open from her neck to her waist. Under that she was wearing a strapless black satin bra that was straining mightily to contain her fulsome breasts. Brad had his hands full trying to look the statuesque beauty in the eye.

“Oh there he is!…” Jenny cried pointing to a tall gangly young man who was standing across the room waving at them. He was standing next to a booth that a waitress was clearing and he was trying to get their attention.

“He’s got us a table. Isn’t he the best! Come on Brad I want you to meet my guy…” Jenny enthused, grabbing Brad’s hand and pulling him behind her.

They left behind their drinks which were just about done anyway.

“Dave, this is Brad, Beth’s friend. Brad. This is my husband Dave.”

“Hello Dave. Nice to meet you. Jenny’s been threatening to drag me out on the dance floor but I’m thinking you’re probably a more likely victim than me. Congratulations by the way. I see you two are expecting.”

By now everyone was sliding into the booth, Brad and Beth opposite Jenny and Dave.

Dave must have ordered drinks because the waitress was returning with a pitcher of beer, three glasses and a glass of Coke for Jenny.

“Thanks Brad. We’re pretty excited. Sixteen weeks down and twenty one more to go. And can you believe it. I haven’t gained a single pound!”

Jenny punched him hard in the arm when he said that. At the same time she was leaning towards her husband. She had her shoulders back so that her creamy breasts were thrusting proudly out of the rounded cleavage of her top.

“I didn’t hear you complaining when you were playing submarine between these babies the other night!…” she said.

Dave’s cheeks turned so red they matched Beth’s gleaming lipstick

“Ahhh!…Geez Jenny!…These guys don’t want to hear about that stuff…” he stammered in embarrassment.

“Of course we do…” Beth replied. She went on…

“Do you need a snorkel or can we play right here?…”

“You don’t need a snorkel but how long can you hold your breath?…” Jenny Rize Escort replied mischievously.

For some reason the girls thought this was enormously funny and they both convulsed in laughter. From then on the conversation only got more raunchy and everyone was laughing and trying to outdo one another with inane remarks.

Brad felt immediately at ease with Beth’s friends and was just as animated as anyone.

As it got later and the crowd got more into the music the four young people spent a lot of time on the dance floor, Brad with Beth, Dave with Jenny, then they switched, then the girls took a turn together. The first pitcher of beer disappeared, as did the second. They were working on their third and Jenny was on God knows her umpteenth glass of Coke. Brad was out on the floor, stomping and spinning with her in time with some Scut Haggard song. Then the music abruptly segued to a slow song and Brad found himself with Jenny’s arms draped around his neck and her slightly bulging tummy pressing warmly into his.

“God. This is so much fun. Just like we used to have…” the vivacious red head murmured to Brad.

“Hey. You guys make a great couple. You’re going to be great parents. Anyone can see that.”

Jenny leaned back in Brad’s arms and looked at him appraisingly for a moment. Then she said…

“I probably shouldn’t say this Brad but Dave and I haven’t had sex in two months.”

Brad was a little taken a back by this candid confession and couldn’t think of a thing to say.

“Ever since I told Dave I was pregnant he won’t do it with me anymore. He says he’s worried about hurting the baby. I’ve shown him all the articles that say it’s perfectly O.K. but he say he’s not comfortable with it. Now all he wants is for me to go down on him. I mean I don’t have a problem with that. Oral sex is great but I have my needs too! We used to do it like rabbits, all the time. Out in the back yard, on the kitchen counter, in front of the TV, in the backseat of the car, in the front seat of the car, wherever!”

Brad was completely shocked by Jenny’s unexpected revelation. He really didn’t know what to say to all this. What he wanted to do was to get their conversation back on less intimate ground. But Jenny was on a rant now…

“Now he’s just like…’Let’s just wait ’til after you have the baby… Just to be sure… And by the way, do you think you could blow me?…’ I don’t understand how he can be so insensitive about this!.. It’s a real bummer…How can guys be so selfish?…”

“Jen…Why don’t we go back and sit down. I don’t know what to tell you but if there’s anything I can do to help you know I’d be more than happy.”

Jenny looked at Brad with another long, thoughtful look and then she let him lead her off the dance floor and back to their booth. They sat down next to each other on one side of the booth. Jenny squirmed around for a moment in her seat and then she reached down for Brad’s hand.

“Here. I want you to feel something…” she said.

She took Brad’s hand and pulled it over onto her stomach.

Brad was enthralled to feel how firm and smooth the rounded bump under her spandex top felt.

But then Jenny surprised him by moving his hand lower. In another moment Brad felt her steering his hand between her legs.

He gasped in surprise as he realized that Jenny had undone the button and the zipper of her little cut-off jean shorts. His eyes went wide as he felt her pressing his fingers through her wiry pubic hair and down into the center of her groin. He felt her little nylon panties drag over the back of his wrist as she guided his fingers to rest on her puffy slit.

Her green eyes were fixed excitedly on his as she whispered…”I am so hot for it. You have no idea. Curl your finger under. See how wet I am…”

“Ahhh…Jenny…I don’t think…I mean…I’m sure you’re just going through a little… Ahhh… rough patch right now and this probably isn’t a …Umm… a good idea you know!”

“Do it!…Just do it!…” the red-head hissed.

Brad didn’t want to cause a scene so he did as she asked. He curled his finger and slipped his finger tip into Jenny’s seething pussy. Her pursed little clam was satiny slick and closed on his intruding digit like it was trying to suck it in deeper.

“Oh yesss!…That’s what I’m talking about!..” Jenny enthused, her eyes sparkling with a feverish excitement.

“That’s what you’re talking about what?…” Beth asked, suddenly looming over the table from out of nowhere.

Brad looked up in total shock to see Beth and Dave manoeuvring around each other just before they sat next to their respective partners.

He tried to pull his hand out of Jenny’s crotch but she slammed her thighs on it and sank her sharp fingernails into the back of his wrist to keep it right where it was.

“Nahhh!…It’s nothing!…” he gasped in a barely audible voice.

“Clothes!…” Jenny said without missing a beat.

“What?…” Beth said with a very curious look.

“I was just Rize Escort Bayan telling Brad how hard it is to get the size I want now that I’m pregnant. Remember. I was saying something to you about that very thing before Brad got here…”

“Ummm. You did say something about that didn’t you…” Beth said. She looked at Brad’s crimson face and a funny sort of smile creased her lips.

“I told you Dave was useless about that sort of thing. Not feeling comfortable in the maternity department and all that. But Brad seems a little more interested. He said he thinks my wardrobe just needs a little tweaking…Well maybe a serious tweaking!…” Jenny went on, squirming a little on Brad’s prodding finger.

“Oh come on man. You can’t be serious…” Dave groaned in disbelief.

“Well…Yeah…I mean you gotta’ admit…Jenny could slip on just about anything and still look amazing…” Brad said, blushing uncontrollably as Dave’s wife’s juicy pussy fluttered around his reluctant finger.

“Well tuck my pleats! Beth… you didn’t tell us you invited Calvin Klein along tonight!…” Dave said laughing.

Beth didn’t answer right away. She was looking at her friend Jenny like she was trying to decide something. Then finally she smiled and gripping Dave’s arm said…” Come on you Neanderthal. If they’re going to talk ‘early term waistlines’ you and me might as well take another turn around the dance floor.

“Hey I know as much about insert panels as he does!”

But Dave’s enthusiasm wasn’t convincing and it didn’t take much coaxing on Beth’s part to lead him back to the dance floor.

Jenny and Brad remained where they were with Jenny holding Brad’s hand trapped between her clutching legs. She looked at him with steady eyes for a moment then she relaxed the pressure of her thighs.

Brad breathed a sigh of relief as he moved his hand away. Jenny continued looking at him as she did up her little shorts under the table. Then she stood up and took Brad’s hand in hers.

“Come on!…” she said, pulling Brad after her.

“But where…where are we going?…” he asked as Jenny led him to the back of the bar.

She didn’t answer him but marched down the hallway towards the bathrooms. She stopped at an exit door near the end of the hall and slammed it open. They were out in the parking lot and Jenny was pulling Brad across it.

Just beyond the illumination of the parking lot lights he could see a small park like area with a big commercial Bar-B-Q and a scattering of picnic tables. That was where Jenny was leading him.

“What will the others think?…” he asked nervously.

They’ll just think we’re out on the dance floor…”

Jenny pulled him over to one of the shadowed picnic tables. She turned to lean her butt against it and let go of his hand.

Even in the dim light Brad could see Jenny’s sparkling green eyes flashing wickedly.

“I want to show you something…” she said in a gravely murmur. And so saying she reached up with one hand and stretched her spandex top down towards her waist, baring one of her succulent tits.

“Holy shit!…” Brad gasped in surprise. Jenny’s creamy globe was capped with a large maroon aureole and a spiky pink nipple. The smiling red head hefted that pendular orb with both hands.

“Come a little closer baby! This is what I wanted to show you…” Jenny whispered. Squeezing the underside of that swollen orb with one hand, she started tweaking her nipple fairly roughly.

Brad was entranced with her shameless tit play. His cock stiffened up into crow bar like proportions in his pants. Hardly aware of what he was doing, he leaned down to look more closely at her temptingly displayed breast.

“Ready?…” she asked.

And then, before what Brad knew what was happening, a fine, thread-like jet of liquid sprayed from Jenny’s nipple onto his upper lip.

Without even thinking about it, Brad licked her breast milk up with his tongue. It was kind of watery and a little sweet. But just the fact that it was the product of Jenny’s exposed tit made Brad instantly hunger for more.

“Oh my God!…That’s amazing!…” he groaned.

“Isn’t it neat! I just started this week. But I’m leaking the stuff all the time…” Jenny said, gently squeezing her nipple and making a creamy trickle of milk spill across her aureole.

“We shouldn’t waste it…” she said, lifting her dripping breast toward Brad like an offering.

“Geez Jenny…We can’t!…” Brad whimpered, casting his eyes up anxiously to hers.

But the red head’s smile only grew broader as she said…”Don’t be so nervous. You know you want to.”

And with that she moved the hand that had been squeezing her nipple to the back of Brad’s head and pulled his face against her chest.

Instinctively Brad’s mouth opened wide and he inhaled as much of her creamy tit flesh into his mouth as he could.

“Ummm!…That’s it!…Suck on me!…” Jenny demanded.

Brad was already doing that, and with enthusiasm. His hands came up and he Escort Rize cupped them around Jenny’s. Now there were three hands caressing her swollen boob. He flipped at her hard nipple with his tongue trying to coax more of that mouth-watering syrup from her. But it wasn’t working. He mewed like a frustrated kitten.

“Suck it harder!…” Jenny hissed.

Brad didn’t want to be too rough but he did as she said. He even bit lightly into her puffy aureole.

“Yesss!…” hissed Jenny as electric darts of excitement lanced through her chest.

Brad’s efforts were rewarded.

“Mmm!…Mmm Hmm!…” he moaned in a guttural murmur as a steady stream of milky fluid poured into his mouth.

That watery nectar tasted ambrosial to Brad and he eagerly sucked for more.

“That’s it baby! Take all you want. But we’ll leave the other one for Dave. He can do that one later. He loves it too!…”

Brad hardly heard her, so rapt up was he in his feverish suckling. He didn’t notice it when Jenny undid her little jeans and dropped them around her ankles. Nor did he notice when she opened his pants and pushed them with his shorts down around his knees.

It was only when she hunched her butt back up onto the picnic table and his mouth popped off her breast with an audible slurp that he opened his eyes and looked around him.

His chin was dripping with Jenny’s creamy liquid as was the end of her still exposed boob.

She was propped on the table ahead of him in the most erotic pose he had ever seen.

She still had on her little sneakers which she had brought up onto the edge of the table, her knees raised high and spread wide. She was leaning back slightly on her hands. Her fleshy labia were swollen and were visibly pulsing as if they had a life of their own. Brad could clearly see the parted center of her opening. It was gleaming wetly with her juices.

He raised his eyes nervously to hers.

“Ahhh!…We should get back don’t you think?…They’re probably wondering where we are…”

Jenny didn’t say anything but she moved one hand down in front of her crotch and crooked her index finger at Brad invitingly.

“Come here baby!…You know what I want!…”

Brad bit his lip in hesitation. He was so nervous that it was all he could do to move just half a step closer to Jenny’s beckoning loins. But that was near enough.

The seductive red head’s little hand flashed out with serpent like quickness and closed around Brad’s erection.

“Oh God!… I need it so bad baby!…You have no idea!…” Jenny hissed as she pulled Brad towards her by his dick until she had the blunt nose of his tool nudging into her opening.

She pushed her encircling fist to the root of his shaft and pulled him into her.

“Nahhhh!…” Brad croaked at the feel of Jenny’s torrid flesh surrounding his sensitive cock crown.

“Yesss!…That’s it!…Put it in me!…Do it!…I can’t wait to feel your big cock filling me up!…It’s been too long!…” the red head groaned, biting her lower lip. She let go of the root of Brad’s tool and grabbed onto the front of his shirt with both hands. With her knees spread apart, she held herself wide open, eager for the thrust of the rigid tool that was just barely inside her.

Brad was a mass of conflicting emotions. There was Beth to think about and Jenny’s husband Dave. This girl was pregnant after all and he wondered fleetingly if he should be concerned about that.

But no matter how much he might have wanted to be a better man, he wasn’t. He closed his hands on Jenny’s and holding them tight he hunched forward into her smoldering cauldron.

“Oh yesss!…” Jenny cried as Brad’s engorged cock plowed into her.

“Nahhhh!…Oh Geez!….” Brad moaned, as Jenny’s greasy sheath spread then closed around the length of his meat. He held himself perfectly still inside her, marvelling at the searing heat that was scorching his length. His arousal was so great he could barely breathe.

“Shit yess baby!…Just…just hold still for a second…Ahhh!…Umm Hmm!…It’s…it’s been a while!…Oh Goddd!…” Jenny gasped, squirming on Brad’s plundering cock like a bug on a pin.

Brad did as he was told. He could distinctly feel the baby bulge pushing against his stomach and there was something incredibly arousing about that. He was so excited he was afraid that if he moved it would be all over even before he got started. And he didn’t think that would make the writhing young beauty beneath him very happy. So he held very still inside her.

But it didn’t take long for Jenny to adjust to his throbbing length. Soon she started using her hands to urge him to move inside her.

“I’m being such a bad girl aren’t I baby?…Letting you fuck me like this… What kind of a girl would let you do that?…Let you stuff her with your big cock when you hardly know her?…I can’t believe I’m behaving like such a whore?…And whore’s are there to be fucked aren’t they baby?…Is that what you’re going to do to me Brad?…Fuck me like a whore?…Fuck me stupid and then shoot a big load inside me?…I hope that’s what you’re going to do!..”

As she spoke Jenny had wound her hands tight in Brad’s shirt and was pushing him back and forth, working about half his length in and out of her receptive tunnel.

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