Babysitting from my bro

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My brother Todd had gotten married a little young because he got a girl pregnant a little young. He had a baby with her at 21. Anyway, they divorced about 3 months after they said ‘I do’ and now he lives with me in a 2 bedroom apartment. Unfortunately, he has a bad taste in women, as in he chooses them based on the 2 big globes on their chests. I myself only have B-cups even though I’m 25 now. Anyway, one Saturday night he asked me to babysit his daughter when he went out to date some other bimbo. They went out at about 6:00 or so, and came back at about midnight. They came in and went straight to his bedroom, they assumed that I was just sleeping, but I wasn’t. I slowly made my way over to his bedroom and saw them getting things on. She wasted no time getting naked, and before I knew it, they were fucking each other like rabbits. Honestly, I was disappointed, she could have just as easily been the next bride to be while his daughter Jody could have just had a half brother or sister that Todd wouldn’t have been ready for either. Other than that, I knew I could suck his cock a little better than that. She wasn’t putting any passion into it at all, I guess I just really have a problem seeing it, I don’t know why though.

“Oh yeah, you do it so much better than my wife,” Todd said.

She didn’t answer him, I watched them for a few minutes and then all of the sudden something happened, my panties got wet. That was when I knew it, I had a thing for Todd. Anyway, I slowly made my way back to the living room where I was thought to be sleeping with Jody. Anyway, about 30 minutes later, I heard some footsteps in the hallway, I heard the woman leaving. I thought that was weird. I was nowhere near sleepy as you could imagine, so I went to investigate. I saw his door open and his light on, I went in while he was under his blanket still naked.

“I thought you were asleep,” Todd said.

“And I thought you 2 were horny enough to go all night,” I replied.

“Well, I guess not,” Todd said.

“May I?” I asked.

“Well, I’m naked under this blanket sis,” Todd replied.

“I know, I don’t mind,” I said as I laid down with him still clothed.

I just cuddled with him for a minute.

“You know, I love Jody, I love her as if she was my own daughter,” I said.

“Do I sense a ‘but’ coming sis?” Todd asked.

“But, you weren’t ready to have her, and if you keep just bringing all these ‘ladies’ back here, and do the nasty, well, you might give Jody a brother or sister that you aren’t ready for. I’m not trying to pry, I just love you and care about you a great deal,” I replied.

He gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

“I know sis, I hear you. Sometimes I think I should just get back with Jessica, she wasn’t right for me, but she is Jody’s mom though,” Todd said.

“Well, I think there is someone better for you,” I replied.

With a confused look on his face, he had to ask.

“Who would that be?” Todd asked.

Then I kissed him on the lips for about 5 seconds.

“Me,” I replied.

“What, you? You are my sister, that’s incest,” Todd said.

“I know, but I don’t care, and you shouldn’t either. If you don’t go back with Jessica, don’t you want someone that knows Jody, loves her and respects her. Someone who knows that she comes first? Besides, I saw her sucking your cock once, she didn’t like it at all, she did it because you liked having your cock in the woman’s mouth, she put little to no effort into it,” I replied.

“Wait a minute, you watched us have sex?” Todd asked.

“Yes, and the chick tonight too, why is that a problem?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s really weird,” Todd replied.

“Weirder, than what I’m proposing Todd? Be with me? Be with someone you already love? Be with someone that will actually like having sex with you?” I asked.

“You want to have sex with me sis?” Todd asked.

“I wanna make you happy Todd, I think you’ll be happy in an incestuous relationship,” izmit escort I replied.

“Well, let’s find out then,” Todd said just before he kissed me.

I got under the blanket with him, but did not see his member just yet. I was still clothed, but we made out for a few minutes. He wrapped his arms around me for a minute as we were on our sides and held me close. As you can imagine, my panties were wet as if they just got out of the washer, but it didn’t spin. We had the baby monitor, so we’d know if Jody got fussy, but by then, we were both focused on each other. He pulled me on top of him, and eventually his hands went down a little south and he put his hands into my pants, but not beneath my panties.

“Oh sis, you make me so horny,” Todd said.

“Can I make you any hornier?” I asked.

“Yes, you said you could suck my cock better, prove it then,” Todd replied.

“With pleasure on both fronts bro,” I said.

So I threw the blanket off both of us and I slowly made my way down towards his incredibly hard cock. I took it in my hand for a minute first, to get him riled up just a little bit more.

“But, before you do it, I wanna see my sister naked,” Todd said.

So he leaned up and slowly took off my shirt, I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Oh, no bra sis? I find that to be so freaking sexy,” Todd said.

“Then just wait, until your cock is in my mouth,” I replied.

I leaned down back towards his cock and took it in my mouth, and it tasted different from what I thought. He leaned back a bit and just tried to his damnest to not turn on the white sprinkler right down my throat. I only went about halfway down on his cock so far, his cock was about 9 inches by then, quite a few chicks had sucked on his cock, whether they put passion into it or not. I put probably all the passion all the ladies did combined into the blow job I gave him, I loved him more than anything or anyone else in the world, and I wanted to make him feel all too good, as if his cock just went into paradise.

“Oh my sweet- what the fuck, that feels so damn good my sweet sister,” Todd said.

I looked up towards him and he was moving his head around a little bit, so obviously he was having a big problem taking it all, but seemed to not have a problem with me having sex with him as opposed to someone that wasn’t his sister I guess you could say. Well, he put is hands onto my head and made me go down just a little bit further. It actually was a big turn on, he was taking control, he was more than on the fence at first but it didn’t take too long for him to really get into it though. Incest sex was gonna be awesome, I looked at him once again, and this time he was looking back at me, with some lusty eyes.

“I love you,” Todd mouthed to me.

I took a break and came up towards him. I got on my knees with my belly right above his chest. The message was loud and clear, and he followed the unspoken instructions. He undid my pants and pushed them own just a bit as he leaned up.He got a look at my sexy black panties got from Victoria’s Secret and he was just floored.

“Wow, you know how to choose panties,” Todd said.

“Thank you,” I replied.

My pants were still around my ankles and my panties were still on my butt, he wanted to taste something else on my body, my nipples. He leaned his head down a little bit and began licking and sucking on them.

“Oh my,” I said as I moaned.

Then I couldn’t get him to answer, but not because he was just in a race for it to end, but because he loved what he was doing with me. I still only had B-cup boobs as I said earlier, but he didn’t seem to mind the downgrade, in fact he seemed happier. I began moaning a little loudly for a few minutes as he nonage me feel really good, so good that my panties got just as wet once again, only this time, he noticed it in a very big way.

“Wow sis, those panties are as wet as the ocean,” Todd said.

“So, I should take them off then shouldn’t yahya kaptan escort I?” I asked.

“No,” Todd replied.

“No?” I asked.

“I should take them off you,” Todd replied.

So he pushed me down onto my back on the other side of the bed and got right over me. He went down south a bit and put one hand on one side and his other on the other side, he very slowly pulled off my soaked panties along with my pants. My pants fell onto the floor and put my panties up close to his face and sniffed them for a minute, I found weird and sexy at the same time.

“Are you just gonna enjoy my panties or are you gonna enjoy me?” I asked.

“Both,” Todd replied.

A few seconds later he threw my panties on the floor and slowly got on top of me as we were both completely naked. He laid a few select kisses on my lips and just stayed close to me without saying a word. I could tell there were literally millions of words that could have been said, but there were only 3 that needed to be asked.

“Are you ready?” Todd asked.

“Never more ready,” I replied.

So with that he slowly inserted his cock into my pussy, and I must say, a lot slower than he did for that chick he had in there only a short time ago, so I could only conclude that this sexual encounter was much more intimate. He kissed me again for a minute and we both closed our eyes. He just had his cock in about halfway and kept it right there for about 5 minutes as we made out quite passionately. We both wrapped our arms around each other for a few minutes once again, we wanted to be as close as possible as we made love you could say. My pussy was tight, so it hurt a little bit having his 9 inch cock inside me.

“Be gentle with me please, it’s a little tight down there, you wouldn;t wanna make your sister cry, would you?” I asked.

“Of course not,” Todd replied.

He began thrusting his cock ever so slowly, just to be gentle as I asked him to be I suppose. He put his hands back onto my boobs and just looked at me with the lustiest eyes I could possibly imagine.

“Do those eyes mean you love me?” I asked.

“Something like that,” Todd replied.

We made out for a few minutes and I did think of something.

“I’ve heard you in here a million times before having wild sex, don’t you wanna have wild sex with me bro?” I asked.

“Well, yes, I thought we’d have the intimate brother/sister sex first, but we can skip all that if you prefer,” Todd replied.

“No, I like this, you just showing me some real love, I could get used to this,” I said.

He just kept thrusting his nicely sized cock in and out of my wet and somewhat sore pussy for about 10 minutes straight without breaking eye contact. He made love to me, sweet love that couldn’t be described as anything but amazing, sweet and intimate sex that just crushed my best sexual encounter, and that was one hell of a sex session I had a couple years before that. He didn’t look down at my boobs, he didn’t fondle them, he kept his hands underneath me to keep me close, he was just my hot and sexy knight in shinning armor, just minus the shinning armor, that wouldn’t feel as good on top of me.

“And you still haven’t cum yet?” I asked.

“Do you want me to cum inside you and risk you getting pregnant?” Todd asked.

“Maybe we can talk about that another time, I guess you’ll just make sure you pull out before, you know, you shot,” I replied.

He laughed for a minute and then leaned down to kiss me. That was when he finally released me, he out his hands back on my boobs, he kissed me for about another minute, then leaned back down to lick and suck on my small nipples. Oh my, how he titillated me, I swear I fought high and low to not cover him in cum right there and then.

“Oh fuck me,” I yelled.

“Shh, Jody is sleeping,” Todd said.

“So, if she wakes up, we can take care of her and get her back to sleep,” I replied.

He just gave gebze escort me a look and started climbing down towards my pussy, I knew what was in store for me then, and I wasn’t about to return, well, you know what I mean. He didn’t even ask for permission, he just stuck a few fingers into my pussy and spread my pussy lips out probably as far as they would go.

“Shit!” I screamed.

And that was before he stuck his tongue into my pussy. He stuck it in there pretty shallow at first, but even that, well let’s just say good thing there wasn’t any glass in there.

“Fuck sis, calm down,” Todd said.

“Shut up and fuck your sister with that tongue some more,” I replied.

He didn’t say anything to that, he just did it for me. All of the sudden my heart rate which was already pretty high, just spiked up even more. He moved his tongue around inside my pussy and made me have to move around quite a bit, after all, how could i not? I had the guy I loved most in the world eating me out as if my pussy was an all-you-can-eat buffet. I was sweating up 4 storms and it started to feel so good, it actually started hurting a bit, as if that was possible, but yet I felt it, more than just the physical pleasure, but the fact that it was him making me feel so good, just made it better. Then it was time, just could not take it for another second, I sprayed his face with a waterfall of cum and screamed at the top of my lungs in the process.

“Shit!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

That time Jody did wake up.

“Crap, I gotta go get her,” Todd said.

“Wait, let me get her,” I replied.

“OK,” Todd said.

I walked into Jody’s room completely naked and got her, Jody was crying, as a good aunt, I picked her up.

Even then she still crying, so I brought her back to my room with Todd.

“Dang, she’s still crying, here go to your daddy,” I said.

I gave her to him and he didn’t have much better luck with her.

“Maybe she’s hungry,” Todd said.

“I think so, give her to me,” I replied.

“OK, I’ll get her a bottle,” Todd said.

“No, wait, let me try something,” I replied.

“OK,” Todd said.

Then I brought Jody to my right breast and breast fed her, and much to my surprise, she ate.

“Sis, what are you doing, are you breast feeding her?” Todd asked.

“Yes, and she likes her aunt’s milk,” I replied.

He wasn’t sure what to say to that, I guess he just went with it for a few minutes. It didn’t take too long for

Jody to fill up, then it was time to burp her. I guess I knew what to do in that situation.

“Wow, sis you are a natural, but too bad for some sacrificed milk though,” Todd said.

“Yeah, and I already than small boobs, but it’s for my niece,” I replied.

Todd kissed me several times as I burped Jody, eventually Jody did burp.

“Really Jody?” I asked.

Then Jody fell asleep rather quickly, I held her in my arms for a minute and then eventually we put her back in her crib. As I put her down, Todd had turn to him and he laid a big kiss on my lips. After that, he held me close and put his forehead on the top of mine. Neither one of us said anything for about 5 minutes, I touched his cock, even though I was tempted, he just hugged me. Then he asked me a question I never ever thought I’d hear really anyone ask me, let alone him though.

“Sis, can I get you pregnant please?” Todd asked.

I thought about it for a grand total of 2.7 seconds.

“Are you hoping for a boy or girl?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter, I just want a baby with you sis, I don’t wanna have sex with one more woman that won’t love me the way you do. I don’t care that it’s incest, I love you and you love me, now let’s make love, and a baby,” Todd replied.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

Then he kissed me for about 3 minutes straight.

“Never been more sure about anything in my life,” Todd replied.

So we went back into my bedroom, made love, and a baby, no bullshit. That was a couple months ago, now we’re expecting. I should have offered to babysit way before that night, and I think he may pop the question sometime soon.

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