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I had been thinking about it all day. I was taking my slut to town tonight putting her on show for everyone to see. We took so long to get ready, you had to be dressed to kill, a slut that was showing everyone that she was nothing but a whore. I wanted you to be ready for my big cock later that night, so before you got dressed you were fully lubricated and our biggest butt plug was shoved in your pussy.

You look so hot in white, the contrast against your skin. I can hardly wait to get my big cock into you as I dress you. Firstly your panties a tight g-string, the string is pushing the butt plug further into your wet pussy, you are so horny begging me already to let you bend over so I can lick and suck your pussy and shove my fingers into you. I won’t touch you yet, and start to roll your stockings up your legs attaching them to your matching garter, next come your sexy high heels I lick and suck on your toes as I do them up, by now you are continuously moaning and begging me to fuck you. I turn you around and do up your sexy lacy bra, I almost make you go out wearing nothing but what you are wearing as you look so good but, then put on your skimpy white dress that has slits and holes all over it, leaving most of your hot body exposed anyway.

I start to dress firstly strapping my big cock on, you bend down and start to suck on it, I push you away as I put on my boxer shorts with my jeans. You move back and start to stroke my cock through the jeans, I let you for a while getting you hornier and then again I push you away and finish getting into my shirt and jacket.

We walk out to the car you are very nervous nobody has seen you out and dressed like this before, but at the same time you are so excited your cock is straining in your panties. We get in the car but before we leave I make you lift your skirt up and play with your cock and your pussy all the way into town. You are so embarrassed as we drive in a car slows down and the driver watches you playing with yourself. What a whore you don’t stop you don’t try to cover up you just look straight at him and continue to stroke your cock and hot, wet pussy, I can see that you would love nothing more than me to stop and have him fuck you.

There is a new bar in town I have heard that it is there to cater for everyone but as we walk in we are both amazed and excited with what we see. All around us there is both male and female bar staff with nothing on, there are women and men dancing on tables, sliding up and down poles made especially for the paid dancers. Throughout the room there is more casino oyna sluts like you dressed and waiting to be fucked, and more sluts like me waiting to fuck them and lots of guys ready to pleasure whoever needs it. There is a stage up the front and there are people on there already licking, sucking and fucking each other. Already I can see people looking at my slut with desire in their eyes wanting to fuck her, I feel so proud that she looks so hot, horny and fuckable.

We walk to a waiting table I go to the bar and get some drinks when I get back there are two guys sitting on either side of the table already talking to you. You are sitting there smiling, laughing and flirting with them. As I sit down I notice that already the guys have their hand on your beautiful long stockinged legs and your thighs are starting to part so that they can move their hands further up your legs. You lean over to get your drink and one of the guys starts to play with your tits, your nipples are so hard and you start to moan. The other guy starts to move your dress over your head and then you are fully exposed, they turn you around and place you on the table. Both guys are on either side of you they start to lick, suck and nibble your tits, you are lying on the table pushing down so your butt plug is fucking you.

Another guy comes to the table and lifts your legs and takes the plug out and then starts to suck on your pussy and your cock. By now you are in another world you are moaning and begging for them to let you suck them and fuck you, to fill your pussy with their cocks, while you fuck them you want to suck the others. The guy that is sucking your pussy stands up and then slowly pushes his big cock against your pussy. You are so big, wet and ready, you’re lying there with your legs spread like a whore nearly crying and begging him to fuck you. He slowly slides his cock into your pussy until his balls are against your pussy and stops, you beg him to fuck you hard, now. As he starts to pump his cock in and out of your pussy another one of the guy’s stops sucking your tits and stands up to put his cock into your mouth.

You have one guy fucking you so hard in your pussy and another one fucking your mouth and finally the last guy starts to suck your cock. As soon as he puts his mouth over your cock you start to cum, he sucks all of your cum into his mouth and then starts to kiss you as you suck the other guy off and you can now taste yourself as he is kissing you and you are sucking that big cock. As you finally lick and suck all of your cum from his mouth slot oyna the other guy starts to spurt his cum into your mouth, you suck off every drop and then turn your head to find another waiting hard cock to suck. There is now four guys pleasuring you, calling you a slut and a whore and you’re loving every second of it, there are people sitting watching you and they start calling you names as well. Lying there getting your cock sucked, your titties sucked and played with and having your ass fucked and sucking on a big cock like a whore.

Suddenly the guy that is fucking you starts to pump harder and deeper into you, you don’t draw back you are such a slut you love it and push yourself onto his cock harder as he starts to cum in your pussy, you are clenching your pussy so tightly trying to take all of his cum. He pulls out, any normal girl would have had enough but you are still begging for more. The guy who is sucking your titties gets up and pulls your legs apart further and starts to ram his big hot cock into you. He is so big but you take him so easily, he is pulling out ever so slowly and then ramming his cock back into you, he starts to cum and again you are pushing down trying to fill your pussy even further. As he starts to cum the cock you are sucking swells in your mouth, you are sucking all of his cock into your throat and he starts to spurt his cum down your throat. You are finally satisfied for the moment!

You sit back and adjust your clothes, crossing your legs, trying to act as if you were just a normal girl in the pub, not some slut who had just satisfied four big hot cocks at once in front of a whole group of people. You lean over and whisper into my ear, its your turn now as three women walk to the table.

There are two pretty little sluts done up just like my own, and one other with a massive bulge in her tight pants. The two sluts start to kiss me at the same time, the three of us with our tongue’s mingling together, licking and sucking each other. I start to play with their tits, taking each one out of their bras and sucking their nipples into my mouth. As I am doing this the third girl takes her pants off to reveal her big cock, she is standing there playing with her cock asking if this was what I need in me, I lean over and start to suck her cock as the other girls take off my shirt and start to suck on my nipples.

I now get pushed onto the table when my slut has just been fucked and they remove all of my clothes revealing my hard big cock, one of the girls reaches down and starts to fuck my wet pussy with her canlı casino siteleri fingers as she also then starts to suck on my cock. I now am moaning and begging to have her big cock in my pussy so she spreads my legs and rams it into my wet pussy, it is so big and hard it feels so good, her fucking me as my pussy gets licked and played with by the other pretty little slut. Suddenly, I feel legs spreading over my face and a wet pussy is lowered just out of my reach. I try to lick her clit and stick my tongue in her hole, I can’t wait to taste her, and she teases me moving her pussy around my face until finally it is lowered enough for me to start eating her pussy. I lick and suck her clit and she fucks my face, until finally she comes and I suck all of her juices out of her pussy and start to work her back up to another peak and again I am sucking all of her juices into my mouth.

I still have that huge cock pounding into my pussy and then it is taken out and I am replaced on the table with the little slut who had just come all over my face. She is now begging to be fucked and I slide my big cock into her pussy, just as I am about to start pumping my cock in and out of her I feel something cold and wet on my ass, my ass is being made wet to take that massive cock in it. I wait as the slut under me begs to be fucked until I have taken all of that cock into my ass and we start to fuck together. It feels so good having my big cock in the little sluts pussy as my ass is being fucked. We start to fuck harder and faster until the three of us our cumming at the same time.

I pull out and get laid back down on the table my legs are spread and the pretty little slut I have just fucked starts to eat my pussy. Again, I have a pussy lowered onto my face and I start to eat the other pretty little slut as the girl who is eating me starts to get her pussy fucked also. We are all moaning and starting to get ready to cum, I start to suck on the clit that is riding my face as she starts to cum in my face and again I am sucking those juices into my face. I start to cum with my pussy being licked and finger fucked, slowly she starts to add more fingers until she is fist fucking me and sucking my clit at the same time, I can’t take any more and beg for her to finish but she continues until I am cumming again. I then move to take the pussy I have just sucked with my big cock and am pounding into her until she is cumming over and over again.

I then sit up and we both get dressed and leave the bar, both of us knowing that it won’t be long until we visit again. As we drive home we are both getting horny again and you start to suck my big cock, the minute we get in the house I bend you over and ram my big cock into your pussy until we are both cumming. It has been a night that we both will never forget!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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