Bath Time With Sexy Mandy

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“Okay, my darlings time for your bath.” the twin eighteen-year-old teenage youths heard their mother call to them from the hallway.

The horny teen boy’s tossed their play stations onto their twin beds, giving each a lecherous grin and a hi-five. Bath time with their stepmom, Mandy had become a daily ritual since they had returned home for spring break.

Their stepmom Mandy had given them a choice, one week in Miami, or one week at home with her. It didn’t take a math genius to do the problem. 50-year-old platinum-haired Mandy was a walking sex bomb.

The teenage twins were ecstatic when Pops had married the blonde cougar, and although they divorced two months later, their old man and the hot soccer mom still shared the twins.

Pops had Mandy set up with a beautiful pair of store-bought 36DD tits, along with her 24-inch waist and heart-shaped ass, Mandy was the twin boy’s wet dream cum real.

On the night of their wedding, their dad had called them into his and Mandy’s bedroom. The boy’s stopped dead in their tracks, their gorgeous stepmom was sitting at her makeup table in her white thigh highs, and dangerous 6-inch white cum fuck the shit out of me spikes, her ever-present Nate Sherman Black and Gold cigarette dangled from her ruby red-lipsticked lips.

“Billy, Bobby, your new mom would like to give you two a wedding gift instead of the other way around.” smiled their handsome dad. “Mandy, be my guest.”

Mandy smiled at the reflection in the large mirror as the two handsome eighteen-year-old teenage boys stared intently at her big boobs.

Mandy’s large pink, erect mom nipples capped the delicious titties. Snap inhaling on her cigarette Mandy turned to look at the nervous lads.

“Unzip you sweet things, let’s see if you have your dad’s genes in your pool!” Mandy laughed, letting the creamy smoke drift from her full red lips.

The two twins grinned at each other as they unzipped the khaki shorts they wore low on their boyish hips.

She clapped her hands with glee when the young men’s twin 8-inch cocks sprang from their tan hiding places. The cocks resembled a pair of anteaters on the hunt.

Pursing her red lips, Mandy licked them with anticipation of delights to cum.

“Ahhhhh, Yes, definitely twins in this family.” purred Mandy cupping her big titties in her hands. “Sweeties bring those twins here to meet my twins.”

The young men just nodded their heads as they gripped their pricks., Stepping next to their curvy platinum blonde stepmom, they held their cock’s level with the thumb thick stiff pink nipples crowning Mandy’s large breasts.

“Rub your foreskins on my nips,” instructed Mandy jiggling the titties invitingly.

“Okay, Mandy!” the twins answered in unison, guiding the membrane-covered cockheads, so the erect nipples slipped into the openings. Watching her boobs joining the teenage cocks was like the space shuttle docking SkyLab.

“Fuck! I can feel your cockheads.” Mandy purred exhaling twin streams of cigarette smoke from her perfect nose..”Your drooling.”

The teenager’s grins were as big as Texas as they felt the stiff nipples poking their pee holes.

“Sweetheart, are you getting this on video?” asked Mandy turning to look at her newlywed husband. “A little something to watch on our wedding anniversary..”

“Everything you slut!” laughed her husband moving in to get a close up of Mandy ‘s inch long nipples tipped with silvery threads of pre-cum. The gleaming semen was looping from the insides of her stepson’s foreskins. When she pulled her boobs back for inspection the teens, cum saliva oozed from the puckered openings.

“Lots of pre-cummies. Yummy!” purred Mandy letting her breasts rest heavily on her chest as she took a long pull on her cigarette.

“Oh shit, Mandy, I’m going to cum!” blurted Billy, the youngest twin by 2 minutes, his handsome face grimacing as he tried to hold off the inevitable orgasm as his healthy teen penis bobbed in a pre-climax thrust. The heavy sack of his teenage sperm swollen testicles drawing upward, releasing a nutsack full of junk.

“Not yet, Billy! Hold off, I want you and Bobby to cum at the same time!” commanded their beautiful stepmom. Her black cigarette dangled from her pursed lips as she grasped both pricks in her hands, Squeezing them in a vise-like grip she wanked the swollen junk.

“Make our son’s cum you nasty bitch!” cheered on Mandy’s husband, as he zoomed in on her long, sharp blood-red nails pressing into the rigid shafts. The dagger tips stabbed the worm-like blue vein looping around the poles of the teen erections.

“Maybe you want to cum too, honey? ” Giggled the mature soccer mom. “Spurt your jizz on these big boobs, too..”

The teenagers stood soldier erect, their stiff hard-ons at attention. Both rigid pricks were weeping a steady flow of clear pre-fuck as their stepmom masturbated them.

“Alright, my darlings take those pee-pees in your hand and feed me.” smiled Mandy, double pumping on her gold filtered bursa evi olan escort cigarette. She then exhaled a ball of smoke onto the rock hard pricks.

Looking at his dad for approval, Billy smiled when his father nodded his head, giving him the go-ahead to cum. With a swift stroke of his cock, Billy ejaculated a thick rope of his semen onto Mandy’s boob. The jizz splattered her neck and white pearl wedding necklace.

“Oh, Fuck!” he grunted as another volley of his thick sperm rained across Mandy’s tanned shoulder ricocheting in a shotgun pattern on her makeup table.

Bobby wasted no time stepping next to his twin, his erection in his tight grip. Looking at his step mother’s tits tattoed with his brother’s junk, he smiled, aiming at the cum glazed boobs. Adding one swift stroke to his prick, he barked out a yelp as his jizz spurted onto Mandy’s heaving chest.

“Oh, Mandy! Oh Shit! Oh, Fuck!” Bobby cried as his matching DNA ejaculated in sticky glue colored threads onto his beautiful step-moms breasts.

“Oh, my sweethearts. You handsome little bastards. Cum on your mother.” laughed Mandy batting her false eyelashes dramatically. “Spurt your juices darlings.”

“Make room for daddy!” laughed Mandy’s future ex-husband as he saddled up next to his platinum bride, gently nudging his twins aside. With two quick wanks, he spurted an equally large load of creamy nut, hitting Mandy’s cheek splashing onto her long chandelier earring. The thick clot of sperm hanging like a winter ice cycle from the expensive ear decoration.

“Nice shot, dad!” Billy cheered, nodding his head with a son’s admiration for his father’s accomplishment.

“Way to go, Pops!” added Bobby moving in between his dad and brother to give Mandy another sample of his youthful erection.

“Oh My God..I guess we can say this is “All In The Family” giggled Mandy, snapping a mouthful of smoke. She politely took Bobby’s cock head in her thumb, and index fingers then tongued the tip. She rewarded the lad’s cock with a smokey red-lipsticked kiss.

“My sons are so good to their new mother.” Mandy purred, drilling her pointed pink tongue tip into the eye of the teenager’s cumslit.

She blinked and gave a startled whimper as Billy nosed his still swollen cockhead against the twin cock serviced by his blonde stepmom.

“Kiss mine, Mandy!” chanted the rambunctious twin Billy. “Pops, can we fuck her?”

“Whoa, now!. Let’s not get too carried away. After all, she is my new bride. Let’s see what the mother has to say.” laughed the teenager’s father as he added his cock to the twin peckers, assaulting Mandy’s parted lips.

Planting a kiss on all three cockheads, Mandy murmured a soft, “Yes, a cock for every hole. Airtight!”

“Mother’s Day Brunch”

On their outing for Mother’s Day Brunch, just before ordering, Mandy followed the twins into the men’s restroom of the fashionable upscale restaurant. Our slutty stepmom then proceeded to drain their cum swollen testicles in the handicap-accessible stall.

The creamy white pearls of the teen’s duel ejaculations splattered across the front of her expensive black cocktail dress. The ropes of jizz clinging to the silky material covering her big boobs.

The twins giggled as their lecherous stepmom squatted in the stall and licked their cock tips clean of the cummie remnants of their orgasms. Smacking her sperm dappled lips, she burped with her belly full of semen.

“My appetizer!” she burped again. “Much better than anything on the restaurant menu.”

“Mom, your such a slut.” both the twin’s chimed lifting Mandy helping her to gain her balance on her wicked six-inch black cum fuck me hard spikes.

“My sons are such gentlemen, always helping a lady after her taste of the nasty.” smiled Mandy taking her stepson’s hands, leading them out of the stall.

A lone older white gentleman stood at the urinal, holding a limp cock. Mandy looked at the visitor and said. “My men needed help with their zippers.”

The man’s jaw dropped when he saw the trio emerge from the accessible stall, her dress front splattered with the teen’s virile seed.

Mandy stared down the older man and blurted. “Well, someone had to do it, mister!”

“Bath and Jizz With Mother Mandy”

The twins gave each other another fist pump when they saw Mandy leaning against the bathroom door jamb smoking her cigarette. The bright bathroom light was silhouetting Mandy’s 5′ 9″ statuesque body. Sky-high black patent leather, spikes, adding another 6 to her long tanned legs.

“Mom, your wearing widow black. Did Pops die? Joked Billy the Kid as Mandy affectionately called him. His brother Bobby a carbon copy of “The Kid” right down to the tiny fly tattoo on the head of his penis. The twins thought it was cute getting flies tattooed on their cock heads, although Bobby had suggested that a ladybug would be more appropriate.

“No, my sweeties, just that your delicious cum shows up so well on the black. We’re going to altıparmak escort video the three of us in the tub,”

The twins stepped into the enormous suite and were blinded temporarily by the bright photography strobe lamps set up against the white tile walls. The handsome twins grew accustomed to their hot step-moms quirks.

She always had some kinky ideas to experiment with on her stepsons, and tonight’s boudoir adventure looked like it wasn’t going to be just a fuck in the tub.

Mandy gave her two stepsons a lustful smile as she turned the spigots on the old-style clawfoot tub. The tub was Mandy’s favorite place after she had ordered it custom-made coated in hot pink.

She told her new husband that pink always showed off her tanned skin, and Mandy was right. Her cantaloupe-sized breasts threatened to tumble out of the black buster as she bent over the edge of the tub to adjust the water flow.

Taking a pull on her black cigarette, she felt a wet stickiness on the cheek of her big ass. A second later, the sensation of a velvety knob smearing the wetness across her smooth tanned bum demanded her attention.

“Oh, my goodness. What can that be rubbing my bum?” giggled Mandy turning to look at her two stepsons.

“Now, my darlings, you have to remember to share.” Mandy, smiled glancing at her stepsons. She clapped her hands softly and whistled in appreciation of the two jutting erections pointing at her heart-shaped buttocks.

“Who’s going to fuck me first? Billy? Bobby?” quizzed our blonde Mom, taking a deep drag on her gold filter-tipped cigarette.

“Me!” shouted Billy pumping his hips, making his erection bob, “I’m the oldest. I get to fuck Mom first!”

“Only by two minutes!” chuckled Bobby smacking his brother’s swaying erection playfully.

“Boys! Boys! Now each will get a turn, but we’re making some rules.” Mandy informed the two anxious to fuck teenagers. “Ten strokes each! No more. You must cum in ten strokes. The winner gets a special prize.”

Placing her elbows on the pink tub lip, Mandy stood on the tippy toes of her spiked heels, elevating her beautiful ass up. Her motion caused the muscles in her calves to tense. She humped her buttocks for Billy to mount her from behind.

“Arf Arf!” Billy laughed, grasping Mandy’s waist, his fingers edging under the black corset. “Gonna fuck mom like a bad dog.”

Bobby wanked his cock as he watched his older brother slip his erection up the crease of his step mom’s magnificent ass, his pre-cum trailing like snail slime on the smooth brown butt crease.

“Fuck Her, Billy! Fuck the bitch good!” Bobby grinned his fingers, dancing across his cock. “Make our bitch squeal!”

“Bow Wow!” bleated Mandy comically as she felt the foreskin sheathed knob nudge the lips of her cunt. “This bitch wants to be fucked!”

Bending slightly with his hips, Billy slammed his prick deep into his stepmom with a wall stretching plunge sinking into her warm insides. He could feel the grip of her tight vagina. Fifty years old and still so fucking tight, he thought, trying not to cum before the ten strokes.

“Oh, God, Billy! You hit it just right!” cried Mandy taking two quick pulls on her black cigarette. “One more honey.. nine more make em all count like that one.”

Bobby sat on the tub rim his cock pointed skyward. “I want to kiss you, Mandy.” he smiled, leaning toward Mandy’s open red-lipsticked mouth. Mandy winked at the handsome teenager as she pressed her lips to his. In an instant, Bobby forced his tongue between Mandy’s inviting lips, teasing her tongue.

“Two!” Billy groaned, withdrawing his prick from the wet pink pussy mouth. He looked down at the length of his cock gleaming with Mom’s juices. “Awww Fuck! Mom, you’re cunt is so hot!”

“Your BIG!” Mandy blurted, breaking the French Kiss with her hungry stepson. “Fuck your mommy hard, you fucker.”

Bobby kissed Mandy’s shoulder and reached under her leaning body to grab a handful of her firm tit. He loved the feel of the silicon boobs weight in his fingers. And the way the old bitch squirmed with her cunt crammed with his brother’s ramrod prick.

“Work that nipple,” begged Mandy, taking another pull off her cigarette. “Pinch it! Hurt it!”

“You like that cock, Mom? You want to feel his cum in your belly?” asked Bobby taking Mandy’s hand, placing it on his upthrust erection. The smokey filter of her black cigarette pressed against the swollen penis.

“Loads, Baby! Big Mother Fucking loads of my sweeties nut!” squealed Mandy as Billy pumped two quick strokes into her soaking twat. She wiggled her asscheeks around the teenage meat buried in her. “Fuck me, sweetie! Fuck me, silly!”

Billy could feel his stepmother’s vagina contract around the circumference of his cock. He gritted his teeth as a delicious sensation targeted on the underside of his cockhead, and he knew he was going to cum before he delivered ten strokes.

Palming his blonde Mom’s smooth brown buttocks, Billy gave the bitch another slam dunk stroke. He could have sworn his glans damn near bottomed out inside her.

“Oh, God, Mandy! Oh, Fuck.Fuck. Yes, I’m cumming!” he yelled like a bronc rider coming out of the shute.,

Mandy snapped two quick pulls on the gold filter-tipped cigarette and looked over her shoulder at the handsome boy. Billy was smiling as he squeezed his eyes shut as he ejaculated into her.

Watching the teenager shutter as he busted his nut., Mandy felt the tingle of her orgasm edging in her belly. It would simmer on the back burner until she was ready to cum. Our blonde soccer mom savored the thought of all those little hungry sperm stalking her ovaries. Even at fifty, she knew there was a chance of getting bred by these twins.

“Oh, Fuck! Oh, God! Oh, Mandy!” he moaned, pumping his hips once again, filling Mandy with more of his potent baby swimmers.

“That’s my Billy!” laughed Mandy. “Fill me with your cum. Knock the bitch up!”

Billy leaned against Mandy’s bum and gave his crotch an extra wiggle enjoying the wet warmth of his semen coating Mandy’s insides. He fist-pumped his brother with a knowing nod of his handsome face.

“Your turn, bro!” he laughed, quickly withdrawing his still rigid erection with an audible wet plop, Mandy’s cunt struggled to keep the meat in her vise-like grip., but Billy the Club was already losing its strength,

“Oh, God! Fuck! That was sweet!” purred Mandy pursing her lips around her cigarette, she drew in a mouthful of the smoke then exhaled with a satisfied smile. “I can feel that jizz Billy.”

Bobby pointed at the rope of jizz looping from his bother’s cocktip to his step-moms gaping bruised pink labia as Billy backed away from Mandy’s humped butt cheeks.

“Damn Big Brother, you filled the bitch to the brim. Have you been saving that shit? Or What?” laughed Bobby squeezing his erect cock at the base rubbing the tip along Mandy’s forearm, depositing a snail trail of gleaming pre-cum.

“Let me show you what a man can do,” he said, pushing his brother back a few steps.

Suddenly a very audible spurting noise emitted from between Mandy’s nyloned thighs followed by a thick creamy jet of Billy’s semen.

“Oh, Fuck! I’m so full of cum!” Mandy giggled as another stream of the glue colored sperm splattered on the tile floor,

Taking an easy long pull on her cigarette, Mandy looked at Bobby’s cock, then winked at him as she streamed a ball of smoke in the direction of his upthrust penis.

“Come on, sweetie! Horny Mandy needs her cunt fucked again!” she quipped, reaching over her asscheeks. She dabbed her finger’s in a sticky glob of Billy’s sperm clinging to the swollen mouth of her well-used vagina, then brought the long gleaming cummy nails to her mouth.

“Fresh sperm! The best!” Mandy exclaimed with a smacking of her red lips.

“Billy, start the camera. I want Bobby’s cock buried in me as an introduction to “Bath Time With Sexy Mandy.”

“Aw Moms I wanted to be the star.” whimpered Billy half-heartedly as he flipped the camera button aiming the tripod-mounted video camera at Mandy.

French inhaling her cigarette, she waved at the camera, exhaling a perfect cone of smoke at the lens.

“You’re always a star, sweetie.” she purred ashing her cigarette. “My cunt is full of your nut. Were on Strip Chat in one minute, sweetie.”

Billy clapped his hands with surprise. “Damn Mandy, we didn’t know thousands of people will be watching us fuck you. Bobby, you gotta call the dorm and let the guys know.”

“You call them..I’m going to pound the bitch’s cunt. Right, Mandy?” laughed Bobby moving behind Mandy as she took another long black cigarette from her pack.

“Light me up, sweetheart, then give me some of that delicious pork.” Mandy chirped, holding her cigarette to her red lips.

Bobby, never losing his boyish smile, picked the lighter from the top of the toilet tank and turned to face Mandy. Sitting on the tub edge, she waited for Bobby to light her cigarette.

Mandy pursed her red buttered lipsticked mouth around the cigarette’s gold filter tip. Looking at the camera, she drew in a mouthful of the fragrant smoke and whispered.

“Tonight all my faithful fans, you’re going to get a special treat. Mandy is going to get heavenly fucked by her handsome and virile stepson.” She flirted, snapping mouthful of smoke.

“I’m full of Billy’s junk right now. Heres a sneak preview.” Spreading her nyloned thighs, she motioned with her fingers toward her spread thighs. Touching her long red talon-like nails to the gold hoops piercing her swollen labia, she gaped the lips of her cunt open.

“Oh, Fuck!” Bobby gasped as he watched a thick bubble of his brother’s semen ooze from the mouth of her vagina.!”

“Bobby, on your knees! Eat your brother’s cum! Clean Me!” ordered Mandy taking another snap pull on the gold filter-tipped cigarette. “Eat every fucking swimmer crawling in my cunt.”

Smiling at the camera, Bobby dropped to his knees, his erection slapping the marble floor. The foreskin covered glans trailed a long thread of his pre-fuck across the warm marble. Eagerly the teenager nosed toward the creamy prize trickling from Mandy’s well-fucked cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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