Aunty Anki’s Panty Trap

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I’ve been obsessed with my Aunt Ankita, we call her Anki for short since I turned 18. I was obsessed with her when she was married and the obsession remained after her husband disappeared and never returned. He must have died, because I would’ve crawled back just to be buried in Anki’s ass.

My aunt Anki is my mother’s sister, and though they’re only a year apart in age, they couldn’t be more different. Anki hates me calling her aunty and insists that I call her by name (or nickname in this case). We grew up quite close since Anki lived with us as I grew up. The only time we were separated was for the two years when she married and left the house.

I guess my obsession with Anki started with those lace panties. I saw them lying in our balcony and felt through the black lace and cotton panties feeling it between my fingers. I wanted to sniff them but I heard a sound, so I dropped them and left the balcony.

My timing could not have been better, because my mother saw the panties but didn’t see me at all. She screamed for Anki everywhere and they had a discussion about whose underwear it might be. Anki guessed that it was probably that slut Mrs. Gupta from two floors above us, and my mom seemed content with that guess.

I didn’t have to wait too long for the mystery to be solved though, because Anki pocketed the panties on the pretense of throwing them out. From then on I could only picture my aunty Anki in black lace panties for a while.

I had to risk a couple of forays into the laundry basket to get a sniff of some of her other underwear. I think my favourite was her pair of yellow cotton ones, because it felt like her pussy juices had soaked it every time and it had the strongest smell and nice feel to the cloth as well.

My adventure with Anki began when I stole one of her panties to jerk off to, it was another pair of black ones but cotton and with a lace trim but not the sexy ones like I’d seen those years earlier. My mom spotted me lurking in the laundry room and asked what I was doing there. I mumbled something about looking for some clothes and rushed away.

In my hurry, I was stopped by Anki’s voice, she said, ‘You dropped something.’

I turned to pick it up and froze as I saw Anki was nearly there bending to pick it up. Before I could even register what was happening I realised that I had dropped Anki’s panties. She picked them up and I just saw her jaw drop. Her mouth resembled an O for a few minutes but she was spared the need to say anything as my mom walked into the room. I don’t know where Anki hid the panties but they were out of sight.

Anki wouldn’t catch my eye, so I assumed the worst that she was going to tell my mom about this at some point, but the blow never came. I gave it plenty of time to settle down in the meantime, and things returned to normal, and neither of us mentioned it.

After a few weeks, I started to notice some strange behaviour from Anki though, she insisted that I call her Aunty. As if that wasn’t enough, she started imposing her presence on me wherever I went, like I was not to be trusted.

But one day, I realised what had changed. I had fallen asleep watching something and Anki was on the couch next to me. I could hear her moaning and grunting but it was stifled. I dared to shift a bit to see her and bursa escort it looked like she had her hand inside her pyjama shorts and was rubbing herself. The fingers of her other hand were in her mouth, which explained the stifled sounds.

The fact that my aunt was so horny she was masturbating next to me on the couch and that she hadn’t reported my panty crime emboldened me. I decided to push my luck.

Now I would lean into these situations where I could touch and feel Aunty Anki. When we were sitting next to each other, I’d leave a hand on her thigh or feel her hip and waist when I hugged her. She still had said nothing against it.

I don’t know if I would’ve been emboldened to do anything beyond just lingering touches and longing looks if it hadn’t been for one incident that sort of nudged me to actively engage with Anki aunty.

I had just come home after a few weeks away spent with friends in another city. I came home to a regular home and hugged my mum and then Anki aunty, as usual lingering a bit longer than usual before putting my things away and washing up. We had dinner together and sat down to watch TV. After a while my mom went to bed, but Anki aunty and I were still watching.

I went to get a snack from the fridge after a while and couldn’t find anything except icecream so I took a couple of cups for me and Anki aunty. When I went back Anki aunty wasn’t around though, so I put her cup next to me and went back to the show. I had thought Anki aunty might’ve gone to bed but she came back in a bit and sat down. She jumped back up a moment later with a tiny scream and clutching her bum.

She had sat in the icecream.

I apologised profusely and ran to get tissues. I came back and handed them to her one by one as she wiped the icecream off her nightie and I got to work on the couch. I muttered about how my mom was going to kill me and she spoke about how she loved the nightie but we both chuckled every now and then at the silliness of it.

‘This icecream better come off or I’ll make you get me a new one.’ Anki aunty said.

I don’t know how conscious this was but I said, ‘I don’t have the money, maybe I should just help you rub it off.’

Our eyes met briefly as we both laughed and my guess was she wouldn’t oppose it if I actually ‘helped’.

I swiftly grabbed another tissue and said, ‘Let me help aunty, it’s my own stupid fault anyway.’

She protested but mildly as I used the pretext of wiping down the back of her nighties to feel up her butt. I could feel her eyes boring into me but I didn’t look back. I just kept my focus on feeling her butt which was soft but firm and I was sure if I spanked or flicked it, it would jiggle. I could trace the outline of her panties through her thin nightie.

I could hear faint protests from her…

‘It’s fine…’

‘You don’t have to…’

‘Leave it…’


I slowly became aware that she wasn’t looking at me anymore, she was looking ahead with her head slightly bowed and had one hand on her chest and the other other on her stomach. Maybe I was just imagining it but her legs were a bit further apart.

I dropped the tissue and held her hip with my left hand and felt her butt with my right. I pushed my hand a pit further in between her legs dragging bursa escort bayan the fabric of the nightie with me sort of lodging it in her butt crack.

I traced my finger then down her crack and between her legs and with three fingers I started to rub her crotch area and put some pressure on it.

I heard a sharp intake of breath from aunty and saw her move her right hand over her mouth.

I started to rub her slowly, not really knowing what I was doing but just wanting to touch her and feel her reaction and be close to her. The nightie was wet both from the icecream but I could now smell a faint smell similar to the one I had from her panties. I wanted to smell it and taste her.

I kissed her butt and nuzzled her crack throught the fabric of her nightie. I let go of her hip and my left hand found the inside of her leg and started working up it under the nightie. Her stifled moans egged me on as my fingers met wet panties. I was so close to her pussy, I felt like I was dreaming.

Suddenly we heard a sound, it turned out to be nothing, but Anki aunty was spooked and she went into her room leaving me on my knees thinking of her.

Anki aunty didn’t seem any different to me the next day, but when I looked through my underwear drawer I found a pair of her pink panties, from the familiar smell I knew it was from last night. I was so turned on by it I must have cum in 10 seconds. I wiped it off with her panties and left it in her bag. It was a big risk but I’m guessing my mom didn’t find it.

I was sure I had the green light now so I was still taking every change to hug her or sit close to her as I could. I even pretended to fall asleep around her again, hoping she would begin masturbating at some point but to no avail. It became more difficult for me to find times when it was just Anki aunty and me in the room alone.

One night though, my mum and Anki aunty were playing a board game and Anki aunty was lying on her tummy opposite my mum playing. Her ass looked so inviting I wanted to pull off the tracks she was wearing and bury my face in it.

I sat down next to them on the floor and watched the game. Eventually, my mom went to bed once again leaving Anki aunty and me alone. On the pretext of getting her attention to ask what she wanted to watch I put my hand on her thigh.

As we watched something I began to slowly rub her thigh and I kept listening for any sounds from the bedroom. After a few minutes I threw caution to the winds. I knelt beside Anki aunty and put a couple of fingers in her mouth. She looked back and up at me.

I looked aunty in the eyes as I slid my hand into her pants and under her panties. I had a mild panic for a second when I reached from behind her and between her legs and thought she wasn’t wet, but as I probed I slipped under her labia and she was soaking. She sighed and sucked on my fingers. I withdrew my fingers from her pants and put them in my mouth while looking at her.

We began to kiss and our hands were roaming and trying to find every inch of each other as we did. It was months of pent up tension that we were putting into that kiss. We were both on our knees and as soon as we broke apart form the kiss I was kissing her neck and holding her close form the small of her back as I felt her writhe escort bursa in my arms.

We both stood up and faced Anki aunty away from me as I put both my hands on her boobs and caressed them as I kissed the nape and back of her neck. She took a sharp intake of breath when I pinched her nipple and rushed to put a hand over her moth to stifle the sound.

I continued to cup and squeeze her boobs and could feel her pressing her butt against me feeling my dick growing against it. I went back down to my knees and pulled her pants down. She looked down at me and it looked like she was trying to say ‘no…’ I could see the apprehension and excitement in her face. I ignored all the warning signs and started to rub her pussy.

She threw her head back and put her hands on my head running them through my hair. She sat down on the sofa and put aside her pants and underwear giving me better access to her pussy. I snuck the panties from the clothes she put aside as she directed my face towards her pussy.

I loved the smell and feel of it. I began to lick her earnestly, not really knowing what I was doing but she would move my face around using her had to direct me. She whispered ‘harder.. Softer… higher…’ and more instructions to me as I licked her pussy. When she began to moan I took my chance to take the panties I was holding and shove them in her mouth.

Then I put her thighs on my shoulder and began to slip a finger in her as I licked her pussy. I hadn’t anticipated it but she squeezed my head with her thighs when I began to do it and it felt amazing. The sensation of feeling every spasm of her body and all the smells and tastes against me made me really horny.

After what felt like ages I looked up at Anki aunty and she pulled the panty out of her mouth. I kissed her again. She leaned in close to me and said, ‘spank me.’

While I even processed it, she was already turning over and her ass was pointing at me. I felt exhililated and bit her ass cheek before starting to spank her. I started off quite softly but even that felt really loud, hopefully my mom would think it was just the TV.

Anki aunty kept asking me to go harder. I started off afraid but started ot grow in confidence as she asked for more. I could see the prints of my hand on her butt. Her huge brown butt was starting to turn a bit pink in the yellow light.

I accidentally caught her in the pussy as my hand came swinging down. That was the biggest scare of the night for us because she nearly screamed and both of us froze for a few seconds. Then Anki aunty turned towards me and said, ‘Do it again, but softer.’

So I spanked her ass harder and I’d throw in a softer on on her pussy and it really made her jerk and moan. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, ‘I want to fuck you aunty’.

She looked up at me and shook her head.

Before I could process that, she was on her knees in front of me pulling off my shorts.

She started by just kissing the insides of my thighs and kissing the tip of my cock. Then she began to lick it up the sides right up to the tip. I was in ecstasy.

I put my hands on the back of her head and grabbed her curls as she began to suck my dick. Almost unconsciously I began to thrust against her face. As I felt closer to coming, I held the back of her head and really started to thrust in her mouth and held it down as I came in her mouth.

When I was done she pulled back, grabbed her pants, looked back at me and winked, and went to the bathroom.

I put my shorts back on and realised she had left her panties.

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