BabySitter on a Hot Night

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I was babysitting for Jeff on a stinker of a night. Jeff is a single parent. According to my mother, his wife had an argument with a train and lost. My mother expressed surprise that the train survived the encounter. Anyway, she left behind Jeff and two cute little kids, Bobby and Marie, now aged three and two, respectively.

Jeff had helped put the kids to bed and then shot through for his night out. He doesn’t get that many of them. I watched TV for a few hours and finally went to bed myself. Jeff didn’t know when he’d be back so I’d agreed to sleep over.

I had a little problem about going to bed and that was the weather. It had been a hot and sticky day and that had segued into a hot and sticky night. Normally not a problem but there had been an accident earlier that day. A car had hit a pole carrying both normal power lines and some high voltage power lines. The result was that the high voltage lines dropped onto the low voltage lines and sent a power surge through nearby properties. It turned out that Jeff’s AC didn’t have a surge protector and it blew its guts out, leaving us with no air conditioning.

As far as I was concerned it was too hot to wear anything to bed so I went the full nuddy look, just using a light sheet to protect my modesty. I got in about two hours sleep and then the crying started. It was little Marie, I just knew it. She was normally a complete angel but sometimes she turned into a fallen angel, a raging demon escaped from hell itself.

I listened to her, telling myself that she’d calm down and go back to sleep. I was lying, and I knew it. If she woke Bobby I’d have two little fiends on my hands. Reluctantly I got out of bed and went to comfort her. No, I did not bother to put anything on. Who cares if a two year old sees you naked?

I patted her back and spoke softly to her and she cried.

I rubbed her back and spoke softly and she cried.

I gave her a bottle of water and she sucked for sixty seconds and then resumed crying.

I picked her up and walked with her and she cried.

I said the hell with it and went back to bed, talking her with me. In my room she wouldn’t wake Bobby.

I slipped under the sheet again and laid Marie on top of the sheet. Talking softly and gently stroking her back, relieved when she fell asleep. I decided to leave her right where she was and settled down to sleep myself.

I came awake again when my light went on. Jeff was standing at the door, looking worried, but I saw that change to relief as he spotted Marie asleep on the bed next to me.

“Um, she started crying and wouldn’t settle, so I brought her in here where she wouldn’t disturb Bobby,” I said quickly.

“Not a problem,” Jeff said with a smile. “I just got a bit of a shock when she wasn’t in her cot. Seeing she’s sound asleep now I’ll transfer her to her cot and you can enjoy a peaceful night.”

He came over and lifted little Marie gently up off the bed. All would have been fine if she hadn’t being clutching hold of the sheet with a death grip. Marie went up and the sheet went with her as Jeff stepped back a pace and there I was, stretched out on the bed naked.

He blinked, and I saw his eyes sweep over me, getting a good look. I could feel myself blushing, too startled to try to cover myself with my hands. I also felt a rush of heat in my groin as his eyes went over me and I could feel my blush getting deeper.

He didn’t say a word. Not to me, anyway. He just cooed softly to the sleeping child in his arms as he extracted the sheet from her grip.

“OK, Marie, honey, let daddy have the sheet. You don’t need it now and I think Fiona wants it back. There’s a good girl.”

With the sheet out of the tiny monster’s clutches Jeff calmly dropped it back over me, giving me a wink and a smile. I just lay there, red of face, feeling hot and bothered.

One thought did cross my mind as Jeff carried Marie away. There was no way he was going to look at me in the future and see a child. What I’d shown him, albeit by accident, was the İstanbul Escort figure of a full grown woman.

As I settled down to try and go back to sleep various thoughts kept crossing my mind. Was it my imagination or was that interest I’d seen on his face. Had he liked what he’d seen? He’d sure looked hard enough. Did he know I was now eighteen? I have been for months. Would he come back in after he’d settled Marie? That thought was making me nervous. What would I do if he did? What would he do if he did?

I was busy convincing myself that he wouldn’t come back when there was a gentle tap on the door. Stupid me. I hadn’t turned the light back off. Before I could say anything the door opened and Jeff came in.

I got in the first word.

“Ah, there’s no need to apologise,” I said quickly. “Accidents happen.”

“Apologise? Don’t hold your breath waiting. No, I came back to reassure you. I thought that a sweet young child like you might be nervous after that little accident, afraid that I might come back with evil intent.”

Sweet young child? Was he blind? Did my figure look like a kid’s? I gave him the evil eye.

“The thought never entered my mind,” I said airily.

He strolled over and looked down at me. There was something mocking about his smile. He knew damn well what I’d been thinking. Not only that, he also knew that I only had a thin sheet between him and my nudity.

“Glad to hear it,” he said. “You know, just after I had that thought about seeing a sweet young child a little voice said, child, my ass. What you saw was all woman.”

I’d never realised the man had such a sensual tone to his voice. I felt the heat that had been burning low down beneath my tummy start to flare up again. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what to say.

He ran his eyes over me, plainly recalling what was under the sheet. I was blushing furiously, even more so when I say his eyes lingering on my chest. Looking down I could see where my nipples were trying to poke little holes in the sheet. No wonder he was looking there.

“Um, well now that you’ve reassured me I’ll say good-night,” I said, suddenly finding my voice.

“OK. But first I need to reassure myself about something.”

“What?” I asked, something in his voice making me suspicious. It was also making me squirm slightly in a most delicious manner.

“I need to make certain that there is indeed a beautiful woman under that sheet,” he said, and without further to-do he flicked the sheet off me, leaving me lying there naked for the second time that night.

Oh my god. If I’d felt squirmy and excited when he’d seen me by accident you can imagine how I felt now. He was checking me out, deliberately, looking at me the way a man looks at a woman. That pool of heat got hotter and there was an odd anticipation running through me.

I jumped and almost screamed when a finger landed on my nipple, lightly pressing it.

“Definitely a woman,” he said softly. “The question is, what do I do about it?”

He was sitting on the side of the bed now, his hand on my breast, rubbing it.

“I suppose the gentlemanly thing to do would be to go to bed and leave you alone. Do you want me to be a gentleman?”

I was looking at his hand on my breast. More importantly, I was feeling his hand on my breast and the things it was doing to me. He was touching me, in a rather intimate manner. If I didn’t say anything, what more would he do.

I found out quite fast. He leaned down and started kissing my other breast. Kissing it and sucking on it. Oh god. I had to tell him to stop. Just not yet. Touching my breasts wouldn’t really hurt.

That wasn’t my breast. While I’d been watching him sucking on my nipple his hand had gone elsewhere. He rubbed across my mons and was now caressing my mound. OK. This had gone far enough.

“Ah, Jeff,” I said.

“Mm?” he said, and his hand was now rubbing more firmly against my lips, sending peculiar sensations deep into me.

“I, I, Kadıköy Escort ah, um, oh god, what are you doing?”

Oh great, what a wonderfully coherent sentence that was, firmly telling him that enough is enough and he needs to stop now.

“What, you mean when I do this?” he asked, and a pair of fingers slipped between my lips, probing inside me. His fingers were inside me.

“Yes. I mean no. I mean. . .” What the hell did I mean? If I didn’t know why should I expect him to?

From my point of view things got steadily worse. Or better. It depends on how you looked at I suppose. His hands were all over me, touching me in the most sensitive places, doing weird and wonderful things to my body. I was just lying there, letting it happen, even though I knew I shouldn’t.

You wouldn’t believe how disappointed I felt when he stopped touching me and stood up. I just lay there and I’m quite sure my body was quivering slightly, expecting him to leave. I was horrified when he simply peeled off his clothes. I hadn’t dreamt that a man could strip that fast. (Of course I was horrified. Wouldn’t you be if a man stripped in front of you and you saw what he intended to do?)

Then he was lying on the bed next to me again. I could feel his nakedness against mine. And I mean I could really feel his nakedness. It was long and hard and pressing against my side. It was only natural that I should push it away, and I had to hold it or it would have poked against me again.

Now that I was holding I couldn’t help but get a proper feel of it. It was hot and hard. I was surprised at how hard it was. I’ve heard them called boners but I’m damn sure there isn’t really a bone in there. It’s just hard. I ran my hand along it, rubbing my palm across the head. That was weird. It felt big and swollen and when I rubbed it I could swear I heard Jeff say something rude under his breath. I rubbed it again, listening closely. He did. He swore. I wonder why?

Not that I was given much time to wonder. His hands and mouth were all over me again, stirring me up. There’d been a slight hiatus to all those strange feelings while he got undressed, but it hadn’t lasted long enough for them to fade away. Now they were surging forth again, driving me wild. Whatever he was doing, it wasn’t enough.

Jeff suddenly moved on top of me, pushing my legs well apart and settling between them. He’d pulled his cock out of my grasp which was easy enough to do. It’s not like I was trying to hang onto it. Much. Now he was absolutely looming above me. Looking along my body I could see his cock and it was hovering just above my mound. Even while I watched he was moving it, easing it towards me, and then I could feel it pressing against my lips.

Oh my god. He was going to fuck me. He really was. He was going to stick that thing in me. I wanted to scream in protest. No way had I agreed to this. It was pressing harder and I could feel my lips starting to give way to that pressure. I made some sort of noise and he paused.

“Do you want the light off?” he asked, sounding amused.

I shook my head. No way. If it was going to happen then I was damn well going to see it happen. What did I mean, if? Of course it was going to happen. Before he started pressing against me again I managed to speak.

“Ah, Jeff, I’m not sure about this,” I managed to gasp out.

He stayed where he was, not advancing, but not retreating, either.

“Are you asking me to stop?”

He sounded quite calm when he asked me that but I’m sure he wasn’t. How could any man be calm with a cock all swollen up like that?

“I don’t know,” I said frantically. I could still feel his cock pressing against me.

“It’s OK to be afraid,” he told me, speaking softly. “We can stop if you’d rather.”

Afraid? I wasn’t afraid. How dare he think I was afraid? We can stop if I’d rather, as though I was a weak little girl who didn’t know what she wanted.

“No. Do it. Do it now,” I snapped. I’ll show him who’s afraid.

He pressed more Ataşehir Escort urgently against me and now I could feel my lips yielding and his cock intruding. Oh, god, I knew who was afraid. Me. I was scared spitless, but I wasn’t backing down now. I could feel him surging into me.

This is going to hurt, I wailed to myself, tensing up, like at the doctors waiting for a needle. There was a sudden stab of pain as he penetrated and it was exactly like at the doctors – it hardly hurt at all. Mind you, all those nice feelings I’d had had seemed to go into hiding when I cringed, but now they were coming out, looking around, and saying, hey, this is fun.

Other things started happening. That cock of his wasn’t content with just bursting in. It was still coming. It was going deeper and deeper. Now I was remembering how big it looked and wondering if that big was too big. I could feel it, filling me. No way could I take all of that, but if I protested he might think I was scared. I couldn’t have that. I just glowed (ladies don’t sweat, they glow) and waited and felt him moving inside me. He’d push a little and to my surprise find a little more room. Then he’d push again, and still find room. Slowly but surely his whole cock was going into me, and it wasn’t really all that slowly. It was one of those timeless moments when something seemed to be happening too quickly while at the same time dragging on forever.

Then his groin was rubbing against me and I’m thinking, “Oh my, he’s actually done it,” and his cock was all the way inside me. All off it, and it was filling me and seeming to swell inside me even though it was just sitting there.

“OK, sweetheart,” Jeff said, his voice soothing and charming me, “try and move with me. See how it goes.”

I liked it the way it was, filling me and feeling nice. Why bother to move? He pulled out of me and pushed back in, moving nicely and firmly, Jeff knowing exactly what he was doing, and it was a case of, fucking hell, that’s why he wants to move.

All those lovely sensations were suddenly standing up and screaming at me, and I wanted more. I found myself pressing eagerly up to meet him when he drove into me, relishing the rasp of his hardness inside me, stirring up more of those feelings. To add to my pleasure his hands were stroking my breasts, funny feeling emanating from them and travelling down to join the carnage he was wreaking on my nerves.

I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to. It was too much and I just had to have more. He was pounding into me like a metronome, driving, driving, driving, and I was responding, clinging to him, pleading without words, begging him not to stop.

Stop? Fat chance of that happening. He was enjoying himself too much, even I could tell that for all my inexperience. He had settled down to taking his pleasure and seemed just as eager that I got my full measure of it as well. I was being most thoroughly fucked and I was enjoying every second of it.

It was all too much for me. I couldn’t handle it any more. All my nerves were wound up as tight as a drum and if they got any tighter something was going to break. I told him that, or at least I tried to. How do you get a message across when all you can do is gabble incomprehensibly?

Somehow he knew what I wanted, which was more than I did. I thought I wanted him to stop as it was killing me. He decided I wanted him to redouble his efforts. That’s what he did and it promptly killed me.

The whole world seemed to blow up, starting deep inside me and spreading out, tearing me to pieces. I screamed and I heard him gasping but the explosion just kept on rolling over me, leaving me lying there shuddering in the aftermath.

“On a hot, sticky, night like this, you’ll find a cool shower will work wonders,” Jeff said, helping me up off the bed.

I couldn’t disagree. I was glowing, fiercely, and I could feel various liquids trickling down my legs. Was I bleeding slightly? Jeff escorted me to the shower and stuck me under it and the cool water was a wonderful relief. Jeff actually hopped under with me, grabbing a sponge to wipe me down. I was a little embarrassed but it felt nice and I didn’t try to stop him.

He escorted me back to my bed, coaxing me into it, lightly stroking my back as I lay there. I slept, smiling in my sleep.

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